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Bi. William C.

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Empty Adjectives: Avoid empty adjectives like very, really, truly, quite.
They are both vague (one person's very hot is not the same as anothers) as well as
immature sounding in technical contexts: The steel was quite soft. The quite
doesnt add anything to the sentence beyond extra words.
Deadwood: Cut word and phrases that take up space but dont add any meaning: As
far as Im concerned this course looks interesting!This course looks interesting.
Utility Words: Words that function as filler often with imprecise meaningsnouns
like factor, situation, type; adjectives like good, bad, important; adverbs
like basically, actually, definitely: Actually, there are many types of factors
that go into make this a bad situation.!This isnt specific. Dont spin your wheels,
rather tell me the factors and why they are bad. Dont tell me youre going to tell me.
Circumlocution: Taking a roundabout way to say something; using ten words when
five will due: Is is not unlikely that the trend toward a lower consumer spending will
probably continue!The trend toward lower consumer spending will probably

,:$ Avoiuing Repetition
Unless necessary, try to not repeat the same word or sentence opening multiple times in a
few sentences; it draws your readers eye to something that doesnt need attention:
rhetoric is used to influence the reader within this topic. Within the three
articles it was clear that both subjectivity and bias.
C has reached temperatures reaching high enough to ensure that the metal has
austenitic microstructure and has essentially undergone a heat treatment.
The samples were prepped for mounting in Bakelite by grinding one side of the
sample and removing any debris that formed on the sample during heat

,;$ "It Can Be Seen"; "Cleaily"; "Eveibouy knows"
Try to remove it can be seen and from looking at from your sentence for
conciseness and directness. For example, rather than stating, It can be seen from
looking at Table 1, that the hardness testing of the 1014 was lower than that of the
1045. Instead, simply state, Table 1 illustrates that the macro hardness testing of
the 1014 was lower than that of the 1045.
Similarly, try to avoid phrases like it is apparent that or clearly. Its your job
as a writer to make things apparent and clear through description, not to say things
are apparent.

,<$ Stait Specific anu Stay Specific:
Bi. William C. Kuilinkus
Avoid broad opening and closing statements in your abstracts, intros, and
conclusions. Some of you start with proclamations like, In todays modern world

,=$ While vs. Wheieas vs. Although >74'(7?'@7('0):
0se "while" to talk about simultaneous occuiiences in time anu "wheieas" to talk
about compaiison.
Time measuiements weie taken while the 1u18 samples aii cooleu.
The 1u18 aii-cooleu samples weie ielatively soft wheieas the 1u18 watei-
cooleu samples weie haiu anu biittle.
Similaily, "while" shoulu be useu to inuicate time; use "although" to mean "in spite
of the fact."
Although the 1u18 shoulu have been the softest because of phase
tiansfoimation, it was actually the haiuest.

"###$ A0&37((')*+
,-$ B9)9&7? A0&37((')* B8'19?')9C
Single-space all uocuments foi this class.
Bo not inuent paiagiaphs, iathei, put a full white line between paiagiaphs.
Times New Roman, black, 12-point font
In the uppei-left-hanu coinei, with no white lines between, shoulu appeai:
youi fiist anu last name, the uue uate of the assignment, the assignment title
(memoii, evaluation, etc.), anu my name (Bi. Kuilinkus).
0n each page in the uppei-left-hanu coinei you shoulu have youi last name
anu the page numbei (In NiciosoftWoiu: inseit!page numbei!uouble-
click the page numbei when it appeais on the page, type youi last name anu
a space in fiont of the page numbei).