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1) In which country thousands of government
servants were asked to go on leave without pay
temporarily as the government had no funds to
pay their salary: USA
2) One of the main factors behind the recent Shut
Down crisis in USA was the popular health care
programmes of the government. What is the
popular name for this programme: Obamacare
3) Name the diplomat who has been appointed
High Commissioner of India in United Kingdom:
Ranjan Mathai
4) The International Day of Older Person is
celebrated on which day: October 1
5) In the recently compiled Global Human Capital
Index, what is Indias rank: 78

6) Indias minister of external affairs visited ______
to impress upon early implementation of 13

amendment to constitution: Sri Lanka
7) In the neighbouring country Sri Lanka, what is
the context of 13
amendment to their
constitution: Devolution of powers to the
8) The 2013 meet of CHOGM is to be held at which
place: Colombo, Sri Lanka
9) What is the full form of CHOGM:
Commonwealth Heads of Government
10) The summit of CHOGM is held every _____
years: Two
11) How many countries are the member of The
Commonwealth: 53
12) Headquarter of The Commonwealth is located at:
London, UK
13) _________ is designated as head of the
Commonwealth: British Monarch
14) Name the middle Asian country visited by Indian
President recently: Turkey
15) Name the capital of Turkey: Ankara
16) Which Turkish University honoured Indian
President with honorary doctorate in Political
Science: Istanbul University
17) Currency of Turkey is ________: Turkish Lira
18) In a recent survey of top 400 universities in
world, _________ has been ranked as No. 1
university in India: Panjab University
19) Election Commission has declared assembly
elections in _____ states: Five
20) Which North Eastern State is going to have
elections in November 2013: Mizoram
21) In which UT assembly elections are to be held in
first week of December: Delhi
22) Election commission has given the option to the
voters not to vote for any candidate, if they
decide so. This option has been named as:
None of the above (NOTA)
23) Two day international Rhino conference was held
at: Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
24) Lampedusa an island near ______ was in news
as over 300 persons drowned there after a boat,
with up to 500 African asylum seekers, caught
fire and sank: I taly
25) Rohan Bopanna along with French partner
Edouard Roger-Vasselin, won the mens doubles
title at_____________ held at Tokyo, J apan:
J apan Open Tennis
26) Name the team that won the Champions League
Cricket recently: Mumbai Indians
27) The final match of the Champions League,
Cricket was held at _________ stadium in Delhi:
Feroz Shah Kotla
28) Name the veteran Indian film director who has
been nominated to head the accomplished jury
for the Seventh Asia Pacific Screen Awards
(APSA): Shyam Benegal
29) The Seventh Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA)
to be held in_______: Brisbane, Australia
30) The Busan International Film Festival is held in
which country: South Korea
31) Name the acclaimed Cambodian director who
received the Asian Filmmaker of the Year award
at the Busan International Film Festival in South
Korea: Rithy Panh
32) Which international IT giant has joined hands
with Archaeological Survey of India to provide
360- degree online panoramic imagery of 100
nationally-important monuments: Google
33) Name the Sri Lankas first elected Tamil Chief
Minister of the Northern Province in the first ever
provincial elections held after clearance of LTTE
from North Sri Lanka: C. V. WIGNESWARAN
34) The China Open Tennis Cup Mens Singles has
been lifted by _______: Novak Djokovic
35) The tennis star Novak Djokovic hails from which
country: Serbia
36) Womens singles title in the China Open Tennis
Cup was won by: Serena Williams
37) Name the Indian tennis star who alongwith Cara
Black won the womens doubles title of China
Open: Sania Mirza
38) As per the estimates of the Finance Ministry and
that of RBI, growth rate of Indias economy
during current fiscal is expected to be around
______ per cent: 5.5%
39) Name the international financial agency that has
pulled down projection for Indias growth rate to
3.8 percent for the year 2013-14: I MF
40) Vladimir Klitschko who won the world
heavyweight boxing title at Moscow, Russia is
from which country: Ukraine
41) Name the allrounder from Bangladesh who
became the first cricketer in 136 year old history
of cricket to score a century and claim a hat-trick
in the same Test: Sohag Gazi
42) Name the first MP whose Parliamentary seat was
declared vacant following his conviction for more
than two years, as a result of recent ruling of
Supreme Court to this effect: Rashid Masood
43) Name the space craft launched by NASA on a
mission to J upiter: J uno
44) RBI has increase the borrowing period under
MSF from one day at present to _______ days:
7 to 14 days
45) Indian Prime Minister visited Brunei recently for
attending which International summit: ASEAN
and East Asia Summit
46) The recent meeting of ASEAN and East Asia
Summit was held at _________, Brunei:
47) Out of ASEAN and East Asia Summit, India is
member of which organization: East Asia
48) The 9th WTO Ministerial Conference will be held
at __________, Indonesia: Bali
49) What is the full form of ASEAN: Association of
South East Asian Nations
50) Name the Director General of World Trade
Organisation WTO who visited India recently:
Roberto Azevedo
51) Asian Development Bank has provided $100 mn
loan to which State to improve education and
skills: Meghalaya
52) With which country India finalised $512-million
joint venture deal for the construction of two
coal fired power projects of 250 megawatts
each: Sri Lanka
53) The annual meeting of IMF and the World Bank
was recently held at: Washington, USA
54) Name the first women chairperson of the Federal
Reserve System of USA: J anet Yellen
55) Name the Central Bank in United Kingdom:
Bank of England
56) Name the Bank that facilitates and promotes
research for improvement in banking services all
over the world. Bank for International
57) The Headquarter of Bank for International
Settlement is located at ________, Switzerland:
58) What is the purpose of the proposed Rs. 43,000
crore Green Energy Corridor Project: Setting up
of wind and solar power plants
59) Prime Minister of which country was in news due
to his sudden abduction and subsequent release
also: Libya
60) What is the officially name of the ISROs project
for sending a satellite to planet Mars: Mars
Orbiter Mission (MOM)
61) Tom Clancy, one of the most widely read and
influential military novelist of his time, passed
away recently. He was from which country: USA
62) World Toilet Summit was recently held in which
country: Indonesia
63) Name the new High Commissioner of Pakistan to
India: I bne Abbas
64) Name the campaign launched by China aimed at
enforcing standards for waste imports to avoid
unusable or unsafe/dangerous consignments:
Green Fence
65) Which country has qualified for the first time to
play in the 11
ICC Cricket World Cup:
66) The 11
ICC Cricket World Cup is to be hosted
jointly by which two countries: Australia &
New Zealand
67) What is the full form of ICC: I nternational
Cricket Council
68) What is the range of Nuclear weapons capable
surface-to-surface missile Prithvi-II: 300 kms
69) The missile testing range of India is named as:
Integrated Test Range
70) The missile testing range of India is located at
which place: Wheeler Island, Near
Chandipur, Odisha
71) Recently Supreme Court ordered ___ per cent
reservation in govt. jobs for disables person:
72) Ilham Aliyev has been elected as President of
which country: Azerbaijan
73) What is the popular full form of the scientific
research organization CERN: European Council
for European Research
74) Mulatu Teshome has been elected president of
which country: Ethiopia
75) Sachin Tendulkar reached the coveted landmark
of 50,000 runs across all formats of cricket at
which stadium: Feroze Shah Kotla stadium,
New Delhi
76) India has signed agreements with ______
countries, who pledged their commitment to the
ambitious Nalanda University project: Seven
77) The prestigious International Nalanda University
is located is which place: Rajgir, Distt
Nalanda, Bihar
78) Name the Nobel laureate who has been
designated to head the Nalanda University as its
Chancellor: Prof. Amartya Sen
79) In the Global Hunger Index India has been
ranked at ________ place: 63

80) Which district of Odisha was hardest hit by the
recent cyclone Phailin: Ganjam
81) Authorities worldover have appreciated the
excellent preparations done by the NDRF and
IMD for minimizing the possible damage from
the cyclone Phailin: What is the full form of
NDRF and IMD: National Disaster Response
Force (NDRF), Indian Metrological
Department (I MD)
82) Govt. has decided to bring all post offices across
the country on CBS platform to cover larger
number of people, particularly in rural areas for
banking services. What is CBS: Core Banking
83) Name the place in distt. Datia of Madhya
Pradesh which witnessed a gruesome stampede
killing over 120 persons: Rattangarh
84) The World Boxing Championships was held in
which place: Almaty, Kazakhstan
85) Name the freedom fighter, ex Minister and
Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission
who passed away recently: Dr. Mohan Dharia
86) M.S. Swaminathan, Eminent agriculture scientist
has been honoured with which prestigious prize
for his work for national integration: I ndira
Gandhi Award for National Integration
87) Malala Yousafzai, the teenage activist for girls
education has been honoured with Sakharov
Human Rights Prize. The prize is given by which
organization: European Parliament
88) Name the renowned scientist who has written
the book My Brief History: A Memoir : Stephen
89) Under which loan scheme the receipt of annuity
amount has been exempted from income tax:
Reverse Mortgage Scheme
90) Who are the likely beneficiaries under the
reverse mortgage loan scheme: Property
Owning Senior Citizens
91) Government has increased MSP of wheat by Rs.
50 to Rs. ______ per quintal: 1400
92) Name the CEO of ICICI bank who has been
ranked as top women business leader of India:
Ms. Chanda Kochhar
93) Name the remittance system for which RBI has
issued new revised guidelines: RTGS
94) Government has decided to include skilled labour
in sericulture under the MNREGA Scheme. What
is sericulture: Rearing of silk worms
95) NPCI has launched Aadhaar-based remittances
for bank account holders. What is the full form of
NPCI: National Payments Corporation of
I ndia
96) What is the main objective of NPCI: To
promote various forms of electronic
banking in I ndia
97) Which city has been voted as countries top
business destination in terms of infrastructure,
human capital, city culture and basic quality of
living: Bangalore
98) Indian Prime Minister recently visited Russia and
met their President. What is the name of Russian
President: Vladimer Putin
99) South zone and North zone were declared joint
winners of the in the final of Duleep trophy
played at Kochi, Kerala. It is from which sports:
100) Which big hydel project of India is celebrating its
Golden J ubilee: Bhakra Dam, Punjab
101) 5
South Asian Conference on Sanitation held at
which place: Kathmandu, Nepal
102) Name the first Indian to win a silver medal at the
2013 ITTF Asian Table Tennis championship held
in Beijing, China: Bhavina Hashmukhbhai
103) Name the player who scored the fastest ever
century by an Indian batsman in ODI, off 52
balls, playing against Australia at Sawai Man
Singh Stadium, J aipur: Virat Kohli
104) Man Booker Prize 2013 has been awarded to
________for her novel, The Luminaries.
Eleanor Catton
105) Name the eminent Telugu novelist, short story
writer, poet critic and 2012 J nanpith award
winner who passed away recently: Ravuri
106) The Indian Open Snooker Tournament 2013
title was won by _________ of China: Ding
J unhui
107) The Indian Open Snooker Tournament 2013
was held at which place: New Delhi
108) Name the first ever India-Russia joint military
exercise that began on October 19 at the
Mahajan field firing range in Rajasthan near the
Indo-Pak border: I ndra 2013
109) What is the objective of recently conducted
Indo-Russian joint military exercise: for
improving anti-terrorist operations
110) Name the latest National Tennis champions in
mens & womens category: Mohit Mayur and
Prerna Bhambri
111) With which country India recently signed a
border defence pact: China
112) What is the officially name of the border defence
pact signed between India and China: Border
Defence Co-operation Agreement
113) What is the official designation of the Prime
Minister of China: Premier
114) What is the name of the Premier of China: Li
115) Which mega steel company has been asked by a
UN Human Rights panel to stop the work at its
Odisha plant as it may lead to displacement of
thousands of people and disruption in their
livelihoods: Posco
116) The Union Cabinet has approved the biggest
ever foreign investment in India's aviation sector
- J et Airways' proposed sale of its 24 per cent
equity to ___________airline: Etihad Airways
117) The Etihad Airways is the national airline of
which country: United Arab Emirates
118) To which country India has agreed to start a
power transmission line to export 500 million
megawatt of electricity: Bangladesh
119) Name the Indian power cooperate which has
joined hands with Bangladesh power
development board to form Bangladesh India
Friendship Power Company to promote 1,320-
MW Maitri thermal power project in Bangladesh:
National Thermal Power Corporation
120) UNO recently passed a regulation to destroy
huge amounts of chemical in which country:
121) Which railway station near Kolkata has been
renamed as Komagata Maru station to salute the
martyrs of September 29, 1914, who arrived
there by the ship of the same name: Budge
122) __________has become the first company in the
country to achieve sales of more than Rs
1,00,000 crore in a quarter: Reliance
I ndustries Ltd.
