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How Western Scientists Discovered $cience in Quran!

The tales of Bucaille and Moore, two Occidental charlatans

By Abul Kasem

The new Mullahs and other Islamists feel very happy whenever they find
occidental (western white person) talks in favor of their faith (Islam). This is
especially true when these western people try to associate Qur’an and Hadith
with anything resembling an inkling of scientific truth. For the last 25 years or so,
the Islamists have found an infidel supporter (pseudo) of their faith. He is none
other than Dr. Maurice Bucaille who was in France in 1920. At one time, he was
the chief of the surgical clinic of the University of Paris. In 1976, he published a
book entitled "The Bible, The Qur’an and science.” Ever since its publication, the
Islamists have found a great sanctuary in this book whenever the question of
science and Qur’an is raised. Bucaille’s writings have become not only a source
of inspiration for them, but it also has become their principal source to confront
the secularists who point out the various ambiguities, inconstancies and the
unscientific nature that one could find scattered all over Qur’an.
In his book, Dr. Bucaille discusses the following main topics as revealed in the
• The Creation of the heavens and the Earth
• Astronomy and the Qur’an
• The Earth
• Human Reproduction
If one reads Dr. Bucaille's discourse on these topics, it does not take much
intelligence to note the twisted logic and his clever selection of only those verses
that serve his purposes. There is not enough space in this short essay to deal
with each and every aspect of Dr. Bucaille's topics. One striking point however is
that he only elucidates a natural phenomenon as described in the Qur’an and
interprets that natural phenomenon as the scientific explanation in the Qur’an.
(For details to a rebuttal to Dr. Maurice Bucaille please refer to
“The Qur’an and the Bible in the Light of History and Science” by Dr William
Campbell. (Published by Middle East Resources 1992)
This is absolutely unacceptable to anyone who has the slightest idea what
scientific knowledge is all about.
Take for example the case of the Water Cycle. Dr. Bucaille tries to depict that
the Qur’an had the advanced knowledge of this natural phenomenon before 2

anyone could discover it. This is totally untrue. The Water Cycle is really an
observable natural fact that is understood even by an illiterate and uneducated
(in modern science) person. This water cycle consists of the following phases.
(1) Water evaporates from the land, lakes, rivers; seas etc.
(2) Water is transformed in to cloud.
(3) Cloud gives rain.
(4) The rain replenishes the water in land.
(5) Water runs to the rivers, lakes and then to the sea.
The cycle then repeats. There is no doubt that this phenomenon was clearly
understood even by the pre-historic people that enabled them to invent the
system of agriculture, which is largely dependent on this cycle. Today, even the
primary school children are aware of this cycle of nature. To say that the Water
Cycle is something that is discovered by the Qur’an is simply laughable and
reveals nothing but the real motive as to why Dr. Bucaille is so inclined in
pleasing the Islamists. Let us look for some clues to this matter.
Dr. Bucaille was appointed the family physician of the late King Faisal of Saudi
Arabia. King Faisal introduced him to the Islamic religion and its source, that is,
the Qur’an and Hadith. At that time, Dr. Bucaille was a stereotyped westerner
who had prejudicial ideas about Islam and the Qur’an. He was acutely aware of
the perceived de-humanized face of Islam outside the Islamic world. This
charlatan found a great opportunity to make good money out of this situation. He
thought that if only he could please the Islamists by writing a few good
things about Islam he could have a good share of the petro-dollars that
were pouring in Saudi Arabia. This would be better than remaining as a lowly
physician to the king. So he learned the Arabic language and started to study
the Qur’an and wrote the book, "The Bible, The Qur’an and Science". Money
—he did make and plenty of it. This is due to the fact that almost all the
Islamic countries have translated his book in their languages and it is a
must read book for the new Mullahs. Also, consider how much blessings he
had received from all the oil rich Sheikhdoms. For all of these, he is deeply
grateful to his paymaster, the Arabs. In fact, in the lengthy introduction part of his
book he writes "The debt of gratitude I owe to the late King Faisal, whose
memory I salute with deepest respect, is indeed very great: the fact that I was
given signal honor of hearing him speak on Islam and was able to raise with him
certain problems concerning the interpretation of the Qur’an in relation to science
is very cherished memory. It was an extremely great privilege for me to have
gathered so much precious information from him personally and those around
Dr. Bucaille's book leaves one with the impression that he (Dr. Bucaille) is
convinced that Islam is the truest religion of all on earth and the Qur’an is indeed
the words of Allah. Now when a person is so much convinced in a faith we 3

