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Recently, a film on television told the story of a

woman who, after she was widowed, started to
look after three ladies who were at different
stages of suffering from the progressive
Alzheimer’s disease. One of the three women in
particular was very distressed by the onset of her
illness because she had been a professor of literature and loved reading and reciting poetry –
the use of her mind had been her very identity.

As the hours of daylight get shorter we start to look back and remember the summer and the
various events that have shaped this year so far. The first few months were spent looking for
and finding one another as congregation and minister. In May our journeys converged and we
began travelling the road of faith together. We remember with gratitude the many hellos and
the excitement of new beginnings. Recently, during our day conference at Carberry Tower, the
Elders recalled the long history of Colinton Parish Church and rejoiced in the many highlights
of a story that spans well over 900 years.

There are also the more painful memories that may preoccupy us at this time: the loss of a
loved person, a time of prolonged illness, the hurt sustained in a close relationship, the loss of
employment or the disturbing effects of change in our lives. Some of these we would rather
not remember, and in some sense we imagine that forgetting would be bliss.

SUPPORTING OUR 3 During November we also remember those who lost their lives in the wars of our time and
those who are still fighting in the contested areas of our fragile planet. This year, in particular,
we think of the soldiers of 3 Rifles Battle Group during their deployment in Helmand province,
REV GAYLE J.A. 5 Afghanistan, and of their families who are anxiously awaiting their safe return in Spring next
Why is remembering so important? And why are those who can no longer cast their minds
NEIGHBOURS back to days gone by so troubled? The reason probably lies in the fact that memories give us a
sense of identity and belonging. Without the ability to look back we lose our ‘anchor’ and drift
on the sea of life without aim or purpose.
When remembering becomes difficult or painful we may be helped by the knowledge that God
remembers us at all times. “Even if a mother should forget her child, I will never forget you. I
CHILDREN & 10 can never forget you! I have written your name on the palms of my hands.” (Isaiah 49:15f)
May peace and joy be with you!
Your minister
PAGE Rolf Billes

Minister: Magazine Distribution: If you would like a member of the
Rev Rolf Billes 466 8384 Irene Falla 441 2792 Ministry team to visit you or someone
The Manse of Colinton, EH13 0JR 17 Auchingane, EH10 7HU else please contact the office on 441
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Rev Gayle Taylor 441 2232 Merle Copland, 441 3438 office hours, or on Friday morning.
Session Clerk: 2 Redford Crescent, EH13 0BR Photocopying can be left at the office
Stuart Bridges 441 2736 Caroline Pearson 441 2328 for later collection by arrangement. 42 Pentland Avenue, EH13 0YH
Treasurer: Musical Directors: COLINTON PARISH CHURCH
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17 West Carnethy Avenue, EH13 0ED Edinburgh
Roll Keeper: Church Officer: EH13 0JR
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39 Bonaly Road EH13 Church Rooms Administrator:
Givings Convener: Muriel Lamb 441 3924
Brian Falla 441 2792 243 Redford Road, EH13 9NH
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Child Protection Co-ordinator: ordinator:
Ken Houston 441 3611 Frances Jack 441 6027
5 Redford Drive, EH13 0BL 15 Redford Drive Church Secretary:
Pastoral Care Co-ordinator: Alison Reid 441 2232
Madeline Sweasey 441 2232 Editor:
Vivienne MacPhail 441 2400

Out of Action - For a While!

I shall be away from Colinton for about a couple of months because, as from mid November, I have to go
into hospital for surgery. I will value your prayerful support during this time.

Thank you,
Madeline Sweasey - Pastoral Care Co-ordinator Colinton Parish Church.

Hope for the future Field of Dreams

Exploring the work of the Church of Two first-timers and an old hand look back on this
Scotland in Scottish prisons and with young offend- year’s National Youth Assembly.
Allowing Children to Flourish
A Questioning Faith The work of the Office of Child Protection in Thai-
Profile of Alex Fergusson MSP, Presiding Officer of land, which is headed by Scots Mike Fucella and
the Scottish Parliament and a Son of the Manse. Alistair Muir.

Living in Humanity A Privilege to Care

The Moderator reflects on the month of saints and Dr Murdo Macdonald offers a focus on end of life
Remembrance. issues.

