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Student Exchange Program Fee Info for Canadians 2014 SEP Year

Upon applying to the program, students are expected to pay a total of $150 to CAPSI National.
This amount must be paid before students SEP application will be approved. Any student who has not
paid the $150 fee will not be considered for SEP. The breakdown of the fee returns to students is
described in the table below.

Summary of SEP Fees:


Fee Returned to Student

Student selected to participate

Successfully completes Canadian AND
International obligations

Student selected to participate

Successfully completes placement abroad
Does NOT fulfill Canadian obligations
listed below

Student selected to participate

Does NOT complete placement abroad

(i.e. declines offer from country of choice,
withdraws after accepting a placement, or
unacceptable behavior while on exchange)

Student NOT selected to participate OR

withdraws from waiting list BEFORE
being offered a placement






*The remaining $50 will not be reimbursed to students under any circumstances as this is a
mandatory processing fee.
Canadian Obligations:
1. Arranging transportation from and/or to the airport for one international student visiting
Canada (within the Canadian students University City), AND arrange a social activity for one
international student. E.g. A Manitoba student accepted into the SEP will be responsible for
picking up (or arranging for a family member or friend to pick-up) a Spanish student from the
airport in Winnipeg when arriving in Canada AND plan at least ONE activity for the Spanish
student. If the Canadian student is out of the country participating in their own SEP
while the international student is visiting, they must arrange for a friend or family
member to fulfill their Canadian obligations.

2. If there is no international student visiting the Canadian students University City, they will be
asked to arrange transportation within their province, or write an article to appear in the Fall
edition of the CAPSIL AND give a presentation at their university on their SEP experience the
following fall.
International Obligations:
Once the date and location options have been agreed upon, the student is expected to travel to and
fully participate in the SEP abroad. If offered a place on the waiting list, the deposit will be returned if
the student withdraws their application or if the student is offered and successfully completes their
placement. The student is expected to notify the SEO as soon as possible should they decide not to
remain on the waiting list. The deposit will not be returned if a student on the waiting list withdraws
from SEP after accepting a placement. Students must provide a certificate of SEP completion to
Canadian SEO. This certificate can be obtained from the SEO of the hosting country where the student
completed their placement. This is a requirement in order to receive maximum reimbursement.
If you have any questions please direct them to your local IPSF Representative or CAPSIs Student
Exchange Officer at