123) INS Sunayna, the indigenously built warship is
which type of ship: Naval offshore Patrol
Vessel (NOVP)
124) Terry Walsh has been appointed chief coach of
which national mens sports team: Hockey
125) The new chief coach of mens national hockey
team Terry Walsh is from which country:
126) India and China will hold joint military exercises
from November 4 in _______ region in South
west China: Chengdu
127) What is the objective of the proposed Indo-China
joint military exercise: To practice counter
insurgency and counter terrorism
128) Which corporate has been allowed by
government to start a new domestic airline
jointly with Singapore Airlines: Tata Group
129) What is the name of proposed new domestic
airline started jointly by Tata and Singapore
airlines: 'Tata SIA Airlines Limited'
130) Government has decided to contribute a sum of
Rs. ______ crore towards capital infusion in
public sector banks: 14,000
131) For what purpose government is contributing Rs.
14,000 crore in capital of public sector banks: To
enable banks to meet Basel III capital
132) Name the two Latin American Countries visited
by the Vice President Hamid Ansari: Peru &
133) Sanjeev Rajput won the gold in which event in
the Asian Air Gun shooting championship in
Tehran, Iran: Mens 50-metre free rifle
134) Bru community which has settled in large
number of refugee camps in Tripura and Assam,
belongs to which state: Mizoram
135) Air Costa is the new regional airline started in
which part of the country: Andhra Pradesh
136) Name the Indian scientist in whose name the
God Particle has been named as Higgs Boson:
Satyendra Nath Bose
137) The Nobel prize 2013 for physics has been
given to Franois Englert, Belgium and Peter W.
Higgs, UK for which achievement: for the
outstanding research for discovery of God
138) The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2013 has been
awarded to how many scientists: Three
139) The three scientists Martin Karplus, Michael
Levitt and Arieh Warshel have been given Nobel
prize in Chemistry for 2013 for research in which
field: for developing computer models that
predict complex chemical reactions that
can be used for tasks like creating new
140) Nobel prize for Physiology or Medicine has been
awarded for which achievement: For
breakthroughs in understanding how key
substances are moved around within a cell
141) The Nobel Prize in Literature for 2013 has been
awarded to author Alice Munro for which field of
literature: Contemporary short stories
142) Nobel Laureate for 2013 literature Nobel Prize
Alice Munro is from which country: Canada
143) What is the formal official name for the
Economics Nobel Prize: The Sveriges
Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences
144) The Nobel Prize for economics for 2013 has been
awarded for what purpose: For research in
empirical analysis of asset prices
145) The Nobel Peace Prize 2013 has been awarded
to which organization: Organization for the
Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)
146) Currently, OPCW is in news for handling which
international assignment: Destruction of
dumps of chemical weapons in Syria as per
UN mandate
147) The headquarters of Nobel Peace prize winning
organization OPCW is located at which place:
The Hague, Netherland
148) Why the Nobel prizes are delivered on a fix day
December 10 every year: I t is the death
anniversary of Alfred Nobel
149) All Nobel Prizes except the peace prize are
presented at _____, Sweden: Stockholm
150) The Nobel Prize for Peace is presented at
_______, Norway: Oslo
151) The Nobel Prize for Peace is not decided in
Sweden, instead, it is decided by an expert
committee of _________: Parliament of
152) India has been ranked __________ out of 136
countries on a Global Gender Gap Index
compiled by Geneva-based World Economic
Forum: 101

153) According to a recent survey by Global Initiative
for Restructuring Environment and Management
(GIREM) and DTZ, _______ is the best business
destination in the country: Bangalore
154) Name the Formula One champion who has won
four successive titles in the current season:
Sebastian Vettal
155) Sebastian Vettal, the formula one world
champion is from which country: Germany
156) Indias only Formula One Racing Track Buddha
International Circuit is located at which place:
Noida, UP
157) Worlds largest airport Al-Maktoum International
is located at which place: Dubai, UAE
158) Which financial institution proposes to launch a
special loan scheme for creation of storage
infrastructure like construction of Warehouses,
Silos, cold storages and cold chain
infrastructure: NABARD
159) Govt. plans to start National Financial Reporting
Authority (NFRA) for what purpose: As a
watchdog for the accounting and auditing
policies and standards for adoption by
160) With which bank Australian Trade Commission
has signed a MoU to raise the productivity and
exports of Indias food and agricultural sector:
Yes Bank
161) To which state World Bank has provided $360
million loan for modernisation of irrigation and
drainage systems: Uttar Pradesh
162) India is planning a cross country highway with
which two other countries: Myanmar and
163) The trilateral highway with Myanmar and
Thailand will start from ________ in Manipur,
India : Moreh
164) The trilateral highway with Myanmar and
Thailand will end at ______ in Thailand: Mae
165) Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport Project
will link Kolkata port with Sittwe port in which
country: Myanmar
166) In the Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport
Project, Kaladan is the name of a _______ in
Mizoram: River
167) The World Agricultural Congress and Trade Fair
to be held at ______: Hyderabad
168) Supreme Court ruled that MPs/MLAs will lose
their seats immediately if they are convicted of
offences that carry a prison term of more than
______years: Two
169) The 2013 Norton Report by Symantec says that
India is among the worlds top ______ countries
with the highest number of incidences of cyber
crime: Five
170) Indian Navy has recently inducted Hawk MK 132
aircraft. It is what type of aircraft: Advanced
J et Trainer
171) The book Communist Cookbook has written by:
Sharmishta Roy Chowdhury
172) Who is the author of the book Punjab: A History
from Aurangzeb to Mountbatten: Rajmohan
173) The GDP growth rate for the quarter ending J une
was pegged at _______: 4.4%
174) The Asia Cup Hockey was held at which place:
I poh, Malaysia
175) 2014 Hockey World Cup will be held at which
place: The Hague, Netherlands
176) Name the country who won the Asia Cup Hockey
by defeating India: South Korea
177) As per the Land Acquisition Bill passed by Lok
Sabha, govt. has to pay compensation upto
______ times of market value for acquiring land
in rural areas: four
178) As per the Land Acquisition Bill passed by Lok
Sabha, govt. has to pay compensation upto
______ times of market value for acquiring land
in urban areas: two
179) G-20 group of countries held a meeting of their
Heads at which place: St. Petersburg, Russia
180) Name the ace footballer from UK who created a
new record by becoming the expensive most
player in the history of football: Gareth Bale
181) Noted footballer Gareth Bale has been
contracted by which Club for a sum of 100
million Euros: Real Madrid, Spain
182) Diana Nyad, the 64 year old lady swimmer from
USA created a world record for what: for
longest distance swimming 110 mile
(177 kms)
183) Haraprasad Das, eminent Oriya writer, has been
honoured with which prestigious award for his
book Vamsha: Moortidevi Award - 2012
184) Name the country who won SAFF football
championship by beating India: Afghanistan
185) What is the full form of SAFF: South Asia
Football Federation)
186) The SAFF football championship was recently
held at which place: Kathmandu, Nepal
187) As per new companies law, the corporates are
required to spend _______ % of their profits
towards CSR activities: Two
188) Write the full form of CSR: Corporate Social
189) India recently launched multi band
communication satellite - GSAT-7 for what
purpose: Data gathering for defence forces
190) The GSAT- 7 satellite was launched from which
place: Kourou, French Guiana (An overseas
territory of France, at joining Brazil)
191) The GSAT-7 satellite was launched in a _____
Orbit, about 36000 kms above Earths surface:
192) Name the book on tax administration written by
noted economist Parthasarthi Shome, Advisor to
the Finance Minister: I ndian Tax
Administration: A Dialogue
193) Dr. Raghuram Rajan, the new governor of RBI
was holding which position before this: Chief
Economic Advisor, Ministry of Finance
194) As per the PFRDA bill, 2011, government has
permitted FDI upto _____% in the pension
sector: 26
195) Write the full form PFRDA: Pension Fund
Regulatory and Development Authority
196) Name the tennis star who won US Open mens
singles title: Rafael Nadal
197) Noted tennis star Rafael Nadal is from which
country: Spain
198) Famous sports person Novak Djokovic is from
which game: Tennis
199) Tennis star Novak Djokovic hails from which
country: Serbia
200) Name the tennis star who won US Open
womens singles title: Serena Williams
201) Noted tennis star Serena Williams from which
country: USA
202) Name the prestigious sports event recently won
by tennis star Leander Paes: US Open 2013
mens doubles crown
203) Name the world renowned music maestro who
conducted the Bavarian State Orchestra in J & K:
Zubin Mehta
204) The musical concert conducted by J ubin Mehta
at Shalimar Garden, Srinagar (J &K) was named
as____________: Ehasas-e-Kashmir
205) Tony Abbott has been elected as new Prime
Minister of which country: Australia
206) With which country India has enlarged its
currency swap arrangement from $15 billion at
present to $ 50 billion: J apan
207) India has been ranked at _____ place in terms of
its global competitiveness in 2013: 60

208) _________has emerged as most literate state in
India with 94.65 per cent literacy, compared with
Keralas 93.91 per cent: Tripura
209) Share of agriculture in Indias GDP is about
____%: 13.7
210) Control of Forward Markets Commission has
recently been taken over by _________ Ministry:
211) Govt. has approved setting up of the Bharat
Rural Livelihood Foundation, a partnership
between government, corporate India,
academics and civil society, with a contribution
of Rs 500 crore for what purpose: To engage
corporates for help to counter Naxal
212) RBI has setup Bimal J alan Committee for what
purpose: To scrutinize the applications for
new bank licences
213) Name the head of the committee formed to
strengthen the framework of monetary policy to
avoid friction between the RBI and the Finance
Ministry: Urjit Patel Committee
214) Who has been elected as President of
International Olympics Committee: Thomas
215) Indias trade deficit narrowed to $10.9 billion in
August from $12.26 billion in J uly. What does it
represents: The amount by which exports
are short of imports
216) Which is the single largest item contributing to
the import bill of India: Petroleum
217) As per the RBI guidelines, cash withdrawals of
up to Rs. _________ a day from point of sale
terminals are allowed: 1,000
218) Which type of banking transactions can be
carried out using plastic money: Debit / Credit
card transactions
219) What is the popular name for the total money
supply M3 in the country: Broad Money
220) What is the priority sector lending target fixed by
the government for foreign banks in India:
40%; if the branches are less than 20,
then 32%
221) If an Indian bank in private sector fails to
achieve priority sector lending targets, what will
be the penal action: I t will have to deposit
