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City College Norwich A2 Media Studies

Music Video Proposal

Band & Track Name: Ardie Collins - Architecs
Running Time: 03:25
General style of music video:
(Relate here the ideas of Goodwin, Gow, Lynch and Railton & Watson)

Both performance and narrative - shots of artist to show his singer songwriter genre. Narrative of
developing relationship to add meaning to the lyrics.
Goodwins ideas of: relationship between lyrics/music and visuals, following genre convention for
music video style - indie music videos very often have both narrative which relate to the lyrics i.e. By
Your Hand by Los Campesinos!

Briefly describe what will happen in your music video, highlighting camera angles and effects used:

Two friends,creating something, match lyrics to visuals with close ups on the toy cars etc.Possible
slow motion in places will show focus on happy faces of friends.
Close up with pull focuses on couple, from sea in background to friends, specifically draws attention
to the friends and their location.
Long establishing shots of area singing to follow indie video conventions.
Colour filter will be similar to that of Mildred (Lost a Friend) video - a soft, vintage or washed out

How have your test shoots gone? What worked? What will you need to change? Do you need to
shoot more test footage?

In previous shoots, the footage has not been properly white balanced. I would need to make sure I
knew how to white balance to achieve the softer colours I wanted.
In the door exercise, we managed to achieve smooth transitions from mid shots to close ups by
filming for longer than we needed to, which made sure we had the footage starting from a suitable
place. I would need to replicate this techinique. The look the range of shots gave the door exercise
also gave the video a more professional and interesting finish.

What resources will you need?
Props, styling, location, recording and lighting equipment:

Filming equipment - Filming camera, tripod.
Props and styling - warm clothes, glasses, toy cars, spades, battery powered fairy lights
Location - My own home, Pakefield beach (5 min walk from other location).

City College Norwich A2 Media Studies

Who will you need to organise for your music video shoot? (Are they reliable?)
I will need two people.

When do you plan to shoot your music video?

I wil shoot the video over two days, likely a weekend or over october half term.

City College Norwich A2 Media Studies