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Neave Redmond
In terms of the general conventions used in an indie rock music video,
the use of props are exceptionally important. After much research I
have discovered that A lot of indie rock music videos often have
random props.
Such as in Bombay bicycle clubs video, there is a panda being shown
which has no relevance to the video. This not only makes the music
video seem more interesting but it will also attract a wider audience
of individuals of all ages which will benefit the band in many ways.
The macro elements are vital in all indie rock music videos such as the
use of appropriate make up, is used to support the theme of the
music video.
Lighting is an exceptionally important aspect in this type of music video, lighting
is used to enhance the mood of a music video. Such as; if there is a heavy use
of hard/ dark light within a music video it would suggest that the video is
sinister and evil. Whereas, if warm natural lighting was used to would create a
warm, comforting welcoming atmosphere which would create a completely
different mood/ atmosphere.
The colours of the band members clothing is important as it represents their
individual personalities, it also represents their importance in the band. Such
as the colour red would suggest that the individual is a bold character, possibly
the main singer, whereas the colour white represents purity and innocents.
This would suggest that that individuals is quieter.
The colours of the bands clothes is also important to help them stand out within a
location and therefore help them to be noticed and easily recognised. By
characters wearing bright vibrant colours in a dark urban environment helps
the band stand out and be the main focus which is the purpose of a music
In the majority of indie/ acoustic rock performance is used
heavily instead of using a story. This is to show the bands
stage presents and the bands energy, which is often portrayed
through their music.

Establishing shots are always used in a typical indie rock music
video this is to set the scene and allow the audience to know
what is going on. This shot also establishes the relationship the
between the set and the location.
Generally there is a large use of close ups in these types of
music videos, this is not only to show the importance of the
character but also to allow the audience to develop an
emotionally attachment to each character.
Occasionally hand- held shots are used to create a home video
affect this has an example of this is in Ben Howards music video
hand held shots are used to add to the excitement of the video.

Long shots are used to show the audience who is in the shot
and to fit as much action in as possible. This also helps the
audience to understand what is going on.
Pan shots are used to follow characters around especially the
main band members, this makes a shot far more interesting and
creative which helps to capture the audiences eye.
Rule of thirds is used to make a shot more appealing, this is
often used to show who is the main character.

Action match is used to create a smooth flow
between two or more pieces of footage this is to
make the music video more entertaining and
Continuity editing is always used in indie rock music
videos this is to present a chronological order which
represents real time rather than the past of the future.
Montage is another form of editing which is often
used in this genre of music video, this involves a
large collection of footage from the past or from the
present to tell a political or personal story.
After much research the main focus in all music videos especially
an indie rock videos, is the image which is portrayed to the
After looking at the general conventions I am going to include
some of the general conventions in my music video such as:
Close ups
Editing- montage
Pan shot
Establishing shot
Hand held shots
I am also going to use the typical convention of the urban dark
locations against the contrast of bright vibrant clothing.