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Questions on Computer Awareness have most Bank Recruitment exams.

To help you pr
epare better for the Bank exams we present to you the revision notes on Computer
1. The earlier computers, which were massive in size, were based on vacuum tubes
2. Early computing machines, like the ENIAC, were actually meant to assist the a
rmed forces.
3. The printers in pre-1950s were punch cards.
4. An improvement on the ENIAC, which pioneered 'stored program', was made possi
ble with the help of the mathematician John von Neumann.
5. Before the 1950s, computers were mostly owned by universities and research la
6. The B-programming language was developed by Ken Thompson.
7. Famous people, associated with the ENIAC, EDVAC, UNIVAC computers are Eckert
& Mauchly.8. The 1st commercially produced and sold computer (1951) was UNIVAC.
9. IBM was provided software for PCs by Microsoft.
10. Time-sharing, teletyping, were associated with mainframe computers.
11. The transformation from heavy computers to PCs was made possible using micro
12. The first microprocessor was developed in 1971 by Intel.
13. The term 'micro' (extremely small) denotes 10-6m.
14. The Harvard student, who chose to write computer programs and dropped studie
s was Bill Gates.15. A pentium 4 (P-4) employs roughly 40 million transistors.
16. Mark-1, Apple-1, and collossus were initial desktop computers.17. Binary dig
its are briefed as bit.
18. A collection of bits is called byte.
19. C++, is a computer language.
20. The process of eliminating programming faults is called debugging.
21. Starting up on operating system is called booting.
22. A program used to browse the web is called browser.
23. An error in software designing which can even cause a computer to crash is c
alled bug.
24. Click and double-click are achieved using the mouse.
25. Java, C, ForTran, Pascal and BASIC are computer programming languages.26. Th
e device which sends computer data using a phone line is called MODEM.
27. 'Worm' and 'virus' are actually programs.
28. A 'file' is a unit of information.
29. A megabyte has 106(million) bytes.
30. A small, single-site network is called LAN.
31. A processor that collects several data and sends them over a single line is
called bridge.
32. 'Nano' stands for one billionth part.
33. The number of bit patterns using an n-bit code is 2n.
34. The part of a computer that works with the data/programs is called CPU.
35. To convert a binary number to a decimal, we have to express it in power of 2
36. www stands for world wide web.
37. Mathematics employed in computers is called Boolean algebra.
38. A collection of 8 bits is called byte.
39. The first home computer (1977), which was sold in millions of units was Appl
e II.
40. 'PARAM' is a supercomputer.
41. A website containing periodic posts is called blog.
42. While cutting and pasting, the cutitem is temporarily stored in the clipboar
43. http stands for hyper text transfer protocol.
44. The unwanted or non-requested emails are called "spam".
45. A computer framed to give various network services is called server.
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Computer GK for IBPS Bank P.O. | Clerk Exams 2014
Computer GK for Bank P.O. and Clerk Exams
1. All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risks EXCEPT:
(A) hackers. (B) spam. (C) viruses. (D) identity theft.
Ans : B
2. A process known as ____________ is used by large retailers to study trends.
(A) data mining (B) data selection (C) POS (D) data conversion
Ans : A
3. ____________terminals (formerly known as cash registers) are often connected
to complex inventory and sales computer systems.
(A) Data (B) Point-of-sale (POS) (C) Sales (D) Query
Ans : B
4. A(n) ____________ system is a small, wireless handheld computer that scans an
items tag and pulls up the current price (and any special offers) as you shop.
(A) PSS (B) POS (C) inventory (D) data mining
Ans : A
5. The ability to recover and read deleted or damaged files from a criminals comp
uter is an example of a law enforcement specialty called:
(A) robotics. (B) simulation. (C) computer forensics. (D) animation.
Ans : C
6. Which of the following is NOT one of the four major data processing functions
of a computer?
(A) gathering data (B) processing data into information
(C) analyzing the data or information (D) storing the data or information
Ans : C
7. ____________ tags, when placed on an animal, can be used to record and track
in a database all of the animals movements.
Ans : B
8. Surgeons can perform delicate operations by manipulating devices through comp
uters instead of manually. This technology is known as:
(A) robotics. (B) computer forensics. (C) simulation. (D) forecasting.
