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Other Jnäna Yoga’s (part 3)

Previously it has been shown, how the lords of the 3 rd , 6 th and 5 th houses, when linked to the Lagna, cause Dhémantaù Yoga. Similarly Päräçara has given other Jnäna Yoga’s involving the other house lords in his chapter describing the effects of Bhava lords; bhävesaphalädhyäyaù. These are described hereunder.

Knowledge making one a siddha

l¶eze=òmge jat> isÏiv*aivzard>,8,

lagneçe'ñöamage jätaù siddhavidyäviçäradaù |8|

“A person born with Lagna lord in 8 th house will be well conversant with the knowledge of Sadhana and occult subjects.”

The natural 8 th house in the zodiac is Scorpio – an occult sign and watery sign. The sign Scorpio deals with matters of death and rebirth and the understanding of the same. Among places it represents burial grounds, or places which are unsuitable for human life. Due to its harsh surroundings it also shows the place where people perform severe austerities. Hence when the Lagna lord is placed in the 8 th house or joined 8 th lord, the native will have knowledge of pain and will be able to perform severe austerities. One of the most severe austerities was performed by Çukrächärya the preceptor of the demons (Asura Guru) who among planets, is lorded by Venus. Hence when Venus is in the 8 th house it’s said to give the native the ability to perform a high level of austerities akin to that of Çukrächärya, especially if Ketu is involved with Venus. This is also the basis of the Tapasvi Yoga formed by: Venus, Ketu and Saturn (Käraka for the 8 th house).

Learned in many branches

suoeze sÝme jatae b÷iv*asmiNvt>,

sukheçe saptame jäto bahuvidyäsamanvitaù |

“A person born with 4 th lord in the 7 th house acquires the knowledge of many branches.”

The 7 th house is the ‘dvära’ or door through which we enter into the world. As per the Åg Veda (Gaëeña Gäyatri), Gaëeña sits in the doorway to the gods, and a prayer to him ensures that any mistakes in our recitation of mantras are forgiven and the recitation is accepted. Similarly any planet in the 7 th house shows the blessings of Gaëeña in whatever activity the native may aspire to accomplish.

The 4 th lord shows the fruits of ones education and when it sits in the 7 th house or joins the 7 th lord, the native will have the blessings of learning in many branches. Similarly a broad faith and acceptance of all faiths is caused by 5 th lord in 7 th house or joined 7 th lord.

Intelligent, yet devoid of learning

Formation of Yoga

l¶ge shjaxIze SvÉujaijRtivÄvan!,

seva}> sahsI jatae iv*ahInae=ip buiÏman!. 25.

lagnage sahajädhéçe svabhujärjitavittavän | seväjïaù sähasé jäto vidyähéno'pi buddhimän || 25||

“A person born with 3 rd lord in Lagna, will acquire gains through own efforts. Will be serving, over-hasty, will be intelligent yet uninstructed/unlearned.”

The 3 rd house is an Upachaya Sthäna and for reasons already mentioned, its association with the lagna or its lord causes Dhémantaù Yoga. Being that lords of Upachaya Sthäna have the responsibility of causing growth to the native/lagna, it should be born in mind, that self growth implies expansion of oneself and decreasing of someone/something else. I.e. for tree to grow tall and strong, they need water. This water cannot be shared with other trees for the sake of its expansion, unless there is enough water for all the trees to survive. Similarly when a person grows, they eat more and more food and occupy more and more space. For this reason Päräçara has stated that the lords of 3 rd , 6 th and 11 th will always cause evil effects 1 . In the same vain Päräçara has stated:

laÉge shjaxIze Vyapare laÉvan! sda,

iv*ahInae=ip mexavI sahsI prsevk>. 35.

läbhage sahajädhéçe vyäpäre läbhavän sadä | vidyähéno'pi medhävé sähasé parasevakaù || 35||

“Should the 3 rd lord occupy the 11 th house, the native will always gain through trading, be devoid of learning, yet be wise and intelligent, rash and will serve many.

Here Päräçara states that 3 rd lord in the 11 th house will also make the person intelligent, yet devoid of proper teaching/instruction. The reasoning being that the 11 th house is the sunset or the darkness of the 5 th house, i.e. causing ignorance. Hence 3 rd lord placed in such a place will remove the ignorance of the native. For similar reasons Saturn in the 11 th house will also make the native very intelligent.

In both the cases of 3 rd lord placed in Lagna and 11 th houses – it’s seen that the Vidya or education becomes less in the native. In the first instance its due to Lagna housing the Märaka of the 9 th house, showing an absence of instructors/teachers. To explain the 2 nd instance, a new method of understanding the results of Bhava lords, needs to be introduced;

1 iÇ;fayaixpa> sveR ¢ha> pap)la> Sm&ta>. 4. triñaòäyädhipäù sarve grahäù päpaphaläù småtäù || 4||

Count the amount of houses between the Bhava and its lord. The result will indicate which house suffers in the horoscope. On the contrary count the distance between the lord and its house – this will indicate the house which rises or gains in the horoscope. The 11 th house is the 9 th from the 3 rd , hence 3 rd lord placed there will be inauspicious for the native’s teachers/instructors and thou being intelligent will be without proper guidance.

3 rd lord in the 4 th itself will not damage the education, and will make the native very learned, as per Päräçara 2 .


Chart 1: Lack of Guru

as per Päräçara 2 . Example Chart 1: Lack of Guru In the given chart, the

In the given chart, the native has 3 rd lord in the 11 th house. This also happens to be the dispositor of Ketu who is in the 3 rd house causing Kalämrita Yoga, and leading the native towards knowledge of Jyotiña Çastra. As a result whilst the native was initiated into a Parampara of Jyotiña, due to Ketu’s dispositor in the 11 th house, he was initially without the guidance of his Guru due to the 3 rd house lordship of Saturn. This occurred during the Mars Dasa – Moon Antara Dasa. Moon being joined Saturn in the 11 th house, hence gave the effects of Saturn in this case. The native then took up the sincere worship

2 suoSwe shjaxIze suoI c xns<yut>, mitman! jayte balae ÊòÉayaRpití s>. 28. sukhasthe sahajädhéçe sukhé ca dhanasaàyutaù | matimän jäyate bälo duñöabhäryäpatiçca saù || 28||

of Mahaåñi Vyäsa for one year, after which his association with his Guru became stronger.

Abandonment of knowledge

Formation of Yoga

Vyyeze l¶ge jatae VyyzIlae jtae Évet!,

ÊbRl> k)raegI c xniv*aivvijRt>. 133.

vyayeçe lagnage jäto vyayaçélo jato bhavet | durbalaù kapharogé ca dhanavidyävivarjitaù || 133||

“One born with 12 th lord in Lagna, the native will be spendthrift, have low vitality and suffer from kapha disorders. The native will abandon their education due to lack of wealth.”

The lack of wealth is caused by 12 th lord being in the 2 nd from the 12 th house, ensuring a suffering to the 2 nd house activities. The 4 th house receives Läbha Argalä from the 2 nd house, and controls the gains of the 4 th house. This position furthermore obstructs the 5 th house, being the 10 th from it. As a result the native ends their learning and reaps no more fortune from education.

Similarly 12 th lord in the 5 th house is the 6 th from the 12 th house. The 6 th is the 2 nd from the 5 th ruling the sustenance of the knowledge/intelligence, and becomes weak in this case. The learning of the native hence becomes obstructed, unless checked by Jupiter’s influence. This is in conformity with Päräçara 3 .

Vyyeze darÉavSwe Vyyae dark«t> sda,

tSy ÉayaRsuo< nEv bliv*aivvijRt>. 139.

vyayeçe därabhävasthe vyayo därakåtaù sadä | tasya bhäryäsukhaà naiva balavidyävivarjitaù || 139||

“12 th lord in 7 th house, will cause the native expenses due to their spouse. The native will not enjoy conjugal bliss. The native will abandon their education in childhood.”