naturally expect him to be a Muslim, isn't it? But Dr. Bucaille is not so
stupid to follow this path. Having digested the Qur’an and the Hadith
thoroughly he knew what fate awaits him (and his family) if ever he changes his
mind on Islam (death for apostasy in Islam). He also realized that he could
make more money if he does not convert to Islam. Therefore, until today,
he is a Catholic. What bugs him to become a Muslim and follow the Qur’an,
which he claims to be so divine and scientific? Being a man of science why does
not he lend his ultimate allegiance to the scientific Qur’an? What answer the
Islamists have for this enigma of Dr. Bucaille?
Qur’an has 114 Surahs and thousands of verses. Why Dr. Bucaille deliberately
chooses those verses that deal with a handful of natural phenomena? He
very cleverly chooses to quote the following benign verses
"There is no compulsion in religion" (2:256)
"(God) has not laid upon you in religion any hardship" (22:78)
He deliberately does this to give an impression that Islam is very merciful and
tolerant religion. This is aimed at people who have very little knowledge about the
real Islam (especially the western people). Does not this tactic sound like the
tactics used by our new Mullahs? Dr. Bucaille cleverly avoids the political, social
and the violent parts of the Qur’an. Are not political and social matters scientific
too? After all, there are such subjects as political science, social science, etc.
Dr. Bucaille writes that he could not find any verse in Qur’an that is against
science. If we have to believe this blatant lie emanating from his pen, then
Hilla marriage must be scientific.
Mut’a marriage must be scientific.
Hijab must be scientific.
Having four wives at any time and plenty of concubines
(possessions of the right hand) must be scientific.
Cacophony of azan (loud prayer call, a chief source of noise
pollution in Islamic world) must be scientific
Tayammum (ablution with dirt and stones) must be scientific
Slavery must be scientific
Death for apostasy must be scientific.
Islamic genocide (like Bangladesh) must be scientific.
Cutting off hands and feet for petty theft must be scientific.
Using stones to relieve oneself must be scientific. 4

Drinking the Camel’s urine must be scientific.

Beating the wives to make them obedient must be scientific
Killing infidels must be scientific.
All the actions of the Taliban must be scientific.
And so on.
If the Qur’an is scientific then why not the Kama Sutra (Sanskrit treatise to love
making) scientific too? Why not the Bhagavad-Gita, Monu’s Sanghita, the Vedas
and the Mahabharata scientific? If the Hindus could generate billions of petro-
dollar they can surely employ many western professors to do just that. When I
was in high school, I had a devout Hindu teacher. He always used to say that
Hinduism is the basis of all science. How? He used to give examples of the
mention of Vimana (air craft), Garuda (probably flying saucer or space ship),
Trishul Chakra (probably rotary space station), Agni Baan (ballistic missiles), etc.,
to prove that the Hindus knew how to make those things, which are very common
in to-days world. 'Do not these examples prove that Hinduism is more scientific
than any other religion?' he used to say. We just used to nod our head in
agreement. That was just to please him and to ensure a good mark in his
subject. Dr. Bucaille is there to please the Arabs, the Islamists and to make
money; tons of it. He also employs another tactic. He declares that his own
faith (Catholic Christianity) is not as scientific as Islam is. What great news
for our new Mullahs! There can be no news sweeter than this, no news
happier than this, no news more pleasant than this. Nonetheless, he actually
fools the Islamists by throwing dust in their eyes. Never does he covert to Islam.
But Mullahs are too docile and cretinous not to see his stratagem. How sad!

Dr. Keith Moore

Another great sanctuary for the Islamists and the new Mullahs is the
embryologist Dr. Keith Moore. He was the former President of the Canadian
Association of Anatomists and professor Emeritus, Department of anatomy and
cell biology, University of Toronto. When he was offered a faculty position in
King Abdul Aziz University, right away he smelled the sweet scent of petro-
dollars and plenty of it in Saudi Arabia. He worked with the embryology
committee of the King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah. His job was to interpret
the many statements in the Qur’an and Sunnah referring to the human
reproduction and prenatal development. One wonders why the Saudi
Government has to employ an infidel to interpret the Qur’an when there are
no shortages of Islamic scholars for this job. Why did not the Saudis have
qualified people from the 'Islamic brother' countries? How come the Saudis
cannot trust the interpretation of the Qur’an from their 'brothers'? The answer
lies in the fact that the Arabs practice overt and covert form of racism (call it
Islamic racism if you would like). Any dark skinned people who have worked in 5