Ans : A
9. Technology no longer protected by copyright, available to everyone, is consid
ered to be:
(A) proprietary. (B) open. (C) experimental. (D) in the public domain.
Ans : A
10. ____________ is the study of molecules and structures whose size ranges from
1 to 100 nanometers.
(A) Nanoscience (B) Microelectrodes (C) Computer forensics (D) Artificial intell
Ans : A
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Solved Paper-Computer Awareness Hotel Management Exam 2013
Hotel Management Entrance Exam., 2013
(Held on 28-4-2013)
Computer Awareness : Solved Paper
1. A constructor is called whenever
(A) an object is created (B) an object is used
(C) a class is declared (D) a class is used
Ans : (A)
2. In object oriented design of software, which of the following is not true?
(A) Objects inherit the properties of the class
(B) Classes are defined based on the attributes of objects
(C) An object can belong to two classes
(D) Classes are always different
Ans : (C)
3. The maximum number of dimension any array can have in clanguage is
(A) 3 (B) 4
(C) 5 (D) compiler dependent
Ans : (D)
4. Data structure suitable for the application is discussed in
(A) Data design (B) Architectural design
(C) Procedural design (D) Interface design
Ans : (A)
5. The following program fragment
Int a = 5, b = 6;
Print f ("%d", a = =b);
(A) Outputs an error message (B) Prints 0
(C) Prints 1 (D) None of the above
Ans : (A)
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Computer Quizzes and Answers
Computer Quizzes and Answers
1. One kilobyte is equal to
(A) 1000 bytes (B) 100 bytes
(C) 1024 bytes (D) 1023 bytes
Answer: 1024 bytes
2. One Gigabyte is Approximately equal is
(A) 1000,000 bytes (B) 1000,000,000 bytes
(C) 1000,000,000,000 bytes (D) None of these
Answer: 1000,000,000 bytes
3. What do you use to create a chart?
(A) Pie Wizard (B) Excel Wizard
(C) Data Wizard (D) Chart Wizard
Answer: Chart Wizard
4. Which is an item of storage medium in the form of circular plate?
(A) Disk (B) CPU
(C) Printer (D) ALU
Answer: Disk
5. A physical connection between the microprocessor memory and other parts of th
e microcomputer is known as
(A) Path (B) Address bus
(C) Route (D) All of the above
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Computer Quiz Questions For IBPS Exam
Computer Quiz Questions For IBPS Exam
1. the science that attempts to produce machines that display the same type of int
elligence that humans do.
(A) Nanoscience (B) Nanotechnology
(C) Simulation (D) Artificial intelligence (AI)
Answer: Artificial intelligence (AI)
2. data that has been organized or presented in a meaningful fashion.
(A) A process (B) Software
(C) Storage (D) Information
Answer: A process
3. The name for the way that computers manipulate data into information is calle
(A) programming (B) processing
(C) storing (D) organizing
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4. Computers gather data, which means, that they allow users to
(A) present (B) input
(C) output (D) store
Answer: output
5. After a picture has been taken with a digital camera and processed appropriat
ely, the actual print of the picture is considered
(A) data (B) output.
(C) input (D) the process
Answer: data
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Computer Quiz for LIC AAO
Computer Quiz for LIC AAO
1. Which of the following is an example of an input device?
(A) scanner (B) speaker
(C) CD (D) printer
Answer: scanner
2. All of the following are examples of storage devices EXCEPT
(A) hard disk drives (B) printers
(C) floppy disk drives (D) QD-drives
Answer: hard disk drives
3. The.., also called the brain of the computer, is responsible for processing data.
(A) motherboard (B) memory
(C) RAM (D) central processing unit (CPU)
Answer: motherboard
4. The CPU and memory are located on the
(A) expansion board (B) motherboard
(C) storage device (D) output device
Answer: expansion board
5. Word processing, spreadsheet, and photo editing are examples of
(A) application software (B) system software
(C) operating system software (D) platform software
Answer: system software
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Computer Quiz for Bank Clerk
Computer Quiz for Bank Clerk
1. Which of the following is the correct order of the four major functions of a
(A) Process A Output A Input A Storage
(B) Input A Output A Process A Storage
(C) Process A Storage A Input A Output
(D) Input A Process A Output A Storage
Answer: Process A Output A Input A Storage
2. ..bits equal one byte.
