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MBA Spor t Al umni Hi ghl i ght s:

The MBA Sport program welcomes eight new students for the 2014 Fall semes-
ter. The incoming students are from a variety of states and countries including
Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, Vermont, Canada, and South Africa. Welcome to FAU,
Braden Birch, Craig Bristow, Joseph Celli, Christian Conti, Adrian Pina, Patrick
Muldoon, Mark Sheppard, and Mitch Silverman.

New Addi t i ons
I nsi de t hi s i ssue:
About the Program
Admissions Process
Current Students
Program Director
Sport Faculty
Information Sessions
Fal l 2014
David Abbruzese, 2013 graduate has joined the NFLs
Dallas Cowboys as a Public Relations Assistant. Abbruzese
monitors all media access to team practices and games
while facilitating tours relations between
national media outlets and AT&T Stadium.
He previously worked for the New Eng-
land Patriots and the Miami Dolphins.
Matt Rickoff, 2006 graduate was named Director of Cor-
porate Partnerships of the NFLs Jack-
sonville Jaguars. Rickoff comes from
an extensive background having spent
the last nine years with the Florida
I mpor t ant Dat es:
Application Deadlines
Spring 2015: Nov. 1, 2014
Summer 2015: April 1, 2015
Fall 2015: July 1, 2015
*Dates are subject to change
without notice
For more information contact
the MBA in Sport Management
Ryan Peck, 2008 graduate was promoted to Associate
Vice Chancellor for External Affairs with the University
of Denver Athletic Department. Peck manages various
external efforts for the division
with emphasis on development,
marketing, and securing major and
principal gifts.
About t he Pr ogr am
in, or outside of, FAU are
accepted into the MBA
Sport program.
MBA Sport is for full-time
students only. Students must
register for continuous fall
and spring semesters.
Sport management courses
are only available to MBA
Sport students.
The MBA Sport program
only accepts GMAT test
scores as part of the appli-
cation process
Students must have 24/7
access to the internet via a
home or wireless connec-
The MBA in Sport Man-
agement at FAU began its
first full year of operation
in August 2000 with the hir-
ing of its full-time Director,
Jim Riordan. Since its in-
ception, over 90% of the
programs graduates are
employed in permanent
and/or full time and/or en-
tertainment industry posi-
MBA Sport combines a
superior, rigorous graduate
curriculum with a specializa-
tion module that emphasizes
the business of sport. The
program is practitioner ori-
entated, and students are
expected to participate in
out-of-classroom practical
experiences at local and
regional sport and/or en-
tertainment industry posi-
tions. Please make not of
the following guidelines re-
garding FAUs MBA Sport
MBA Students may not
be employed outside of
the sport industry dur-
ing their tenure in the
Students must be contin-
ually involved with
internship(s) and/or em-
ployment throughout
their tenure in the pro-
gram. All internships
and sport-related em-
ployment are subject
for approval by the
program director.
MBA Sport is geared
towards those who are
or wish to become man-
agers and executives
on the business side of
the sport or entertain-
ment industry.
MBA Sport does not
offer a thesis track.
MBA Sport does not
offer pat-time study,
certificate option, or
summer-only enrollment
No transfers from with-
P a g e 2
Magazine ranked
FAU MBA in Sport
Management fourth
in USA and six in the
world of all Master-
level Sport Courses.
MBA Spor t Ranked Top 10 Wor l dwi de f or Sec ond St r ai ght Year !
Florida Atlantic Universitys College of Business has announced that its AACSB-
accredited MBA in Sport Management program has been ranked fourth in North
America and six in the world by the 2014 SportBusiness International Rankings of
Master-level Sport Courses. SportBusiness Internationals 2014 Postgraduate Sports
Course Rankings, is the industrys only authoritative ranking of the sector of sport
management education, included all types of sport programs on the masters level
and was not limited to just MBA or other business-oriented programs. In 2013, the
MBA-Sport Management program was ranked fifth in North America and eighth in
the world
FAUs MBA-Sport Management program combines a superior, and rigorous
graduate business curriculum with a specialization module that emphasizes the
business of sport. The program is practitioner oriented and students will be ex-
pected to participate in out-of-classroom practical experiences at local and re-
gional sport and/or entertainment entities.
A Mess age f r om t he Di r ect or
AACSB Ac c r edi t at i on Why i t mat t er s
Our Mi ssi on
P a g e 3
F AL L 201 4
Since 2000, the MBA in Sport Man-
agement program at Florida Atlantic
University has been training and educat-
ing future management and executive
personnel in the areas of sport, enter-
tainment, and public assembly manage-
ment. Our model of constant interaction
of classroom learning and hands-on in-
dustry experience has served the sport
and entertainment industry well and has
made our graduates quite attractive to
potential employers.
FAU MBA Sport is a difficult, de-
manding, strenuous and, at times, over-
whelming program that is not for eve-
ryone. It is not a typical graduate-
level, Masters-degree program. How-
ever, for those who can succeed in it,
the ensuring rewards and benefits can
be plentiful and worth the effort ex-
The mission of this program is the training
and development of individuals who possess
the ability to undertake and complete the
rigors of a high quality graduate-level busi-
ness program, for a career in the manage-
ment and administration of the sport indus-
try. The program IS NOT designed for
those individuals interested in the career as
a teacher, coach, exercise scientist, athletics
trainer, or researcher. Practical appli-
cation of learned classroom
knowledge is required and will be
attained through internship and prac-
tical experience during and after the
students classroom tenure at FAU.
Accreditation is a pro-
cess for voluntary, non-
governmental review of
educational institutions
and programs. When
choosing a business
school, it is very im-
portant to consider its
accreditation. Accredita-
tion may affect your de-
sirability in graduate
programs, ability to
transfer credits, the repu-
tation of your degree,
and your ability to com-
pete in the job market.
The College of Business
is accredited by the Amer-
ican Assembly of Colle-
giate Schools of Business
(AACSB). This prestigious
accreditation is recognized
nationally and is one of
149 business schools
worldwide, out of several
thousand schools, to be
fully accredited by AACSB
through the doctoral level.
Furthermore, it is the only
business school to be ac-
credited in its service area.
In business, AACSB accred-
itation is the gold stand-
ard. Approximately 10%
of business schools have this
premiere accreditation.
FAU is also accredited
regionally by the Commis-
sion of Colleges of the
Southern Association of
Schools and Colleges. FAU
is a member of the National
Association of State Univer-
sities and Land Grant Col-
leges and the Council of
Graduate Students.
Practical application
of learned classroom
knowledge is
required through
Cur r i c ul um
The MBASport curriculum consists of the core courses required of all FAU MBA students, plus a 12 credit
specialization in Sport Management. Full-time course load is considered to be nine hours or three courses
for the fall and spring semesters and six hours for the summer semester.

