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How to install a previous version of Chrome

If you want to revert your Chrome internet browser to an older version, follow the steps below.
How to Uninstall Chrome
1. Close all open Chrome browsers.
2. Go to Start, find Google Chrome in the list of programs, and click ninstall. !fter it uninstalls,
restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
How to Install an older version of Chrome
1. "ook for an older version of Chrome from download websites. #ne such website is #ld!
$e recommend Chrome 1% or 1&.
2. !fter you download the installer, run it, and the installation begins.
'. !fter the installation completes, please remember to stop auto(update, so you can retain the version
you )ust installed. *+elated, -ow to Stop Google Chrome from !uto(pdates.
Google Chrome was created to silently update every si/ weeks. 0his measure ensures that the internet
browser carries the most recent technology and stability, without your need to allow or download each
-owever, it is possible at times that the newer versions of Chrome are more unstable than previous versions.
0hese new versions may contain bugs that make it incompatible with your tasks.
! good way to prevent this is to disable auto(update. 0here are several ways to stop your Chrome from auto(
updating its version. #utlined below is the easiest way to do so.
A. On your Chrome browser's address bar, type in 'about:plugins'
and hit !"#.
$. %ind the plugin &alled ''oogle Update' and &li&( disable.
C. #estart your browser for the &hanges to ta(e effe&t.
#ther procedures to disable auto(update are also available, including disabling it from msconfig and 0ask
Scheduler in $indows.
#elated Arti&le
-ow to install a previous version of Chrome
How to Completely Disable Google Chrome Update
#nly disabling Google pdates from 3chrome,11plugins3 does not matter, It will update it automatically.
-aving a silent application that constantly updates the browser is a good thing. 0here4s no annoying
interface that interrupts you to ask your permission before updating the application and you no longer have
to manually check for updates. nfortunately, Google Chrome4s automatic updater is not a great feature if
you have limited bandwidth or in an enterprise environment, since you can4t customi5e it.
Method 1 of 2: Adding the template to the Group oli!y "ditor
)ownload a windows group poli&y template *'oogle Update Administrative "emplate* from
'oogle +ite.

Open the editor by typing *gpedit.msc3 into the search button on the start menu and click the resulting
!avigate to User Configuration , Administrative "emplates

#ight &li&( on Administrative "emplates, sele&t add-remove templates from menu bar.

In the popup bo. &li&( add button and navigate to where you downloaded the 'oogleUpdate.adm file
and then click close button
/ou should find a new entry under 0o&al Computer 1oli&y , Computer Configuration ,
Administrative "emplates , Classi& Administrative "emplates &alled 'oogle
Method 2 of 2: Disabling Google Chrome Update Che!#s:
1. 1
!avigate to Administrative "emplates , 'oogle , 'oogle Update , Appli&ations , 'oogle
2. 2
#ight &li&( on Update 1oli&y Override and sele&t edit
'. '
Cli&( enabled button and in the s&rollbar list under 1oli&y &hoose Updates disabled and &li&(
o /ou have now stopped 'oogle Updater from &he&(ing for updates for 'oogle Chrome.