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Carizza U.

Nillos MAEd Secondary Mathematics

Improving Mathematics Performance Using Laptop Technology:
The Importance of Professional Development for Success

An Experimental Study entitled Improving Mathematics Performance Using Laptop
Technology: The Importance of Professional Development for Success utilized data
collection tools to document and analyze the impacts of the professional development
intervention. This includes series of students and teacher surveys, teacher logs, and online

The samples of the study were the middle schools which were randomly assigned to
either the experimental or control groups. The experimental intervention was consisted of
four interrelated professional development components namely; face-to-face workshops,
online workshops, peer teaching and mentoring and site visits.

In addition, student learning was measured using standardized achievement tests,
and teacher knowledge was assessed using student work samples.

As a result, the researchers found out that in terms of teacher content knowledge,
analysis of the teacher pretests indicated no statistically significant differences in teacher
knowledge between groups. Teachers in both the experimental and control groups had
similar content knowledge at the beginning of the study. However, by the end of the two-
year professional development program, teachers in the experimental group scored
significantly better on the post test. Teacher content knowledge had significantly increased
for the experimental group of teachers. These findings were also supported by analyses of
teacher logs and online postings. Experimental group teachers changed their instructional
strategies and increasingly were integrating the use of laptops in their curriculum and

The findings from this study support the importance of sustained professional
development to the success integration of laptop technology into classroom instruction. It
suggests that providing teachers and students abundant access to laptop technology is only
the first step toward using the technology as an effective instructional and learning tool. It
is a necessary step but not sufficient to lead to improved student learning. Professional
development is also needed to achieve successful teaching-learning process. Teachers are
encouraged to use laptop technology into their instruction to further enhance the skills and
knowledge of the students and surely can improve student achievement. Math educators
should also have a thorough knowledge of the content of the subject and how to apply it
using technology to improved student learning.

Carizza U. Nillos MAEd Secondary Mathematics

Improving Mathematics Performance Using Laptop Technology:
The Importance of Professional Development for Success


This randomized control trial (RCT) study was designed to determine the impacts of
a professional development program focused on integrating one-to-one laptop technology
into classroom instruction. Middle school teachers in 24 Maine schools participated in a
two year professional development program of over 200 hours designed to improve their
ability to effectively use laptop technology in teaching mathematics. Results of the
experimental study revealed that this type of professional development was effective in
changing teaching and technology practices, which in turn led to improved student
performance on standardized mathematics tests. The research also highlights the
importance of maintaining high levels of implementation fidelity for improved student
performance. (by David L. Silvernail and Pamela J. Buffington - Maine Education Policy
Research Institute)

Carizza U. Nillos MAEd Secondary Mathematics

The use of ICT in teaching mathematics can make the teaching process more
effective as well as enhance the students capabilities in understanding basic concepts.
Nevertheless, implementing its use in teaching is not without problems as numerous
barriers may arise.

Technology is one of the factors that aid better motivation for the students to learn.
It helps in visualization of the materials and utilized the students skills in actual hands on
activity. Aside from that it helps them discover new concept and ideas through different
softwares and programs that aid better understanding of the subject. Online workshops
develop also their mathematical concepts and skills.

Whereas, if technology is not utilized in teaching mathematics, the performance of
the students is greatly affected. (Geogebra Dynamic Mathematics)