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Apparitions of Jesus and Mary in Itapiranga and

Manaus –AM, Brazil

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The peace be with you! Dear children, I am the mother of Jesus, and I come
from heaven to call in God. I want that you open your hearts, a sincere and
deep change. Do not let the devil use you for evil, by misunderstanding, lack of
love and pride. God calls you to choose the Kingdom of Heaven. You must not
want the heaven if you are attached to the things of the world.
I wish in the month of August more prayer, more penance and internal silence
in Itapiranga. That is a place blessed by my presence of Mother. I wish all
those who come here to come in prayer and experience with God. I want you to
welcome with love,respect and patience to each of my pilgrims.
I want mainly to those who already know and hear my appeals from many
years ago to be true witnesses. Do you understand this? I do not want any more
lies, intrigues. No more lack of love I do not want you to say that live my
appeals and not live them. I do not want you to have a heart feigned, but true.
Have respect to God and me. Woe to those who come closer to a soul that
belongs to God to destroy it, to create obstacles to his mission, they will be
severely punished, and will have a heavy cross to bear in this world. Change,
change of life. This message is a correction, a Mother correction to all of you.
I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

13.07.2009 – Day of Our Lady Mystic Rose

Tonight, we prayed the complete rosary and then we made the rosary of tears
of blood of Our Lady. During the rosary, we carried the image of Our Lady
through the streets of the neighborhood Don Pedro I, asking her blessing for all
families. At the time of apparition, Our Lady came dressed in white with a long
white mantle. Around her feet, she had several white roses, yellow and brown.
Our Lady maternally looking me says:
"Live of love. Live of love and love. Love, love, love, and you will be of God,
because God is Love! I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the
Holy Spirit. Amen!"
Our Lady spoke to me about her work and about the secrets. The world goes
wrong. Our Lady is concerned, because men do not listen to her appeals
and are not obedient. Our disobedience to God is attracting for us and for the
world great suffering as a punishment never happened in human history. Act
and be true witnesses of God's love and her motherly love to our brothers so
that a great number of souls decide by God, while he is still let to find his
merciful face.


Peace My dear children! I come from heaven, bringing blessings and graces of
God. Pray to understand My appeals. God calls you to conversion again.
Change of life. Renew for the love of God, leaving to the side everything that
makes you fall into sin. Women, obey My appeals regarding your garments.
Once again I ask: Dress decent. Women must dress as women and men as
men. Do not wear fancy clothes, immodest, but decent clothes of true sons
of God. Do not sin with your way of dress. God will make you accountable one
day face to face. Change of life. Accept My appeals. Pray for the world and
peace. Sacrifice more for the salvation of souls. I love you and bless you in the
name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!


The peace be with you! Dear children, I come from heaven to talk about the
great love of God. God wants to save you from death of sin, but for that to
happen you must obey His law of love and live his teachings. Do not be
disobedient to God. Disobedience leads to death of your souls, because
disobedience makes you fall into sin. Pray with faith to defeat the demon that
wants to destroy you. He is acting very hard with so many things wrong and
false, where is not God. Many are turning away from the true faith to follow
the false churches that do not lead to God. Ask the Light of Holy Spirit to show
you the truth and He will enlighten you. What God created last forever, so I
say, He created one faith and one Church. Do not be deceived with so many,
because there is no God.
Stay on the road that I am indicating in your faith and you will arrive to God.
Obey the Pope. Listen to what he teaches. My son left Peter to shepherd and
guide His Church. Where Peter is where the true faith is, therefore, where the
Pope is, there is the true Church. Pray, pray, pray for the Church and all the
priests and consecrated bishops, to be obedient and loyal to the Pope who was
sent by God to guide us all. I love you and call to prayer, conversion and
obedience. I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy


Jesus - I beseech you, oh mankind, stop offending me. Your sins are hurting
me. Why do you refuse to answer my call? Why you hurt the Heart of thy
Holy? If my marks are not enough what else can I do for you to return? You
are only safe by my side. Leave aside the life you're leading and embrace the
faith. If you want to live should live like this: the world behind with all their
What are you seeing, daughter?
Larissa – The Lord agonizing on the cross.
Jesus – Every time you disobey me you scourge me. My sores, let me talk
about my sores for you understand.
Wounding the body of your God. Ripped the flesh of my bones. You
understand that?
Larissa - I saw the flesh off the body of the Lord into pieces during the
scourging. These pieces fall down.
Jesus - This pain, my daughter you do not have how to imagine this. Loosen up
my bones from the flesh of thy God: the same meat that you share today. Pray
for all those who are away from me doing my holy flesh dropping off my
bones. This is the present scourging: my children to stay away from me.
Jesus - I strengthen you. We begin today to speak of my passion. Be in peace.


