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I was so excited for our performance this week

however also apprehensive as we had so much still left
to cover. The biggest note that has stuck out to me this
week as an actor was The magic behind it from
Gavin Brocker. This was aimed at the shadow
puppetry, after watching our progress we sat down and
were given notes. The shadow puppetry and isolation
sequence did not connect; at that point we hadnt
created a transition and made it clear why we were
performing what we were. We still hadnt decided on
music for the shadow puppetry, so in the next day we played
around with different types of music and saw what worked
best for each individual story. In the end we chose to have one
song that played throughout them all which was A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.
Having decided the music, it made it a lot easier for us to choreograph the actions for the
shadows. The connection between all the characters was not clear and why they went into the
isolation sequence. During the entire week we had been working on smooth transitions to
create the effect of each character growing older with the dog by their side the entire time.
Gavin gave us a good idea to have the final image behind the sheet to be the same as in front
that way it would be clearer for the audience to see and understand the connection. Each
movement had commitment however was lacking in physical clarity; this was a big challenge
for us all in the company. Over the next few days we worked on making each movement
precise and accurate for us actors and the audience. We still hadnt rehearsed anything in the
auditorium where the show was being held so it was very important for us to get in there and
rehearse as soon as possible. When we did get into the auditorium it was such a big difference
and everything was on a bigger scale which was the sheet and floor space, we had so much to
fill for a company of eleven. We had what started as a little problem with lighting the sheet
turn into a bigger one as the professionalism between actor and technician heated. We asked
for it to be moved back and there was such a complication and what seemed to us as not
wanting to change it caused a meeting after to solve the problem and fix any grudges between
us. Although I did not feel this way towards the technicians there was a lack of respect for
them however we wanted what was right for our piece and the supposed two foot extra
distance did make a difference for us and for our performance, I did not feel this was
To not let the discussions/ arguments arise due to everyones opinions on the piece between
our company it was advised by Denise Evans to nominate a leader to oversee everything and
for them to listen to everyones ideas and ensure they are tried out and if worked put into the
(06/10/2014) (WAYS OF SEEING)
piece. To make it easier for the nominated actor we spilt the role into two actors which was
Julia to lead shadow puppetry and for Levi to lead the physical section. After the decision
was made, going in the next day I do not feel we stuck to that. Everyone was talking over
each other again and the leaders were not able to lead the company, I do feel this also came
down to lack of authority too. Creating the different sequences for each character couple
became easier as we went along, it started off a bit of a challenge with the girl and her dog
but once past the teenage couple and moving on to the husband and wife we knew the
direction we needed to take. Everything started to slip into place and everyone found their
feet with their characters and their traits, the stories became clearer for us as actors and for
the piece itself.
As shadow puppetry was our priority this week we then after looked and choreographed the
physical section in front of the sheet. We created a floor sequence which included the girls on
the floor and the boys performing the exact same moves however standing, we wanted to
create levels and dynamic which I think we achieved with the moves we created. This went
onto lifts, so using our knowledge of what we learnt last week from Claire Portelli we created
a sea of different lifts in pairs. Erol Uzunhasan and I had been playing around with lifts the
past few weeks so we then had the opportunity to include one in the piece which was the run
and jump, sitting on shoulder lift. I felt from the lifts into the ending of our piece it felt very
rushed and not thought about carefully, every time it was rehearsed there would seem to be
something wrong somewhere.
When it came to lighting our piece, I was nominated to oversee the company and be the
outside eye. This was a very big challenge for me as I did not know any terminology used by
the technicians so to communicate between us actors and them it was difficult. We knew
what we wanted to ask for and what we pictured but to put those thoughts into words were
hard. It started off very slowly, deciding what we liked for our pre-set but with the advice
from Carleigh Portelli to Trust each others choices we were then able to move on swiftly
and sufficiently. We all put ourselves into smaller groups and those actors inside that group
made those decisions. For example, colour, mood and what is next group. Actors in those
necessary groups spoke with me then I leased with
technicians. This plan of action worked really well
with our company as it allowed everyone to have
their ideas and opinions heard and skipped all the
discussions we kept having. This was the day
before the show so we went back to our rehearsal
room and tried to come to a conclusion for the
ending, it seemed every idea was messy and didnt
work for every actor. We did not have a lot of noise
inside our piece so we tried adding a scream every
time we faced out to the audience but in the end we
decided this did not work so went back to silence
with just a look. We after had a little drama with
grabbing a piece of material from Levi Wottons
top so had to find a way to fix that. When it came to
our performances that was the one thing that
annoyed me each time, there was always something
that went wrong with it. On the other hand, I had a
lot of fun each time we performed our piece. I was
proud of what we created because a lot of work
went into it and it seemed to have paid off with
other actors and directors. The note that Gavin gave


- What are you doing?

- Rule game

- Red potato, black

- Cat & mouse small

- Run if
us at the beginning of the week about magic, I feel was bought more and more in each
performance. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the other companies Ways of Seeing they were
all so diverse and I got something from each one.