A Life in Service of Country

Donald McGilp reflects on Remembrance Sunday. Plus Presbytery of Europe, St Nicholas Uniting Kirk
in Aberdeen, all the regular columnists, news, let-
What Does the Lord Require of You? ters, reviews and crosswords – all for just £1.60.
Lynne McNeil reports from the annual meeting of the
ISSUE 319 Page 3


I was in a conversation recently with friends who have lived in picture and one day when collecting
Colinton for a number of years and one lamented the fact that Jamie, I asked her about it.
Colinton did not have a war memorial. I quickly pointed out
that we did and it was in the cemetery beside the church. Her The photograph was of her brother, William. As a boy, Billy (as
statement did not surprise me, as the graveyard is tucked she referred to him) had always been fascinated with the
away from the main thoroughfare and even those of us who wireless and when he was called up at the outbreak of the
attend church will have little need to pass the cemetery gates, Second World War, this interest led him into becoming a
let alone the memorial itself. It was formally dedicated on the wireless operator. At the age of nineteen, Second Radio Officer
25th March 1923 to commemorate the one hundred and thirty- Forsyth was given his first sea appointment to the SS Amicus,
three men and one woman who had fallen during the Great a Merchant Ship registered in Cardiff. Tragically, the Amicus
War. After 1945, a further sixty-eight names were added. was torpedoed on 19th December 1940 somewhere in the
North Atlantic and Billy along with most of the crew, perished.
The conversation prompted me to go down to look again at The family lost its only son and Miss Forsyth her only sibling.
the simple stone monument and the many names in raised She continued to live with her parents, George and Catherine,
bronze, which sadly adorn all four sides. Each one has a story in Dreghorn Loan for the rest of their days. She never married,
to tell, but for me, one name stands out – that of William survived her only cousin and when she passed away a few
Forsyth. years ago, Miss Forsyth was the last of her line. After the
funeral, I discovered she had left me the framed photograph
I know the name through his sister, Nancy, a neighbour and of Billy and for Jamie, the two medals that her own father had
friend of ours for over ten years. Miss Forsyth (we always received from the First World War.
called her Miss Forsyth) was the retired headmistress at the
infant’s school, St Margaret’s in Newington. My then seven In this month of remembrance, take a moment to visit our war
year-old son would frequently go round to her house after memorial. Cast your eye over the lists of young men and
school, ostensibly to receive help with his maths homework. women from our parish who, like Billy, made the ultimate
She enjoyed his company and he, I suspect, enjoyed the sacrifice for their community and their country. Remember
chocolate biscuits and orange juice! On the sideboard in her them and the families they left behind.
living room was a large black and white photograph of a young
man in full dress uniform of a Merchant Navy Officer. My own Yours aye,
connection with the Royal Navy made me curious about this Stuart


The last edition of Colinton News carried the story of men and women and their families. The charity will
the church service conducted for the 3 Rifles Battle be organising a Christmas Party for the troops’
Group prior to their departure to Afghanistan. children and we have been asked if we would
Whatever your opinion on the Middle East conflict, support the event by providing sweets.
we should remember that we have troops over there
who are doing their job, without argument and with Contributions of sweets or money, can be left at the
professionalism. They are in a foreign land, probably Church office throughout November.
as far from their home environment as they can get
and that is dispiriting for the vast majority. It must A coffee and cake afternoon in the Swing Cafe, with
also be concerning for the families left at home. crèche, has also been organised to support the
families at home and the December Colinton News
Many of the 3 Rifles are known in the community will announce a further opportunity for outreach to
and are regularly seen in the village. They have the Troops, but meanwhile we can let the families at
expressed a desire for Colinton Barracks to be their home know that they are not alone and have our
permanent base in the UK. support.
Over the next few months, the Colinton community,
in conjunction with the charity Parcels 4 Troops, will John Campbell
have the opportunity to reach out to those brave
ISSUE 319 Page 4