the short fall amount in Rural
I nfrastructure Development Fund
222) The government has approved a proposal to
invest USD 4.3 billion in which international
financial institution: World Bank
223) Eighth Womens Hockey Asia Cup was recently
held at which place: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
224) Which big industrial country has decided to say
good bye to nuclear power: J apan
225) Name the spacecraft that has become the first
man-made object to venture into interstellar
space: Voyager-1
226) Name the wrestler who won silver medal at the
World Wrestling Championship: Amit Kumar
227) Name the wrestler who won bronze medal in
free style wrestling in the World Wrestling
Championship: Bajrang
228) World Wrestling Championship were held at
which place: Budapest, Hungary
229) Name the hockey player who will captain the
Indian Womens Hockey team in Asia Cup: Ritu
230) Name the Indian origin girl who was crown as
Miss America recently: Nina Davuluri
231) J humpa Lahri, a Noted Novelist of Indian origin
is settled in which country: USA (New York)
232) Which city has been named to host 2020
Olympic Games: Tokyo
233) The 2016 Olympics are to be held at which
place: Rio de J aneiro, Brazil
234) Name the recently tested nuclear capable
surface to surface long-range ballistic missile
which has a strike range of more than 5000 kms:
235) From which place India conducts its missile
tests: Wheeler I sland off Odisha coast
236) NASA has launched an unmanned spacecraft
Ladee for what purpose: To explore the
surface of moon
237) Ellen J ohnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia has
recently been honured with which prestigious
Indian Award: Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace,
Disarmament and Development-2012
238) The first ever North East Festival to showcase
eight states of North East India, their customs,
heritage, traditions, music, dances, tourism will
be held at which place: New Delhi
239) Reserve Bank has directed that gold jewellery
accepted as security will have to be valued at the
average of the closing price of 22 carat gold for
the preceding _______ days: 30
240) Durand Cup is associated with which sports:
241) Durand Cup for 2013 was won by _____
________ after a gap of 73 years:
Mohammedan Sporting, Kolkata
242) Durand Cup Football tournament was held at
which place: New Delhi
243) Dinesh K. Sarraf has been appointed head of
which Maharatna company: Oil and Natural
Gas Corporation
244) With a view to boost exports, government has
raised interest subvention on export loans to
_______ percent: Three
245) 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup will be hosted jointly
by which two countries: Australia and New
246) Govt. has recently relaxed certain pre conditions
in case of FDI in which field: Multi Brand
247) With which country India has an arrangement to
pay in Indian rupees for its import of crude oil:
I ran
248) Name the veteran British journalist and
broadcaster, famous for his TV interviews of
various Heads of States, who passed away
recently: David Frost
249) How many industries are there in the core sector
within Index of Industrial Production (IIP): Eight
250) Which country has agreed to contribute 41%
share in the creation of a $100-billion Currency
Reserve Fund (CRF) by BRICS: China
251) Name the new Chief Information Commissioner
of India: Ms. Deepak Sandhu
252) Which state has decided to observe Bitia
J anamostava to promote awareness for
protection of girl child: Bihar
253) Name the noted Bengali author who was killed in
Afghanistan by Taliban: Sushmita Banerjee
254) The mobile phone business of Nokia Corporation
of Finland has been taken over by which
multinational company: Microsoft
255) A robot astronaut called ________developed by
Toyota Company of J apan, has made history by
becoming the first robot ever to speak in space:
256) As per recent RBI guidelines, Indians travelling
abroad can carry Indian currency of up to
Rs.__________ per person: 10,000
257) Which organization of USA has announced that it
will not cut down its USD 85 billion a month
stimulus programme, spreading cheers among
the financial markets around the world: Federal
Reserve System (popular name Fed)
258) As per new RBI guidelines, the MSF and Bank
Rate have been calibrated at ________ basis
points above repo rate: 200
259) Which state in India has recorded the lowest
proportion of 3.66 % of poor living below
poverty line in urban areas: Sikkim
260) Which state in India has the lowest proportion
5.09%, of the poor living below poverty line:
261) India has recorded the largest increase in its
UHNI club among the BRICS nations in the last
one year, with a total of 7,850 super rich people
in the country. What is the full form of UHNI:
Ultra-High Networth I ndividual
262) Recent RBI guidelines have asked banks to close
accounts of those customers who use their credit
or debit cards for ________ transactions:
Online Forex
263) As per the food security Act notified recently,
________ % of countrys population will be
covered under food guarantee: 67
264) Which state in India emerged as the hottest
investment destination for new projects: Odisha
265) World largest solar power plant is being setup in
India at which place: Sambar Lake, Rajasthan
266) Govt has finalised the timeline for
implementation of the mega ADKIC project to
promote industrial activity in north India. What is
the full form of ADKIC: Amritsar-Delhi-
Kolkata Industrial Corridor
267) For which part of India govt. has approved Rs.
2,130 crore expenditure under Special
Accelerated Road Development
Programme (SARDP): North East Region
268) RBI has allowed banks to open branches,
including in Tier 1 centres without its prior
permission. Which city come under tier 1:
Centres cities with population of one lakh
and above
269) The Reserve Bank has advised banks to allot a
different product code in their core banking
solution to which type of accounts: Accounts
which are dormant or inoperative for over
two years
270) Which film will represent India in the Best
Foreign Film category at 2014 Oscar Awards in
USA: The Good Road
271) Govt. has submitted in Supreme Court that it
intends to go ahead with Sethusamudram
Project. It is located in which area of India:
Rocky terrain between India and Sri Lanka
in the Gulf of Mannar
272) What is the geographical name for the
Sethusamudram: Adams Bridge
273) At which place is the World's highest-altitude
civilian airport, located 4,411 meters above sea
level: Daocheng, Near Tibet, China
274) Super Typhoon Usagi has caused widespread
damage in which part of the world: Philippines
and Taiwan
275) Who has been elected as the 12
President of
Pakistan: Mamnoon Hussain
276) Recently India post released a commemorative
stamp in the memory of freedom fighter and
veteran journalist Lala J agat Narain. Name the
news paper founded by him: Punjab Kesari
277) Kaesong industrial park was the matter of
dispute between which two countries: North
and South Korea
278) Govt. has started a Rs. 1000 crore Nirbhaya
Corpus Fund for what purpose: For
empowerment and protection of women
279) Name the first programme started from Nirbhaya
Fund, aimed at helping the women who need
special protection measures, such as women in
prostitution or widowed women: Shubh
280) Ray Dolby, an inventor and audio pioneer from
USA, founder of Dolby Laboratories, passed
away recently. He is known for which product:
Dolby Stereo Sound System
281) Insurance Regulatory and Development
Authority (IRDA) has become the first regulator
in the world to start an ___________system:
Insurance Repository
282) With which country recently signed the DTAA
agreement: Latvia
283) Name the international literary prize that has
now been made open to English authors from all
over the world: The Man Booker Prize
284) President of which country recently cancelled its
official visit to USA to protest against the spying
excesses of National Security Agency of USA:
Dilma Rousseff of Brazil
285) Which country has recently started Direct
Banking, offering banking services not through
branches but through various other means like
internet, mobiles and ATMs: China
286) Name the former world heavyweight boxing
champion, considered one of the greatest fighter
of his era, who passed away recently: Ken
287) The Union Ministry of Minority Affairs is planning
to rope in celebrities as brand ambassadors for
the five minority communities. Name these five
communities: Muslims, Sikhs, Christians,
Buddhist and Parsis
288) Name the organization that has acquired the Rs.
600 crore research vessel named Samudra
Ratnakar: Geological Survey of I ndia
289) Who has been elected as Chancellor of Germany
for the third time in a row: Angela Markel
290) India has been granted authorizing nation
status for certifying which type of products:
Electronics and IT Products
291) Sandeep Tulsi Yadav created history by winning
Indias first ever wrestling medal in
_________category at World Wrestling
Championships: Greco-Roman
292) Name the Indian who has been honoured with
Clinton Global Citizen Award: Bunker Roy
293) RBI has directed banks to stop ________loans
schemes as they tend to befool the consumers
into believing that bank funding come for free:
zero per cent
294) With which country India conducted a joint
military exercise in general combat and mountain
warfare: Nepal
295) Indo-nepal joint military exercise was recently
held at which place: Pithoragarh, Uttrakhand
296) Erna Solberg has been elected as Prime Minister
of which country: Norway
297) Sultan of J ohor Cup Hockey tournament was
held at J ohar Bahru in which country: Malaysia
298) National J unior Athletics Championship held
at_________, Kerala: Kochi
299) In which country a legislative decree has been
passed for reserving one seat in their parliament
for persons of Sikh/Hindu religion: Afghanistan
300) Wolesi J irga is the equivalent of Indian Lok
Sabha in which country: Afghanistan
301) A severe earthquake of 7.7 magnitude that
caused widespread devastation in _______
district of Balochistan, Pakistan: Awaran
302) Name the author of the book Never Go Back:
Lee Child
303) The sustainable mountain development summit
was held at which place: Kohima, Nagaland
304) The picture, The Good Road, that has been
nominated from India to Oscars, has been made
in which language: Gujarati
305) Name the film that won the Best Asian Film
Award at the 38
Toronto International Film
Festival in Canada: Qissa, A Punjabi Film
306) Govt has notified ________ as the new date for
implementing GAAR: April 1, 2016
307) What is the full form of GAAR: General Anti
Avoidance Rules
308) GAAR form an internal part of which law:
I ncome Tax Act
309) Grand Master Vidit Gujrathi who won the bronze
medal at an international event, is from which
game: Chess
310) The 18th International Children's Film Festival
(ICFFI)will be held at which place: Hyderabad
311) The Golden Elephant award for best film is given
at which film festival: I nternational Children's
Film Festival
312) Name the movie that won the best film award at
the Ladakh International Film Festival: OASS
313) Horticulture Mission for North East and
Himalayan States (HMNEH) and National
Bamboo Mission (NBM) have been merged with
which other major national mission: National
Horticultural Mission (NHM).
314) RBI Governor Dr. Raghuram G Rajan has
recently been honoured for his ground breaking
research work by which German Bank:
Deutsche Bank
315) A panel headed by Raghuram Rajan has
recommended a new methodology based on a
________for devolving funds for development of
states: 'Multi Dimensional Index (MDI)'.