Jesus - Take paper and pen and write. Do not be afraid, is me. I want this day to
reveal the wounds which injured my holy eyes. My eyes were severely beaten.
The multiples beats made my eyes swell. I was no longer able to distinguish a
man from a tree. I did see all kinds of immoralities and was uncovered all
human malice. This happens every time my sons and daughters get naked
maliciously in front of me. Yes, my daughter, every time my sons and
daughters go to my presence without his clothes, my eyes swell again. I am
beaten many, many times. Solomon had eyes to see the beauty of the lilies and
I your God, do not deserve to see you well dressed and pure? Listen my
daughter; clean your bodies of all kinds of filth. This is how I want: clean and
well dressed.
Larissa – Lord, let me do your will.
Jesus – you’re doing and not be afraid to announce what I speak to the heart.
Speak without fear because I am with you!


Jesus came all white and made the sign of the cross on my forehead.
Peace be with you! Get my anointing ... Signal of faith.
He made the sign of the cross in my hands.
The sores caused by the thorns of my crown. Of them is what I want to talk
today. Hurt my head with hard spines. Many spines were broken inside my
holy body that made me wish an end. My torment was increasing each time
more when they were playing with my holy head from one place to another.
Who could imagine what I saw?
Their thoughts martyred me all the times that turned to evil. Their impure
actions are the result of disordered thoughts. Are spines mortifying my flesh. If
your thoughts are not my thoughts, then you are not my friends, but my
executioners. Deepen in my thoughts, then we'll be together forever, united to
the earth and united to heaven, only by our thoughts.
Open the Word in Haggai cap.1: Speak about the wrong way of thinking that
led the people away from God.
Your way of thinking keeps me away from you. The thoughts, when are not
connected to mine, attract calamities over the nations.

