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Example:how to charge iPhone4

Chargi ng t he YB- 647

1. Use Micro USB cable to charge the YB-647
<fg1> <fg2>
USB Connector
Adapter AC
Micro USB cable
V8 switch
Micro connector
Mini switch
Micro connector
Nokia switch
Micro connector
PSP switch
Micro connector
Warranty condition: When apply for the warranty service, please show this warranty card and fll in the
blank. We provide six months warranty for YOOBAO users from the date when the product is purchased.
Warranty scope: quality problems appeared on normally use or damages caused not by external force. We
are not responsible for the inconvenience or loss caused by not being able to use the product during the
repairing time. In principle, we do not charge if products are under warranty period, but human damage
will be charge accordingly. Products beyond warranty period will be repaired at customers expense.
The following circumstances are not under warranty conditions: Artifcial damages: improper use; product
appearance worn abnormally; dropping; circuitry burned; squeeze; foreign matter enter into product; got
damp; the seal label on the product has been changed or damaged; other obvious artifcial damages. Other
problems caused by customers such as dismounting the device, improper use and operation or products
get wet. Damages caused by force majeure such as earthquake, food, fre, hurricane and war.
Speci fcat i on
Warrant y card
Input DC 5V-1500mA
Output DC 5.3V-1000mA (MAX)
Capacity 10400mAh (Battery)
Volume 99x76x23 MM
Weight 245 g
Standard GB 4943-2011
Accessori es
Different countries may have different requirements for accessories, Please take actual product
as the standard. Final interpretation is owned by YOOBAO company.
2 Micro USB cable
4 V8 switch Micro connector
6 Mini switch Micro connector
8 Manual
1 YB-647 Power Bank
3 ipod switch Micro connector
5 Nokia switch Micro connector
7 PSP switch Micro connector
Specifcations are subject to change without notice.
YOOBAO is registered trademark of Shenzhen YOOBAO Technology Co., Ltd. Other brands and productnames are
trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Copyright 2013 Shenzhen YoobaoTechnology
Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.
Fits most digital devices with DC-5V input
Thank you for choosing
YOOBAO Magic Cube Power Bank YB-647
Operat i on
Capacity Light 1 ON 2 ON 3 ON 4 ON 5 ON
Capacity <20% 20-40% 40-60% 60-80% 80-100%
1. LED torch:Depress the button for two seconds to switch on the LED torch; to switch off,
depress the button for another two seconds again.The LED torch can last more than
520hours on a full charge.
2. Capacity display: YB-647 is with one power indicator and fve capacity indicators for knowing
the capacity easily. As listed below:
3. Input/Output: The input interface is Micro connector type; output interface is USB connector.
There are fve kinds of changeable connectors that provide compatibility to most
commonly-used devices on the market.
Power indicator
5 capacity indicators
LED torch
Micro input
To charge other devi ces
2. Suggest charging from AC adapters USB <fg1>
3. Charging from computers USB <fg2>
Chargi ng st at us
Notice: 1.It takes about 10 hours to fully charge YB-647 due to its high capacity. But this is
base on the specifc situation. 2. If the YB-647 is not working during the charging, please make
sure the cable is frmly connected and the correct changeable connector is used. We
recommend using YOOBAO or other reputable adapters to charge the power bank. 3. Every
power bank has conversion effciency loss. So capacity in the power bank do not equal to the
capacity that charge into devices. 4. The power bank is compatible with most mobile phones.
It might not ft for some mobile phones and this situation is not included in warranty and
exchange conditions.
Charging devices
Red Power indicator lights, the device is being charged.
Blue Power indicator lights, the device is fully charged.
Capacity LED indicators show how much capacity is remaining in power bank YB-647.
Charging YB-647
Red Power indicator lights, YB-647 is being charged.
Flashing capacity indicator light displays the current capacity inYB-647
Blue power indicator lights, YB-647 is fully charged
Warning: Not following the safety usage may cause fre, electric shock, damage to devices
and injury to users.
Safety information
YOOBAO YB-647 is made from high quality Li-ion battery cells.Please be assured of the best
quality used.
Do not hit, open or puncture the YB-647, install them backwards,short circuit, or expose them
to fre, high temperatures or any liquids. We suggest use YOOBAO or other reputable brands
adapters.If you fnd a bulge or other abnormal phenomena on YB-647 or the charging device,
please stop using the device and contact us for assistance.This device is not applicable to people
who have physical or mental problems, children and those who are lack of the relative
experience and knowledge unless they are guided by professional persons.Children should be
taken good care of not to play with this device.
USB Output
Magic Cube Power Bank
YOOBAO YB-647 fts most digital communication products with DC-5V input.Packing with fve
kinds of changeable connectors, its compatible with most mobile and digital devices.
ipod switch
Micro connector