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Britney Spears- Toxic

This video relates to the genre of music (pop) due to the conventions explained
in Goodwin's theory that are used throughout the video, these include; dance
routines, its polished finish and energetic throughout. It also relates to the Pop
genre through the choice of costumes and props, the costumes are revealing
and appeal to the male gaze which is often seen in Pop videos, also the props
are extravagant; plane, motorbike, this is also common in this genre of music
videos. By using these genre conventions throughout the video and making
them obvious to the audience, it was similar to my expectations of the video as
I expectd a female lead video which would appeal to male gaze as it is a female
artist and pop genres often accentuate female artists sex appeal in music
Kapsis's institution theory is relevant for this video as the genre is made
completely clear throughout the video and allows the audience to enjoy and
experience the video rather than figuring out where it fits and what should and
shouldn't be happening. It is easy to figure out the genre because of the
amount of typical pop conventions used throughout the video.
Steve Neales theory of classification and interpretation applies well to this
music video because as it is clearly a Pop music, this creates an expectation
and a basic understanding for the audience before they have watched the
video, the artist also creates a certain amount of what could be expected from
this music video due to her previous video and reputation within the music
Judith Hess says that music videos create an ideology of which viewers can
escape the fears of daily life created by social and political tension. This can
apply in this video as it is fun to watch and captures the audience throughout
helping them escape for their daily lives for a matter of minutes. This is done
through the use of costumes props and settings in the video that creates a
fantasy land that the audience can emerge themselves into.
Steve Neale also has a ritual theory that is commercial success could be a sign
of approval rather than approval being due to ideological reasons. This
applicable to this music video as none of this is ideologically based, it is more a
hyper reality and therefore its approval cannot be shown through how it
relates to people, but how commercially successful it is.
Kings audience theory of making the genre appealing towards an audience it is
more likely to be successful, applies to this music video as the pop genre is a
popular genre liked worldwide, therefore it appeals to a wide audience
increasing the chances of it being a success.

The Killers- All These Things That I've done
This video is clearly within the Indie rock genre as the music video is alternative
and does not follow a standard music video storyline. The music video also
looks quite low budget and simply shot, these are all conventions of music
videos within the indie pop genre according to Goodwin's music video theory.
This music video was not exactly what I expected as it doesn't make sense, but
based on the Killers previous music videos, this is shot in a similar way, in the
sense that the lyrics and video do not correlate in a 'normal' way, this is part of
the indie-pop genre as it is how the audience interprets the video and lyrics
and links them together.
Steve Neale says that commercial success is seen as an approval from the
industry and a symbol of success rather than the approval being ideologically
based, I think that this applies to this music video and this artist in particular as
they all well known for being successful and selling singles and albums, but
their music videos do not conveyed societies ideology they 'do what they like'.
Tom Ryalls theory of classification and interpretation applies well to this artist
and genre as he says that conventions provide a framework which acts as
supervision when making a music video it also allows the artist to control how
the audience interpret the video. It applies well because this video is very
much within its indie-pop genre supervision due it not having a continuous and
specific narrative and its loose imagery links to the lyrics.
This video does not apply to wide audience; it is very specific to those who like
the indie-rock genre due to its use of alternatives props (donkey instead of a
horse), costumes choices and the black and white edit put over the video in
post-production. This means that it only loosely applied to Kings audience
theory as it was not massively successful, and this could be due to only
appealing to a small, specific audience.
Judith Hesss theory that people use videos to escape for their daily lives can
be applied to this music video, this is because that is is a fun video to watch
due to the irony displayed and the humour that is used throughout, once again
it creates an escape for several minutes.
I think that Rick Altmans institution theory applies best to this music video as
The Killers produce very similar music videos, all with alternative non-
continuous narratives and unusual costumes. This is how they make their
money by producing similar videos that they know ill appeal to their specific
target audience.