Jesus - Write, my daughter, I am a compassionate and merciful God with the
humanity. I do not want the death of the wicked or destruction of the just. If I
punish is because I love you, because I wish you for me. If I treat you strictly is
because I love and I want you around me. Satan wants to destroy you, I want to
save you. If you want to live well, live as I taught, to live for heaven. The
world wants your souls corrupt; I want your souls pure. There are two opposing
desires. Do you understand? If wished the world, will be left in the world, but if
wished to God, will go to heaven. Be smart, and wish to God and I will be with
Mary - Little children, very loved, I am your Mother of Heaven and I want to
lead you to God. Leave things of the world and not be prisoners of them.
Surrender to God and he knows to protect you. This is the time! Shortly, I will
not be able to warn you. Soon, it will be too late for those who do not want to
decide. If you want to come back, come back now, this is the moment! Do not
delay, do not apologize. You are in great danger if you are away from God.
Come back and give up your life of sin, impurity, evil. Renounce now and then
I will be happy to have you near me. I bless you all with love.
Larissa – Thanks!
Mary – Thanks for helping me. Be in peace!
Mary - Peace be with you my angels. Yes, because you will be like angels if
allow God to guide you in the earth.
I want you to stop offending God with your most serious sins. Stop nailing
spines to the one who was crowned by you. No more ignoring my words, my
children. Oh, Amazon, I do not told you that from here will come out Graces to
the whole humanity? Why not accept my request?
The feasts are approaching. Many of my sons and daughters will not return to
their homes. Many will allow the devil to trap them with his snares. Many will
be giving the back to God. * In some places are using the church to celebrate a
feast that is of the world. No! In the House of God only the things of God.
(*I understood the physical temples, the church in several places. The Virgin
made me to remember the passage in the scriptures that says: give to Cesar
what is Cesar’s and to God what is God.)
Many are preparing for the carnival as who goes to a very nice thing, on the
contrary, are preparing to go to hell. Little children, if you ask me, there is a
good carnival? I say: No. If you ask me, I can go? I say: No. My little ones can
not participate? I say: No. NO, NO, NO! Say no to sin. This is the word to use
nowadays. Say no to the invitation of Satan and his seductions. Say yes to
everything that is good for your souls. Say Yes to God. Say Yes to the Mother
of Heaven. Be mine saying NO to the carnival. I bless you in the name of the
Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen!
Larissa – Jesus responds for whom are these messages?
Jesus - My daughter, the sin of mankind is not ignorance, but in knowing God
and say no. Are not the sinners who I hate, but sin that crumbles. They are for
those who know the truth and not allow this true to liberate them. Tell ... I am
the one who sent to say: my words are liberators and I not judge the past. I
came because I decided it is time to liberate my people, the oppressed, the
suffering and the imprisoned. Sin separates mankind from me and brings great
calamities on earth.
I ask you, who is more sinful? Who crucified me or who gave me to be
crucified? Who hurt me more? The sinner who I forgave at my feet or the
crowd who acclaimed me on Jerusalem? Who sinned more? Pedro or the thief I
saved? Or, who you think it is easier to save? A little boy who does not know
where to go or the adult who carries him? That generation sinned by lack of
knowledge. Answer daughter, who sins most? One who has a lamp and puts it
under the table or who has no lamp?
Larissa - He who has the lamp, Lord.
Jesus - That's why I say the light came into the world, but men preferred
darkness. Tell ... My words are for those who received the light and are
deciding for the darkness.
(Jesus sent me to read Matthew 11, 1-24.)
24.01.2009 -San Giovanni Rotondo
The peace be with you my dear children!
Dear children, I come from heaven to bless you. I am your Heavenly Mother
and all of you are my children. Children, I am reuniting you in prayer so the
mercy of God descends upon the whole humanity. The actual times are full of
so much darkness and I your Immaculate Mother, come to illuminate the way
that lead to heaven, that lead to God. Follow the way I am indicating. The way
by which I lead you is the way of surrender to yourselves, the way of sincere
repentance of your sins, the way of love and forgiveness. For you to walk safe
in this way you need to be very humble, humble, humble and live the deeply
obedience. Disobedient souls are souls that do not please God. God loves the
obedience and whishes that everybody lives it everyday. If you say that love
God, but do not obey, neither his Law of Love, you are wasting so many graces
and are deceiving to yourselves, because nobody can deceive God, because he
sees everything. Be children of the real testimony of live. That your live, dear
children, be reflect of live and love of God to your brothers. With love you will
triumph the obstacles of each trial in this world. Without love you will lose,
because the lacks of love brigs perdition to your souls, therefore, love. I bless
you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

23.01.2009 - San Giovanni Rotondo

The peace be with you!
My beloved children, be of God renouncing to everything bad and to the vices
of this world. Be sons and daughters obedient to be pleasing to God. My Son
sees everything and he wants your hearts to be open to his grace. My Son
whishes to see his light shining upon you. Pray, pray, pray. Be truly of Jesus
and his blessing will sanctify you. I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the
Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

19.01.2009 -Pavone Mella

The peace my children, the peace of Jesus for all of you!
Dear children, I love you and whish to bring my message that my Lord
permitted me. Pray, pray, pray much for the world and for those who are away
from God. Make adoration to the Blessed Sacrament, asking for conversion of
all of my rebel children who have their hearts full of hate and violence. I am at
your side to help. Today, I bless your families. Return to your homes with the
peace of God. I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy
Spirit. Amen!

The Peace be with you!
My beloved children, I your Mother, the Queen of Rosary and Peace, come this
night to tell you that God wishes the prayer in your families. Be witnesses of
the love of god in your brothers. Pray, pray much to have strength in God to
overcome the trials present in your lives without discourage or lose faith. I,
your Mother, am here, my children, and want to lead you by the hand to take
you to the Heart of my Jesus, which is burning with love for you. Love my
Divine Son and from him, you will receive graces after graces which will fill
your lives with peace and love.
I invite you yet: convert. Be of Jesus for your families and the world to be safe
from the actual darkness that only wishes to overcome you. Be of Jesus and his
light will strongly shine on you dispelling all darkness. I love you. I thank your
presence. I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

