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E-mail: ~ Mobile : +9-9!"#9$9#"% ~ &es : +9-""-"9"'"(%

Seekin) mana)e*ial assi)nmen+s in ,he*mal -o.e* -lan+/ In0*as+*1c+1*e 2e3elo-men+
-*o4ec+s .i+h a )*o.+h 2*i3en o*)anisa+ion
P*o0essional P*o0ile:
A result oriented professional with # yea*s 5 9 mon+hs of experience in the
P*o4ec+ E6ec1+ion an2 P*o4ec+ Mana)emen+ o0 ,he*mal Po.e* Plan+.
Currently associated with &eliance In0*as+*1c+1*e limi+e2 a+ 7AK8
M1mbai as Mana)e*-P*o4ec+ Mana)emen+ ,eam.
Deft in swiftly ramping up of project with cross functional skills and ensuring
on time deliverables within budget costs, quality parameters & safety norms
!ignificant experience in dealing with 8hinese 3en2o*s, resource planning,
in"process inspection and co"ordination with internal departments
A team player and an effective communicator with strong analytical skill,
problem solving and organi#ational abilities
Abili+y +o .o*k 1n2e* -*ess1*e an2 bea+ +he 2ea2line
8a*ee* P*ecis:
9c+: "$$;-,ill 2a+e
9*)ani<a+ion: &eliance In0*as+*1c+1*es Limi+e2, A flagship company of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani $ADA% &roup
8a*ee* -*o)*ession:
!ince April'() "*anager
+ct'),"April() "Assistant *anager
+ct')-"+ct'), "&raduate .ngineer /rainee
P*o4ec+ han2le2:
=1+ibo*i ,he*mal Po.e* Plan+-">!$$ MW, 0agpur, *aharashtra
1ole2 3roject *anagement
Pos+-a.a*2 moni+o*in) related to technical & commercial aspects of the package
1eviewing & approval of 4"564"7 network in consultation with planning & engineering
.nsuring submission & approval of engineering drawings on time, 1esolving site discrepancy with
Continuous monitoring of vendor for readiness of materials by timely inspection by quality dept as per
approved 8A36Drawings, issuance of *DCC, dispatch of material, follow"up for bill payment with finance
dept and preparation of approval note for 3+
Ens1*in) s1--ly o0 ma+e*ial 5 e?1i-men+s as .ell as con+*ac+o*s@ mobili<a+ion in +ime9 in a
sequential manner to meet the project schedule,
Im-lemen+in) a -e*io2ic MIS *e-o*+in) of site progress Es+ablish a P*o4ec+ Moni+o*in) sys+em by
developing a *aster Data sheet and generating weightage based 3rogress !"Curve and 7 months look
Moni+o* sche21le 2e3ia+ions an2 *ecommen2 co**ec+i3e ac+ion: :dentifying and reporting the status
of critical activities, which have a potential negative impact on the schedule
Coordinating weekly package review meeting with vendors, engineering and quality to resolve the issues
related to approval6release of documents
&osa ,he*mal Po.e* Plan+-#>!$$ MW: &reenfield project at !hahajhanpur, ;ttar 3radesh
1ole2 3ackage 3lanning and !ite .xecution
Plannin) 5 e6ec1+ion o0 0ab*ica+ion an2 e*ec+ion o0 s+eel s+*1c+1*es o0
Po.e* ho1se bl2) an2 mill bay- A,o+al +onna)e a--*o6 "$$$ M,B"!/& structures, coal
bunkers, piperacks, central control room, duct supporting structures,
8oal han2lin) -lan+ s+*1c+1*es A,o+al +onna)e !$$$ M,B"Crusher house, <agon tippler shed,
transfer towers, trestles, conveyor galleries, etc
Miles+one P*o4ec+s
A81**en+B =1+ibo*i
+he*mal -o.e* -*o4ec+:
">!$$MW: Na)-1*
&reenfield project2 &osa
+he*mal -o.e* -*o4ec+:
#>!$$MW: &osa: C++a*
E*ec+ion an2 commissionin) of =+3 3ackage-8oal han2lin) -lan+ $capacity"($$ ,PD% equipments
and machinery
Wo*kin) o1+ 3a*io1s *e?1i*emen+s wrt manpower, resource planning & material planning
3reparation of 4"7 schedule, Areawise detailed Construction schedule, manpower histogram, maintaining
and updating of > progress, preparation of !"curve, package presentations and monthly reconciliation
P*o-e* co-o*2ina+ion .i+h ci3il a)encies to release civil foundations for erection of *echanical
equipments sequentially and priority wise
Moni+o*in): con+*ollin) 5 se?1encin) on"site activities, anchoring erection and in"process inspection
1esponsible for certification of com-le+ion o0 si+e .o*k as per drawings6specifications & con+*ac+o*@s
1eviewing & analy#ing contractor?s change work order proposals & submittals
<orking knowledge of MS-o00ice: MS -*o4ec+
=.E. AMechB from @idhyavardhini's C+. & /ech $*umbai ;niversity% with ;' E AFi*s+ 2i3B in G1ne-$;
D.S.8. from !atheye College, $*umbai ;niversity% with ('.!! E AFi*s+ 2i3 .i+h 2is+inc+ionB in May-$"
S.S.8. from 1CA !chool, 1aigad, $*umbai ;niversity% with ($.! E AFi*s+ 2i3 .i+h 2is+inc+ionB in May-$$
P*o0essional +*ainin) an2 ce*+i0ica+ion:
Certificate training on H=1il2in) -*o4ec+ mana)e* com-e+ency@ by 3*: Dimensions at 1eliance management
centre 5"Day workshop on Wel2in) ,echnolo)y an2 N7, by M*.7.K.Gain: GSN, ,echnical Se*3ices a+ &,PP
/raining and certification on 3roject *anagement tool BP*ima3e*a Ie* ;.$ by C4& !ystel *umbai
Pe*sonal 2e+ails:
Date of =irth 2 ()()(DEF
*ailing Address 2 C6o Dr =/!angle, A56(5, Doodhsagar CG!, &oregaon $.ast%, *umbai"-H
Current C/C 2 EH lacks I perks per year $!alary increment is due this month for the AJ 5)(("5)(5%
.xpected C/C 2 0egotiable
0otice period 2 7 months