316) As per Raghuram Rajan report on allocation of
funds for development of states, which are the
three development categories of the states:
Least, Relatively and Less developed
317) A panel headed by Raghuram Rajan has
identified which state of India as least
developed: Odisha, followed by Bihar
318) A panel headed by Raghuram Rajan has
identified which state of India as most
developed: Goa, followed by Kerala
319) Supreme Court has ruled that for a vibrant
democracy the voter has the right to negative
voting by rejecting all the candidates in fray by
exercising the option of _________in EVMs and
ballot papers: None of the Above (NOTA)
320) For which metro city ADB has offered a $ 400
million loan to improve water and sanitation
system: Kolkata
321) NASAs unmanned rover Curiosity has recently
discovered traces of water in the soil cover of
which planet: Mars
322) Miss Philippines _______ has been selected as
Miss World 2013: Megan Young
323) What is the name of latest search algorithm
launched by google: Hummingbird
324) In a recent ruling of National Green Tribunal,
digging of ________ has been banned across
the country: Soil (Earth)
325) India has been ranked at ______ place in terms
of corruption risk: 69

326) Patan Patola which recently got the GI tag from
the Geographical Indication (GI) Registry,
Chennai, is a popular type of _____ from
Gujarat: Double-sided saree
327) Which state in India has offered highest price for
sugarcane procurement at Rs. 301 per quintal:
328) Govt. has announced to continue a subvention of
_________on crop loans upto Rs. 3 lacs, if they
are paid in time: 3%
329) In which public sector oil company, government
has decided to disinvest 10% of its stake:
I ndian Oil Corporation
330) The South Asian Football Federation under 16
championship held at Kathmandu was won by
which country: I ndia
331) Sarod maestro Amjad Ali Khan has recently been
decorated with which prestigious award: Rajiv
Gandhi National Sadhbhavna Award
332) The oranges grown in Nagpur area have been
granted GI Tag. What is the full form of GI:
Geographical I ndication
333) What is the government target for disinvestment
during the year 2013-14: Rs. 40,000 crore
334) Name the women pole vaulter who has won the
World Athletics Championship thrice: Yelena
I sinbayeva
335) The World Athletics Championships 2013 was
held at: Moscow, Russia
336) Hassan Rouhani has been elected as ______ of
Iran: President
337) Which country recently temporarily closed 19 of
its diplomatic missions in the Middle East and
North Africa as a precaution against terrorist
attack: USA
338) In which sports did Indian girls recently create
history by winning countrys first ever bronze
medal in that sport: Hockey
339) India recently launched National Monsoon
Mission. What is its objective: I mproved
prediction of monsoon rainfall
340) In which format of cricket India has been ranked
as no. 1 in the world: ODI (One Day
I nternational)
341) Name the sports man who became first Indian to
win World Games snooker gold medal: Aditya
342) Raghuram G Rajan has been appointed to which
important position: Governor, RBI
343) Name the institution that recently imposed a ban
on the mining of sand throughout the country:
National Green Tribunal
344) Village Khirsara in Kutch, Gujarat was in news
recently for what reason: Large number of
Harrappan era artifacts were found there
345) Name the Indian IT company against which a
human rights violation case has been filed in
USA: Infosys
346) Name the iconic 80 years old newspaper of USA
that was sold of recently: The Washington
347) The World Bank and the Asian Development
Bank (ADB) have agreed to provide $ 400 million
to India for what purpose: for reconstruction
and rehabilitation in the disaster-hit areas
in Uttarakhand
348) Which country has agreed to supply 145 state-
of-the art 155 mm towed Howitzer guns to
India: USA
349) Name the Indian shuttler who became the first
Indian woman singles player to win a medal
(bronze) at the World Badminton Championship:
PV Sindhu
350) World Badminton Championships were held at
which place: Guangzhou, China
351) Mens singles title at World Badminton
Championship was won by: Lin Dan, China
352) Womens singles title at World Badminton
Championship was won by: Ratchanok
Intanon, Thailand
353) Lt. Col. Sudhakar J ayant of Indian Army won
gold medal in which sport at the international
level: Weight lifting
354) Where in India was a half marathon of 21 kms
was organized, for the first time at an height of
10,050 feet: Keylong, Himachal Pradesh
355) Name the Indias first nuclear submarine whose
atomic reactor was activated recently: I NS
356) The shortfall of total inflow of foreign currency
compared to total out flow of foreign currency in
a country is known as _________: Current
Account Deficit
357) If our total exports are less than our total
imports, the balance of trade in this situation is
_________: Negative
358) Who is the first women sprinter to win both
individual 100 m / 200 m and 4 x 100 m relay in
World Athletics Championships: Shelly-Ann
Fraser Pryce (J amaica)
359) Indias fiscal deficit stood at 2.63 trillion rupees
($43.57 billion) in the first quarter of the current
fiscal year. What is its link with the govt.
borrowing: It represents the amount of
govt. borrowing
360) Why government has hiked import duty on
refined gold bars for a third time in eight months
to 10 percent from the earlier 8 percent: To
control the outflow of foreign currency
361) Latest RBI data shows that gross NPA of public
sector banks have increased to 1.76 lakhs crore
as on 30
J une. What is the name of first stage
of NPA Account: Substandard
362) The govt. has setup production target for food
grains at ______ million tonnes for the year
2013-14: 259
363) Name the Swiss trainer aircraft recently inducted
in Indian Airforce to train its pilots: Pilatus PC-
364) Which two countries are having a border dispute
over Gibraltar area in Mediterranean sea: Spain
and UK
365) IAAF World Championship 2013 were held in
which City: Moscow, Russia
366) Write the full form of abbreviation IAAF:
I nternational Association of Athletics
367) Name the athlete who won largest number of
gold medals (3) at IAAF World Championship
2013 at Moscow: Usain Bolt, J amaica
368) Name the nuclear weapon capable missile
recently test fired by India: Prithvi I I
369) What is the strike range of Prithvi II missile:
350 kms
370) Name the Indias first indigenous aircraft carrier,
that was launched at Cochin Shipyard Limited on
August 12: INS Vikrant
371) Name the Indias second aircraft career which is
due to join navy by the end of this year: I NS
372) Name the only operational aircraft career with
the Indian navy: I NS Viraat
373) Dilip Trivedi has been appointed as Director
General of which paramilitary force: Central
Reserve Police Force
374) Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has been elected as
President of which country: Mali
375) Name the Indian Navys kilo-class submarine
that sank at the naval dockyard in Mumbai due
to two massive explosions inside the submarine,
killing all the 18 mariners: INS Sindhurakshak
376) Desh Prem Azad who passed away recently was
a prominent coach of which sports: Cricket
377) At which place in Ladakh, J & K, Indian airforce
landed its heavy lift transport plane C-130
Super Hercules on the worlds highest air strip:
Daulat Beg Oldie
378) The filing of RTI (Right to Information Act)
applications for all central government ministries
and departments has been made online with
launch of website The
prescribed fees can be paid through internet
banking of which bank: SBI and its associate
379) Which state has decided to provide free cycles to
girl students of class 9 and 10 in all govt and
provincial schools: Assam
380) Which area in district Rayagada in Odisha was in
news as all the 12 gram sabhas there
unanimously decided to not to allow bauxite
mining for Vedanta Aluminum, a multi crore FDI
project: Niyamgiri Hills
381) Asian Youth Games were held at which place:
Nanjing, China
382) Name the Indian weightlifter who clinched a gold
medal in the 77 kg category in Asian Youth
Games held at Nanjing, China: Venkat Rahul
383) Which bank plans to deploy over 1.25 lakh point-
of-sale (PoS) terminals in the next 18 months to
promote cashless transactions at merchant
outlets: State Bank of India
384) Name the ratio which shows the proportion
between total deposits and total loans of a bank
or area: Credit Deposit Ratio
385) The Insurance Regulatory & Development
Authority has permitted which type of institutions
to act as insurance brokers with the objective of
increasing insurance penetration in the country:
386) If a bank becomes a insurance broker instead of
a corporate agent, what difference it will make in
the insurance selling options of the bank: as a
broker they can sell insurance products of
more than one company
387) As per revised areas norms for multiproduct
SEZs, the minimum area requirement has now
been fixed at______: 500 hectares
388) SEZs only for electronics hardware, agro-based
food processing, biotechnology, handicrafts can
now be setup in an area of ________ hectares
only: 10
389) Name the element based on which physicists
have developed most precise clock of the world:
390) The Reserve Bank has imposed monetary
penalties ranging from 50 lakhs to two crore on
Allahabad Bank, Bank of Maharashtra,
Corporation Bank, Dena Bank, IDBI Bank and
Indian Bank for which offence: Violation of
KYC Norms
391) With a view to ensure free and fair elections, the
Voter Verifiable Paper Trail (VVPAT) system will
be used on trial basis for the first time in which
state: Nagaland
392) Name the scheme wherein one youth from each
rural household that completes 100 days of work
under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural
Employment Guarantee Programme will be
eligible for skill training and job placement under
the National Skill Development Scheme:
National Skill Certification and Monetary
Reward Scheme
393) The Union Cabinet cleared a proposal to scrap
the collegium system of appointing judges to the
Supreme Court and High Courts. What is the
alternative suggested for this system: J udicial
Appointments Commission
394) RBI has increased the ceiling for FDI in asset
reconstruction companies (ARCs) from 49%
to__%: 74%
395) What is the function of a asset reconstruction
company: Recovery of banks bad loans
396) The government has approved setting up of 12
mega food parks during the 12th Plan period
(2012-17) with an allocation of Rs 1,714 crore.
What is the purpose of setting up of a mega
food park: Boosting the food processing
397) The MPCE, which reflects purchasing power
stands at Rs. 1287.17 for rural areas in 2011-12.
What is the full form of MPCE: Monthly Per
Capita Expenditure
398) What is the MPCE for urban areas for the period
2011-12: Rs. 2477.02
399) Name the two global credit rating agencies
which have decided to maintain the BBB rating
for India: Fitch; Standard & Poors
400) As per RBI directives and recent government
guidelines, the Adhaar Card is complete and
valid proof for satisfying KYC norms for opening
bank account subject to one condition. What is
that condition: The current address of the
person should be same as mentioned in the
Adhaar Card
401) The Lusofonia Games will be held in which place
in India: Goa
402) In Lusofonia games, sports persons and athletes
from only ________ speaking countries take
part: Portuguese
403) Which Indian sports person has been appointed
the brand ambassador to promote worlds largest
football league Barclays English Premier League
football in India: Mahendra Singh Dhoni
404) Name the Iraqi Prime Minister who visited India
recently: Nouri al-Maliki
405) Shailendra Kumar Mandal, Assistant Professor in
the Department of Architecture at National
Institute of Technology, Patna has been awarded
the prestigious Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship.
Name the sponsoring country for this fellowship:
406) As per a recent study India ranks _____ in terms
of number of internet users: 3

407) Indian women's recurve team (archery) won the
gold medal in which international event: The
World Cup Archery (Stage I V)
408) The World Cup Archery championship was held
at which place: Wroclaw, Poland
409) 40th National Women's Premier Chess
Championship was held at which place:
410) The government has set up a Tax Administration
Reform Commission under___________, advisor
to the Finance Minister: Parthasarathy Shome
411) What is the objective of setting up of the Tax
Administration Reform Commission: to review
the application of tax policies and tax laws
in the country
412) Name the sports person who has been selected
as the captain of Indian hockey team: Sardara
413) Mr. Ronjan Sodhi has been honoured with which
big award recently: Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna
414) Name the highest recognition given by govt. in
the field of sports: Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna
415) What is the amount of cash reward given by
under Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award: Rs. 7.50
416) Arjuna Awards are given in which field: Sports
417) Name the cricketer who has been given Arjuna
Award 2013: Virat Kohli
418) Mr. Gagan J eet Bhullar has been given Arjuna
Award for which sports: Golf
419) Name the womens badminton champion
recently honoured with Arjuna Award: Ms. P.V.
420) Dronacharya Awards in sports are given for what
purpose: Excellence in coaching
421) Name the sports award given for life time
achievement of a sports person: Dyanchand
422) What is the amount of cash reward given to
Arjuna, Daronacharya and Dhyanchand
awardees: Rs. 5 lakh
423) Rajya Sabha passed an amendment to which act
for allowing persons in jail or in police custody to
contest elections: Representation of the
People Act
424) Name one main reason for recent sharp slump in
the value of Rupee against Dollar: Higher
demand of dollars for higher value of
imports and shortage of dollars in
international market
425) A number of artifacts belonging to Harrappan era
were discovered from a place near Bhuj in
Gujarat. What is the name of that place:
426) On what basis planning commission decides the
cut off point for identifying BPL families: per
capita consumption expenditure
427) The latest poverty line declared by planning
commission classifies a person in rural area
below poverty line if his MPCE is below Rupees
816. What is the full form of MPCE: Monthly
Per capita Consumption Expenditure
428) Persons having MPCE below Rupees _____ in
urban areas are classified as living below poverty
line: 1000
429) What is the approximate share of exports in the
Indias GDP: 17%
430) Recently RBI increase the interest subvention on
export loans to 3% from existing 2%. For what
purpose it has been done: To promote exports
and to earn more dollars
431) RBI has extended non CTS cheques
acceptance dead line to _______: 31

December, 2013
432) Abbreviation CTS stands for: Cheque
Truncation System
433) CTS pertains to which activity of banking:
Clearance of local / outstation cheques
434) In the cheque truncation system 2010
guidelines, what has been truncated (cut short):
Physical movement of cheques
435) What is the name of the proposed new all
women bank: Bhartiya Mahila Bank
436) Recently government has allowed _____ more
airports of the country to start tourist visa on
arrival facility: Four
437) The international Sepak Takraw Super Series
2013 was held at which place in India: New
438) What is the popular name for Sepak Takraw
Sports: Kick Volleyball
JULY 2013
439) FIFA Confederations Cup is associated with
which sport: Football
440) The last FIFA Confederations Cup was held in
which country: Brazil
441) Name the team that was beaten by Brazil to win
the FIFA Confederation Cup: Spain
442) Name the university that has been granted
exemption from various taxes and restrictions on
import / export of items: Nalanda University
443) Nalanda University is situated in which state:
444) _________, the Nobel laureate is the Project
Director of Nalanda University: Dr. Amartya
445) The International Cricket Council (ICC) has
announced that India will host the World T20
Cup competition in _______ year: 2016
446) India has been granted permission to hold World
Test Cricket Championship, for the first time in
which year: 2021
447) K.K. Paul has been appointed governor of which
state: Meghalaya
448) Government has set up an investment target of
1.15 lakh crore rupees for PPP projects in
infrastructure sector in the next six months.
