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Computer networking
Chapter 2 Application layer
Multiple choice questions. Select the best answer.
[! "hen the #$$% ser&er uses the authentication' the ser&er respon(s with empty entity
bo(y with a )* Authori+ation ,equire( status co(e. -n this response message the ser&er
inclu(es .__________/ hea(er' which speci0ies the (etails about how to per0orm
A. Authentication:
1. #$$%2Authentication:
C. "eb2Authentication:
D. WWW-Authentication:
[2! "hen the #$$% client sen(s to the ser&er a request message inclu(ing a Cookie:
request hea(er' this hea(er line speci0ies .___________/.
A. identification number for the server
A. -% a((ress o0 the client
1. #ostname o0 the client
C. -% a((ress o0 the ser&er
[3! An #$$% request message is a so2calle( con(itional 45$ message i0 ./ the request
message uses the 45$ metho(' an( .2/ the request message inclu(es an ._____/ hea(er
A. If-Modified-Since:
1. -02Not2Mo(i0ie(2Since:
C. 6ast2Mo(i0ie(:
7. Not2Mo(i0ie(:
[)! A "eb cache .or pro8y ser&er/ is ._____________/
A. only a ser&er
1. only a client
C. both a server and a client
7. neither a ser&er nor a client
[9! $he 7NS protocol runs o&er ._____/ an( uses port 93.
A. #$$%
1. -%
C. $C%
[:! 7NS per0orms loa( (istribution among replicate( ser&ers .______/.
A. by ran(omly selecting an( sen(ing one -% a((ress among a set o0 -% a((resses
1. by statistically selecting an( sen(ing a single -% a((ress among a set o0 -%
C. by rotatin the orderin of and sendin all the addresses !ithin the entire
set of IP addresses.
7. 1y (istributing -% a((resses to the multiple name ser&ers.
[;! 5ach host is registere( with a.n/ .____________/ name ser&er.
A. Authoritative
1. #ostname
C. 6ocal
7. ,oot
[<! $he name ser&ers store ,, .resource recor(s/ 0or the hostname to -% a((ress
mapping. -0 $ype 0iel( o0 an ,, is A' then =alue 0iel( contains .______/.
A. IP address for the hostname
1. #ostname o0 an authoritati&e name ser&er
C. Canonical hostname 0or an alias hostname
7. Alias hostname
[>! $here are .____/ kin(s o0 7NS messages.
A. one
". t!o
C. three
7. numerous
[*! ._____/ name ser&er may cache 7NS mapping.
A. Any
1. ?nly authoritati&e
C. ?nly interme(iate
7. ?nly root
[! $ypically' all queries in the query chain are .__________/ e8cept 0or query 0rom the
local name ser&er to the root name ser&er.
A. iterati&e
1. persistent
C. connection2oriente(
D. recursive
[2! A host with a complicate( hostname can ha&e one or more alias hostnames. $his
complicate( hostname is sai( to be a.n/ ._________/ hostname.
A. Canonical
1. 6ocal
C. Main
7. ,oot
[3! -n the cluster o0 caches' a browser uses ._______/ to (etermine the cache to which a
browser shoul( sen( the 7NS request message.
A. cache clustering
1. cache routing
C. hash routin
7. routing table
[)! 1y (e0inition' a name ser&er is authoritati&e 0or a host i0 it always has a.n/
._________/ that translates the host@s hostname to that host@s -% a((ress.
A. Authoritati&e recor(
". D#S record
C. ,esource recor(
7. -n(e8 recor(
[9! A.n/ .______/ is simply a 0ile A such as #$M6 0ile' a B%54 0ile' a 4-C image' a Ba&a
applet' an( an au(io clip A that is a((ressable by a single D,6.
A. base #$M6 0ile
1. (ocument
C. ob$ect
7. "eb page
[:! -n non2persistent $C% connection' the amount o0 time 0rom a client requesting the
base #$M6 0ile until the 0ile is recei&e( by the client is roughly ._____/ ,$$ .roun( trip
time/ plus the transmission time at the ser&er o0 the #$M6 0ile.