The following courses make up the MBASport curriculum

**Pre-Requisite Foundation Courses (a) (a1)

ACG 6027 Financial Accounting Concepts 3 credits
ECO 6008 Modern Economic Concepts/Theories 3 credits
FIN 6408 Financial Management 3 credits
MAR 6055 Marketing Functions/Processes 3 credits
QMB 6603 Data Analysis for Managers 3 credits

MBA Core Courses (a1)

GEB 6215 Graduate Business Communication Applications (b) - 3 credits
GEB 6931 Contemporary Issues in Industry; Executive Forum (c)- 1 credit
ACG 6315 Analysis/Application Accounting Data 3 credits
MAN 6937 Global Environment of Management 3 credits
FIN 6806 Advanced Financial Management 3 credits
ISM 6026 Information Systems 3 credits
MAR 6815 Strategic Concepts in Marketing 3 credits
MAN 6296 Leadership & Organizations 3 credits
MAN 6501 Operations Management 3 credits
MAN 6721 Global Management Strategy and Policy 3 credits
BUL 6455 Business Law & Applied Ethics 1.5 credits
ECP 6705 Advanced Managerial Economics 1.5 credits

MBA Sport Core Courses (required of all MBA Sport majors) will include the following topics:

SPB 6815 Managing the Sport Enterprise 3 credits
SPB 6406 Sport Law 2 credits
SPB 6716 Sport Marketing 2 credits
SPB 5817 Financial Aspects of Sport (PreReq FIN 6806)- 2 credits
SPB 6940 Internship in Sport Management (f)- 1 credit

MBA Sport Electives (students will choose to take one of the following two electives): (e)

SPB 6306 Management of Sport, Entertainment and Convention Venues 2 crs.
SPB 6106 Management and Administration of Intercollegiate Athletics 2 crs.

