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Lapshevnik z Tvorogom

Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:

Lapshevnik is a casserole made from noodles and
tovorog farmer!s cheese". #he dish is rather
s$eet, so served, sprinkled $ith po$dered sugar.
%ook noodles in lightl& salted $ater, strain and
com'ine $ith eggs, sugar, salt and sifted tvorog.
Spread the mass evenl& on a greased pan, pour
over melted 'utter and 'ake in a preheated oven
o' average heat for ()*(+ minutes.
(+) g noodles.
, c tvorog.
( ea eggs.
,-( ts salt.
( t' 'utter.
( t' sugar.
Macaroni With Cheese
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
#his dish $ill help &ou to diversif& simple garnish.
#his is a perfect dish for ne$l&*made cooks, its
pi.uant taste $ill make &our dish unforgetta'le.
%ook macaroni in lightl& salted $ater until done.
Strain and com'ine $ith half of cheese. Serve
sprinkled $ith the rest of cheese.
(+) g macaroni.
+) g cheese.
( t' 'utter.
Noodles With Field Mushrooms
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
/oodles $ith Field Mushrooms is a $onderful dish
$hen it is time to treat &ourself $ith delicious food.
Mushrooms give pi.uanc& to an& dish.
Mi0 cooked noodles $ith 'utter, sour cream and
chopped hard 'oiled eggs. %hop finel& field
mushrooms and fr& $ith salt and pepper in oil for
,+ minutes. 1rease a skillet $ith 'utter, put a half
of noodles in the 'ottom, cover it $ith mushrooms,
and then put the rest of noodles on the top.
Sprinkle the top $ith dried and finel& ground
'read*crum's and 'utter. 2ake in the hot oven for
()) g noodles.
3 t' 'utter.
,-( c sour cream.
( ea eggs hard 'oiled.
+ ea field mushrooms.
,-( c dried and finel& ground 'read*crum's.
salt and pepper.
,+ minutes.
Kazakh Noodles
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
#r& this old 4a5akh 6ish7 8omemade noodles
have a totall& different tastefrom the ones &ou 'u&
in the supermarket.
/oodles: Mi0 all ingredients in a 'o$l thoroughl&.
Leave the dough for (*3 hours in a cool place.
#hen cut the dough into little pieces +)*9) g each.
Roll out ever& piece into 'raid , cm in diameter.
Oil ever& 'raid evenl&, set aside for ()*3)
minutes. :fter that pull out ever& 'raid (*3 times
as long. 2oil pulled noodles in a 'oiling salted
$ater and $ash in running cold $ater.
1round lam', fr& it $ith chopped onion, salt, finel&
chopped garlic, pepper in the oil. :dd ketchup and
'roth, 'ring to 'oil, lo$ the heat and ste$ until the
meat is tender. Optional, &ou can add eggplants or
s$eet pepper into #u5duk.
4a5akh noodles are served in deep plates. #u5duk
is poured over. Serve hot.
;)) g flour.
3() g $ater.
,-3 ts 'aking po$der.
,) g salt.
+) g vegeta'le oil.
#u5duk sauce".
<)) g lam'.
+) g vegeta'le oil.
,)) g scallions.
( ea garlic.
+) g ketchup.
<+) g 'roth.
red pepper ground.
Noodle Pie
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
=t seems hard to imagine such a pie. =t looks more
likel& as casserole> the dish is ver& tast& and rich.
?ust en@o& this simple food7
Salt milk and 'ring to 'oil. Aut in noodles and let it
soften. Melt margarine. %om'ine sugar, &olks,
cooled noodles, raisins. Spread in a greased
mold, sprinkle $ith chopped nuts and 'ake in a
preheated oven for 3) minutes.
;+) g milk.
(+) g noodles.
+) g margarine.
;+ g sugar.
( ea eggs.
( t' raisins.
3) g chopped nuts.
egeta!le "oup With Macaroni
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
Description Ingredients
6elicious vegeta'le soup $ill surprise &ou '&
'right colours and rich taste. Forget a'out simple
noodle soup and en@o& the taste of summer7
Bash vegeta'les> peel s.uashes and carrot and
chop. Melt 'utter in a pan and sautC vegeta'les.
:dd ,,+ l $ater to them and 'roth cu'e. 2ring to
'oil and cook for ,+ minutes. :dd red 'eans, peas
and macaroni. %ook for ,) minutes. Season $ith
salt and pepper. %hop greens and serve soup
sprinkled $ith greens.