(A) Eight (B) Two
(C) One thousand (D) One million
Answer: Eight
3. The binary language consists of ..digit(s).
(A) 8 (B)2
(C) 1,000 (D) 1
Answer: 8
4. A byte can hold one ..of data.
(A) bit (B) binary digit
(C) character (D) kilobyte
Answer: bit
5. ..controls the way in which the computer system functions and provides a means by wh
ich users can interact with the computer.
(A) The platform (B) The operating system
(C) Application software (D) The motherboard
Answer: The platform
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Internet Quiz Questions
Internet Quiz Questions
1. The language that the computer can understand and execute is called
(A) machine language (B) application software
(C) system program (D) none of these
Answer: machine language
2. Which of the following is not hardware
(A) magnetic tape (B) printer
(C) VDU terminal (D) assembler
Answer: assembler
3. Pick out the wrong definition
(A) COBOL a language used for business data processing
(B) CPU is the brain of computer
(C) LAN is used in local areas
(D) FORTRAN is used for logical processing
Answer: FORTRAN is used for logical processing
4. Which of the following is not as language for computer programming
(A) Windows (B) PASCAL
Answer: Windows
5. What are the basic types of memory that your computer uses
(C) ROM (D) both A and C
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Online General Computer Quiz
Online General Computer Quiz
1. Blinking symbol on the computer screen is called
(A) mouse (B) logo
(C) cursor (D) hand
Answer: cursor
2. Examples of output device
(A) screen (B) printer
(C) speaker (D) all of these
Answer: all of these
3. IBM stands for
(A) Internal Business Management (B) International Business Management
(C) International Business Machine (D) Internal Business Machine
Answer: International Business Machine
4. BIOS stands for
(A) basic input output system (B) binary input output system
(C) basic input off system (D) all the above
Answer: basic input output system
5. DOS stands for
(A) Disk Operating System (B) Disk operating session
(C) Digital Operating System (D) Digital Open system
Answer: Disk Operating System
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Computer Quiz Questions with Answers
Computer Quiz Questions with Answers
1. All processing of computer is done in
(A) Monitor (B) CPU
(C) keyboard (D) RAM
Answer: CPU
2. When yon put on the computer in the morning, it is called
(A) hot boot (B) cold boot
(C) warm boot (D) dabugging
Answer: cold boot
3. He is known as the father of computer
(A) Herman Hollerith (B) Grace Hoppers
(C) Charles Babbage (D) Newton
Answer: Charles Babbage
4. RAM consists of binary numbers 1s and
(A) 0s (B) 2s
(C) 3s (D) 4s
Answer: 0s
5. For Checking the output, you use
(A) monitor (B) keyboard
(C) mouse (D) joystick
Answer: monitor
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Computer Quiz for School Students
Computer Quiz for School Students
1. Which are the main types of software system, utility and
(A) application (B) new
(C) computer (D) complex
Answer: application
2. 1 megabyte (Mb) equal to
(A) 220 bytes (B) 1 kilo KB
(C) both A and B (D) 1024 kilobytes
Answer: 1024 kilobytes
3. A byte represents a group of
(A) 10 bits (B) 40 bits
(C) 8 bits (D) 22 bits
Answer: 8 bits
4. Data representation in a computer uses the number system
(A) decimal (B) number
(C) binary (D) integers
Answer: binary
5. When a key is present on the keyboard, which standard is used converting the
keystrokes into the corresponding bits?
Answer: ASCII
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Online Basic Computer Quiz
Online Basic Computer Quiz
1. To hold down the mouse button while moving the mouse
(A) cursor (B) drag
(C) pointer (D) marker
Answer: drag
2. A notice on the screen that informs you of a problem
(A) frame (B) window.
(C) dialog box (D) message
Answer: dialog box
3. Which of the following languages is used with an interpreter?
(C) PASCAL (D) none of these
Answer: PASCAL
4. MS-Word allow creation of which type of documents by default
(A) .DOT (B) .PDF
(C) .DOC (D) .TXT
Answer: .DOC
5. What type of software is used for creating letters papers and other documents
(A) database (B) word processor
(C) spreadsheet (D) operating system
Answer: word processor
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