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Executive Summary:
Mang Inasal (Hiligaynon for Mr. Barbecue) is a barbecue fast food restaurant chain in
the Philippines established in Iloilo City in 2003. It is one of the fastest growing food
companies in country specializing in grilled chicken.
The company was started by Edgar Sia II, a young enterprising architect who owned his
first business at the age of twenty. He engaged in the food business at twenty six years
of age, opening the first Mang Inasal branch in December 2003 at the Robinson's Mall
Carpark in Iloilo City. The restaurant was an instant success despite stiff competition
from other more established grilled food restaurants. The branches were first opened in
the Visayan region, then to neighboring Mindanao to its south, before spreading to Metro
Manila. The company started franchising in 2005. By 2008, Mang Inasal had 23
restaurants opened, with ten being franchised.
In October 2010, 70% of Mang Inasal was acquired by Jollibee Foods Corporation, the
largest food chain company in the country, for P3 billion ($68.8 million). As of March
2014, the chain has grown to about 460 stores.

II. The country does not lag behind the western world when it comes to fondness for poultry
recipes. In fact, food establishments abound offering their own grilled chicken
recipe packaged under many different names. In the Visayas and Mindanao, it is
called chicken inasal or sinugbang manok while in Metro Manila and the rest of Luzon, it
was introduced as lechon manok, chicken barbeque or roast chicken. This tasty viand may
dipped in an assortment of sauces, gravy or just plain ketchup and goes well with buns,
rice or pickled vegetables.

A newcomer in the grilled chicken business, Mang Inasal stands out because of innovations
that caught the fancy and taste buds of its loyal patrons. Unlike other food establishments
that offer to go, or as Filipinos call ittake out grilled chicken, Mang Inasal adopted the fast
food concept of a sit down meal. Its ten Iloilo restaurants are located in popular malls,
arcades and shopping centers look no different from the swanky burger joints of multi-
national food giants. When you enter its doors and approach the counter, a beaming sales
crew dressed in brightly colored uniform courteously takes your order, gives your order
number and asks you to wait at your table for 15 minutes, after which your chicken
inasal skewered on a bamboo stick will be brought to you hot off the grill together
with fragrant, steaming rice wrapped in banana leaf. At Mang Inasal, you can order a
package that would suit your budget. From as low as P39.00 to P68.00 for half the size of
a regular fare, you can satisfy your craving for a chicken inasal meal.
You dont have to be shy when you eat your chicken roaster with your bare hands because
fried or grilled chicken is typically a finger food. And, this is exactly how patrons at Mang
Inasal are encouraged to eat its popular charcoal-grilled chicken inasal marinated in a
special concoction ofspices and herbs. Spoon and fork is available, but why use eating
utensils if you dine in a place with a cozy friendly ambiance that beckons you to join
other patrons in enjoying mouth watering inasal the kinamot way, which means eating
with the hands in Ilonggo. The best way to enjoy your meal when youre at Mang Inasal is
to dig in while it is still piping hot. First, remove the banana leaf and put some chicken oil
on your rice to liven up its flavor. Then, using your fingers, take a few shreds of chicken
meat from the bamboo skewer and dip in soy sauce with vinegar or calamansi. Take a
mouthful of rice together with the meat. Savor the mixture of flavors and texture. Enjoy
the convincing taste or as Mang Inasal ads put it in corrupted English, Kumbinseng!
If the tasty chicken inasal encourages you to eat more rice, dont worry because at Mang
Inasal, you can have unlimited steaming hot rice to go with your order for free. If you
dont feel like having chicken inasal, there is a variety of Ilonggo specialities on its menu
like grilled pork or fish, sizzling sisig, batchoy, pancit molo and panamis.