pastoral aspect of her work with children, staff and
On Sunday 1 November
parents was becoming increasingly important to her.
2009 Colinton Parish
The outcome of this was her being accepted as a
Church celebrates the
candidate for the Church of Scotland Ministry and
ministry of Rev Mary
embarking on the B.D. Course at New College in
Dilbey who is retiring
after a very active
working life in school The next four years as a mature student were
and church. challenging ones. Student placements included
Dean Parish and Viewforth Churches and a spell
Mary comes from the
with Dr Derek Murray at St Columba’s Hospice. In
west coast fishing
1991/92 Mary was invited to be the exchange
community of Mallaig, a
student from New College to Tubingen University in
community made up of
Germany. Mary’s probationary year was spent at St
the indigenous, mainly
Ninian’s, Corstorphine and was followed by another
Roman Catholic,
year as Pastoral Assistant during the vacancy
Highland population
created by the retiral of the Rev. Colin Martin. In
and the incoming,
May 1997, she was ordained and inducted to the
mainl y Pro te st ant,
Parish of the West Kirk of Calder in West Calder.
families from the east.
It was against this tolerant, ecumenical background Mary’s time at the West Kirk was short in terms of
that Mary grew up. After senior secondary years but they were years of change and new
schooling in Inverness she came to Edinburgh to developments in the church. At the same time, she
train as a Primary School teacher at Moray House acted as relief Chaplain at St John’s Hospital in
College. Her first post after qualifying was at the Livingston one weekend each month.
two-teacher Lady Lovat School in Morar. In 1966
Mary joined the staff at George Watson’s College. After recovering from major surgery in 2002, Mary
decided that her energies were not sufficient for the
Mary came to live in Colinton when she bought her demands of the job and she retired from full time
first house in Bonaly in 1978. Four years previously, parish work, much to the regret of the people of
George Watson’s Boys’ College and George Watson’s West Calder.
Ladies’ College had amalgamated and Mary had
been appointed as Head of the newly built, open Since 2002, of course, Mary has found plenty to do!
plan Lower Primary Department. Prior to the A spell as temporary Chaplain at St John’s Hospital
amalgamation she had been a class teacher and, followed hard on the heels of her leaving the West
later, Infants’ Mistress in the boys’ school. There are Kirk as did a request to become a part time Chaplain
quite a few mature gentlemen living in Colinton to Ministers within Edinburgh Presbytery. Since
today who remember her as their Primary 1 or 2 2006 Mary has been a member of the ministry team
teacher! here in Colinton. Although she has now retired from
her public ministry, Mary will continue to be a
In her spare time Mary was involved for many years member of our congregation, living in the parish.
with the Girl Guides Association in Scotland. This
As a congregation we express our heartfelt gratitude
included leadership of both Guide and Ranger units,
for Mary’s ministry among us and pray for God’s
a qualification in the training of adult leaders and a
blessing and a long and happy retirement.
very busy term from 1980 to 1985 as Arts Adviser
for Scotland. The job of the Arts Adviser is to
encourage the exploration of the creative arts in the
Guide programme.

By 1989, Mary had begun to feel called to a

different kind of challenge. She was finding that the


Born and brought up on the south side of Glasgow, the integration of young
Gayle was educated at Carolside Primary and people in the life of
Williamwood High Schools. Gayle’s home church, congregation and
Greenbank in Clarkston, started her off on the communities.
journey of faith through her involvement in youth
work and being a member of the summer mission Gayle was a member of
team in Dornoch. Later, Gayle would take on the staff at the Presbyterian
role of youth leader in Greenbank and co-lead a Association of Musicians
summer mission team in Portsoy. Conference in West Minster
College, New Willmington,
After leaving school, Gayle gained some work Pennsylvania in July 2007
experience as an administrative assistant in the where she directed the
Department of Social Security before embarking on Youth and Children’s
her academic studies at Glasgow University from Ministry programme. In the
where she graduated with an MA in 1995 and a BD same year, Gayle co-led a
in 1998. group of people, mainly
from Bishopton, visiting the
Gayle served her probationary period at King’s Park Holy Land.
Church, Glasgow, and was called to be the minister
of Bishopton Parish Church in 1999. This large Gayle comes to Colinton with a wealth of experience
congregation set within a close knit community of in parish ministry and with a desire to focus in
mixed backgrounds provided many challenges and particular on working with children and young
opportunities for different encounters with people in people. Her hobbies are playing guitar and
and around the church. In her role as parish attending concerts; playing and attending football
minister, Gayle also served as chaplain for four games; other sports such as tennis, badminton,
different community organisations: Bishopton cycling and learning to ski; photography and
Primary School; The Good Shepherd Centre (a travelling. We very much look forward to welcoming
school for girls aged 13-16 placed there by social Gayle in our midst and will mark the beginning of
work and often by court order); Erskine Hospital her ministry in Colinton during a special service of
(specialised nursing home and charity for ex-service introduction on Thursday 5 November at 7.00pm to
men and women) and the Ailsa Lodge Nursing which everyone is warmly invited.