3 ea small s.uashes.
3)) g green 'eans.
, ea carrot.
() g 'utter.
, ea 'roth cu'e.
()) g canned red 'eans.
()) g fro5en peas.
(+) g macaroni.
ground pepper.
, ea greens 'unch
Mushroom Patties
Mushroom Aatties is a perfect dish for an&
occasion. =t can 'e a $onderful 'reakfast $ith tea,
or a rich snack at lunch time or even a perfect
complement to soup for dinner. Mushrooms are
the 'eloved daint& of the Russians.
Bash the mushrooms and place them in a heav&*
'ottomed saucepan. :dd ,-( cup of $ater, 'ring to
a 'oil, lo$er the heat, and simmer, uncovered, for
,+ minutes, or until tender. 8eat , ta'lespoon of
oil in a small skillet, add the onion, and sautD for
;*E minutes, or until transparent. #ear the 'read
into pieces and soak it in cold $ater for ,)
Strain the mushrooms. Bhen the& are cool
enough to handle, s.uee5e out the e0cess li.uid.
S.uee5e the e0cess $ater from the 'read. 1rind
or 'lend together the mushrooms, 'read, onion,
and salt. Stir in the eggs and mi0 $ell. Refrigerate
for = hour to firm the mi0ture.
Shape into ,( oval patties 3*< inches long and dip
into the 'readcrum's. =n a large heav& skillet, heat
the remaining oil, add the patties, and fr& for 3*<
minutes on each side, or until golden 'ro$n and
heated through.
1arnish $ith sour cream.
, pound mushrooms.
9 ta'lespoons vegeta'le oil, in all.
, large onion, cut into @ulienne strips.
9 ounces t$o*da&*old French 'read, crusts
Salt to taste.
( eggs, lightl& 'eaten.
, cup 'read crum's.
3-< cup sour cream.
Pizza Pie
Source: '& someone $ho $ants &our dinner to 'e &ammi Mail to: ir&naFp,GGG@&
Description Ingredients
#his is a ver& deliciouse food that can 'e served
at an& speciall accasion or @ust on an& accasion.
Hou $ill en@o& this meal ever&time &ou cook it.
#his is ver& eas& to make 'ut &ou must prepare
&ourself to take sometime to do this.
Hou $ill need some apliences and all the
ingredients 'elo$.
Hou $ill have to mi0 in a 'o$l: &east,milk,a pitch of
salt and sprinkle $ith flo$er. Mi0 gentl& and softl&,
'ut make sure that the &east is disolved
completel&. Let the do$ to stend for ,) minutes,in
a $arm place. Mand the do$ for + minutes.
:fter that, prepare a circle cooking pan for a ,(
inch pi55a pie sprinkle $ith do$".
#hen roll out the do$ in to a circle and place it on
the cooking pan.
Alace the prepared souce ontop using a spoon.
Sprinkle $ith cheesse and &our other favorate
Areheat oven to 3;+ degrees F. =nsert the cooking
pan into the oven for ,) to () minutes. #he crust
should 'e golden 'ro$n and chesse melted
completel&, that is ho$ &ou kno$ if it is read&.
Let it cool for + minutes and then en@o&. Makes E
, cup of milk.
, package of &east.
3 and onehalf cups of flo$er.
, piece of cut up garlic.
tomato sauce.
shreaded cheesse.
other topings of &our choice..
Pizza For Laz# $nes
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
#his pi55a is far from real =talian one, 'ut it is so
eas& to make, that is $orth to tr&.
Mi0 kefir, eggs, salt and sugar. Bhile stirring, add
flour graduall& until the dough is dense. Aour the
dough into a 'aking pan greased $ith oil. Spread
ketchup, put finel& sliced tomatoes, then finel&
chopped sausages. :fter that put scallions and
cover $ith ground cheese. Sprinkle ma&onnaise
on the top. 2ake in a $ell heated oven for ()*3)
,-( l kefir.
( ea eggs.
,-( ts 'aking po$der.
%uick Mini Pizza For &ne'pected (uests
Source: Miss Stella Logina Mail to: stellasFmail@&
Hou are tired tonight and the same time &ou
reali5e that it is
Saturda& $hen suddenl& the door 'ell rings and
Hour une0pected friends sho$s
( cups small 'roccoli.
