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Institute of Innovation in Technology & Management, New Delhi

Assignment No: BBA(CAM)/213 /Roll Number


Background: University Scheme

As per the syllabi of BBA(CAM) (Paper No 213 BBA(CAM)- comprising of four credits)
students of Semester III are to carry out summer training in a firm or company for the duration of
Eight Weeks and to submit a report within Two Weeks of the commencement of Third


The academic objectives for summer training and report writing are:

(a) Work & gain knowledge of real business environment,

(b) Analyse how theoretical concepts taught are applied/not applied in real situations,

(c) Analyse best practices of a company/industry in different functional areas,

(d) Enhance analytical & application abilities of students, and

(e) Develop skills in technical report writing through data collection, data analysis,
data presentation and draw lessons cogently vis--vis a given firm or company.

Scope of Summer Training & Report Writing

The Company/firm where you will be doing your summer training is
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The report of the summer training is to be compiled
under the following chapters as per details given:

(a) Profile of the Firm/Company
(b) SWOT Analysis of the Company
(c) Functional Analysis of Key Functional Areas of the Company
(d) Lessons Learnt

Each student is to collect material on the aspects as mentioned above related to the Company,
compile and arrange it in cogent manner. One copy of the report is to be submitted to the
respective guide as per the schedule given in the following paragraph.

Schedule & Evaluation Scheme

To be Completed
by Date
Activity Marks
D+5 Days Submission of Firm/Companys Name where
the student intends doing summer training.
- -
D+6 Days Commencement of Summer Training -
Between D+36 to
D+40 Days
Mid-term Review: Submission of work done in
first four weeks-complete Chapter-1.
Between D+65 to
D+70 Days
Submission of Draft Report to the respective
Between D+75 to
D+80 Days
Discussion with guides and return of corrected
D+85Days Submission of Final Report (One hard copy &
CD) to the respective guides.
Between D+88 to
D+92 Days
Viva & Presentation to the internal Committee. 20 A Power Point or
OHP based
As notified by the
External presentation & Viva before the
external examiner.
50 -do-
Total Marks 100
D= Last Date of Term End Exams. Exact dates are to be notified by the Prog Director.

Format for Compilation

The report is to be compiled and submitted as per the format. All students are to strictly
adhere to the format.


Final report completed in all respects is to be submitted to the guide as per the schedule given

CAUTION: This report is independent work to be conducted by each student individually.
Any previous work or borrowed work will be summarily rejected and in all cases of
rejection the work is to be repeated afresh.

Assignment Prepared by Senior Supervisor
(Name of Faculty & Designation) (Name of Faculty & Designation)


Note: This Assignment Directive shall form part of the dissertation.