What is the full form of PPP: Public Private
449) Virendra Kataria has been appointed Lt.
Governor of which Union Territory: Puducherry
450) Name the Academician who has been appointed
as Lt. Governor of Delhi: Najeeb J ung
451) J ustice ______ has been appointed as 40
J ustice of India: P. Sathasivam
452) Douglas C. Engelbart who passed away recently
was a renowned scientists in which field:
Computers, I nventor of Mouse
453) Indian Navy recently took delivery of INS Trikand
from which country: Russia
454) INS Trikand is what type of war ship: Stealth
455) Sriniwas D Patil has what linkage with the Sikkim
State: He is the governor of Sikkim
456) Name the IAS officer who has been appointed as
the new Union Foreign Secretary: Sujatha
457) Anil Goswami has been appointed as the new
________ of India: Home Secretary
458) Lt. General A.K. Singh retired has been
appointed as _______ of Andaman Nicobar
Island: Lt. Governor
459) As per a recent ruling of the Supreme Court in
the contest of cheque dishonor, Court has held
that only ________ who has signed the cheque
can be held liable for the dishonor: Drawer
460) Cheque bouncing due to insufficiency of funds in
the account is a offence under section _____ of
Negotiable Instruments Act: 138
461) India recently launched IRNSS-1A satellite from
Sriharikota. What is the full form of IRNSS:
I ndian Regional Navigation Satellite
462) What is the purpose of launching IRNSS: To
develop a local GPS for I ndia
463) What is the total number of satellites in the
proposed IRNSS project: Seven
464) What is a number of industries covered in the
core sector as part of index of industrial
production: Eight
465) Write the full form of GSLV: Geosynchronous
Satellite Launch Vehicle
466) Name the place in Egypt which has been the epi-
centre of large scale prodemocracy protest:
Tahrir Square
467) In which sector government raise the FDI limit
from 74% to 100%: Telecom
468) 5
National Fencing Federation Cup competition
was recently held at ___________, Punjab:
469) Marrakesh Treaty has recently been adopted by
more than 150 countries for what purpose: To
facilitate access of published work to blind
/ visually impaired persons
470) The city of Marrakesh where the recent
conference of World Intellectual Property
Organisation (WIPO) was held is in which
country: Morocco
471) Government has released National Cyber
Security Policy 2013 with what objective: To
counter threats from various cyber
472) Grand Master Parimarjan Negi is a noted sports
person from which field: Chess
473) 20
Asian Athletics Championship were held at
_______, Maharashtra: Pune
474) Arvind Mayaram Committee was setup for what
purpose: To review foreign direct
investment policy
475) As per the proposed Food Security Bill, what
percentage of population has to be covered in
rural areas: 75%
476) As per the proposed Food Security Bill, what
percentage of population has to be covered in
urban areas: 50%
477) The benefit of subsidized food grains under the
proposed food security bill shall be available to
which category of people: To be decided by
each State, individually
478) The Indian Ocean Rim Association for regional
cooperation economic and business conference
was recently held at which place: Mauritius
479) Name the President of Egypt who was removed
from office by the army due to widespread public
protest against him: Mohammed Morsi
480) Vikas Gowda won the first gold medal for India
in the 20
Asian Athletics Championship held at
Pune. Name the game for which he won the
gold: Discus Throw
481) Name the first cricket player from J ammu &
Kashmir to join Indian Cricket Team: Parvej
482) Francisco Garcia has been appointed head coach
of Indias senior womens __________ team:
483) Inbee Park of South Korea is a famous sports
person from which field: Golf
484) ________ has been declared as the first smoke
free state of India: Himachal Pradesh
485) India has ranked _______ in the Global
Innovation Index (GII) 2013: 66

486) Yarnell Hill in Arizona, suffered wide spread wild
fire spreading over 30 square miles. It is in
which country: USA
487) Legendary actor and villain Pran passed away
recently. Write his full name: Pran Krishan
488) Name the prestigious award that was conferred
recently on veteran actor Pran: Dada Saheb
Phalke Award
489) R. Chandrashekhar has been elected as
President of NASSCOM. What is the full form of
NASSCOM: National Association of Software
and Services Companies
490) Hemant Soren has been sworn-in as 9
Minister of _____ State: J harkhand
491) M.S. Raghavan has been appointed Chairman
and Managing Director of _______ bank: I DBI
492) Marion Bartoli of __________ won the womens
Wimbledon Trophy: France
493) The Wimbledon championship of tennis is held at
which place: London (UK)
494) Name the winner of mens singles Wimbledon
Cup: Andy Murray
495) Andy Murray, the noted tennis player is from
which country: UK (United Kingdom)
496) Name the film that won IIFA awards for best
film, best director, best actor, best story and
music: Barfi
497) World Population day is celebrated on which
day: 11
J uly
498) What is the name of the first all women bank to
be started by November 1: Bhartiya Mahila
499) State Bank of India has launched a prepaid card,
State Bank Xpress Money Card for what purpose:
To facilitate inward remittances from UAE
500) Name the Indias youngest puglist who won a
gold medal in boxing at Asian Championship held
at Amman, J ordan: Shiva Thapa
501) Name the internationally renowned Buddhist
temple town in Bihar that was in news as it was
rocked by a series of terrorist bomb attacks:
502) RBI has advised banks that it will refund _____
percent of losses suffered by banks on account
of receiving counterfeit notes of Rs. 100 and
above if they report the matter to police: 25%
503) Name the company which has started first white
label ATMs in India: Tata Communications
Payment Solutions
504) What is the name of white label ATMs launched
by house of Tatas: Indicash
505) A white label ATM is one which is licenced to
and maintained by a ________: Non Banking
506) Which three countries have entered into a
tripartite agreement on maritime cooperation to
secure sea routes in the Indian Ocean region:
India, Sri Lanka and Maldives
507) As per a recent verdict of Supreme Court, MPs,
MLAs and MLCs would automatically lose their
membership if sentenced to jail for not less than
________years by the trial court: two
508) In a pathbreaking verdict, Supreme Court has
debarred persons in jail or police custody from
which activity: Contesting Elections
509) The prestigious Tagore award for Cultural
Harmony for 2013 has been given to _____:
Zubin Mehta
510) Zubin Mehta, winner of 2013 Tagore award is an
internationally renowned person from which
field: Music
511) Name the satellite launched by NASA to study
the effects of sun on weather: I RI S
512) What is the full form of IRIS, the satellite launch
by NASA to study sun: Interface Region
I maging Spectrograph
513) Worlds largest telescope Square Kilometer
Array (SKA) has started its test run in which
country: Australia
514) To strengthen their recovery efforts, banks have
started naming and shaming the guarantors
too, besides the borrowers. What does it means:
Banks will publish the photograph of
defaulter borrower and their guarantor in
the notice published in news paper
515) The bad loans or the loans where recovery is not
proper are called ________ in banking parlance:
Non Performing Assets (NPA)
516) Govt. has approved of the first-ever National
Aviation University of the country at _______ in
Uttar Pradesh: Rae Bareli
517) Indias first only for women university will be
setup at Rae Bareli, UP. What is its name:
Indira Gandhi National University for
518) Name the country that recently passed, for the
first time in its history, law that allows abortion
in limited cases: Ireland
519) To help ST students avail professional education,
the govt. has decided to increase the total family
income ceiling under its scholarship scheme from
Rs two lakh to Rs. _________lakh per annum
from this fiscal: Rs 4.50
520) What do we call the amount that represents the
short falls in earnings from exports and spending
on imports: Trade Deficit
521) In the context of banking, which two items are
represented in CD ratio: Credits (Loans) and
522) The Reserve Bank of India has advised banks to
complete account opening process in all the
districts which have started DBT scheme. What
is the full form of DBT: Direct Benefit
523) In which state President rules has been revoked
recently: J harkhand
524) The RBI imposed a total fine of Rs. 49.5 crore on
22 banks for what offence: Violation of anti-
money laundering and know-your-
customer Norms
525) Supreme Court recently quashed the notification
for National Eligibility Entrance Test. This is the
common entrance test for which course:
Medical Courses
526) Govt. has decided to raise a special Mountain
Strike Corps for deployment at which place: Line
of Actual Control (LAC) with China
527) What is the average national literacy rate in
India as per 2011 census: 74%
528) Name the country which is celebrating 100 years
of arrival of Sikhs in that country: USA
529) Which country has recently launched 3 satellites
for scientific experiment on space maintenance
technologies: China
530) ISRO is planning to launch a major space
mission in October- November this year to study
which planet: Mars
531) Amar G. Bose the Indo-American visionary
entrepreneur and acoustics pioneer passed away
recently. He was famous for which products:
High-Quality Bose Audio Systems and
532) Prem Bhatia award are given in which field:
J ournalism
533) The steel plant scrapped by POSCO is located in
which area: Gadag, Karnataka
534) Corporate giant Arcelor Mittal announced
cancelation of its Rs. 72000 crore steel plant in
India. The plant was planned to be setup in
which area: Keonjhar, Odisha
535) Name the US Vice President who visited India
recently: J oe Biden
536) Which Indian state received largest number of
domestic tourists in 2012: Andhra Pradesh
537) Devendra J hajharia created history by
becoming the first differently-abled Indian to win
gold in javelin throw at which international
games: The IPC Athletics World
Championships in Lyon, France. (IPC -
International Paralympics Committee)
538) RBI decided to provide support of Rs. 25000
crore to the banks for meeting liquidity
requirements of which financial segment:
Mutual Fund
539) Which European country suffered its first heat
wave after almost a gap of 7 years: Britain
540) Name the famous city of USA that has filed for
bankruptcy: Detroit
541) The Detroit city of USA that filed for bankruptcy
is famous for which product: Automobiles
542) Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has
advised that those earning up to Rs. _____lakh
in salary a year will have to file IT returns this
year: Five
543) Name the new Chairman of the Empowered
Committee of State Finance Ministers on GST:
Abdul Rahim Rather
544) Name the latest advanced meteorological
spacecraft launched by India: I NSAT-3D
545) The INSAT-3D satellite was launched from the
rocket of which country: France
546) The book The New Bihar has been written by:
N.K. Singh and Lord Nicholas Stern
547) Which Indian port has been given the Major Port
of the Year award: Paradip, Odisha
548) Vidya Subrahmaniam, Associate Editor of The
Hindu, has been given which award for the Best
Commentary and Interpretative Writing for 2010:
Ramnath Goenka Excellence in J ournalism
549) Ramon Magsaysay Award are given for what
purpose and in which country: for excellence
in community services; Philippines
550) As per the latest Planning Commission figures
percentage of people living below poverty line in
India in 2011-12 has come down to ______
percent: 21.9%
551) As per recent Planning Commission figures,
person spending less then Rs. _______ per day
in rural areas are to be classified as below
poverty line: Rs. 27.20
552) As per recent Planning Commission figures,
person spending less then Rs. _______ per day
in urban areas are to be classified as below
poverty line: Rs. 33.33
553) Govt. has appointed a committee under
chairmanship of _________ to devise the new
methodology for fixing the poverty line: Dr. C.