,-( cup pepper, cut into strips.
, small can (E<ml"soup*cream :.
,-< tea spoon of garlick po$der.
up and of course the& are not tired the& are not
$orking, like &ou,
actuall&, the& donIt $ork at all"an&$a&s, the&
'rought a 'ig 'ottle of
Jodka along and the& $ant to have a couple of
drinks $ith &ou. 2ut $hat can
&ou offer forK5akuskaDK #he ans$er is ver& simple*
&ou donIt need an&thing
special for preparing this snack, 'ecause almost
ever&'od& has at home
needed ingredients. :nd no$ letIIIIs start, it $ill
take not more than ,+
minutes and &our friends $ill remem'er this snack
for EJER7
L Areheat oven to ,G)%3;+F". Mean$ile, in small
castrole on
high heat, in 'oiling $ater, cook 'roccoli and red
pepperor green"3minutes.
6rain $ell.Aut aside.
L=n small 'o$l, com'ine soupor cream kind of
soup", garlick and an&
seasoning.= personal& use KJegetaK. Spread $ith
a spoon soup mi0ture evenl&
over ,( English Muffin halves>place on 'aking
sheets&ou $ill need (
L#op each $ith cooked 'roccoli and pepper.
Sprinkle $ith cheese. 2ake for ,)
min.or untill cheese melts. Serve immediatel&.
LHou do not have to use e0actl& ever& ingredient
as = mentioned*&ou can use
an&thing is at home, add some olive slices or
salami in strips or tomatoe
slices, 'ut 'roccoli and pepper should al$a&s 'e
there included. :nd those
English Muffins &ou also should have in &our
free5er. 2elieve me it $ill
make &our life much easier.
LShred the cheese.
M:4ES ,( AOR#=O/S
9 English Muffins, split M toasted.
+)) gr shredded an& kind of cheese.
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
:ila5an is a traditional :rmenian dish, similar to
vegeta'le ste$, 'ut spices make it unusual and
reall& inviting.
Slice eggs plant finel&, salt and leave for ,+
minutes, then s.uee5e e0tra @uice.Slice finel&
other vegeta'les and mice spices.Aut in a deep
pan in la&ers, 'eginning from eggplant, sprinkle
ever& la&er $ith spices and a 'it if salt. Aour over
oil and ,-( c $ater, cover tightl& $ith a plate and
then $ith the cover. Ste$ on lo$ heat until done.
+)) g eggplant.
+)) g potato.
< ea onion.
,)) g oil.
< ea tomato.
, c green 'eans.
, c spices 'asil, th&me, cilantro, parsle&".
, ea garlic head.
, ts ground 'lack pepper.
,-( ts ground red pepper.
< ea s$eet red peppers.
*readed Cauli+lo,er
2readed %auliflo$er is a traditional favorite in all
Russian households especiall& in summer7#his
dish is for true gourmets.
Alace the cauliflo$er in a pot $ith salted cold
$ater, cover and soak for ,) minutes. 6rain, trim
off the leaves, and 'reak the cauliflo$er into (*to*
3*inch florets. 2ring < .uarts of $ater to a 'oil in a
large pot> add the salt M the sugar. Alace
cauliflo$er in a 'asket and lo$er it into the $ater.
Return to 'oil and simmer uncovered, over
moderate heat for ,)*,+ minutes. 6rain.
Melt ,D ta'lespoons of 'utter in a large skillet. 6ip
the florets in the eggs, then in the 'read crum's,
and sautD for (*3 minutes on each side, or until
golden. :dd more 'utter as needed.
Serve immediatel& as a side dish $ith chicken or
Serves 9
, head cauliflo$er , ,-( pounds".
+ teaspoons salt.
, teaspoon sugar.
3 ta'lespoons unsalted 'utter.
3 eggs, lightl& 'eaten.
,*cup 'read crum's.
Cold *orsch
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
#he delicious dish in hot summer time. Hou $ill
certainl& en@o& its refreshing taste
2oil 'eetroots until the& are read&. Aeel them and
cut into strips.%ook the 'eetroots and chopped
carrot in mushroom stock for ,) to ,+ minutes.
%ut the 'eet leaves and stems into pieces ( to 3
cm long, chop tomatoes, potatoes, green onions,
celer&. :dd all ingredients to the stock. %ook until
the vegeta'les are tender. Serve $arm or cold
$ith sour cream.