17.01.2009 - Brescia
Our Lady came again from heaven to give us a message. I understood how
much she wants to help us, advising and helping us with her appeals for we
come closer to God and his divine love. She as a Mother, loves us so much. Is
with so much love that she gives every word directed to us. She loves us
immensely; she loves in a particular way the youth and wants to help them to
be of God. When the Virgin sees a young present in an apparition, her heart
fills with great joy. This night she says the following message:
The peace be with you!
Dear children, I your Mother from heaven come again to Earth to bring you a
message from God. Little children, the Lord loves you so much and through me
invites you to live a life of prayer and sainthood. Without God you cannot walk
in this world and never can have the light to illuminate your ways. Return, little
children, return to God, because yet he is with his arms open to receive you
with great love. Sin no more! Ask for forgiveness of your sins and have
confidence in the mercy of the Lord. I love you and today I bless you with a
blessing of peace and love: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy
Spirit. Amen!

16.01.2009- Mozzo-BG
In this night, again the Virgin Mother came from heaven bringing her motherly
message. She gave us the following message:
The peace be with you!
Dear children, again I am here in front of you with my motherly presence, with
my Immaculate Heart full of love for you. Children, pray for the peace and for
the families. The world does not truly live the love and peace yet. Pray in a
special way for the end of conflicts and for peace. I wish to help for you to be
all of God. Without God my children you cannot walk safely in this world. Be
of God for his grace go with you wherever you go. I wish to take you before
the Merciful Heart of my Son Jesus, so open your hearts to me. Allow me to
help you to follow the way to sainthood as God wishes. I thank the presence of
my priests, this night. I put you in my Heart. I am happy to see my dear young
people praying. My little children, I your Mother love you and I am always by
your side. Pray, pray, pray and God will guide you through the way of love and
peace. I bless to all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

15.01.2009- Brescia (Feast of the Virgin of the Poors of

Tonight, the Virgin appeared with Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel. During the
appearance, the Archangels were looking at the people present. Our Lady
prayed the glories for our families. She blessed objects that were placed to be
blessed and those which were with us. The message tonight was this:

Peace to you, dear children, the peace of Jesus to all of you!

Dear children, today my heart is glad to see you together in prayer. God loves
you and wants your conversion. Pray much for the Church, my children,
because she needs your prayers and sacrifices. Come difficult times and many
of my children are not ready. An order will come and the prophets of God will
be muted. Pray, make sacrifices, because the real evil that should be prevented
is not, but when God speaks to the world to help his children it is forbidden.
But God will act and even more will show his light on the world: he will talk
through the nature and anyone can prevent his manifestation to men. What has
to happen must happen be obedient children of God. Pray, wait, be patient and
God will come to the aid of all his faithful. I love you and tonight and I bless
you and give my love. I appreciate your presence here tonight. Return to your
homes with the peace of God. I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son,
and Holy Spirit. Amen!

14.01.2009 -Tavernola
On this night, the Virgin appeared very happy to see young people on her
appearance praying and singing. She blessed us and gave us the following

The peace be with you!

Dear children, peace for you and your families. I come again from heaven to
bless and welcome you to the My Immaculate Heart of a Mother. Pray, pray
much for peace. God sends me again in the midst of you, because He loves
you. I am happy for your presence, my children; I say today that this Celestial
Mother is giving each of you a special blessing.
I, your Mother, I say, open your hearts to prayers that I bring from heaven and
God will have mercy on you and all mankind. I love and I give you tonight this
my love of Mother for you to be all of God. Take my messages to your brothers
and the grace of God will be poured on all of you mightily. I bless in you in the
name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen!

Brazil was chosen for the final events… Message of Our Lady
in 23.12.2008
Peace My dear children, the peace of Jesus to all of you! Dear children, I come
from heaven to bless you and to tell you that your prayers and your love for My
Son console very much My Immaculate Heart. Keep praying My children. Pray
with love, because the prayers made with love bring abundance of graces from
Heaven. Your response to the call of God is the defeat
of the devil. Destroy the demon living My calls. Each time you listen and live
My calls are expelling Satan and all the demons of hell from the face of the
earth. Live My appeals and Satan will be defeated. I chose the Amazon for the
final events. Pray and God bless you and be witnesses of My great victory in
the world. I bless you all: in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy
Spirit. Amen!
"Today the words of Our Lady left me very thoughtful and touched my heart:"
I chose the Amazon for the final events. "Pray and God will make of you
witnesses of My great victory in the world ..." We were chosen to be witnesses
of the great victory of the Virgin, but for this, we must live Her appeals, so Our
Lady says in the message that every time we heard Her calls and live them
expel Satan and many demons of the world. We must live these calls every day
and always, be aware of them at all hours of the day doing it with them to
become life for our souls and hearts and so the devil will be defeated once and
for all, he will not find some space in our hearts and lives to make us commit
sins, because everything in our life is filled entirely by the love of God and by
His holy presence."