554) Fixation of poverty line at present is done as per
the methodology suggested by _______: Late
Suresh Tendulkar
555) The Finance Ministry has constituted
a forum headed by___________, adviser to the
finance minister to interact with industry groups
on a regular basis on tax-related issues or
disputes: Parthasarathi Shome
556) Name the country that planes to hold 7

Regional Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas convention in
November 2013: Australia
557) Name the cycling champion who won the famous
Tour de France, the cross country cycle race held
in France: Christopher Froom, UK
558) Which Indian stock exchange has been ranked
no. 1 in the world in terms of volumes in equity
trades: National Stock Exchange
559) Name the legendary sports person whose name
has been recommended by the sports ministry
for the Bharat Ratan: Major Dhyan Chand
560) Last meeting of Finance Ministers and central
bank Governors from the G20 group of advanced
and emerging nations was held at which place:
Moscow, Russia
561) What is the latest directive from the finance
minister to public sector banks in the context of
ATMs: I nstall ATMs in all branches by
March, 2014
562) Name the Indias multi barrel rocket launcher
system which has been tested successfully
recently: Pinaka
563) The global tiger day is celebrated on which date:
J uly, 29
564) Who has been elected as the new President of
Pakistan: Mamnoon Hussain
565) Manmoon Hussain is going to be the ______
President of Pakistan: 12

566) In its first quarter review of Monetary Policy
review RBI has lowered the growth projection for
the current fiscal from _________ to _______:
5.7 to 5.5
567) The new Director General of National
Investigation Agency is: Sharad Kumar
568) The bank rate has been aligned with which other
financial benchmark: MSF
569) Full form of MSF is: Marginal Standing
570) Which jail of India has now got its own FM
Radio: Tihar J ail, Delhi
571) ICC Cricket World Cup will be hosted by which
two countries: Australia & New Zealand
572) Name the person who has been conferred with
Lokmanya Tilak Award-2013: E. Sreedharan
(Metro Man)
573) Under which scheme India and Afghanistan have
signed MoU to implement 60 project in Afghan
provinces: SDP Scheme
574) SDP stands for: Small Development Projects
575) The UPA govt. has decided to create the new
state. Which will be the new state of India:
576) Which state is to be divided to carve out
Telanagana: Andhra Pradesh
577) Which city will be the capital of Telangana:
578) Hyderabad will be a joint capital of two states:
Telangana & Andhra Pradesh
579) Hyderabad will be a joint capital of Telangana &
Andhra Pradesh for how many years: 10 years
580) Name the American Teenager who broke world
record to win gold in womens 1500 metres free
style swimming championship: Katie Ledecky
581) Which Indian player won gold medal in snooker
in World Games: Aditya Mehta
582) Ruta Meilutyte broke the world record in which
sports event: 100 m breaststroke swimming
583) Ruta Meilutyte belongs to which country:
JUNE 2013
584) India has signed a bilateral agreement to train
the Army of which country: Singapore
585) Name the country with which India has signed
an umbrella agreement on financial and technical
cooperation in the field of
energy, environment and management of natural
resources: Germany
586) Which country has agreed to impose sanctions
against companies which manufacture and
supply paper, ink and thread for printing fake
currency notes: United States
587) India is ranked ____ in Global Peace Index:

588) India has signed MoU with which country for
strategic and technical cooperation on health
care policy and practice: United Kingdom
589) World Bank will give a loan of $255 million (Rs
1,499.6 crore) to India for what purpose: For
National AIDS Control Project to promote
safe behavior among high risk groups.
590) In which district of Chhattisgarh, has the
Campaign Navjeevan been launched in Naxal
infested state to motivate naxalites to surrender:
591) Name the Campaign launched in Naxal Infested
Gadchiroli district of Chhattisgarh state to
motivate naxalites to surrender: Campaign
592) The Union Cabinet has approved the extension
of the ______ yojana to rickshaw pullers, rag
pickers, mine workers, sanitation workers and
auto rickshaw/ taxi drivers: Rashtriya
Swasthya Bima Yojana
593) Govt has appointed a committee under
chairmanship of _____ to "identify and help" re-
start as many as 215 large projects worth over
Rs 7 lakh crore which have been stalled for
years: Anil Swarup
594) Govt has approved a proposal to make blocks
and village clusters as units of planning for the
(MsDP). What is the full form of MsDP: Multi-
sectoral Development Programme
595) Name the 'single window' Income Tax
department offices which the government has
decided to open in Maoist violence hit regions of
the country to improve availability of income tax
services: Aaykar Sampark Kendras (ASKs)
596) The government has set a target of ____ per
cent literacy rate by 2017 through proper
implementation of Saakshar Bharat programme,
with special emphasis on female education:
597) Govt. has set in motion the development of the
mega ADKIC project. Set on the model of the
Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). ADKIC
project will link ___ with____: Amritsar with
598) The Govt. has extended the facility for e-filing of
RTI applications to the President and the Vice-
Presidents secretariat and the Foreign Ministry.
What is the full form of the RTI: Right to
599) The Right to Information is a _____ right: Legal
600) Recently, Govt. has planned to launch an Rs
5,000 crore fund for what purpose: To support
innovations at grass root level.
601) Global financial giant HSBC has lowered India's
growth forecast for the fiscal year 2013-14 to 5.5
per cent from 6 per cent citing slow reform
process. What is the full form of HSBC: The
Hongkong and Shanghai Banking
602) According to the World Bank report India is likely
to grow by how much percent in the 2013 fiscal
year: 5.7%
603) Name the 8 core industries in India: Crude oil,
Electricity, Refinery products, Natural gas,
Fertilizers, Coal, Cement and Finished
604) FDI in India has been dipped by 38% in 2012-13
compared to the previous year. What is the full
form of FDI: Foreign Direct Investment
605) In an effort to increase overseas capital inflows
to strengthen the rupee, the government has
enhanced the limit for foreign investments in
government securities from 25 billion US Dollars
at present to ______billion US Dollars: 30
billion US Dollars
606) Name the one of the major regulatory body in
India that has celebrated its 25 years of its
establishment: SEBI
607) SEBI had acquired _____ Status in 1992 with the
passage of the SEBI Act: Statutory
608) The Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM)
headed by P. Chitambram has decided to make a
disinvestment of 9.33% in which industry:
Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation
609) Which telecom company has decided to
discontinue the 160-year-old telegraph service
from J uly 15, 2013: BSNL
610) RBI imposed a fine of Rs 5 crore on Axis Bank,
Rs 4.5 crore on HDFC Bank Rs 1 crore on ICICI
Bank for violation of KYC norms. What is the full
form of KYC: Know Your Customer
611) What is the objective of Know Your Customer
provisions: To Curb Money Laundering
612) Recently, Reserve Bank has asked the banks to
expand their branches in unbanked rural centers
to promote______: Financial Inclusion
613) The Reserve Bank has extended the deadline for
banks to complete the process of allotting a
_____code to all their customers to March 31,
2014: Unique Customer Identification Code
614) The Reserve Bank will soon put into circulation
new five rupee coins to commemorate 150th
birth anniversary of________: Motilal Nehru ,
father of J awahar Lal Nehru
615) Name the Indias first Regional Navigation
Satellite launched by ISRO: IRNSS-1A
616) The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
has opened a navigation centre at which place
near Bangalore for the proposed Indian Regional
Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS): Byalalu
617) Name the Swiss made basic trainer aircraft that
has been inducted for the first time in the Indian
Air Force: Pilatus, PC-7 Mk-I I
618) Name the manned spaceflight launched by the
China under is its longest manned mission.
619) Name the country which has developed the
world fastest computer recently: CHINA
620) What is the name of world fastest computer
developed by China? Tianhe-2
621) What is name of the project launched by Google
to float Internet beaming antennas into the
stratosphere abroad giant, jellyfish-shaped
helium balloons, some 12 miles above the earth:
Project Loon
622) Name the first heavy duty multipurpose cargo
aircraft that has been inducted in IAF recently:
Boeing C-17 Globemaster I I I
623) Name the forum where the Defence Ministers of
Asia-Pacific countries engage in dialogue aimed
at building confidence and fostering practical
security cooperation: SHANGRI -LA DIALOGUE
624) Name the place where the Shangri-La Dialogue
was held recently: Singapore
625) Recently, UK has agreed to pay compensation
totaling 20 million to the victim of which revolt:
Mau Mau revolt against British rule in
Kenya in the 1950s.
626) Name the place where the G-8 summit of the
world leaders held recently: Lough Erne,
Northern Ireland
627) Name the person who headed the G-8 summit
held recently in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland:
David Cameron Prime Minister of UK
628) Name the country which becomes the 28

member of European Union on J uly 1
: Croatia
629) Name the country whose Constitutional Court
has ordered the dissolution of parliament and
called for fresh elections: Kuwait
630) Name the 13-year-old boy from New York was in
news as he won the $ 30,000 Scripps National
Spelling Bee contest by correctly spelling
"knaidel," a kind of dumpling: Arvind
631) Name the Former CIA technician of US National
Security Agency who was in news as he acted as
a whistle blower revealing that the NSA allegedly
used several data-mining tools to covertly suck
up vast amounts of data from the servers of
Google, Apple and Facebook, across the nations,
including India: Edward Snowden
632) Name the Czech Prime Minister who was in news
as he resigned over a corruption and spying
scandal involving his top aide. Petr Necas
633) Name the Indian-origin sculptor in UK who was
has been honoured with Knighthood, one of the
highest honours in Britain, by Queen Elizabeth II
: Anish Kapoor
634) Name the current scientific advisor of Defence
Minister: Dr. Avinash Chander
635) Name the newly elected President of Iran:
Hassan Rouhani
636) Recently the Founder of Sulabh movement
Bindeshwar Pathak was honoured by French
Government for what reason: Bringing about a
toilet revolution in I ndia liberating
thousands of manual scavengers from the
inhuman practice.
637) Name the American women Author who has won
the Womens Prize for Fiction 2013: AM Homes
638) Give the name of the book for which A M Homes
the American women Author has won the
Womens Prize for Fiction 2013: May We Be
639) The book New Digital Age is written by______:
Eric Schmidt and J ared Cohen
640) The book Noughts and Crosses is written by:
Malorie Blackman
641) Name the veteran Congress Leader, who held
several positions as Union Minister and died
recently in the naxal attack in Chattisgarh: V C
642) Name the place in Turkey which was in news
where thousands of people staged
demonstrations against Turkeys Islamist-rooted
government: Taksim Square
643) Give the name of the Capital and Prime Minister
of Turkey: Ankara, Tayyip Erdogan
644) Name the Indian woman who became the first
mountaineer to scale all the seven highest
continental peaks after climbing Alaskas
McKinley Peak in North American continent:
Premlata Agrawal
645) Name the Indian weightlifter who won three
gold medals in the boys 77 kg category at the
15th Asian Youth Weightlifting Championships: R
V Rahul
646) 15th Asian Youth Weightlifting Championships
was held recently in_______: Doha, Quatar
647) Name the Indian women boxer who has won the
gold medal in Senior National Women's Boxing
Championship: Preeti Beniwal
648) Name the place where the Senior National
Women's Boxing Championship was held:
Khatima, Uttarakhand
649) ______ has created history by becoming the first
Indian male shuttler to win a grand prix outside
India by winning the Gold at Thailand Open at
Bangkok: Kidambi Srikanth
650) _______ is selected as Captain of Indian
Womens Hockey team: Ritu Rani
651) Name the place where the National inter-State
Athletics championship was held: Chennai,
Tamil Nadu.
