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A Biography on President George W.

Haston T. Basinger
August 23
, 2002
George W. Bush was the 43rd President of the United tates. He was a!so the
Go"ernor of Te#as. President Bush is a $o%&assionate %an who be!ie"es in the
go"ern%ent not ha"ing a !ot of $ontro!. He a!so be!ie"es in ha"ing a strong fa%i!y.
President Bush was born on 'u!y (, )*4(, and grew u& in +id!and and Houston,
Te#as. He went to s$hoo! at a% Houston ,!e%entary $hoo! in +id!and, Te#as. His
fa"orite gy% tea$her in s$hoo! was -oa$h 'ones. His fa"orite thing in s$hoo! was history.
His fa"orite $o!or is b!ue and he !o"es to eat &ret.e!s whi!e wat$hing baseba!!. President
Bush &!ayed !itt!e !eague baseba!! and was with the -ub $outs. He has three brothers
/',B, 0ei!, and +ar"in1, and one sister /2orothy1. His father is George Herbert Wa!3er
Bush, 4)st President of the United tates, and his %other is Barbara Pier$e Bush, for%er
4irst 5ady.
He re$ei"ed a ba$he!or6s degree fro% 7a!e Uni"ersity and a +aster of Business
Ad%inistration fro% Har"ard Business $hoo!. He ser"ed as an 48)02 &i!ot for the Te#as
Air 0ationa! Guard, and then wor3ed in the energy industry unti! )*9(. After wor3ing on his
father6s su$$essfu! )*99 &residentia! $a%&aign, he wor3ed with the Te#as :angers.
George Bush ser"ed as %anaging genera! &artner of the Te#as :angers unti! he
was e!e$ted Go"ernor. He be$a%e the first Te#as Go"ernor to be e!e$ted to $onse$uti"e
four8year ter%s.
President Bush uses his $o%%on sense to run the United tates ;ust !i3e he did
when he was Go"ernor of Te#as. He !eads our $ountry with &ur&ose. He wants to $hange
the way that s$hoo!s wor3. He wants to %a3e the% run better. He wants to redu$e ta#es
on a!! ta#&ayers. He wants to &ay our A%eri$an so!diers %ore %oney. He wants to he!&
the e!der!y by i%&ro"ing so$ia! se$urity.
President Bush is %arried to 5aura We!$h Bush. +rs. Bush used to be a tea$her
and a !ibrarian. They ha"e twin daughters, Barbara and 'enna, who are $o!!ege students.
The Bush fa%i!y a!so has two dogs, &ot and Barney, and a $at, <ndia.
President Bush6s drea% is for a!! $hi!dren to &ursue their own drea%s, $o%&!ete an
edu$ation, and %a3e good $hoi$es.
< !i3e President Bush be$ause he is trying to he!& a!! of A%eri$a. He is a bra"e %an
be$ause he fa$ed the terrorists who hurt A%eri$ans on e&te%ber )), 200). He is a good
%an be$ause he $ares about $hi!dren. He as3ed A%eri$an $hi!dren to send =).00 to the
Afghanistan $hi!dren. He wants to see a!! 3ids $ared for. < thin3 that he is the best
&resident e"er>