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An essay on Holidays

A hen that lays golden eggs is important in that it lays golden eggs! However, if one were to get rich
overnight he might consider slaughtering the hen for all the gold. Unfortunately such an idea yields no
eggs but dead flesh to be eaten by scavengers. It is for this reason and for no other that proper care of
the hen be taken. Proper feed, proper resting place and such as are necessary to ensure continuity of

The idea of proper care is not only suitable to the hen but also to men who while arduously engaged in
fatiguing work ignore it to take timeout.

It is a common experience that a puzzling thought finds answers when we are not literally working on it.
Plot for a great story is discovered to us during our idle hours. It underpins importance of rest and
enjoyment for efficient working. A sage has wisely said, the time that we enjoy wasting, is not
wasted. This is keeping in view the importance of enjoyment and leisurely hours in our life.

If men were robots they might at least not need rest. They would continue to work on a novel for days
together, learn lessons of mathematics without intervening subconscious processing of thoughts. The
efficiency and effectiveness would have been uninterrupted.

But men need rest, enjoyment, and change of routine. Therefore we cannot easily ignore importance of
holiday, which has all the three ingredients. It alleviates anxiety of workload , takes away from hectic
environment of office. Holiday is a proper feed of mind, gives it proper resting place, and timeout. A
day off from school, or office is indeed a boon from heavens. Protestation of political parties which result
in holiday is bad for government but a good for students and workers who are tired of waking up early in
morning, observing useless dress code in schools, attending monotonous discourses of teachers for
hours, which make a person of strongest nerve to yawn.

Other holidays include Independence Day, Defense day, Eid Festivals, winter vacations and Summer
Holidays. For a student these are memorable days. Its importance can be gauged from the sighing
expression of office workers who tag student for kingly life

From a psychological point of view, it is discovered that stimulus variation is one of the most important
needs of human beings. In one experiment both hands of man were cuffed, his feet were shackled and
he was placed in a dark pit full of water with provision of oxygen. this setting was such that no change in
stimulus could take place. It was found that the person did not find anything strange for few minutes but
after sometime he had hallucinating voices and visions. When experiment was carried on it produced
suicidal thoughts. Stimulus variation is one of our psychological needs, very much like sexual need, or
sleep. Its importance in life can be realised from the fact that it even applies to our primary needs for a
person who is provided with delicious food of only one variety gets bored of it in no time.

Holiday on the one hand provides us with changing atmosphere from monotonous work, and on the
other hand it improves our output against monotonous nature of work. A holiday is a means that
provides us with stimulus variation. People engage in different tasks, look to other corners of world,
meet other people, make new friendships, all serving the purpose of variation.

From a sociological point of view, in Sociology by Paul B. Horton indicates that cause of emergence of
new civilizations, cause of inventions, discoveries could be that people got bored from previous things.
This idea may at first seem ludicrous, yet no one can deny the need for a change. A change from one
norm to another with a slow process can be rightly ascribed to our desire for change. constant nature of
change is an impetus for which we appreciate arrival of a holiday.

Concept of change of routine work has gained almost universal concept, for almost all institutions of
world make their employees to work from Monday to Saturday ,providing Sunday as a holiday.When a
new week starts on Monday people join their institutes with newfound vigor and energy. A week without
Sunday seems hellish, repulsive and burdensome.

A holiday is a time for celebration. It can be celebrated in a variety of ways. Students go out for a short
trip to various historical places to meet different people, enjoy their cuisine, listen to their folk songs,
and legendary tales. Or they may visit new institutes, engage in seminars, and discussions and enrich
their experiences.
Besides that people enjoy playing games, joining health clubs, reading stories, learning new languages
and skills going out for dinner with friends and families, watching movies and documentaries. some
people get plenty of sleep thinking of rest instead of any work at all. All of these activities make amends
for monotony of work

On a question whether it is good to make vocation of vacation, it depends upon the type of vocation and
underlying idea of enjoyment. If one enjoys his vocation for a change then all is well, if vocation is
another monotonous work in disguise it had better be put off for proper time. one can spend his
vacation learning new skills but motivation should be self directed rather than parent-driven for then it
would seem more like compulsion, and purpose of vacation would be wasted, which is indeed

Some erudite opine that people should not be given holidays lest they disturb continuity of work. Such
people hold that men is born to work, and when he asks for resting hours he is finding a way to
procrastinate. These people are perhaps ignorant about the importance of rest and happiness in life.
Perhaps they consider men as mere machines.

A short anecdote would elaborate on this aspect of thinking: a man was busy cutting a tree with his saw.
He was sweating. And spent a long time on cutting tree because his saw was not sharp. A passerby
asked him to sharpen his saw at which the woodcutter said, Dont u see old man , I m busy cutting this
tree. I do not have time. The old man replied smilingly, If u take few minutes to sharpen your saw, u
would be able to cut in less time without more energy.

It can be concluded that holiday is important for us for the reason of change from monotonous routine,
provisioning of enjoyment and tool of ensuring efficiency.

The experts said taking holidays are beneficial for people with a working life. Good thing they added taking several short
breaks over a period of time are as good as having one long break in a year. In other words, everyone can enjoy the

Why taking holidays are important?

1. Reduce work stress take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and escape to somewhere quiet and
peaceful will help to rejuvenate the soul. A definite plus for your physical, mental and emotional health.

2. Networking this may come as a surprise but when you make friends with other holidaymakers, there may be a
good chance they turn out to be your potential customers.

3. Inspiration a new place, different climate and making new acquaintances help in your imagination. New ideas can
be generated.

4. Perspective watching the ocean or the blue sky, walking along the beach, looking things from the top of the
mountain - help to put your working life into perspective. The challenges are probably not as huge as you thought
5. . Seek novelty travel overseas and experience different culture and learn new regulations in business or
employment. Did they do things differently from you? Can you learn something new from them? A simple example - I
went to stay with a friend in Down Under and watch her cook and manage her kitchen. I had learn a thing or two and will
try to apply them back here.
It is important for everyone to visit a different environment occasionally, to recharge their batteries, to relax.
on holiday is a psychological boost, said one of the holidaymakers. The word holiday almost automatically
thoughts of wonderful memories.
- We experience holidays as a delightful time, a moment of recreation, making time for others and yourself. They
are the ideal opportunity to learn something new and expand your horizon.
- Holidays are healthy and offer numerous benefits to body and mind. They promote well-being and reduce
- Holidays are necessary because they increase self-respect and create confidence, improve communication and
consolidate family ties.
- Holidays are instructive and bring us into contact with different cultures, places and customs. Holidays teach us
new skills and open up perspectives.
Women who take vacations frequently are less likely to become tense, depressed, or tired, and are more satisfied with
their marriage. These personal psychological benefits that lead to increased quality of life may also lead to improved
work performance.
Chikani V, Reding D, Gunderson P, McCarty CA. Vacations Improve Mental Health Among Rural Women: The
Wisconsin Rural Women's Health Study. WMJ, August, 2005.