Gayle has been involved at national level with the

Church of Scotland’s former Panel on Worship. She
is convening the Prayer and Devotion Committee
producing the annual Pray Now book and CD
publication and is a member of the Mission and
Discipleship Council and its Worship and Doctrine
Task Group.

At an international level, Gayle has been part of a

delegation visiting the main centres of population
and many of their churches in Zimbabwe as part of
a covenant between the Presbytery of Greenock and
Paisley and the churches in Zimbabwe. During her
study leave in 2006, Gayle travelled to Newark
Presbytery, New Jersey, where she compared and
contrasted the Presbyterian Church in the USA with
the Church of Scotland, also looking at music and
ISSUE 319 Page 6


At our Session meeting in August, Rolf suggested took different approaches. Both outlined the parish
that we should have an away day in the autumn to boundaries, illustrating how physically the parish is
discuss our development as a disciple community in much smaller than in the past and siting the Church
Colinton. The occasion would also give him the building at the centre, but one group put greater
opportunity to get to know more about us and how emphasis on the compact village around the church,
we see ourselves as Elders. while the other flagged up features much further
away – their homes, some of which were outside
The meeting opened with a hymn, a reading from the parish boundaries, Dreghorn Barracks, the golf
Psalm 105 and prayers. club, the bypass.

Rolf asked us to consider Colinton from two We considered these views in the context of being a
perspectives. Firstly, as a timeline from 1095 to disciple community. In the past, in spite of the
2009, noting important dates and events, including physical size of the parish, people came to the
the highlights and struggles, and how they impacted church; now, fewer people attend regularly (and
and continue to impact upon us; secondly drawing a access problems to the building do affect this).
map of Colinton parish as we see it today. Basically, Today, people do not join societies, clubs and
we looked at the history and geography of the organisations so much and we felt that the Church
parish. should go out to them. We have a rich background
of 900 years of history on which to base this future
Three groups drew up the timeline – 1095-1949, development.
1950-1999 and 2000 to the present. From 1095,
apart from worship and prayer, the Church provided After lunch, we made this transition from looking
Christian care and spiritual ‘security’ to the people in back to looking forward and where we go now as a
the parish. Developments over the centuries led to disciple community. The five core principles on
the provision of health care, poor relief and which we based our approach to being a disciple
education before the state undertook much of these community when we established it in 2001, are
roles. At the start of our timeline, the Parish shaped by five sayings of Christ:
covered a much greater geographical area than
today, the Church was at the centre of people’s lives • Follow me
and people came to the Church for their needs. At
• Learn from me
times perhaps the church had too strong an
influence over people, ruling their lives rather than • Love one another
guiding. The various disagreements in the Church • Go and teach
were noted, both nationally and locally, but in • Where two or three are gathered together,
discussion it was felt that that was not necessarily a there am I in the midst of them
negative thing – it could be seen as a positive,
stimulating discussion to work round problems or Subsequently, the Session added a sixth:
conflicts of interest. As you did it to one of the least of these my
brethren, you did it to me.
The Church does not now have that all pervading
influence on the majority of the population. Church We split again into five groups to consider these
attendance is down, but in spite of that many still principles in relation to the following topics:
feel the need to be attached to the Church, however
tenuously. Parents bring their children to be
• Our service to the wider community
baptised, couples want their marriage to be
celebrated in a Church setting and on death a • Our work with specific groups – children, youth
Christian funeral ceremony gives much comfort. and elderly people
• Our worship, spiritual development and prayer
The two groups which drew up maps of the parish (Continued on page 7)
ISSUE 319 Page 7