A. one
". t!o
C. three
7. 0our
[;! -n .__________/' the #$$% client issues a request as soon as it encounters a
re0erence' an( so can make back2to2back requests 0or the re0erence( obEects.
A. non2persistent connections without pipelining
1. non2persistent connections with pipelining
C. persistent connection without pipelining
D. %ersistent connections !ith %i%elinin
[<! -n .________/ each $C% connection is close( a0ter the ser&er sen(s the obEect.
A. non-%ersistent connections
1. persistent connection without pipelining
C. persistent connection with pipelining
7. persistent connection with caching
[>! An entire "eb page' inclu(ing se&eral re0erence( images' can be sent o&er a single
.________ connection.
A. non2persistent $C%
". %ersistent &CP
C. non2persistent D7%
7. persistent D7%
[2*! -n #$$% request messages' the last line be0ore the entity bo(y is 0ollowe( by an
a((itional ._____________/.
A. blanks .spaces/
". carriae return and line feed
C. control27
7. 5n(2?02#ea(er: hea(er line
[2! "hich 0iel( is not inclu(e( in the request line o0 the #$$% request messageF
A. #$$% &ersion 0iel(
1. Metho( 0iel(
C. Port field
7. D,6 0iel(
[22! $he entity bo(y o0 the #$$% request message is not use( with the ._____/ metho('
but is use( with the .______/ metho(.
A. '(&) P*S&
1. %?S$' 45$
C. %?S$' #5A7
7. #5A7' %?S$
[23! $he .______/ hea(er line o0 the #$$% response message inclu(es the time an( (ate
when the #$$% response was create( an( sent by the ser&er.
A. $ime:
1. 6ast2Mo(i0ie(2$ime:
C. Date:
7. Dp(ate27ate:
[2)! $he host that initiates the session is labele( the .____/.
A. client
1. ser&er
C. either client or ser&er
7. both client an( ser&er
[29! A "eb ser&er processes .that uses the #$$% protocol/ is i(enti0ie( by port number
A. 29
1. );
C. +,
7. >9
[2:! .___________/ applications can make use o0 as much or as little ban(wi(th as
happens to be a&ailable..
A. ban(wi(th2sensiti&e
". elastic
C. non2real time
7. 0ault2tolerant
[2;! $C% ._______________/.
A. guarantees a minimum transmission rate.
1. pro&i(es the (elay guarantee.
C. uarantees delivery of all data.
7. pro&i(es a hal02(uple8 connection.
[2<! D7% .____________/
A. is connection2oriente(.
1. %ro&i(es a reliable (ata trans0er ser&ice
C. Does not uarantees that the messae !ill reach the receivin soc-et.
7. %ro&i(es a congestion control.
[2>! -nternet $elephony typically runs o&er .______/.
A. -%
1. C$%
C. $C%
[3*! A process sen(s message into' an( recei&es message 0rom' the network through the
A. A%-
1. $C%
C. Soc-et
7. -%
[3! $he ser&er must be running as a process .___________/.
A. a0ter the client attempts to initiates contact.
1. at the same time as the client attempts to initiates contact.
C. before the client attem%ts to initiates contact.
7. any time it nee(s to run.
[32! .____________/ is.are/ Ba&a@s 0un(amental networking technology.
A. Ser&let
1. ,emote Metho( -n&ocation .,M-/
C. Soc-et
7. All o0 the abo&e.
[33! $he two parameters o0 the Ba&a@s Ser&erSocket. / constructor are .____/ an(
A. -% a((ress' port number
1. Socket' process number
C. Port number) .ueue lenth
7. #ost name' port number
[3)! .________/ returns a Socket obEect when a $C% connection is establishe(.
A. ServerSoc-et ob$ect/s acce%t0 1 method.
1. new Socket . / statement
C. Ser&erSocket obEect@s connect. / metho(.
7. Socket class@s connect . / metho(.
[39! "hen a $C% client nee(s to connect to the $C% ser&er' the client creates a Socket
obEect using a call to the Socket. / constructor with two arguments: ._______/ an(
A. ser&er@s hostname' port number
b. server/s IP address) %ot number
C. client@s hostname' port number
7. client@s -% a((ress' pot number