Message of Our Lady in 23.11.2008

Our Lady showed me a vision during an appearance: I saw many sheep who
were trying to cross a wild river with the current very strong. Some were held
on the edge of the river and did not dare to cross. Others dared to enter in it, but
were taken by the wild waters. Other sheep crossed bravely without any fear
and went to the other side.
Our Lady made me understand that the sheep represented each person in
particular. Some will stop during trials in the life and no more walking along
the path indicated for it. Others had little faith. They say that believed, but
after, when the problems arrived they despaired and allowed them to win,
moving away from God. Other blindly relied on the mercy and protection of
God and walked facing the trials in the life, fighting, dealing with the obstacles
and problems, renouncing to sin, to the wrong and bad things, without ever
been subordinated or discouraged.
Our Lady gave the following message:
Peace be with you! Dear children, I came from heaven to comfort you with My
presence of a Mother. My Maternal presence here is the sign of the great love
of God for you. Make your life here on earth a perennial struggle to conquer
the Paradise. Go ahead. God waits for you. Pray, pray, pray. I bless everyone:
in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Message of Our Lady in 16.11.2008

Our Lady appeared holding a cross in Her hands and during the apparition
asked to look at the cross of our rosary. There were two angels on the side of
the Virgin. On this day She said:
Peace be with you! Dear children, love the cross of My Son Jesus. Do not
blaspheme against her. My Son Jesus carried the cross for love and for the
salvation of you My children. You do not want to carry the cross for the love of
Jesus? Do penance. Repent of your sins. God sends Me back to earth to draw
all humanity to conversion. Times are bad, because the men moved away from
God. My son, the cross will be neglected and trodden.
The church will pass through the most distressing time. Many priests and
bishops will be persecuted, and many of those who follow My Son Jesus. The
Holy Father will suffer much and will be ridiculed. Pray My son and tell to
your brothers to intercede for the Church. Oh, My son, how much blood will be
spilled. Europe will be bathed in blood in many places. This desolation and
sadness were not ever seen in the history of mankind. Be obedient to My
appeals of a Mother and intercede to prevent these disasters. Take your cross
with love My children, because a cross accepted with love so that God destroys
the devil and sanctifies many souls. I love you this night and leave you My
distressing appeal for you help me to save many of your brothers from the great
sadness that will fall on all humanity.
Pray the rosary for the Church and the world, for those who have not met the
love of God, in order to love and to be converted. I bless you all: in the name of
the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!
Our Lady asked the children who know her messages and that they live them,
never stop to pray the rosary daily, to confess and go to the Holy Mass. Who is
a really obedient son and a faithful will answer her calls and live this her pleads
every day with love, with fidelity and with the heart.
Messages from Our Lord to Larissa (the seer of Itapiranga,

J - Daughter write what I am going to speak. A day will come and the day is
soon when the men will repent from the offenses committed against Me.
Scream, scream to the four corners of the earth that I am coming. Instructs
people how much I love them and want them near Me. The people need to
know that I will be soon in the middle of them as a judge.

J - What is killing the humanity is the desire of power. The human race is
deviated from the project I outlined for them. They live in a complete
abandonment of faith and refusing the grace. The human race kill by a handful
of flour, men have lost their values. Humanity is full of men and women of
God. My spirit stay close over you. I need to announce, announce to My sons
and My daughters to leave their lives of sin and return to their God. I am a
compassionate God and full of mercy for those who seek Me. I want save all of
you. Repent of your sins, as this time is of conversion. Hold My hand, let Me
show you the path that must be followed. You are inheritors of heaven, why
you walk in darkness? Come back Israel, come back to your Lord because I
gave you life and only ask in return your soul.