Total curriculum: 40-52 credits (determined by Undergraduate Transcript Evaluation)
*Program Requirements and Courses are subject to change.

(a) Foundation courses may be waived if equivalent has been taken at the undergraduate level
(a1) Students should consult with Judith Benson, Graduate Advisor, as to the order in which to take these classes, as
well as be advised of pertinent information regarding them.
(b) Students must register for this course in the first semester and complete the course by the end of the third semester
or no further courses can be taken.
(c) Must be completed in the first fall and spring semester upon entering the program.
(d) This is the last course taken before the internship.
(e ) Students should consult with MBA Sport Program Director with concern to these courses.
(f) Approval of internship agency by MBA Sport Program Director is required; open to MBA Sport students only.

Please note: No MBA Sport core or elective course may be taken as an audit. These courses are offered on a
for credit basis only and are open only to MBA Sport Management graduate-level students.
Admi s si ons Pr oc es s
P a g e 5
F AL L 201 4
PROGRAM AT FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY. Generally, that includes a 3.0 undergraduate GPA for the students last 60
credits and a total score of 500 on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)*. For students who do not employ
English as their primary language, a minimum score of 550 (paper version), 210 (computer version), or 80 (internet version) is
required on the TOEFL exam.
*Or a minimum of 1100 based on the following AACSB formula:
200 * GPA (last 60 credits) + GMAT
(Applicants with a GPA below 2.7 and/or a GMAT score below 460 will not be considered for admission.)
1. Fill out Online Application and Online Supplemental Application that can be found at our website,
Applicants must notify the Director of the MBA Sport program, Jim Riordan, at upon
completion, submission, and payment of the application fee.
2. Fill out Online Supplemental Application that can be found at our website, Upload the following
a) Resume:
**Your resume must include a calculation of your upper-division Grade Point Average (GPA).
**The GPA should be listed in the education section of your resume. e.g., Upper-division GPA: 3.25.
**Your upper-division GPA is defined as your last 60 undergraduate credits.
b) Personal Essay:
Topic: Why do you want to earn a MBA in Sport Management?
Why do you want to come to FAU?
What are your future career plans?
Describe any previous experience you had in the Sport industry.
**Essay should be typed, double spaced and a minimum of two pages.
**Essay should have your full name and social security number at the top of the first page.
**Essay should be written in essay, not question and answer, format.
c) Unofficial GMAT Score
**In addition to listing the FAU MBA Sport Management program as a GMAT score recipient, applicant must notify
Dr. Riordan of score via email immediately following the test.
d) Unofficial Transcripts
4. Send Official Transcripts and GMAT* scores (This is in addition to uploading unofficial GMAT score and Transcripts):
FAU Graduate Admissions (MBA Sport Management)
777 Glades Road
P.O. Box 3091
Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991
5. Personal Interview:
An in-person interview is required for all qualified applicants. No interview will be permitted over the phone or videoconferencing.
All expenses for travel/lodging are the responsibility of the applicant. Applicants will not be considered for an in-person interview
until online application, transcript, essay, and GMAT scores are received.
*All requirements must be submitted to the College of Business admissions department one month prior to deadline*
Question: How long does the program usually take?
Answer: The program length depends on how many courses you take each semester as well as if you have
completed the four foundation courses. On average the program takes students 2 years to complete.

Question: Is the MBASport offered through distance learning?
Answer: Sport Management classes are not offered online; however there are many MBA core classes that are
available through distance learning.

Question: What is the job placement after completion of the MBASport?
Answer: As of July 2012, 70% of our alumni are working in full-time permanent positions in the sport or
entertainment industry. We do not guarantee job placement upon completion of the program.