the Arab countries will attest to this fact. There are separate pay structures and
perks for the whites and the dark skinned people in most Arab countries. A
statement from a dark skinned people no matter how much education and
knowledge he or she does have is not acceptable to the Arabs. Whereas, a
sworn statement by a western white skinned person with a very little
expertise is totally acceptable to them. As you know, the bulk of American
Muslims are blacks. However, the Arabs will seldom employ a black American to
do the job of Dr. Keith Moore even though the Black American may be as
competitive as a white American. The white population knows this craving by the
Arabs for white recognition. And they take full advantage of this weakness of the
Arabs to make more money out of them. Any way, let us hear what Dr. Keith
Moore had to say to please his paymaster. At a conference in Cairo, he
presented a research paper and stated:
"It has been a great pleasure for me to help clarify statements in
the Qur’an about human development. It is clear to me that these
statements must have come to Muhammad from God, or Allah,
because most of this knowledge was not discovered until many
centuries later. This proves to me that Muhammad must have
been a messenger of God or Allah".
Bravo! What could be a better statement than this from an infidel to please
the Islamists! Notice that he never mentioned whether the statements in the
Qur’an are scientific or not. He simply stated what the Islamists wanted to
hear, took his money and went home. He never converted to Islam. He just
fooled the ever-gullible Islamists and the new Mullahs and laughed all his
way to the bank. In the West, they say that a sucker is born every minute. I
have to say that as long as Islamists are there they will produce gullible folks ad
infinitum and in turn these new simpletons would be taken for a ride by the clever
ones such as Maurice Bucille and Keith Moore.
Readers, have you ever noticed that most of the white skinned westerners that
wrote anything good about Islam have either been on the enormous pay roll of
the Arabs (petro-dollar) or were engaged by them (the Arabs) to do research
work on Islam (in the infidels land) with a fat budget. This type of research works
on Islam is very seldom properly supervised or checked by an independent third
party. The only thing that matters is the white skin of the researchers. There are
plenty of talented researchers in many Islamic countries. But the petro-dollar
does not reach them. Why? This is because the researchers are mostly non-
whites even though they (these researchers) are good Muslims and are
dedicated to their work. Many a time I have received unsolicited research
findings on Islamic matters from some obscure Universities in countries like US,
Canada, U.K. The researcher's name involved is always the name of an Anglo-
Saxon or similar race. At one time, I received a research finding that was
designed to prove that the Islamic halal method of animal slaughter is
better than the western style of slaughter (that is, halal meat is more
scientific than non-halal meat). They used EEG machine to measure the pain 6

threshold and pain duration of the animals when slaughtered in the halal way
and compared that with the haram (forbidden) way of animal slaughter. Now, it
does not take a genius to guess what was the conclusion of this research. If a
genuine researcher reads these research reports, he will simply dump that in the
dustbin. Because the report breaks all the rules in designing, conducting
and presenting research findings. These research reports are aimed at the
gullible new Mullahs who feel great in the scientific authenticity of their
belief. The western researchers are very clever. They do the science a
priori. They know what the Islamists want. So they do the research
backward; that is, they draw the conclusion first (according to what the
Islamists want) and then they conduct the research experiments in such a
way that the conclusion is confirmed. This route of a priory research makes
Islamists happy. The researchers are happy and money pours in to the starved
faculty of the obscure University in the West. This is what I call is a ‘Triple Win
situations’ (win, win, win situation). Just imagine how much money the Islamists
will throw if ever the research findings go against what the Islamists want to
When will the new Mullahs learn the lesson that these infidel western white
researchers on Islam have only the dollar sign in their mind and that they just
want to fool the Islamists and make more and more money out of them?
Islamists views are delusional. All these testimonials from some charlatan
occidentals are not going to change the gross inanity and incongruities in the
Islamic holy book, the Qur’an. The Arabs do not realize it that within the next
century all that black gold buried beneath their soil would be exhausted. When
that happens (believe me, that would happened one of these days), how would
they finance another Maurice Bucaille or Keith Moore? There is still enough time
to give up on this shoddy practice of hiring testimonial givers from the West.
Qur’an, which was compiled more than 1400 years ago, should stand on its
two feet. The book may have served its purpose to Arab society then. But
like any other book, its time has expired. All the testimonials from Nobel
Laureates will not be able to bring back its original lustre, which may have
dazzled the eyes of Seventh century’s Arab Bedouins. The sooner the modern-
day Islamists realize it, the better it is for prejudicial Islamic world;
because, they have a lot to catch up.