652) Name the shot that has been accepted by
International Cricket Council (ICC) as a
legitimate part of the game: Switch
Hit/ Reverse Sweep
653) Name the player who has won the French Open
Tennis (Men Singles): Rafael Nadal (Spain)
654) Rafael Nadal (Spain) lifted the French Open
Tennis title beating _______:David Ferrer
655) Name the women player who has won the
singles French Open Tennis title: Serena
Williams (USA)
656) Serena Williams (USA) won French Open Tennis
title defeating _______: Maria Sharapova
657) Name the player who has won the U.S. Open
Golf tournament at Ardmore, Pennsylvania
(USA): J ustin Rose, of England
658) Name the country that has been invited as the
Principle Guest Country at the International Film
Festival of India 2014: China
659) Historical forts of which state have been granted
world heritage status by UNESCO: Rajasthan
660) Who has been appointed as the new Railway
Minister of India: Mallikarujna Kharge
661) Oscar Fernandes has been appointed as new
minister for _______ ministry: Roads and
662) As per a recent survey, investors of which city
have been ranked at the top in terms of their
financial intelligence: Mumbai
663) Recently opened 11 kms long railway tunnel in
J &K links which two stations: Banihal and
664) Any resident of India whose father or any of
whose other male progenitors in the male line is
or was of European descent is known as
________ citizen: Anglo I ndian
665) Anglo Indians are defined under which article of
our constitution: 366(2)
666) Name the famous sports event that is held
annually at Roland Garros, France: French
Open Tennis Cup
667) Govt. has started the Nirbhaya Fund with Rs.
1,000 crore for what purpose: For
empowerment of women and girls
668) Recently started Banihal Qazigund rail section
in J &K will ensure round the year connectivity of
Kashmir valley. The section passes through
which mountain range: Pir Panjal
669) Ralte, Indias first hydroelectric project that has
been bid out through tariff based international
competitive bidding is located on which river:
Chenab, J &K
670) Name the U.S Secretary of State (foreign
minister) who recently visited India: J ohn Kerry
671) Which Indian city is first in South Asia to launch
the heat wave preparation and warning system
under Heat Action Plan: Ahemdabad
672) K. Ratna Prabha Committee has been formed to
finalise modalities for a media campaign for what
purpose: To protest against indecent
portrayal of women in mass media.
673) Name the new programme that has been
launched by merging programmes for deserts,
wastelands and drought prone areas:
I ntegrated Watershed Management
674) The new manufacturing policy targets raising
share of manufacturing in GDP to_____% by
2025 from the present 16%: 25%
675) Estimates released by the National Sample
Survey Organization show that percentage of
rural poor has fallen to ______in 2011-12 from
29% estimated for 2009-10: 24.5%
676) As per recent news reports, the CAD touch a
high record of 4.8% of GDP in 2012-13. What is
the full form of CAD: Current Account Deficit
677) The shortfall between the total outflow and
inflow of foreign currency is known as: Current
Account Deficit
678) Name the two top minerals produced in India, in
terms of their value in rupees: Coal and Crude
Oil (32% each)
679) IIFCL Mutual Fund has launched Indias first IDF
for $ one billion. What is the full form of IDF:
I nfrastructure Development Fund
680) Air India has tied up with India Post for launch of
Logistics Post for what purpose: For carriage of
681) The Reserve Bank of India has extended the
time period for buyback of FCCBs by companies
under the approval route to Dec. 31, 2013,
considering weak global market conditions. What
is FCCB: Foreign Currency Convertible
682) MSP for Paddy has been fixed at Rs. 1310 per
quintal for the current Kharif season. What is
MSP: Minimum Support Price
683) India has offered $150 million of credit for
project exports to set up a SEZ at Sittwe
in which country: Myanmar
684) Name the bank that has offered a choice to its
customers to select their account number:
IndusInd Bank
685) Tata Communications Payment Solutions Ltd.
(TCPSL) has become first company in India to
roll out white label ATMs. What is a white label
ATM: An ATM licenced to and operated by a
non banking company
686) Where in world scientist have discovered a new
language called Light Warlpiri: Australia
687) Wide spread blazes in peat swamp forests of
which country caused heavy pollution, extending
to even neighbouring countries: Indonesia
688) Name the country that has passed a landmark
immigration reforms bill that will allow citizenship
to some 11 million illegal immigrants: USA
689) Supreme Constitutional court of which country
has ruled that the upper house of the country
was formed illegally: Egypt
690) J iri Rusnok has been elected as Prime Minister of
which country: Czech Republic
691) M.S. Swaminathan Award is given for excellence
in which field: Agriculture
692) The book Cobalt Blue has been written by:
Sachin Kundalkar
693) India won the ICC Champions Trophy beating
England at the Edgbaston ground in UK. It is in
which city: Birmingham
694) RBI has decided to grant new bank licences to
NOFHCs only. What is NOFHCs: Non-Operative
Financial Holding Company
695) The Reserve Bank has set up
________committee to review the relevance of
existing financial benchmarks and suggest new
ones to improve regulation of the sector:
Vijaya Bhaskar
696) RBIs main policy rates like repo rate, reverse
repo rate, bank rate, marginal standing facility
rate put together are known as _______:
Financial Benchmarks
MAY 2013
697) Name the first ever squadron of naval supersonic
MiG-29K fighters that has been inducted in the
Indian Navy recently: Black Panthers
698) MiG-29K aircraft, recently inducted by the Indian
Navy will operate from the decks of which
aircraft carrier: INS Vikramaditya
699) Admiral Gorshkov is the other name of which
aircraft carrier inducted by india recently: I NS
700) INS Vikramaditya which is likely to be
commissioned by the end of this year is an
________: Aircraft Carrier
701) Who has been elected as the new Chief Chief
Minister of Karnataka: K Siddaramaiah
702) Name the new Prime Minister of Pakistan:
Nawaz Sharif
703) Madrid Open Cup Womens title held in Spain
recently was won by_____: Serena Williams
704) Madrid Open Cup mens title held in Spain
recently was won by: Rafael Nadal
705) Rafael Nadal who won the Madrid Open Cup
mens title held in Spain recently belongs to
which country: Spain
706) The activities involving collection of money from
a large number of public investors with a
promise of huge returns, which are typically paid
from the deposits taken from new investors, are
known as: Ponzi Schemes
707) Government has set up IMG to tackle Ponzi
Shemes. What is the full from of IMG: I nter-
Ministerial Group
708) Recently Government has clarified that_______
tax wont be levied on farmlands: Wealth Tax
709) Mount Everest is shedding its frozen cloak as its
glaciers have shrunk at an alarming rate of 13
per cent over the last 50 years due to which
environment phenomenon: Global Warming
710) G7 Finance Ministers summit was held at which
place on 11
May, 2013: London, UK
711) Name the Cyclonic storm that caused widespread
damage in the north and eastern parts of Sri
Lanka and Myanmar: Mahasen
712) Indian scientists have developed a new vaccine
for diarrhea. What is the name of vaccine:
713) ROTAVAC the new vaccine for diarrhea which
India has developed recently is an: Oral
714) Name the Renowned Islamic scholar, progressive
thinker, author and Dawoodi Bohra reformist
leader from Mumbai who has passed away
recently: Asghar Ali Engineer
715) Asghar Ali Engineer who recently passed away
was an eminent: Author
716) Name the Remotely Operated Vehicle which the
NASA has recently launched to study Greenland
717) GROVER, the Remotely Operated Vehicle which
the NASA has recently launched to study
Greenland ice. What is the full form of GROVER:
Goddard Remotely Operated Vehicle for
Exploration and Research
718) A long range maritime snooping and anti-
submarine reconnaissance warfare aircraft, made
in USA is being inducted in Indian navy for the
first time. Name the aircraft being inducted:
719) Poseidon-8I is the warfare aircraft recently
inducted by Indian Navy for what purpose: To
detect threats and neutralize them if
required long before they come anywhere
near Indian shores
720) Name the bond announced by RBI to be
launched every month starting from 4th J une,
2013 to attract household savings of up to Rs.