Question: Why is it important to choose a program that is AACSB accredited?
Answer: Only the top business schools in America have this accreditation. It signifies that a student has com-
pleted a thorough, contemporary and stringent MBA course of study. It will also prepare the student for work
opportunities outside of the sport and entertainment industry. Alums of MBASport who have had to leave sport
-industry jobs have quickly found executive positions outside of the sports industry thanks to their holding an
AACSB-accredited MBA.

Question: As a student in the MBASport program, are we allowed to work?
Answer: MBASport students are permitted to work full-time in the sport and entertainment industry.
Students are required to pursue internship opportunities, however, work outside of the sport and
entertainment industry is not permitted while enrolled in the program. No exceptions to this rule can be made.

Question: Can the personal interview be conducted via telephone?
Answer: All interviews (including international applicants) MUST be conducted in person at FAU and
expenses related to the interview are the responsibility of the applicant. Phone interviews will not be

Question: Will the MBA in Sport Management prepare me for a career in sports medicine or
Answer: The MBASport contains only business-oriented curriculum. Our program is NOT suited for those
wishing careers in coaching, physical education, athletic training, exercise science, or sport medicine.

Question: Are transfers accepted?
Answer: MBASport does not accept transfers from other universities or from other Masters programs at
Florida Atlantic University.

Question: Can students enrolled in other MBA programs at FAU take Sport Management courses?
Answer: Sport Management classes are open to MBASport majors ONLY.

Cur r ent St udent s
P a g e 7
F AL L 201 4
Name Company Title/Position
Braden Birch Miami Dolphins Game Day Assistant
Craig Bristow Delray Beach Open Promotions and Sales Associate
Zach Carscadden
Florida Atlantic University Athletic
Ticket Operations Assistant
Joseph Celli Miami Dolphins Brand Activation Intern
Christian Conti
Palm Beach Country Sports Commis-
Marketing Intern
Ron Glenn
Florida Atlantic University Athletic
Media Relations Assistant
Meryl Hershfield Florida Panthers Event Services Coordinator
Patrick Muldoon
Florida Atlantic University Athletic
Football Operations Assistant
Adrian Pina The Aspire Group Sales Intern
James Poling Miami Dolphins Media Relations Assistant
Caroline Robinson
Florida Atlantic University Athletic
Marketing Intern
Rachel Rodriguez
Florida Atlantic University Athletic
Media Relations Assistant
Jared Romance ESPN Wide World of Sports Event Management Team
Nick Salerno Learfield Sports Sales and Marketing Assistant
Mark Shepard
Florida Atlantic University Athletic
Business Operations Intern
Mitch Silverman
Florida Atlantic University Athletic
Assistant AD Facilities Management,
Operations and Events
Zak Smetana
Florida Atlantic University Athletic
Business Office Intern
Todd Soukup PGA Sales and Marketing Assistant
Kyle Ulstad Orange Bowl Committee Game Operations Assistant
Current MBA Sport Student, Nick Salerno is a Marketing and Sales Associate for Learfield Sports
The MBA Sport Management Program has given me the
opportunity to work for a multitude of different organizations. The knowledgeable staff and hands-on
experience I have received during this program has provide me with countless opportunities to advance
my career.
From Student to Faculty

ERIC TOMASINI MBA Sport is thrilled to welcome back former student Eric Tomasini. A 2006
graduate, Eric will teach the Sport Marketing course. Currently the Senior Director of Business
Operations for Pinnacle Holdings, Tomasini previously spent eight years as Senior Director of
Brand Strategy for the Florida Panthers of the National Hockey League and the BB&T Center.
His background includes developing customized marketing solutions for key strategic partners,
including current and prospective sponsors. While at the Florida Panthers, he was responsible
for negotiating and executing corporate partnership agreements, creating department budg-
ets, tracking revenue and expenses, overseeing the execution of each partnership program,
and managing the strategic partnerships support staff. We look forwarded to the vast experience and knowledge that
Eric will bring to the MBA Sport Program.
P a g e 8
Pr ogr am Di r ec t or Dr. J ames J. Ri or dan

