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Compressed Air in the Chemical & Process Industry

Posted on 04/04/2014
Virtually all manufacturing industry uses compressed air. There are some industries however
where the quality of the compressed air is critical. The chemical and process industry being one
such sector. There are too many processes to mention but to name a few, agitation and aeration
blending of liquids, process instrumentation, pneumatic conveying and operation of devices
where a spark may be dangerous. These are all examples of the reasons to use high quality, clean
dry, oil free air.
Direct Air & Pipework can provide high quality air using products from BEKO technologies. As
well as the standard range of treatment products such as filters, drains, separators, fridge dryers
and desiccant dryers, Direct Air also provide some key products to ensure safe and low cost
continuous operation in process plants.
Compressed Air Catalytic Converters
Catalytic converters are a relatively new product solution to providing oil free compressed air.
The principle is simple and the same as operating in millions of vehicles. The application of heat
to a catalyst cuts down hydrocarbon chains with the end products carbon dioxide, water and very
pure compressed air.
Many plant engineers will say Not applicable to our situation, we use 100% oil free
compressors Not necessarily true. What 100% oil free means from the compressor manufacturer
is that no oil will be added during the compression process. Atmospheric air contains a
significant number of hydrocarbons which varies with location dependent on proximity to roads
and industry. The BEKOKAT, catalytic converter will take out all the hydrocarbons independent
of inlet conditions. The product is ideal for providing the braces to the oil free compressors
belt in the small number of critical applications where any oil would be potentially
Catalitic Converters are so efficient at ensuring high quality air is produced it can purify
air from an oil lubricated compressor to such a level that it can be blown into soft ice
The world recognises the ISO 8573-1 2010 as the standard for compressed air quality for
particulate, oil content and water/vapour content. There has been a lot of discussion in the last
decade about extending the classification for oil to a Class Zero for oil free compressors. Most
products used for measuring are not capable of accuratly reading a measurement so small. Direct
Air & Pipework can offer a solution.
The METPOINT OCV will measure down to 0.003 ppm hydrocarbon
in vapour content. The technology is photo ionisation detection (PID), which enables the
METPOINT OCV to be installed inline and give a continuous output which can also be available
to alarm, SMS, Ethernet or 4-20mA signals to provide the connectivity required in the 21

century. Every senior manager knows that if something is measured then it can be managed!
Finally Direct Air & Pipework can supply the complete
BEKO range of drying products from the smallest membrane dryer to large fridge dryers. What
is not always known is the EVERDRY product. EVERDRY is a range of large desiccant dryers
including Heat of Compression (HOC) and genuine Zero Purge. Many sites are still wasting
compressed air via Heatless dryers or heated dryers with purge air. BEKO products have
provided many solutions with 6 months payback on investment for heatless and even against
heated purge type a less than 2 year payback is common.
"The product is exceptionally reliable", comments Matthew Harrison, BEKO UK Sales Manager
We have sold a number of EVERDRY units into very prestigious locations and I am very happy
to report that there has not been a single breakdown so far. This is exactly what the Chemical and
Process industry requires.
Contact Direct Air for more information on how the BEKO range of compressed air products can
benefit your company. tel:024 7668 8890 email: