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Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000

Republic Act 9003

Salient Features of the Act

The Act mandates the State to adopt a systemac, comprehensive and ecological solid
waste management program which shall:

Ensure the protecon of public health and environment;
Ulize environmentally-sound methods that maximize the ulizaon of valuable
resource reducon and encourage resources conservaon and recovery;
Set guidelines and targets for solid waste avoidance and volume reducon through
source reducon and waste minimizaon measures, including composng, recycling, re -
use, recovery, green charcoal processes, and others, before collecon, treatment and
disposal in appropriate and environmentally-sound solid waste management facilies in
accordance with ecologically sustainable development principles;
Ensure the proper segregaon, collecon, transport, storage, treatment and disposal of
solid waste through the formulaon and adopon of the best environmental pracces
in ecological waste management excluding incineraon;
Promote naonal research and development programs for improved solid waste
management and resource conservaon techniques, more eecve instuonal
arrangement and indigenous and improved methods of waste reducon, collecon
separaon and recovery;
Encourage greater private sector parcipaon in solid waste management;
Retain primary enforcement and responsibility of solid waste management with local
government units while establishing a cooperave eort among the naonal
government, other local government units, non-government organizaons, and private
Encourage cooperaon and self-regulaon among waste generators through the
applicaon of market-based instruments;
Instuonalize public parcipaon in the development and implementaon of naonal
and local integrated, comprehensive and ecological waste management programs; and
Strengthen the integraon of ecological solid waste management and resource
conservaon and recovery topics into the academic curricula of formal and non-formal
educaon in order to promote environmental awareness and acon among the

It mandates the various government agencies to do the following in support of the Act:

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) act as overall of the
Commission to be created; prepare a Naonal Solid Waste Management Status Report;
Doniel C. Raspado
provide technical and capacity-building assistance to local government units; issue rules
and regulaons in the implementaon of the Act.

Department of Health (DOH) in coordinaon with the DENR and other concerned
agencies prepare the Naonal Solid Waste Management Status Report which shall be
the basis for the Naonal Solid Waste Management Framework; and together with the
DENR and DILG shall publish the inventory of all solid waste disposal facilies.

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) shall formulate and implement a coding
system for packaging materials and products to facilitate waste recycling and reuse and
with DENR establish and manage a solid waste management informaon database and
publish a study of exisng markets for processing and purchasing recyclable materials
and the potenal steps necessary to expand these markets .

Department of Interior and Local Governments ( DILG) - together with the DENR and
DOH shall publish the inventory of all solid waste disposal facilies.

Department of Educaon (DepEd), Commission on Higher Educaon (CHED), Technical
Educaon and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and Philippine Informaon
Agency (PIA) with the DENR shall conduct connuing educaon and informaon
campaign on solid waste management.

DepEd and CHED the naonal government through the DepEd and in coordinaon
with concerned agencies , non-government organizaons and private instuons, shall
strengthen the integraon of environmental concerns in school curricula at all levels