(Continued from page 6) was our contribution to the disciple community. The
symbols ranged from computer discs (our work
behind the scenes so our administration runs
• Learning and education smoothly), aprons (our work in the Swing and
• Our mission elsewhere) a music score (our singing in choir and
band) and so many more. This was a moving
At our plenary session following these discussions, experience for us all. Communion and the
the groups found they came up with more questions Benediction followed.
than answers. One proposal which we felt we could
take forward fairly quickly was the suggestion that The timeline and the maps are on display in the Dell
we look into accreditation as an eco-congregation. Room. Have a look at them and if you have any
How do we reduce our carbon footprint, how much comments or suggestions as to how we should
can we recycle, how can we support fair trade etc? move forward, contact the church office. Your
views would be appreciated.
The formal part of our discussions ended with us all
presenting a symbol of what we each considered Katie Davidson
ISSUE 319 Page 8


At the last meeting of Welcome Pack from the Church. Each Pack contains
the Parish Neighbours information about Colinton Parish Church together
on Wednesday, 7th with other churches in the community and other
October, I handed over societies, organisations and activities available in the
to Frances Jack who will Village.
replace me as Co-
ordinator assisted by b) Informing the Church Office of births, marriages,
Susan Young. I wish illness, bereavement or other significant events in
them both well in this the lives of church members in the neighbourhoods
very worthwhile service to which they are appointed.
to our community.
Judy Harrison, Frances Jack and Susan Young
c) Attending, if possible, two meetings annually to
I have thoroughly keep in touch and meet up with other Parish
enjoyed my two years and during that time I have Neighbours and raise any issues of general concern.
met many kind and helpful people who work hard to
make Colinton a very welcoming place for Judy Harrison
newcomers. I would like to thank all the Parish
Neighbours for their continuing commitment and New Parish Neighbour Co-ordinator:
particularly Susan Young for her support over that
time.. Frances Jack.
15 Redford Drive
There are presently 116 Parish Neighbours covering Edinburgh
most of the areas in Colinton. Unfortunately EH13 0BL
additional help is required in the following areas:- Tel 441 6027
Lanark Road, Bonaly Wester, Elliot Road and
Woodfield Avenue. If anyone can assist or knows Deputy Parish Neighbour Co-ordinator:
of somebody who maybe interested then please
contact the church office. Susan Young
17 West Carnethy Avenue
A parish neighbour’s role is as follows:- Edinburgh
EH13 0ED
a) Providing a friendly, welcoming visit as soon as Tel 441 1923
possible to all newcomers and to deliver a


Baptisms: 1 November Flower Fund
20 September Josh Edward Hume Balloch, Clovenstone 8 November Flower Fund
15 November Wedding – Emily Sinclair and
Alexis Rose Champion, Dreghorn Place
James Thomson
Rebecca Victoria Knott, London
11 October Katie Louise Bruce, Swanston Green 22 November Flower Fund

Finlay John Bruce, Swanston Green 29 November Margaret Tully

Ewan Gordon Romanis, Dunbar 6 December Flower Fund
2 October John Downie, Gillespie Road
13 October Eric Law, Bonaly Gardens
ISSUE 319 Page 9


Christian Aid Family Ceilidh

We held our first-ever Christian Aid Family Ceilidh on Saturday 3rd October
in the Loan Hall. It was ‘brilliant’, according to one of the younger
dancers! One hundred people of all ages danced to music provided by The
Pop Shop Boys, two men who really know their music and their dances. It
took a while for some of the smaller boys to get into the mood for dancing
– a number of them thought it a bit ‘girlie’ and preferred running and
sliding, or hiding under a table when females were looking for partners!

However, even they were seduced by the beat and the fact that the
dancers were obviously having a fabulous time.

Our thanks go to the Pop Shop Boys and especially to Alison Tring who, almost single-handedly, organised
the evening. I managed to sell 9 tickets while Alison sold 91! We raised £237 for Christian Aid and had a
good time doing it.

