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Via E-Mail and First Class Mail

Board of Directors
Emperial Americas/ AAA Public Adjusting Group

Attention: Chris Lombardi, Frederick Antonelli , Liane Hassan, Bruce Klein and Joel

Re: Private Stock Purchase Agreement between Emperial Aericas,Inc and AAAA


On March 8, 2012 Emperial Americas ,Inc entered into a stock purchase agreement
with the owners Frederick Antonelli and Liane Hassan for three million(3,000,000),
which represented the controlling interst of AAAA in exchange for a set term of
payments which were due by May 1, 2012 signed by Bruce Klein. Such shares with
the payment of the first amount of fifty thousand (50,000) have all voting rights
assigned to Emperial Americas for all purposes herein with the balance of one
hundred fifty thousand (150,000) forth coming due May 1, 2012. Meanwhile this
agreement included amendment agreements to Mr. Antonelli representing
conversions as well for Mr. Lombardi a director for past dues.

On September 6, 2012, I was contacted by Fred Antonelli and Chris Lombardi for the
first time to discuss the problems they had with the transaction they entered into
with Emperial Americas in which was signed by Bruce Klein of Victory partners on
the behalf of Emperial Americas as the COO. At the time Mr. Antonelli informed me
that every material stipulation had been breached and that no portion of the
purchase price of one hundred fifty thousand (150,000) which was due to be paid in
full by May 1 but was not paid. As a result Emperial Americas never received the
(3,000,000) shares to consummate the transaction although the outstanding shares
exceeded (9,000,000) within a short time and today of 26,000,000 shares issued
causing the dilution of the said controlling interest (3,000,000) shares to nothing.
These share issuances included Emperial Americas PPM shareholders who were
recorded in 2010. This was also the first time I saw conversion and amendments
(see attached) document . Those breaches were explained to be way beyond the
limits as outlined causing dilution of the shares whose sellers have not been paid
which ultimately caused problems for the entire transaction.

After complete due diligence of the EAI, AAAA and Victory Partners transaction the
companies have not performed any of its obligations under the agreement and does
not have the financial ability to do so to properly gain the controlling interest of
AAAA as no records exist that any portion or balance of purchase price was paid by
Emperial Americas, Inc or certs where held in a escrow account and occurred at a
closing. Wi This agreement is now null and void and transaction is rescinded
between Emperial Americas Inc and AAAA. Since the agreements are void from the
outset. This is also my resignation from the board of AAAA as officer and director
and return all of the 50,000 shares I received in this transaction. I will continue to
build Emperial Americas, Inc and honor commitments to its shareholders into the
company I know it has the potential to be in due time.

The Company and surviving entity AAAA is directed as follows:

1. File with the Secretary of State of Florida an amendment to the Certificate of
Incorporation of the Company to change the Name of the Company from
Emperial Americas back to AAAA, Victory Partners or such other name as
Management deems appropriate; provided however that such name is not in
any way similar to Emperial Americas, Inc.
2. EA will post on its website that the agreements are voided
3. AAAA or Victory Partners shall cause a name change at the transfer agent
Olde Monmouth.
4. To make an appropriate filing with the United States Securities and Exchange
Commission announcing that the agreements are void.
5. Issue a 8k and press releases announcing that the agreements are void:


Alonzo Pierce

Bruce Klein ( (Victory Partners)
Christopher Lombardi ( AAAA
Frederick Antonelli ( AAAA