Here the principle can be satisfied through 2 methods of reckoning:

i) 7 th house is the seat of Gaëeña, who is said to give us the blessings of good education. The 12 th lord acting like Saturn would hence cause obstructions to the same.

ii) 12 th lord is in the 8 th from the 12 th house causing problems for the 8 th house matter. The 8 th house is the 4 th from the 5 th and 5 th from the 4 th , being a very important house for the Sukha derived from intellectual pursuits (4 th from 5 th )

and the application of


ones Vidya (5 th from 4 th ).

3 Vyyeze sutÉavSwe sutiv*aivvijRt>, vyayeçe sutabhävasthe sutavidyävivarjitaù |

Chart 2: Change of education

Chart 2: Change of education The native has 12 t h lord Venus in the 5

The native has 12 th lord Venus in the 5 th house. During the end of Venus Dasa the native decided to stop their education. As Venus is in its own it would yet protect the education. The native chose a different line of study during the end of Venus Dasa, as a result of this yoga.

Chart 3: Premature end of education

Chart 3: Premature end of education In the given chart the 12 t h Mercury is

In the given chart the 12 th Mercury is in the 5 th house with 4 th lord Venus. Whilst the native is very intelligent, due to the placement of 5 th lord in Lagna, with the advent of Mars Dasa – Saturn Antara, the native ended their high school education prematurely. Throughout Mercury Antara Dasa, the native was without inclination to study but the upcoming Dasa of Ketu had to make the native study, due to Ketu’s lordship over the 5 th house. During Mars Dasa – Ketu Antara, the native joined the Army (Mars in Lagna and Kendra to AL, and Ketu - Rudra) in the branch of medicine (Venus and Mercury in 5 th house), through which he learned extensively about the practice of medicine, first aid and such healing.

Variations of Dhémantaù Yoga

suteze suoÉavSwe suoI mat&suoaiNvt>,

lúmIyu´> subuiÏí ra}ae=maTyae=wva gué>. 52.

suteçe sukhabhävasthe sukhé mätåsukhänvitaù | lakñméyuktaù subuddhiçca räjïo'mätyo'thavä guruù || 52||

5 th lord in 4 th house, will give the native maternal happiness, will be blessed by the Goddess Laxmi and will have excellent comprehension ability. The person will be kingly, a minister or preceptor.”

The 5 th lord has the specific objective of giving us knowledge. Here the 5 th lord is in the 12 th from itself, ensuring that the 2 nd house activities prosper. It is said that Sarasvati, the goddess of learning, sits in the 2 nd house, and will bless the native with excellent comprehension ability.

suteze laÉge jatae iv*avan! jnv‘É>,

¢NwktaR mhad]ae b÷puÇxnaiNvt>. 59.

suteçe läbhage jäto vidyävän janavallabhaù | granthakartä mahädakño bahuputradhanänvitaù || 59||

“A person born with 5 th lord in 11 th house will be a scholar, will be loved by all, be an author of treatises be very skillfull and endowed with lots of children and wealth.”

Just as Lagna lord in the 7 th gives a native fame, the 5 th lord in the 11 th or joined the 11 th lord can make the natives knowledge (5 th lord) known to all, being the dvära of the 5 th house. However; if the 5 th lord is a malefic, the native maybe dull and lack ability of concentration, depending on the strength of the lord.

Chart 4: Young author

depending on the strength of the lord. Chart 4: Young author In the given chart, the

In the given chart, the 5 th lord Jupiter is joined the 11 th lord Mercury. The native has already authored many articles at a young age. The native started writing seriously since August 2002. This was during the PratyAntara Dasa of Mercury, being in the 12 th house. Since Mercury is 8 th lord, the nature of the articles is of occult study. The two benefic’s Mercury & Jupiter are involved showing knowledge of mantra’s, scriptures, and possibly Jyotiña. Had the planets been malefic’s the native may have been involved in some darker-type sciences, such as black magic, etc.

The native of Chart 2, is also a young author, notably this is due to the Yoga between 5 th lord Venus and 11 th lord Mars. The native is deeply into the research of mantra’s due to

Rahu’s association with the 5 th house and lord. The native is very learned in the field of mantra, tantra and yantra Çastra.