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WestJet Case

Questions to be answered:
1.Using the concept of strategy outlined in the textbook, describe Westjets
2.Compare the hub-and-spoke versus point-to-point strategy.
3.How would the move to Pearson alter this strategy?
4.What factors should WestJet consider in making this strategic decision?
5.Should WestJet move to Pearson?
Consider the concept of strategy more broadly. In your experience, do
companies have a well-articulated strategy? What do you see as the
challenges posed in setting a strategy?

Thank you for those who subnmitted the West Jet case answers. I
read through them and offer the following feedback:
1. In question one, your answer should have included commntary on Goals,
Core Activities, Product/Market Focus, and Value Proposition. THat will
directly answer the question, but also will help when you answer the later
question on how a move to Pearson would impact Wetsjet. Revisiting each of
the component of strategy will guide that response.
2. Some papers were one page, some were 3 or 4 - all of these were good.
The answers were well written which made reading very easy. So keep
answers to these sort of lengths - 2-3 pages...don't make too long. Also word
is fine, or pdf. whatever suits you.
3. Generally speaking good submission.
Side note: I use a grad student as my marker. they understand what i expect
to see and i provide guidelines. I have asked them to highlight a paper if the
studnet has missed something obvious so we can address directly. Otherwise
the grades for each submission will not be published until the end of the
semester. Also since i am going to publish my sample answers, if you are
concenred that your answers varied a lot form mine, please email me and i
will review your submission and provide feedback,

Coca Cola Case
- Why, historically, has the soft drink industry been so
profitable; especially for the leading concentrate producers?
- Map out what activities occur at the different links in the
value chain.
- Compare the activities/economics of the concentrate
business to the bottling business. Why is the profitability so
- How has the competition between Coke and Pepsi affected
the industrys profit?
- Can Coke and Pepsi sustain their profit in the wake of
flattening demand and the growing popularity of non-CSDs?

Harlequin Case

6.Who is Harlequins series customer and what value does Harlequins
product create for them?
7.Where in its series value chain does Harlequin create unique value?
8.Series romance fiction is one of the most profitable areas of book
publishing. Why is it so difficult for direct competitors to imitate or
replicate Harlequins success? What are the key differences and
similarities between the series romance business and the traditional
single-title fiction business?
9.What does Harlequin bring to the single-title business?
10. Is the profit potential in single-title business similar to, or different
from, the series business?
Should Harlequin enter the single-title market? Why, or why not? If so, how?

Cirque Du Soleil

What are the issues facing Cirque du Soleil?
Which part(s) of the Diamond E are most relevant to the issues
facing Cirque?
Which analytical tools are most effective for determining the
future direction Cirque should take?
If you were a consultant, which options would you consider?
Which option would you recommend and why?
East Coast Trail

- What issues does the ECTA face?
- What are the Associations options?
- If you were Randy Murphy, which strategic options would you
- Which option fits best with Randy Murphys preferences?