3 ea average 'eetroots $ith leaves.
3 ea potatoes.
, ea carrot.
, ,-( l mushroom stock.
( ea tomatoes.
, ea 'unch of onion springs.
salt, pepper.
sour cream.
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
Latkes is an e0cellent vegeta'le dish that $ill
serve as a delicious 'reakfast main course as $ell
as a light garnish $ith meat dishes.
Aeel a s.uash, grate it and s.uee5e the @uice.
%om'ine grated s.uash, eggs, salt, flour and
'utter. #he mass should not 'e ver& dense. Fr&
latkes in a $ell preheated pan. Serve hot $ith sour
<)) g s.uash.
()) g flour.
( ea eggs.
salt to taste.
+) g 'utter.
Mashed Potatoes
Source: 6aria, Editor Mail to:
Mashed potatoes is a good side dish
Aeel potatoes, $ash carefull& and 'oil in cold
$ater. Salt as soon as $ater 'oils, and cook until
done. Strain off $ater and and dr& up the potatoes
on $eak fire. Mash the potatoes $ith 'utter $hile
itIs hot, pour hot milk graduall& mi0ing. Shake up
the mashed potatoes. Sprinkle $ith chopped
greens 'efore serving.
E ea potatoes.
, glass milk.
+) g 'utter.
salt to taste
*aked Pumpkin
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
#his dish is ver& rich $ith vitamins and carotene.
Aumpkin is perfect food for children and dietar&
2oil pumpkin in salted $ater, cut it in strips. Aut
them in a ste$*pan, sprinkle $ith dried and finel&
ground 'read*crum's. %hop eggs finel&. %over the
top $ith chopped eggs and pour over cream. 2ake
in the oven for a half an hour.
2efore serving sprinkle $ith sugar and ground
9)) g pumpkin.
, t' 'utter.
,-( c cream.
+) g dried and finel& ground 'read*crum's.
( ea eggs hard 'oiled.
, t' sugar.
, t' almonds ground.
Cauli+lo,er With Potatoes
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
6electa'le vegeta'le dish $ith light sauce. =t
doesnIt take much time and needs simple
%u'e lard and fr& $ith finel& chopped onion. Aut
half*cooked cauliflo$er parts, sliced potatoes on
lard pieces and pour over 'eaten eggs $ith flour
and salt and 'ake in the oven until done. 6ecorate
$ith parsle& greens 'efore serving.
, ea cauliflo$er head.
,+) g lard.
+)) g 'oiled potatoes.
, ea 'ig onion.
( ea eggs.
3 t' flour.
parsle& green.
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
Aotato is considered the second 'read as $e eat
fried or 'oiled potatoes almost ever& da&.
2elorussian recipe Nkartofl&ankiO small potatoes",
eas& to make, $ill diversif& &our ever& da& menu.
2oil potatoes in skins, peel them off and grate
finel&. %om'ine mashed potatoes $ith starch,
'utter, egg, salt and pepper. 4nead carefull& and
shape small 'alls or cu'es and put on a 'aking
sheet greased $ith 'utter. 2ake in a preheated
oven for () minutes. #hen sprinkle $ith chopped
friend onion and pour over sour cream and ste$
for ; minutes. Serve hot sprinkled $ith chopped
scallions and dill.
, kg potatoes.
,)) g starch.
, ea egg.
() g fat.
flour to shape 'alls.
()) g sour cream.
() g 'utter.
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
Lo'&o is a dish from :rmenian cuisine. Lo'&o is
string 'eans in a sour cream sauce. =t can 'e
served 'oth hot and cold.
2ring in a pan 3 l of lightl& salted $ater to 'oil over
high heat. 6rop string 'eans and 'ring 'ack to a
'oil. Lo$er the heat and cook for ,) minutes, until
the 'eans are tender. 6rain the 'eans, $ash them
under cold $ater. Melt the 'utter in a heav& skillet
set over high heat. :dd the onions and green
pepper, lo$er the heat and cook for ,) minutes, or
until the vegeta'les are tender. Stir in the
tomatoes and 'asil, raise the heat to high, and 'oil
rapidl& for ,*( minutes, until most of the @uices in
the pan have evaporated.
Stir in the green 'eans and simmer until heated
=n a mi0ing 'o$l, 'eat together the egg, sour
cream, salt and a fe$ grindings of 'lack pepper.
Stir in the vegeta'les. Serve at once.