Ceilidh with the Pop Shop Boys Harvest Baking

Many thanks to those who baked the delectable

goodies on offer at coffee on Harvest Sunday. Your
For those of you
efforts raised £301 – fantastic!
who enjoyed the
ceilidh, for those
who missed it
Advent Coffee and Lunch
because you
haven’t got young families, for those who love Celebrate the start of Advent with a Christian Aid
dancing, the Pop Shop Boys are back for the annual Lunch in the Church Rooms on Sunday 29th
adult ceilidh on Saturday 21st November 7.30 – November.
11.30pm in the Bowling Club on Redford Road. It would be great if some people could help with
Tickets, which include a Baked Potato Supper, cost filled rolls or traybakes. Please get in touch with
£10. Contact Ian Davidson (441 6480) or Patricia Fiona Nicholls (441 1703), Helen Drury (441 1129),
Brignall (441 1184). Clare Laybourn (441 1109) or Alison Tring (441
3374). Your help would be much appreciated!

Patricia Brignall
ISSUE 319 Page 10


Latest Communication on Colinton - Umoja to eventually have all our groups being introduced
Twinning to each other. I will keep you up to date on the
We have had our first live visual link up through progress.
Our HARVEST SERVICE on 4th October.
We waited in anticipation (Rolf Billes, Colin Proctor, I hoped you enjoyed seeing the banners the
Matthew Deighton & myself) as Graham Proctor set children had made for this special Sunday in the
about connecting up the webcam/Skype visual foyer?
communication link. Suddenly! there on the screen
we saw our friends from Umoja Church. Peter This was a busy service for the children, the older
Ngamau, the twinning coordinator, introduced children from Mini-Surge & Fusion took part in the
himself first and we then took it in turns to "reading/prayer" part of the service.
introduce ourselves to the other members of the
Umoja team. We now have contact names for each The younger children were busy baking &
Church group and can actually put a name to a decorating cakes to sell at the coffee time. I would
face. like to thank the volunteers who produced baking
for us to sell. The children sold everything and we
I have just sent my first email to Susan (my contact managed to collect a wonderful total of £301.36 for
at Sunday School) to propose a date for our first link Christian Aid.
up with their Class 4 (9 yrs) children & our children
from Explorers (6yrs-8yrs). Many Thanks to all.
Sharon Carlyle
Our children are rehearsing a song to sing to the Sunday Club Coordinator.
Umoja children, and I'm hoping they respond with a
song or a prayer. If this is successful we are hoping


The 7th Edinburgh Company Boy’s Brigade (Colinton Parish) are holding a Coffee
Morning on Saturday 7th November in the Dreghorn Loan Hall between 10 a.m. -
Noon. Please come along and enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee and taste our delicious home
baking, Tickets Adults £1.00 Children 50p are on sale outside the church between services
on 25th November & 1st December. Your support is very much appreciated. Thank you.

The Colinton New Year Ceilidh will be held on thereafter any remaining tickets will be available for
Saturday 9 January, 2010, in Dreghorn Loan sale between services at Colinton Parish Church on
Hall, between 8:00pm – Midnight. 13th and 20th December 2009. Be aware there is
usually a huge demand for tickets. To avoid
The event is being organised by our BB Fund disappointment don’t leave it too late!
Raising Committee, with all the proceeds of the
evening going towards BB funds. Sales of tickets will be restricted to a
maximum of 10 tickets (table) per person.
Last year’s event was great fun, a very useful
anaerobic workout!! and raised money for the BB. Come on and have a good night out locally and
support the BB at the same time. Thanks
The price per ticket is £15.00 and includes a
buffet, raffle and live Ceilidh band. Brian Nisbet
Tickets will be on general sale in Dreghorn Loan Hall 7th Edinburgh BB Company (Colinton)
on Saturday 12th December 2009, at 2:00pm,