DR. JIM RIORDAN was named Director of the MBA in Sport Management program at Florida Atlantic University on
July 1, 2000. Prior to coming to South Florida, Riordan was Director of the Masters of Science in Sport Administration
program at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. During his five year tenure in Western NY, Riordan placed over 80 per-
cent of over 60 graduates in full-time positions in the sports and entertainment industry.
Dr. Riordans nine-year placement record at FAU is close to 90 percent. Riordan
served as Director of Training and Quality Control for the New York Mets, as well as assist-
ing in the management of Shea Stadium. Between 1980 and 1983, Riordan served as an
Assistant Director of Stadium Operations for the West Side Tennis Club (Forest Hills, NY)
and the National Tennis Center (Flushing Meadow, NY), the former and current home of the
U.S. Open Tennis Championships. In August 1983, he was named Director of Security and
Event Services for what is now known as the Wachovia Spectrum in Philadelphia. At 22,
Riordan became the youngest individual in a major market to hold such a position.
In addition to his Spectrum duties, Riordan served as Director of Security for the Phila-
delphia Flyers of the NHL, and assisted in the planning and implementation of crowd
management operations for major outdoor concerts. Riordan served as Manager of
Event Services at Long Islands Nassau Coliseum as Director of Operations for the
Richmond (VA) Coliseum and Mosque Theater, and as Director of Operations for the
Philadelphia Civic Center. In 1996, Riordan was hired by the Atlanta Committee for
the Olympic Games to serve as Sector Coordinator for the Olympic soccer medal-
round site, Sanford Stadium at the University of Georgia. In 1999, he was retained by Contemporary Services
Corporation (CSC) as a crowd management and event operations consultant for Super Bowl XXXIII Miami and
for XXXIV in Atlanta. In 2004, he wrote a textbook chapter on Sports as a Leisure Experience and has
served as an expert commentator on sport, entertainment, stadium/arena, and crowd management issues for
The Sports Business Journal, Athletic Business, South-Florida-Sun Sentinel, Miami Herald, BusinessFirst, Tampa Trib-
une and WMAQ-AM (Miami) and ESPNs Outside the Lines Nightly.
In 2003, he served as a special consultant to the chair of the FAU Director of Athletics search commit-
tee. In 2004, he was named a member of FAUs Athletic Advisory Board, and served on the committee that
coordinated FAUs Department of Athletics NCAA Self-Study Re-Certification. He served for two years as
the NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative for FAU and was chair of FAUs Athletic Advisory Board. In 2006,
Dr. Riordan was named a member of the National Advisory Board of the University of Washingtons Execu-
tive Education Masters degree program in Intercollegiate Athletics Management and served as an adjunct
professor for the university in 2007. He is a peer-reviewer for the NCAA Self- Study/Re-certification pro-
Riordan, 54, holds a BS and MBA from Saint Johns University in New York and has completed doctoral
work at Temple University in Philadelphia. He holds a PhD in Higher Educational Leadership-Higher Education
from Florida Atlantic University and is a member of the national academic honor society of Phi Kappa Phi.
Spor t Fac ul t y
P a g e 9 S P R I NG 2 014
DAVID ABRAMS, an Executive Director and sports venue financing specialist, joined
Merrill Lynch in Boca Raton as an executive director in May 2006. Abrams previously
worked at Morgan Stanley in Boca Raton in a similar position from May 2003 through
March 2006. Abrams has over twenty years of experience in investment banking as a
lead banker for numerous public and private entities including the financing of stadiums,
arenas, tennis facilities, golf courses, and other sports venues. In the area of stadium
finance, he has advised Houston NFL Holdings in the financing of the NFL expansion
franchise, Houston Texans and Reliant Stadium. In July 2009, Abrams, along with his
Merrill Lynch associates and Miami-Dade county, agreed to the financing terms for the
Florida Marlins new baseball stadium. The $319 million contract will provide substantial
proceeds for the construction and building of the new stadium in Miami.
Abrams has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Wharton School of the
University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Business Administration from Northeastern
University. Abrams teaches the Financial Aspects of Sports course at FAU.