15,000 crore this fiscal so as to discourage
investments in gold: I nflation I ndexed Bonds
721) Why the RBI has announced to launch Inflation
Indexed bonds every month: To attract
household savings of up to Rs 15,000 crore
so as to discourage investments in gold
722) Recently which authority in India has announced
to launch Inflation Indexed bonds every month
of this fiscal year: RBI
723) What would be the maturity period of the
inflation indexed bonds to be launched by the
RBI: 10 years
724) The expert committee headed by Raghuram G
Rajan, Chief Economic Adviser to measure
backwardness of the states would consider
which parameters: Factors like per capita
income and other human development
725) Government has declared 2013 as ____ year to
battle the deepening water conflicts and water
tables: Water Conservation Year
726) Name the Pharmaceutical Company which has
paid $500 MN as fine for distribution of certain
adulterated drugs made at its India units:
727) Recently a global rating agency MOODYs has
pegged INDIAs Growth rate at: 6.5%
728) India got the observers status in _________,
which was established to discuss cooperative
measures to protect Arctic environment: Arctic
729) Give the name of the countries which are the
observer members of the Arctic Council: China,
Italy, J apan, South Korea, Singapore and
I ndia
730) How many permanent members are there in the
Arctic Council: 8
731) Give the Name of permanent members of the
Arctic Council: Canada, Denmark, Finland,
Iceland, Russia, Norway, Sweden and USA
732) Govt. has enhanced the income ceiling limit for
the creamy layer persons under OBC quota, from
___ to ___: Rs. 4.5 lakh a year to Rs. 6 lakh
733) Govt. plans to start the ceremonial flag lowering
ceremony at which place that at present is held
only at Wagah border: Hussainiwala Border,
Ferozepur, Punjab
734) Who has been appointed as the Comptroller and
Auditor General of India recently: ShashiKant
735) Name the person whose term as Comptroller and
Auditor General of India expired recently: Vinod
736) RBI has clarified that the proposed
inflation indexed bond or IIBs will be treated like
any other government bonds and will also be
eligible for the purpose of investment under
______ by the banks: Statutory Liquidity
737) What is the name of the person who won the
Grand Prize at the prestigious Copenhagen
International Sand sculpture festival held in
Denmark : Sudarsan Pattnaik
738) Name the Premier of China who visited India
recently: Li Keqiang
739) India and China recently agreed to share regular
information about the three hydrological stations
on which river: Brahmputra
740) China has agreed to make further improvements
to the existing facilities for Pilgrimage to:
Kailash Mansarovar, Near India China
741) India and China have called for increased
people-to-people interaction and for declaration
that 2014 be declared as the: Year of
742) India and China have called for declaring 2014
as the Year of Exchanges: To boost
understanding and friendship
743) Which bank has launched a special account
named as Eve Account: Deutsche Bank
744) Deutsche Bank has launched a special account
named 'Eve Account' targeted at ____ women:
745) Name the place where the International Boxing
Cup was held: Limassol, Cyprus
746) In which tournament the Indian boxers created
history by winning a record haul of 10 medals:
I nternational Boxing Cup
747) What is the name of the parliament of the
Bangladesh: J atiyo Shangshad
748) Name the first women speaker of Bangladesh:
Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury
749) Which Indian personalities have found a place in
the 500 most powerful people on the planet:
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and
Congress President Sonia Gandhi
750) Name the Place in Ladakh on Chinese border
which was in news as the Chinese troops pitched
their army tents in that area in clear cut
violations of international norms: Daulat Beg
751) Out of these industries - Coal, Natural Gas,
Crude Oil, Solar Power, Electricity, Cement,
Steel, Petroleum Products, which one is not a
part of group of 8 Core Industries: Solar Power
752) Conference of Parties to the Stockholm
Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants
meet in Geneva has approved non-chemical as
well as chemical substitutes to which drug:
753) National Urban Health Mission is the sub mission
under: National Health Mission
754) Who won the Grand Prix Gold title (Badminton)
at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, beating J uan Gu of
Singapore: P.V. Sindhu
755) Name the person who was re-elected as Prime
Minister of Malaysia: Najib Razak
756) What is the full form of SHG: Self Help Group
757) Govt. has decided to provide bank loans at
______ to over 25 lakh women Self Help Groups
(SHGs) in order to financially strengthen them:
758) National Innovation Council is headed by: Sam
759) The 46th Annual Meet of Asian Development
Bank was held at: Noida, UP
760) Name the committee that has been set up to
suggest ways to help exporters access finance
from banks on easier terms: G. Padmanabhan
761) Reserve Bank has asked banks to bring which
areas under the Lead Bank Scheme (LBS) fold:
Metro Areas
762) Target for Current Account Deficit has been fixed
at ______ for 12
Five Year Plan: 2.5% of
763) Which board has made e-filing of income tax
returns mandatory for individuals, including
salaried taxpayers, earning more than Rs 5 lakh
taxable income during the financial year ended
March 31, 2013: Central Board of Direct
Taxes (CBDT)
764) Govt. has decided to cut the subsidies on
_________ based fertilizers in the fiscal year
2013-14 in an effort to rein in its fiscal
deficit: Phosphate and Potash
765) What is the full form of the CPSEs: Central
Public Sector Enterprises
766) What is the full form of PURA: Providing Urban
Amenities in Rural Areas
767) The concept of PURA was given by: A.P.J Abdul
Kalam (Ex President of I ndia)
768) ________ Bank has agreed to finance the
construction of the 417-km long Indo-Myanmar
Road connecting Moore in Myanmar with
Sutarkandi in Karimganj Assam: Asian
Development Bank
769) Indo-Myanmar Road which is to be financed by
Asian Development Bank will connect: Moore in
Myanmar with Sutarkandi in Karimganj
770) Boko Haram is a militant outfit active in which
country: Nigeria
771) Name the 12-year-old Indian-origin boy, who
was in news as he won the top spot at the 'RHB-
The Straits Times National Spelling
Championship: Ashivn Shivakumar
772) Name the scientist who developed the first
successful live oral vaccine against polio: Hilary
Koprowski (USA)
773) Name the person who was re-elected as
President of Italy: Giorgio Napolitano
774) What is the name of the incredible true story
book written by Marina Chapman about a child
raised by monkeys: The Girl With No Name
775) The book The Path To Power is written by:
Margret Thatcher
776) Pulitzer Prize for fiction recently has been won
by: Adam J ohnson
777) Adam J ohnson won the Pulitzer Prize for his
Novel: The Orphan Masters Son
778) Name the Bacteria which the scientists have
used to develop a method to produce diesel on
demand: E. coli bacteria
779) Name the members of parliament, who have
won the outstanding parliamentarian award
recently: Arun J aitley-BJ P (2010), Karan
Singh-Congress (2011) and Sharad Yadav-
J D(U) (2012)
780) Name the former national level volleyball player
who had lost one of her legs after being thrown
off a moving train, and who created history on
May 21, 2013 by becoming the first Indian
amputee to conquer Mount Everest: Arunima
781) Students of which school created a history by
scaling the Mount Everest as the youngest team:
The Lawrence School, Sanawar (HP)
782) Reserve Bank has decided to circulate new five
rupee coin to commemorate silver jubilee of
which organization: Shri Mata Vaishno Devi
Shrine Board
783) Name the legendary football player from England
who recently announced his retirement from the
game: David Beckham
784) India recently test fired a BrahMos Supersonic
cruise missile from the Navys latest guided
missile frigate INS Tarkash. What is the meaning
of Supersonic: Speed faster than speed of
785) Hamid Karzai who recently visited India is
President of which country: Afghanistan
786) Name the American author who won prestigious
Man Booker International Prize for literature:
Lydia Davis
787) India highlighted its achievement under NRHM at
a three day international Women Deliver
Conference held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:
Write the full form of NRHM: National Rural
Health Mission
788) Mahnedra Karma, founder of Salwa J udum was
killed by Naxalites in Chhattisgarh. What is the
meaning of Salwa J udum: Peace March /
789) What was the aim of starting Salva J udum in
2005: To offer a armed civilian option to
counter Naxalites
790) The best picture prize Palme dOr is awarded at
which film festival: Cannes, France
791) The Palme dOr for 2013 has been won by which
picture: Blue is the Warmest Colour
792) Name the team that lifted the 6
Pepsi IPL
cricket trophy for the first time: Mumbai
I ndians
793) The final match of 6
Pepsi IPL Cricket trophy
was held at which stadium: Eden Gardens
794) Parliament of J apan is called: Diet
795) Knesset is the name of the parliament of which
country: I srael
796) Name the organization that has launched three
Aadhaar enabled services e-kyc, OTP (one-
time pin) authentication and Iris authentication:
797) Write the word that starts from the letter D in
the abbreviation UIDAI: No word, I D stands
for I dentification
798) The Aadhaar Card issued by UIDAI contains the
unique identification number comprising of ___
digits: 12
799) Name the Rs. 43,000 crore project started by the
government to synchronize electricity produced
from various renewable sources with that
produced by non renewable sources: Green
Energy Corridor
800) Which country has committed a financial and
technical support of Euro 1 billion for the green
energy corridor project: Germany
801) Under Right to Information Act, the government
departments are required to submit their replies
for the queries received, within ______ days of
receipt of application: 30 days
802) The 9
WTO Ministerial Conference is scheduled
to take place from December 3-6
in___________: Bali, I ndonesia
803) Doha Round of talks is related with which field:
I nternational Trade
804) Which country has been named as the host for
Cricket World Cup, 2019: England
805) Srikanth Srinivasan was in news recently for
what reasons: He has been appointed first
I ndian J udge to the second highest court
of USA
806) Name the Indian cricket star who has announce
his retirement from the Indian Premier League:
Sachin Tendulkar
807) Rafal Nadal who won the Barcelona Cup (Tennis)
is from which country: Spain
808) Which country has offered technological and
financial support worth $ 1billion for starting
bullet trains in India: J apan
809) Name the scheme as per which government has
decided to credit the subsidy amount for LPG
cylinders, directly into the account of purchaser:
Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Scheme
810) Lt Gen. (Retd) Nirbhay Sharma has been
appointed as governor of which state:
Arunachal Pradesh
811) Who has been appointed as new chairperson of
National Commission for Protection of Child
Rights (NCPCR): Ms. Kushal Singh
812) 80 years old Yuichiro Miura became the oldest
person to scale the Mount Everest. He is from
which country: J apan
813) Aparajita Datta has been awarded Whitley
Award, also known as Green Oscar, for her
efforts to save Honrbill birds in which state:
Arunachal Pradesh
814) J eeram Ghati, Darbha Valley where Naxalites
killed over 30 prominent local leaders, is in which
state: Chhattisgarh
APRIL 2013
815) In which state a special armed force named
Greyhounds has been formed to counter
naxalites: Andhra Pradesh
816) Name the Swiss Pharma giant whose plea for a
patent on cancer drug Glivec was rejected by
Supreme Court: Novartis
817) Name the cancer drug manufactured by the
pharmaceutical company Novartis, the patent for
which has been rejected by Supreme Court:
818) Desmond Tutu, veteran anti-apartheid leader
and former Cape Town Archbishop from South
Africa has been awarded which prize for his
lifelong work to promote love and forgiveness
around the world: Templeton Prize
819) In which negbouring country of India publication
of newspapers in Private Sector has started after
a gap of almost 50 years: Myanmar
820) What is the main objective of the Arms Trade
Treaty recently passed by UNO: To regulate
the international trade of weapons
821) The missile testing facility of India is located at
which place: Wheeler Island, off Odisha
822) Name the station from where ISRO launches its
satellites: Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh
823) What is the full form of ISRO: I ndian Space
Research Organization
824) Name the government agency which is
responsible for developing missiles for Indian
Armed Forces: DRDO
825) What is the full form of DRDO: Defence
Research & Development Organization
826) DRDO is headed by: Scientific Advisor to the
Defence Minister (ex officio)
827) Scientists of which country recently developed
worlds lightest substance - carbon aerogel, a
product with a density which is one sixth of
density of air: China
828) What is the theme of the World Health Day
celebrated on 7
April: Hypertension
829) Name the sportsmen who won the 12
Billiards Championship held at Indore, Madhya
Pradesh: Rupesh Shah
830) The 10
Biennial International Telugu
Conference was held at: Kuala Lumpur,
831) National Payments Corporation of India has
decided to launch the international version of its
RuPay card by J uly this year. What type of card
it is: Debit card
832) Name the former British Prime Minister who
passed away recently and was the first lady
Prime Minister of Britain, famous as Iron Lady:
Margaret Thatcher
833) With which African Country India has signed a
deal to explore mineral wealth in that country:
834) Robert Edwards, British scientist, known for
developing in vitro fertilization (IVF) technique,
passed away recently. What is the practical
application of this technique: Test tube baby
835) Name the Indian doctor who developed the
technique of producing Test Tube Babies of (also
known as in vitro fertilisation (IVF): Dr. Subhas
836) Indian Prime Minister recently visited which
country to hold second Inter-Governmental
Consultation with that country: Germany
837) National Safe Motherhood Day is celebrated on
which date: April, 11
838) Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the G-8
group of industrialized nations was held at which
place: London
839) Which state was ranked first in providing highest
employment for about 86.27 days of work under
NREGA Scheme: Tripura
840) For what purpose world bank has assured a
multi billion ($ 12-20 bn) four year plan for
India: Poverty alleviation
841) RBI has now authorized AMCs to sell Indian
rupees to foreign tourists against international
debit cards also. What is the meaning of AMC:
Authorized Money Changer
842) For what purpose Germany has offered soft
loans of upto 1 billion Euros to India: For
building renewable energy projects
843) Recently how many districts have been officially
declared as highly Naxal affected by the
government: 26
844) Name the Indias first lady pistol shooter who
won a gold in a world cup: Rahi Sarnobat
845) What is the sanctioned strength of judges,
including the Chief J ustice of India, in the
Supreme Court: 31
846) Which state won the overall team championship
in the North East Games: Manipur
847) The north east games were held at which place:
I mphal, Manipur
848) Nicolas Maduro has been elected as President of
which country: Venezuela
849) Name the ex-president of Venezuela, whose
death necessitated the election for the post of
President in the country: Hugo Chavez
850) Which Indian Bank recently entered the
international bond market to raise about $ 1
billion (Rs. 5430 crore) by issuing fie year dollar
bonds: State Bank of India
851) Government proposes to cover nearly 14 crore
LPG consumers under DCT Scheme by J uly 1.
The term DCT stands for: Direct Cash
852) Name the nuclear capable ballistic missile
recently test fired by Pakistan: Hatf IV
(Shaheen 1)
853) What is the full form of DRT: Debt Recovery
854) What is the purpose of setting up of DRTs: To
speed up banks recovery cases
855) What is the minimum amount for which recovery
suit can be filed in debt recovery tribunal: Rs.
10 lakhs and above
856) Which state has won an international award for
Best Beach Destination: Goa
857) With which Mediterranean country India has
signed a new DTAA agreement: Malta

Edited, Printed and Published by Varinder Mohan Singh Grover for GyanmEducation and Training
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