Our season got off to a flying start
with an interesting talk from Paula Colinton Parish Church Literary Society was
Williams of the National Library telling delighted to welcome the Rev Rolf Billes as our
us all about local maps and their Honorary President on 14 October when he gave the
place in history. This was followed by opening talk of our new session. Our weekly
talks on two local people, William Eliot and Mary meetings, which take place on Wednesday evenings
Fairgrieve given by Alastair Davidson and Richard at 8PM in Dreghorn Loan Hall, have been going well
Illingworth respectively. with interesting talks and good speakers who have
been covering a wide range of topics. We have
Moving in to November we again concentrate on managed to recruit a good number of new members
local activities: who have taken a keen interest in all that we do.
Many have asked how we manage to produce such
Monday 2 November - ALAN LUCAS talks a varied programme of weekly talks year after year.
about his father EDWIN LUCAS who painted As we prepare for our Centenary Year beginning in
local Landscapes in the 1930's & 1940's. October 2010 we are already hard at work working
on a syllabus that will meet our members' approval
Monday 16 November - ERIC MELVIN talks and welcome suggestions even at this stage. For the
about THE EDINBURGH OF DEACON BRODIE moment I give below the programme for the last
part of our 2009 session.
Monday 30 November - George Murray talks
about the EDINBURGH TRAMS. November
4th - John and Isobel Lodge: a visit to Namibia
As usual all of our meetings are held in the Loan with slides
Hall, Dreghorn Loan at 8pm. For further 11th - Prof Frank Whaling: Darwin’s Dilemma
information please contact DEREK DOUGLAS 18th - Judith Devereux: Leith’s Maritime Past
on Tel: 441 3335 25th - John Fife: Erskine and its work for
Colinton Garden Club has a reputation 2nd - Barry Pendlebury: The story of the
for being a good place to meet, make Union Canal
friends, exchange information, and 9th - The Macrae Family: Music at Christmas
get new ideas. We meet on the 4th
Monday of each month, September to April in the We look forward to welcoming you to these
Dreghorn Loan Hall at 8pm unless notified meetings.
otherwise. Annual membership is well worth the £5
per household. Joe McGeough
President, Colinton Parish Church Literary Society
The meeting on 23rd November will be given by
Ian Douglas of the Scottish Rhododendron Society
who will talk on “The Redwood Trail, California CEILIDH WITH THE POP
and Oregon”. SHOP BOYS
Saturday 21st November 7.30 –
You can learn more about us from our website : 11.30pm New members are in the Bowling Club on Redford
always welcome. Please contact Christopher Road.
Davies on 441 2512 or by email to Tickets, which include a Baked Potato Supper, cost £10.
chair@colintongardens, Contact Ian Davidson (441 6480) or Patricia Brignall
(441 1184).
Sunday, 1 November Sunday, 8 November Sunday, 15 November Sunday, 22 November Sunday, 29
ONE SERVICE Remembrance Advent 1
9.30am Service 9.30am Service Communion at both
10am Service 9.30am Service with Praise Band with Praise Band services
with Praise Band with Praise Band Crèche, Sunday Club, Crèche, Sunday Club,
Crèche, Sunday Club, Crèche, Sunday Club, Mini Surge and Fusion Mini Surge and Fusion 9.30am Service
Mini Surge and Fusion Mini Surge and Fusion available available with Praise Band
available available The Sacrament of Baptism Crèche, Sunday Club,
will be celebrated Mini Surge and
Preacher: Rev Rolf Billes Fusion

11.15am Service 11.15am Service 11.15am Service

with organ and choir with organ and choir with organ and choir

Preacher: Rev Rolf Billes Preacher: Rev Gayle Preacher: Rev Rolf
10.50am Service Taylor Billes
with organ and choir
Preacher: Rev Rolf Billes Christian Aid Advent
Monday, 2 November Monday, 9 November Monday, 16 November Monday, 23 November Monday, 30

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December Colinton News

Tuesday, 3 November Tuesday, 10 November Tuesday, 17 November Tuesday, 24 Tuesday, 1

November December
Kirk Session meeting

Wednesday, 4 Wednesday, 11 November Wednesday, 18 November Wednesday, 25 Wednesday, 2

November November December
7.15pm - Celtic Sound 7.15pm - Celtic Sound 7.15pm - Celtic Sound 7.15pm - Celtic Sound 7.15pm - Celtic
8.15pm - Praise Band 8.15pm - Praise Band 8.15pm - Praise Band 8.15pm - Praise Band Sound
8.15pm - Praise

Thursday, 5 Thursday, 12 November Thursday, 19 November Thursday, 26 Thursday, 3

November November December
7pm 6.15pm - Young Voices 6.15pm - Young Voices 6.15pm - Young Voices 6.15pm - Young
Service of Introduction 7.30pm - Choir 7.30pm - Choir 7.30pm - Choir Voices
for 7.30pm - Choir
Rev Gayle Taylor,

Saturday, 7 November Saturday, 14 November Saturday, 21 November Saturday, 28 Saturday, 5

November December
Sunday Club Fun Day