DR. JACK BIRCH, a Professional Scouting Consultant for the National Hockey League,
is an Adjunct Professor at Florida Atlantic University for the College of Business and the
MBA in Sport Management program. Birch has held an extensive career within the
sport industry. Birch has served as Director of Hockey Operations with the Florida Pan-
thers as well as Director of Player Personnel before obtaining the position as a Profes-
sional Scout, currently for the Winnipeg Jets. Previous professional experience includes
Director of Amateur Scouting for the Vancouver Canucks and Assistant Coach for the
New York Rangers. Birch has also published several scholarly articles in the Sociology of
Sport Journal, Journal of Psychology and the Canadian Journal of Applied Sport Sci-
ences. During his professional career Birch has served as Chairman for the Ontario Uni-
versities of Hockey Coaches Association, Chairman of the Canadian Interuniversity Ath-
letic Union and Executive Member of the Canadian University Hockey Coaches Associa-
tion. Jack Birch received a doctorate degree, Masters and Bachelor's degree from the
University of Waterloo.

CARL BERRY, an Adjunct Professor at Florida Atlantic University, teaches Sport Law
for the MBASport program and Business Law for the College of Business. As managing
partner of Berry, Clark & Wildman, he represents a number of companies in general
business matters including commercial transactions, corporate compliance, mergers and
acquisitions, and licensing, as well as litigation in state and federal court. He also
practices sport and entertainment law providing representation to world class
professional athletes, musicians, producers, and television and event production com-
panies. Berry also has experience in sports television, and event promotion. He has
worked on and promoted television programs seen on HBO, Showtime, ESPN, domestic
cable and Pay Per View. He has published articles and text in the area of Federal
Labor and Employment, Americans with Disabilities Act, and EEOC law.
"Sports Management
MBA students bring
energy and a drive for
excellence to my class
and contribute
mightily to a lively
discussion of busi-
ness communication.
They clearly see the
relevance of good
communication for
their success in the
sports world and
work hard to attain it.
Being a part of the
FAU MBA in Sport
Management program
is a pleasure!"
Mary Kay Boyd,
Graduate Business
Communications Program