J - The time for mercy is coming to an end, soon My justice Will be
manifested. Pray for My justice in order to be merciful.
Larissa – Lord, but Your Mercy is not infinite?
J - My mercy is infinite, but time is not. It is precise that My justice be
(Jeremiah 4 – A Cry of Alert in Judah)


M - Write My daughter: Very soon a great calamity will strike your nation.
Brazil does not cease to offend Me, it is practiced everything on behalf
of such happiness. I am suffering bitterly because I know what awaits you.
Blessed those who have left because, they do not have eyes to see. You, keep
your heart in peace, pray the rosary. With it, you will take away many of bad
things. Keep away the useless things, the time is serious and it is not time to be
scattered. Is not worthily to talk about God if no one listens? However I say it
is much worse not talking. O Brazil why you kill the children and punish the
oppressed, the flames will consume you. Older and young will perish. Watch
Brazil; take care of your salvation. The day is near when you can’t do nothing
more than be sorry.

J - Make it known to the four corners of the earth what I announce to you.
Warns the unconscious men that I am about to break new heaven and new land.
There will not be a single man which I have examined their lifes and their
conducts. Those who love Me keep My words and wait for My return happily
because I will return sooner than you think.

Time of CONVERSION ending soon…

all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen”.
“Peace be with you!
Dear children, I am the Queen of the Rosary of Peace and I come here at the
Amazon to gather you in
My Immaculate Heart, to help each of My children who need My Motherly
Little children, I ask you: do not waste the time you have to convert with
useless things. The time of the conversion is concluding. Convert without
delay, so that your lives are full of graces and love of God. Be of My Son
opening your hearts to Him and abandoning the path of sin and evil. You want
to be God? Then why are you sinning and offending with your ingratitude?
Come back; come back to the path of conversion I am showing you. Pray to the
Holy Spirit so that He will illuminate and will help
you being fully of Jesus, being faithful to God. Thank you for your presence
here this evening. May the
Lord bless you and protect against all evil. I bless you

Convertion, sacrifice, penance and repentance…There is a

huge event that is still pending.
“The peace be with you!
Dear children, I am still continue inviting you to conversion. Many do not
understand the true meaning of this message, that is why I am asking you
again: Conversion, and abandon all these exagerated things of the world and of
sin for the love of God.
Bear with patience the trials of life, your crosses, without complain or
blaspheming, but thank God for He can help you in the plan for the salvation of
many souls. Pray, pray, pray. Prayer transforms the world and save many souls.
Intercede for the world. God is happy when you do something for you and your
brothers. Do not remain stopped. Act. You already know many of my
messages, but do not live them as I want. Live my messages, my dear little
children. You do not want to be under the protective mantle of the Mother of
Heaven? Come under my mantle to receive blessing and protection. My mantle
protect against all the evil from the devil. I want to take you to heaven, for all
to be next to my son Jesus. Welcome to my appeals and God will assist you
with great graces. Thanks for being here in this blessed place once again. I
bless you with the blessing of peace and love: in the name of the Father, the
Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!”
Before going, the Virgin told me:
“Convert immediately My children. I am still keeping a big disaster away from
you, but if there are no enough prayers, sacrifices and penances and sincere
repentance I can not stop what is coming over you and My heart is with
bitterness for this”.

J - Come. I want to dictate to you: Prophesize My daughter, prophesize what I
am telling you to the heart so that no man can say that he did not hear. I am at
the door of your houses, generation. I am to a step of your rescue, open the
door of your houses so that I can enter and rescue, therefore I say to you that
days will come where they will lament for not having given Me recognition. I
wish your heart and not your decorated words.
L - The world is worse each time, Lord. (Isabella thought about the case of the
child deceased in São Paulo)
J - While in the streets people continue judging, the world will not be saved.
While people do not to left their hearts of rock to bleed will not be peace. Peace
I am. You will have peace when you find Me. Tell to My faithful that there is
nothing to fear. I will go Myself in front of you and Will keep you away of all
evil: Great tempests are near. The sea will cry out and the towers will fall.
Babel, Babel, Babel to where your great power is going. They will destroy My
vine, but they will not find grapes candies, bitter grapes is your sustenance.
Your sons and your daughters will tremble, your faithful friend will be the
night and your consolation my coasts. My sons and My daughters take shelter
because I am arriving; which light in the middle of darkness thus will be the
great day.

(TheLord asked us to read Jeremiahs 4 the entire chapter) “The hot summer
breeze of dunes of the desert is in the way of the capital of my town”