, pound of fresh string 'eans.
< t' 'utter.
( c onions finel& chopped.
, green pepper, seeded and sliced.
3 tomatoes, seeded and peeled.
, ,-( ts of dried 'asil.
, egg.
, c sour cream.
salt, 'lack pepper.
Potato Pie
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
=t $as %atherine the 1reat, famous Russian
tsarina, $ho introduced potatoes into the Russian
diet, thus .ualif&ing this recipe.
Aut the cheese through a food mill or sieve to
make it smooth. 2eat the mashed potatoes into
the cottage cheese. 2eat in the sour cream, eggs,
salt and chopped greens. Stir in scallions. Aut in a
$ell greased $ith oil mould. Sprinkle the top $ith
grated cheese. 2ake in <(+ degrees until golden
'ro$n on top.
,) ea 'oiled and mashed potatoes.
,-( cup sour cream.
< eggs.
, tsp salt.
,-( cup scallions, thinl& sliced.
, c grated hard cheese.
Potato Pirozhki With Ca!!age
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
#here $as no an& holida& in the Rus $ithout pirogi
pies". Airogi $ere a must on $edding, %hristmas,
'irthda& and christening ta'les. Russian cuisine
kno$s a great num'er of recipes for pirohi and
piro5hki $ith various fillings and of different forms.
<)) g potatoes.
()) g ca''age.
+) g onion.
+) g 'utter.
( ea eggs.
+) g flour.
ground 'lack pepper.
Aeel potatoes, cook in lightl& salted $ater until
done and grind in a mincer. 4nead dough on a
floured surface, then roll out and cut into pieces.
Make flat rounds. Shred ca''age, salt and leave
until @uic&. Aut in a pan $ith melted 'utter, stir,
cover and ste$. %hop onion finel& and fr& in oil.
%om'ine onion and ca''age, add salt and pepper
and stir in eggs. %ool do$n the filling. Aut a
spoonful of filling in the center of a round, pinch
the edges and fr& in oil.
"tu++ed )rtichokes
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
: dish for professionals. 2ut it is $orth to $ork a
%hop nuts finel&, stir in sour cream, add lemon
@uice and grated lemon peel, salt and 'lend
thoroughl&. Bash artichokes carefull&, take off old
leaves, cut the stalk. Aeel finel& like potato. Bash
read& KcupsK $ith running cold $ater and cook in
salted $ater until soft. Fill ever& cup $ith cream up
to the top. Serve cold or $arm.
egeta!le $kroshka
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
Okroshka is a summer vegeta'le soup, 'ut can
also 'e made $ith sausages
or meat. =t is ver& refreshing in hot sunn& da&s,
served right from
the fridge.
Aeel potatoes, 'oil them, cool do$n and cut into
cu'es. %ut carrot,turnip in cu'es and ste$ in the
pan $ith a little $ater until the& are
soft. %ut radish and cucum'ers in cu'es, chop
onion springs. Aut all vegeta'les in a 'o$l. :dd
salt and dress $ith kvas. :dd sugar to &our taste.
Serve $ith chopped dill and sour cream.
3)) g potatoes.
9) g carrot.
3) g turnip.
9) g red radish.
;) g onion springs.
,9) g cucum'ers.
G) g sour cream.
3 eggs hard 'oiled.
salt, sugar to taste.
kvas to taste.
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
Aatch$ork of different vegeta'les dressed $ith
spic& sauce. Salads are served to make digestion
easier and e0cite the appetite.
Aeel potatoes, carrots, 'eet, cucum'ers and
apples and cu'e them. %om'ine all the cu'ed
vegeta'les, sauerkraut. %om'ine mustard,
pepper, salt and sugar $ith vinegar and dress the
vegeta'les right 'efore serving. 6ecorate $ith
scallions and top $ith ma&onnaise.
< ea 'oiled potatoes.
< ea 'oiled carrots.
( ea 'oiled 'eet.
( ea apples.
3 ea cucum'ers.
()) g sauerkraut.
3 t' chopped scallions.
, ts mustard.
, t' vinegar.
,-3 c ma&onnaise.
-oung Potatoes in "our Cream
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
#his is the most 'eloved dish at the 'eginning of
summer. Small &oung potatoes are 'oiled and
then fried in oil until light golden. Serve $ith
chopped greens and sour cream.
