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Yasmin in the Media .

Enlist the help of KYMS A company

that understands how much image,
civility and personal branding matters.
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Yasmin Anderson-Smith, MCRP
Yasmin is an award-
winning coach, master
trainer, speaker, and
author, who brings
leading-edge experience
in the felds of business
image management,
personal branding and
civility training. Combining high enthusi-
asm, verve and inspiration, Yasmin delivers
ground-breaking presentations, seminars,
personal coaching and awareness-building
programs across cultures. She ignites busi-
ness women, young professionals and
college students to project confdence, cred-
ibility and embrace civility in their personal
and online image and brand. A sought-after
speaker and trainer, her clients take away
solutions-focused tools, techniques and
strategies to enhance career-readiness,
workplace excellence, professional develop-
ment and personal presence.
With the launch of KYMS Image International
in 2006, Yasmin successfully re-branded
her career as an entrepreneur. In 2007
she created Every Girl Can, a life skills
empowerment program to help teen girls
project confdence, civility and embrace a
healthy body image. This fulflled Yasmins
passion for making a difference and giving
back to community.
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What Clients are Saying
About Yasmin.
I learned a great deal about personal
branding and civility and will use the
services of the instructor in my company.
I consider Yasmin as my mentor and
source of inspiration.
There is no professional development
without personal development. Yasmin
helps make it clear how they go hand
in hand. happy to thank you for offering us
such an informative webinar... much more
than I expected. All those concepts,
methodologies and referrals were just
what I wanted right now. Whenever I am
with you, I get this wonderful energy
from you...
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Civility provides a set of tools to
help build trust and respect inside
and outside the workplace.
Seven Results an Image and
Branding Consultant Can
Create for you NOW!
1. A more competitive edge in the
workplace with improved presence,
poise and confdence
2. Increased profts and productivity
with employees who get along better
and serve clients and customers with
professionalism and civility
3. A bold and clearly defned personal
brand, online and in person
4. Prepared for public appearances,
networking and presentations
5. Knowledge of business etiquette
and cultural customs for local and
international occasions
6. A more polished and contemporary look
to prepare for entering or re-entering
the workplace
7. Improved level of trust and respect
among colleagues, employees and
Yasmin is co-author of two books
published by Thrive Publishing.
Available at
Strengthening Performance Excellence
and Career Management Skills.
Building Respect, Trust and Integrity.
KYMS Image International, LLC
2905 Mitchellville Road, Ste. 104
Bowie, MD 20716
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1. Professional certifcation in
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personal branding (CPBS) and
The Workplace Excellence
2. Affliated with internationally-
acclaimed, Civility Experts
Worldwide, Inc.
3. Recognized by world-leading
and professional organizations
4. Globally connected and
sensitive to diverse cultures
5. Focused on building
relationships based on respect,
trust and integrity
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