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Amrapali k.

Bansod 9867778914
Amrapali Kewalrao Bansod,
Adm. No: DPGD / OC09 / 0720
Date : 8
March 2010
Welingkar Institute of Management,

Kind Attn : Honorable Sir Yateen Gharat & Honorable Professor Charuhas Joshiji.

Sub : Answers to questionnaires.

Dear Sir,
With reference to our Experience Learning Programs ( workshop ) for Alfa Module
conducted at National Park-Borivali, we would like to thank to all of you for your tremendous efforts
done to teach, test in different manner besides from theory knowledge.
We learned many things from this program and we would like to request you to arrange the
same at least twice/thrice in a year.

Below mentioned are the answers to your questionnaires :

1. It was great experience which we can not mention with help of words, we learned how to be
in practicle life, how to co-ordinate, tackle the situations, use of limited resources, allocations
of resources and apply on to get the perfect results.
2. We are facing many problems in our daily life in co-ordinations with teams in our offices, in
our work culture also in our family, it gives an idea to co-ordinate with our teammates, family
member and collegues.
3. I like whole program conducted specially, Ultimate survival, Bomb diffuser, Nutshell Nots,
Cab webs, Project to throw bomb, presentation etc.
4. I think every game has a role and non of them we can neglect or remove from this program.
5. We leaned manythings out of them are as under:
Identifications of the problems.
Identifications of available resources, effective utilizations of it.
Integrates various interests, Innovations of ideas.
Leadership, Co-ordination, Motivation, team spirit and
Accomplishment of group goals.
6. We had planned for various games very effectively and completed almost games
successfully, with reference to discover only one was to design the product to throw the boll,
Minimum range should not be less than 40 feet and maximum should not be above 60 feet.
We made almost 3 different designs and tested it as per throw of the bolls and finally we
succeed to make the product as per requirement.
7. Very effective, as these games require all the parameters such as team spirits, co-ordinations,
use of available resources, allocations of resources, leadership, motivations and finally
accomplishment of group goals, we can use all these in our daily life which may be in office,
workshop or in family.
8. Such kind of workshops are very effective to motivate our teammates, work force, and
defiantly it will change our work environment, as in our daily life we all are facing problems
of ego, negligence, etc. to achieve group goals we need to keep away all these things and
should work as team member to achieve it.
9. Off course, I will be there if invited me, as it gives us many things to learn and adopt in/for
our life which everybody should have.
10. First impression of this work shop was system of teaching which was very good and I think
no need to change it.
11. I would like to give a massage to all my friends that we should take part in every program
conducted by the college. It gives a change in our attitude, thinking, motivations etc.
We are getting theory knowledge from the books, forgetting many of the things after
some time but when we work and learn together, it gives a lifetime knowledge which we can
not forget.

Amrapali k. Bansod 9867778914
Thanking you.