Aeel potatoes, $ash carefull& and 'oil in cold
$ater. Salt as soon as $ater 'oils, and cook until
done. Strain off $ater and pour sour cream over
potatoes. Stir carefull&. Sprinkle $ith chopped
greens 'efore serving.
, kg &oung small potatoes.
,-( c sour cream.
, t' 'utter.
chopped greens.
Potato .olls
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
Aotato rolls are so delicious that &ou can!t help
eating them until the& run out. #he recipe is simple
and doesn!t take much time, 'ut the result is
palata'le magic.
Aeel potatoes and grate finel&, s.uee5e out the
@uice and com'ine $ith salt and chopped fat.
Shape small rounds and fr& in oil. Serve hot $ith
fried chopped onion.
,) ea potatoes.
+) g fat.
, ea onion.
oil to fr&.
.ussian Lenten Pokhle!ka /"oup0
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
Russian pokhle'ka is a true Lenten soup made
from vegeta'les and 'arle&. Light taste $ill
diversif& &our strict menu.
%ook pearl 'arle& in $ater until half done, add
shredded ca''age, cu'ed potatoes and carrot,
chopped onion. 2efore serving sprinkle $ith
chopped dill.
3)) g shredded ca''age.
3)) g potatoes.
,)) g onion.
,)) g carrot.
,)) g pearl 'arle&.
"pinach in *readcrum!s
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
#his light dish $ill serve not onl& perfect garnish to
meat or fish dishes, 'ut also a great independent
Bash spinach and dr& a little. #hen roll in flour,
soak in a 'eaten egg $ith ground garlic, pepper
and salt, roll in 'readcrum's and fr& in 'utter until
, ,-( kg spinach.
3 ea eggs.
,-( c 'readcrum's.
,)) g 'utter.
3 ea garlic cloves.
ground pepper.
egeta!le (olu!ts#
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
=f &ou donIt eat meat, 'ut still $ant to taste
Russian golu'ts&, this dish is right for &ou.
Jegetarian version of ca''age rolls-P.
%ook rice and drain it. 2oil mushrooms for ,+*()
minutes, cut them
into small cu'es and fr& in 'utter for ,) minutes.
:dd carrots and onions finel& chopped and ste$
for ,) minutes. Mi0 $ith cooked rice, adding salt
and 'lack pepper. 2oiled chopped eggs can 'e
2oil $hole head of ca''age for ,+ minutes. Aeel
off leaves. Flatten them out. Aut each leaf the
inner side up. Alace one t' of the stuffing in the
center of each leaf. Roll leaves, covering stuffing
from sides like an envelope. Aut stuffed ca''age
leaves $ith seam do$n close to each other on a
fr&ing pan. :dd $ater or 'roth, covering the
'ottom of the pan. Spread 'utter on top of each
, ca''age head.
, c rice.
( ea carrots.
( ea onions chopped.
+)) g fresh mushrooms.
3 t' 'utter.
, c sour cream.
eggs optional.
salt, pepper.
piece. 8eat oven to ,+) degrees %elsius. 2ake
golu'ts& for an hour. Served $ith sour cream or
sauce in $hich golu'ts& $ere cooked.
egetarian egg# Cakes
Source: Rita Mail to:
#his fried cakes could 'e served as an appeti5ier
or a complementar& dish to &our main course.
2oil potatoes in skin and carrots, cool off and pill.
1rain or mash finel&. %hop up onions ver& fine.
Mi0 $ith a can of drained corn,
peas,eggs,potatoes and carrots, salt and peper.
Bith clean hands make the desira'le si5e
cakes,dupm them in some allpurpose flour and
fried on a skillet till done.
( l' potatoes.
3 carrots.
, onion.
, can s$eet corn and peas.
( eggs.
inaigrette With (reens
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
Aatch$ork of different vegeta'les dressed $ith
spic& sauce. Salads are served to make digestion
easier and e0cite the appetite.
%om'ined cu'ed vegeta'les $ith chopped green
onion and sorrel, salt to taste and dress $ith oil.
3 ea 'oiled potatoes.
( ea 'oiled carrots.
( ea 'oiled 'eets.
( ea pickles.
, 'unch of spring onions.
,( ea sorrel leaves.
< t' oil.
