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To Whom It May Concern,

Dear Sir/Madam,

As the first class Degree holder in Teaching English as Second Language
from Sultan Idris University of Education, I have shown a great interest in learning
the theory and application of Teaching English. Being a well passionate student, I
manage to imply impressively in my teaching profession.
As an English language teacher for 3 years in a small town in Pahang, I find
it as challenging yet interesting to educate my students the importance of English
Language. Since I need to encourage them to use English and excel in this
language, my strong passion in the language has made me attending courses
which may help to improve my teaching profession. Besides, I volunteer myself to
be the English Language examiner for SPM (equal to O-Level) starting year 2012
as I do believe it can help my students to excel in their examinations. Due to my
diligent trait and passion, it has resulted in the improvement of the SPM (O-
Level) result 2013 even though it was the first time I taught SPM candidates. The
school managed to be the first school in Pahang for that year. Moreover, I also get
good feedbacks and compliments from the observers who observe my lesson.
This makes me looking forward to gain more theories and find solutions related to
teaching the language.
Being the coordinator in my school and the secretary of my English Panel, I
cooperate well with my colleagues. With high sense of responsibility, I actively
engaged in any discussion besides distributing great ideas in my panel and school
as well in making my school to be great in the language.
Besides, the love for Literature makes me to be in-charged for drama
school team. With a strong determination and creativity, the school managed to
win the second place together with a few awards in District Level and a few
awards in Drama Competition among Residential Schools in Malaysia. My love for
this language especially in writing has affected my students as well to keep on
writing good pieces of work either in local or international essay competitions.
Being someone who loves Arts and Culture, I would like to experience the culture
and mingle with the first speakers of the English Language as well.
I am highly-motivated to pursue my Master in the dynamic university as to
maximize my potential to be a great teacher to my students and nation. These
are the solid reasons why I should be accepted to be part of the postgraduate
student in your university for my Master Degree.