"When I have several Sport Management MBA candidates in my Ad-
vanced Managerial Finance course, I always can count on them be-
ing among the best two or three students in my class. Because I have
spent 60 years in various athletic pursuits, I always enjoy interacting
with students who have an interest in the business of
sports. I love to hear about their internship experiences with local
William McDaniel, Professor
Department of Finance in the College of Business, Past President of the Univer-
sity Faculty Senate and Ex-officio member of the FAU Foundation Board
MBA Spor t Al umni : Wher e ar e t hey now?
We are pleased to announce the introduction of the MBA Sport Part Time program. Since the pro-
grams inception in 2000, all students have held full-time internships and/or employment in the sport
and entertainment industry while being registered as a full-time student. Incoming students, will have
the opportunity to take classes part time if they remain employed full-time within the industry. Prefer-
ence will be give to those qualified applicants who have at least one year of permanent, full-time
work experience OR have had extensive industry-related experience while in college.
Sean Edwards 14 University of Maryland Athletics Football Operations Assistant
Javier Gonzalez 14 FIBA World Cup Promotional League Coordinator
Jena LeMendola 14 ESPNs Boca Raton Bowl Events Coordinator
Brooke Trauth 14 Florida Atlantic University Athletic Department Athletic Academics Assistant
Frank Grande 14 EVL Sports Director of Sales & Business Development
Will Leahy 14 Miami Dolphins Cycling Challenge Operations Coordinator
Scott Collins 13 Florida Atlantic University Athletics Ticket Operations Coordinator
Dan Robbins 13 CA Technologies Customer Experience Manager
David Abbruzese 13 Dallas Cowboys Public Relations Assistant
Brittany Reid 13 Miami Dolphins Sun Life Stadium Account Coordinator
Steve Postma 13 Miami Dolphins Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships
Thiago Motta 13 A&V Athletics South America Consultant
Alan Naigeon 13 U.S. Soccer FIFA Soccer Agent
Chandra Roberson 13 Florida Atlantic University Athletics Administrative Assistant
Zachary Kirby 13 Sportnity COO/Partner
Jerome Burke 13 Florida Panthers Team Service Manager
Jordan Catrair 13 Miami Dolphins Marketing Coordinator
Corie Betz 13 Florida Atlantic University Assistant Marketing Director
Mark Carney 13 Northern California Youth Rugby Association Executive Director
Molly Taylor 12 Columbus Blue Jackets Partnerships Account Specialist
Alumnus Organization Title
MBA Spor t Par t Ti me Pr ogr am
Bat t l e of Texas
Incoming students Craig Bristow and Adrian Pina come from different parts of the world. Pina, a Tex-
as native, attended Texas A&M as an undergraduate student graduating in 2012. Bristow made the
journey across the Atlantic from Johannesburg, South Africa but not before completed his undergrad-
uate degree at University of Texas. As both students start their graduate school journeys, they will be
living under the same roof while assisting each other through the program. One thing for certain is
there will be a bitter rivalry during the College Football season as each student cheers for their alma
mater over their bitter rivals!
Al umni
P a g e 1 1
S P R I NG 2 014
Molly Venters 12 Miami Dolphins Staff Accountant
Justin Andrews 12 Live Nation Entertainment Box Office Manager
Stuart Halberg 11 Florida Panthers CRM/Business Analyst
Katherine Milliken 11 Miami Dolphins Manager of Member Events & Brand Impact
Kevin Quadrozzi 11 New Balance Account Executive
Justin Zook 11 United States Olympic Committee Manager, Emerging Sport
Alex Riethmiller 11 NFL Network Vice President of Communications
Scott Sharp 10 NBC Universal Marketing Manager, Digital Sports
Annette Medalie 10 Northeastern University Assistant Athletic Director- Business
Shelby Ball 09 Southern Methodist University Academic Support Coordinator of Athletics
Spero Mehallis 09 KARHL Holdings, LLC Director of Marketing and Sales
Mary Ensor 09 Florida Atlantic University Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Jamie Quadrozzi 09 Miami Dolphins Manager of Game Entertainment & Cheerleader
Christina Portice 09 Florida Marlins Manager, Client Services
Ryan Peck 08 University of Denver Senior Associate Director of Athletics
Ryan McDannold 08 Veterans of Foreign Wars Planned Giving Officer/Major Gifts Director
Chris Silverio 08 Liberty Mutual Insurance Claims Specialist II
George Aiello 07 Global Spectrum Marketing and Sponsorship Manager
Mike Dixon 07 Florida Panthers Manager of Hockey Operations
Mike Boseak 07 PCG Campbell Director of Social Media
Tiffany Porter 07 Pintail Point Resort Sales and Event Coordinator
Trevor Doll 07 Wright State University Director of Compliance
Paul Pugh 07 EverBank Senior Marketing Manager
Matt Rickoff 06 Jacksonville Jaguars Director of Corporate Partnerships
Eric Tomasini 06 GroupNV Senior Director, Business Operations
Chris Woodruff 06 Project Manager
Joe Shuler 05 MLBAM Ticketing Manager
Lindsey Ross 05 ESPN Manager of Programming & Acquisitions
Chad Beattie 05 Lynn University Sports Information Director
Amanda Welcomer 05 Global Spectrum Director of Events
Jennifer Tobias 05 Miami HEAT Director, Interactive Marketing and New Media
John Shumate 05 PepsiCo Director of Southern Region Marketing
Kameron Kwok 05 Anaheim Ducks Group Ticketing Representative
Brett Huebner 05 University of Tennessee CFO/ Senior Associate Athletic Director
Andreas Newmann 05 Contenthouse Marketing and Public Relations Director
Erik Buskirk 05 University of California, Riverside Senior Associate Athletics Director
Dustin Gray 04 Iowa State University Associate Director of Compliance
Meagan Bradley 03 Jarden Inc. Beverage Production Division Mass Retail Launch Strategies
George Lindley 03 Palm Beach County Sports Commission Executive Director
Alumnus Organization Title
DATES: October 10th, 2014
November 14th, 2014
January 16, 2015
February 13, 2015
March 20, 2015
April 17, 2015
TIME: 7:00 9:00 PM
WHERE: FAU College of Business, Boca Raton Campus
Pre-registration/RSVP required
Register at under Information Sessions tab. For further information please
contact the MBA in Sport Management Office at

If accommodation(s) for a disability is required please contact the FAU MBA in Sport Management Office/561-297-1115/ TTY 1-800-955-8770,
a minimum of five (5) working days in advance of the date of the event.
Interested in a career in