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The public is often unaware of an intriguing forensic tool often used to

help people prevail in their legal cases. By examining handwriting and

signatures, a forensic document examiner such as Michael Wakshull
can determine whether or not a document has been altered or a signature
has been forged.
Michael Wakshull
Robo signer 2
Robo signer 1
Altered deed: original entries
scraped off the page
Forensic science is now being used to help people from losing their home to foreclosure. Michael Wakshull
Very interesting,
engaging speaker.
Currently this tool is
becoming a major force in the
housing foreclosure crisis. It is
very common today to fnd that loan documents have been altered. Examining
them has helped and will continue to help many people to save their homes.
Wakshull will engage your audience with intriguing stories about how people
have successfully and unsuccessfully challenged the authenticity of documents
such as wills, trusts, and contracts, discussing actual court cases (with the names
omitted).For example, he solved one case by discovering the way a zip code was
written on an envelope. In another, he showed the court how a property deed had
been altered and fled with the county recorder to successfully but fraudulently
transfer property to the person who made the alteration.
Very interesting. He did a great job making what could have been very
boringvery interesting. Kristi
The common problems with loan documents include robo signing, fake notary
stamps, photocopied signatures, and more. As a forensic document examiner,
speaker and author of two books about forensic document examinationone
interview on CBS
affliate KDKA television
interview on ABC
affliate WKBW television
Her - K08
Right motion then
up and left
Curve upward
The B is written
in one motion
Him - K08
Hard start left
Slight upward with taper
The B is written
in three motions
Her VS Him comparison
involving the San Francisco Bay areas Zodiac
KillerWakshull will explain to your listeners how to
effectively engage a forensic document examiner when
there is a question of any documents authenticity.
The real world examples and stories
made this class interesting. I also
enjoyed the fact that he encouraged
the audience to ask questions
and participate. Gina
Michael Wakshulls extensive background
in information systems, quality engineering
and management distinguishes his forensic
document examination work.
He was recently involved in the New York
Times best-selling book, The Most
Dangerous Animal of All, a memoir by
Gary Stewart in which Stuart alleges his
father was the Zodiac Killer.
Wakshull was retained to compare the handwriting of Earl van Best Jr. with that of
the Zodiac Killer. His resulting book, The End of the Zodiac Mystery, describes
how he performed the forensic handwriting comparison.
The instructor was very clear in explaining the material. I definitely
learned something new. I have used document experts before in the
1990s, but the topic has become more complicated with the use of
computers. Russell
He was interviewed on CBS affliate KDKA television in Pittsburgh and on
ABC affliate WKBW television in Buffalo this summer regarding this book.
Wakshull has spoken on the subject of forensic document examination at
international conferences since 2009. Most recently he educated fellow document
examiners about examination of electronic documents at a conference in Boca
Raton, FL in August, 2014.
Wakshull is also the author of Line-by-Line, which educates legal professionals
about the work performed by forensic document examiners. As an adjunct
instructor at University of Redlands, he is able to reduce complex concepts
to laymans language.
Mike Wakshull
P.O. Box 892965
Temecula, CA 92589

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