)ncient *uck,heat Kasha
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
4asha is a good 'reakfast or side dish, =t is often
served $ith meat dishes or simpl& $ith milk and
=n the Rus kasha $as al$a&s made in
earthen$are crocker&. Fill 3-< of a pot $ith
'uck$heat groats, add salt, 'utter. Aour over
'oiling $ater up to the top. Stir in carefull&. :nd
put into the $ell heated oven for 3*< hours. One
hour 'efore finishing, cover the pot $ith a large
pan and turn upside do$n. : half an hour 'efore
,)) g 'uck$heat.
(-3 c $ater.
(+ g 'utter.
serving, put $et fa'ric round
in order that kasha falls off from the pot sides.
Serve $ith cold 'aked milk or 'utter.
Ca!!age .olls With Mushroom "oup
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
=t is almost the same as golu'ts&, 'ut $ith
delicious sauce
Ste$ chopped onion and garlic in 'utter in a large
skillet for 3*+ mins. :dd rice, meat, salt, and
pepper. Stir @ust to mi0 $ell. Remove from heat.
Remove core from ca''age. Alace $hole head in
a large kettle filled $ith 'oiling $ater. %over and
cook for 3 mins. Remove softened outer leaves.
#ake out all large leaves %ut thick center stem
from each leaf.
#ake one large ca''age leaf at a time,put ,
rounded ta'lespoonful of meat mi0ture in center of
a leaf. Roll leaves. Aut stuffed ca''age leaves
$ith seam do$n close to each other on a fr&ing
pan. 6o not make more than ( la&ers. %om'ine
'eef 'roth and mushroom soup> Aour over
ca''age rolls. 2ake in a $ell heated oven for , ,-(
, ea onion, chopped.
( t' 'utter.
, ea garlic clove, crushed optional".
3-< c uncooked ra$ rice.
()) g ground 'eef or veal.
()) g ground pork.
, ts salt.
,-< ts pepper.
, ea $hole head ca''age.
2oiling $ater.
( c 'eef 'roth or stock.
, can condensed cream of mushroom soup.
)pple areniki
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
#hese Jareniki have an apple filling. Hou $ill en@o&
this simple and tast& dish
Mi0 ingredients and knead into a soft M plia'le
dough. %over M let sit for ,) minutes in a $arm
'o$l. 4nead for ,+*() minutes at most. 6ivide the
dough in ,-(. Roll thin. %ut into
(*inch s.uares or use the rim of a large round
glass. #ake one piece M stretch slightl&, place a
small spoonfull of filling in the center, fold dough
over M ver& carefull& seal the edges. Betting the
edge ver& slightl& insures a good seal. =n the pot
of salted 'oiling $ater M cook until the& float,
gentl& remove from pot $ith a slotted spoon.
( ea :pples, peeled.
, ts %innamon po$der.
, ts Lemon @uice fresh.
( t' 2utter.
< c Flour.
,-( c Milk, $arm.
, Egg.
, Egg Holk.
( t' Sour cream.
,-( ts Salt.
, ts 2utter
*linchiki With Tvorog
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
Such pancakes have 'een popular since ,G
centur&. Fragrant, @ust fried $ill e0cite the appetite
of an&one.
Aut ground popp& seeds and raisins in hot milk
and heat until dense, add sugar and cool do$n.
%om'ine the mi0ture $ith tvorog and ( &olks.Sift
flour in a 'o$l, add milk and salt. Stir in , $hole
egg and ( $hites and knead dough. 2ake thin
pancakes, 'ut fr& onl& on one side. Aut a pancake
fried side on a plate, spread the filling and roll into
a log. Aut all the rolls on a 'aking sheet, 'rush
$ith 'utter and 'ake in the oven. Serve $ith milk
or @uice.
, c flour.
, c milk.
3 ea eggs.
oil to fr&.
()) g tvorog cottage cheese".
,-( c milk.
,)) g popp& seeds.
, c raisins.
*uck,heat Kasha With Liver
Source: Olga, Editor Mail to:
2uck$heat 4asha $ith Liver is true Russian food.
#his simple dish $ill surprise &ou '& original taste
and delicious smell.
2oil 'uck$heat in $ater until it is crum'l&. Fr&
'uck$heat kasha in fat for ;*,) mins.
2oil liver in salted $ater for ,+ minutes, chop
finel& and fr& in fat. %hop eggs finel&.
:dd eggs, liver to 'uck$heat and fr& in the pan for
a $hile. Serve $ith 'roth.
( c 'uck$heat.
3 c $ater.
,)) g veal liver.
3 t' fat.