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Appointment Confirmation Information Appointment Confirmation Number:

091516L9F0111BMB PIN Number: WB565194978

PIN Purchase Date:
11/23/2009 7:54:22 PM
PIN Expiration Date:
2/21/2010 9:54:19 AM
PIN History:

11/23/200 CONFIRME 12/18/200 104518L9F0051OM
9 D 9 B
12/08/200 CANCELLE 12/18/200 104518L9F0051OM
9 D 9 B
12/08/200 CONFIRME 12/16/200 9:15 091516L9F0111BM
9 D 9 AM B
Applicant's Name: FENG QIU Appointment Date: 16 December 2009 Appointment
Time: 9:15 AM Consulate: U.S. Consulate General - Melbourne
553 St. Kilda Road
Melbourne, VIC 3004 Visa Type: Exchange Visitor (e.g. Au-pairs, Interns, Holiday
Jobs) Confirmed on: 09 December 2009 06:19 AM Last Date for Editing Information:
14 December 2009 Last Date for Cancellation: 14 December 2009
Security Advice:

Please arrive at the Consulate 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. The appointment
time is not the exact time of your interview. Please allow time for screening before your appointment. We
appreciate your patience and cooperation.
• Please do not bring luggage, including backpacks, to your appointment. You will not be able to bring
these items into the Consulate, and there is no storage available in our office.
• Mobile telephones and other telecommunication devices, electronic recording devices, and cameras
may not be taken into the Consulate. Please turn them off, and leave them with the security guards.
They can be collected after your interview.
• Aerosols of any kind are prohibited, and must be left with the guards until after your appointment.
• Any type of headwear, including baseball caps, must be removed while in the Consulate.
Please bring all the required documents to the U.S. Consulate general, including:
• DS-160 Confirmation Page: This form must be completed by all applicants for all visa types. Failure to
correctly answer all questions on this form could result in significant delays. Parents or legal guardians
of children under 14 years old should electronically sign this form on their behalf. Applicants are
required to complete this form online. After filling out the DS-160 online, please print out the
confirmation page (one page with a barcode) and bring it with you on the day of the interview. Please
note that filling out the form online does not transmit the form to the Consulate. Handwritten forms
will not be accepted.
• Photo: To complete your online visa application, you need a digital photo. Please read carefully the
requirements to upload your photo and the photo specificationsbefore you begin completing your
application. If you do not have a digital photo or you fail to upload your photo correctly, you must
bring a photo meeting these requirements to your interview.
• A valid passport or travel document. If you have held previous passports, please bring them on the day
of the interview.
• Original receipt from Australia Post showing payment of the non-refundable
nonimmigrant visa application fee for each applicant. Please check to ensure you are not
entitled to an exemption from the fee.
• A prepaid and self-addressed Express Post Platinum envelope, Registered Post envelope or courier
satchel for the return of your documents. Failure to provide this will cause a delay in the processing of
your application.
• Issuance fees may apply. Please see
• Additional documents: certain types of visas require additional forms of documents. For further
information, please visit
To change your appointment date you will need to log back in to VisaPoint and cancel your current
appointment before you can schedule a new one. You may only do this up to 24 hours before your
To request an emergency or expedited appointment, you may email your request to the Consulate where
you wish to submit your application:,, or
Note: You should never pay for travel arrangements (e.g., airfare, hotels) without having a visa in your
possession. The U.S. Consulate General accepts no responsibility if you do so. We are able to issue most
visas within two business days of interview; however, we are unable to guarantee the issuance of a U.S.
visa before a fixed travel date. You risk significant financial losses if you ignore this advice.