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Curriculum vitae

Surname : Al- Adayleh

First name : Khaled Jameel Abdal-qader
Nationality : Jordanian.
Place and date of birth : Karak, 5th July 1969.
Marital status : married (2 daughter).
Present position : Curator of water
treatment unit.
Address of contact : Maintenance and Perpetuation Unit
Mu’tah University,
P.O. Box:7, Karak-
Tel:( 00962-3-
2372380) ext
Home Tel: (00962-
Mobile: (00962-795-900428)
Fax: (00962-3-4654061)

Education: -
Institution From To Major Degree
Al-Balqa’Applid 2004 2008 Chemical B.Sc.
University Engineering
Al-Taffilah College of 1987 1989 laboratories and Diploma
Engineering industrial
Experiences: -
Institution From To Position
Jordanian Armed Forces - 12/1989 12/1991 1-Chemistry lab technician
Royal weapons 2-Treatment of drinking
maintenance- Hussein water and industrial
major concerns waste
3-Maintenance of
chemical Instruments
Mu’tah University 2/1993 Till now 1-Water Chemistry and
biological testes
2- Supervisor of water
treatment unit
(drinking and
3- Supervisor of
environmental lab
(Civil Engineering
4- supervisor of chemical
engineering lab

Experiences details: -

1- Jordanian Armed Forces/ wastewater unit. Chemistry and

biology lab technician: Operating and Treatment of drinking and
industrial water, boilers and cooling tower water treatment from
12/1989 to 12/1991.
2- Maintenance and Perpetuation Unit in Mu’tah university:
a) Wastewater plant: Supervising wastewater
b) Ground Water: Using (RO, sand filter, carbon
filter, softener, chlorine operator and ultra violet
treatment ) during treatment of drinking water and
swimming pools.
3- Chemical Instrumental and water analyzer (I do an excellent
work on the following instruments; HPLC, Atomic absorption, Ion
chromatography, spectrophotometer, pH meter, conductivity and
turbidity meter
4- Civil Engineering Department: Supervising the environmental
laboratory for tow years.
5- Working as a research assistant with prof. Khaled Al-Tarawneh
and prof. Anwar Jiries: Doing the biological and chemical analysis
for Al-Tafilah springs.
6-Now I work as a Water manager in maintenance
part in Mutah University

Areas of Interest:
- Desalination of brackish water
- Wastewater treatment by RO
- Bioremediation of water using microorganisms (Bacteria and fungi).
- Wastewater treatment

Training courses:-
1- Water analysis (chemical and microbial testes); operating the
following instruments (HPLC. Atomic Absorption, ion
chromatography and spectrophotometer). Ministry of Water and
Irrigation, 1993 .
2- Chromatographic Applications, Mutah University, 2000.
3- International Computer Driving License (ICDL), 2006.
4- Environmentel management systems (EMS) (ISO 14001)
5- Water and environmental management
1-Mother Tongue, Arabic.

2- English, Writing and Reading “ Good”.