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Locals Only Lead Seton hall University Thesis
Extreme Sports Supporting BravoMedia Inc.
All My Children Featured Itunes/Hulu
My Dirty Little Secret Ep. 206 Lance Hacker Discovery ID
Mysteries at the Museum Ep. 509 Paul Jordan-Smith Travel Channel
NYC Theatre
Boy 3 FREEDMAN The Actors Studio
Vincent Hollywood!Hollywood! M.I.TF/Write Act Rep
Chuck/Steve Rodgerson The ParaAbnormals Andrea Levine
Mugger Stick and Move Jonathan Libman
Robert Martin The Drowsy Chaperone Exit 82 Theatre Company
Roger Davis RENT I.T.A.A
Luther Billis South Pacific I.T.A.A
Chip On The Town Exit 82 Theatre Company
A-RAB West Side Story EastSide Theatre Company
2013 New Myspace Featured Artist(Comedy)

The New York Conservatory For Dramatic Arts 2010-2012
The Upright Citizens Brigade 2013-Present
Acting-Neal Lerner /Cobey Mandarino/ Carol Kastendieck
Process for the Camera- Alan Rackham/ Rawleigh Moreland
Improv Comedy- Judith Searcy/ Tim Martin /Gavin Speiller / Kevin Hines
Voice and Speech- Sara Buffamanti/ Eileen Connelly/ Rebecca Lingafelter
Stand-up Comedy- Rick Crom
Meisner Technique- John Tyrell
Voice Over- Angela Kessler
Commercials- Lane Binkley
Vocal Performance- Kristin DeLucci
Other Skills: 4 + Years of Vocal Training ( Chorus and Solo), Physical Comedy, Drivers
License,Cartwheel, Baseball,Lacrosse,Volleyball, Can lift Heavy Things, Hosting, Basic Tap,
Beginner Parkour,Clown Training, Balloon Animals,New York Dialect
Ken McGraw Jr.
Phone: 201-736-8287 Hight: 58.5 SAG Eligible
Email: Hair/Eyes: Dark Brown