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City of Manila

Arroceros St.Mehan Garden, Manila
Background of the Study
Philippines is a country consist of 7,101 islands surrounded by
water. Unlike any other countries Philippines is a disaster prawn country
due to its geographic structure. Because we are surrounded by waters,
heavy storm visits us regularly almost thirty !0" times a year, and also
because we are a small country with overpopulation, informal settlers
and congested areas are growing which causes #re.
$he month of %arch also known as &$he 'ire Prevention %onth(
Being in a tropical country every summer some of our citi)ens
e*perienced #re, and when a heavy storm comes +ood arises. $hese are
some disasters that occur in our country. $he ,uestion is &-o 'ilipinos
know what to do when this disaster comes.(
Barangay 177 /one 10 -istrict 1 is located in 2agalangin $ondo,
%anila as the city of %anila is divided in to si* legislative districts. $he
locale has e*isted prior to the arrival of the 3panish referred to as
&$undun( in the 4aguna 5opperplate 6nscription. 7ne of the most
densely populated areas of land in the world. $ondo is located in the
northwest portion of the city and is primarily residential8industrial in
nature. -istrict 1 is located in 9ast $ondo from Barangay 1:78107.
$here is no authentic record available which de#nitely tells the
date of the establishment of the
Barangay. ;ccording to informants, the Prominent 4eaders of the
Barangay was 5h. -ario 6mutan as
appointed chairman followed by 9lected 5h. 9rnesto Plarisan, $hird was
appointed 5h. 9lmer
%asangcay, 'ourth was elected 5h. <osendo =u who served the
Barangay for twenty years who also
happens to be the father of our Present Barangay 5hairman 9duardo $.
=u. Barangay 177 /one 10

City of Manila
Arroceros St.Mehan Garden, Manila
-istrict 1 becomes the %ost 7utstanding Barangay in -istrict 1 in year
The Demographic data of Barangay 177 Zone 16, District II has an
overwhelming estimated
population of 11,000 of which 60 are male and !0 are female" The num#er of
household is estimated
as 1$00 or less" 11% of them are senior citi&ens" There are 1,'!( registered voters as of
Decem#er !, (01("
There are also 1( voting precincts"
The location and #oundaries of Barangay 177 has an estimated )and *rea of 7
hectares" These
*d+acent Barangays are as follows ,
- . Barangay //, 0aloocan 0ity
1 . Barangay 1/$ District I, 2anila
3 . Barangay 1%! District II, 2anila
4 . Barangay 17% District II, 2anila
Barangay 177 Zone 16, District ( has an average distance of %"! 5m to 2anila
0ity 6all"
There are implementation and monitoring of ordinances to ensure proper
governance of the
#arangay for further development" The said ordinances are su#+ected to focus primarily on
peace and security, health, education and lastly economic purposes" *nd the most
common pro#lems are

City of Manila
Arroceros St.Mehan Garden, Manila
#ro7en8clogged canals and the ha&ards of fire prone areas"
The usual form of disaster in this #arangay are floods and fire according to
gathered data" Thus
the study was made possi#le to further improve disaster management and response action
of citi&ens and
#arangay officials in the said #arangay whenever the need for such arises"
In order to minimi&e the ha&ards of natural calamities such as flash floods and
fire, the e9isting
methods and program guidelines of the #arangay regarding the ris7 disaster management
should #e highly
The researchers came up with the study regarding disaster management and
response program
with the purpose to 7now how effectively such #arangay ordinances are implemented for
the #etter good
of its citi&ens" *nd to 7now the ways to properly respond and react whenever there are
calamities" *s well
as contri#uting the findings of the study to different concerned individuals"
Statement of the problem
*re the measures formulated #y the #arangay council effective in the prevention
and reduction
of floods and fire incidents:

City of Manila
Arroceros St.Mehan Garden, Manila
The general o#+ective of the study is how to further improve and develop
programs or pro+ects
regarding disaster related issues" This measure can evaluate how properly such ordinances
are carried out
#y #arangay officials" *nd its effects and #enefits to the citi&ens"
0ongested areas are prone to different disaster ha&ards such as fire and floods"
Significance of the Study
The findings of the study would #e significant to the following ,
)ocal ;overnment < The findings would provide the local government in finding new and
effective ways
to manage natural disasters"
Barangay officials . The results of this study would #e important for the #arangay officials
#ecause this
will serve as a guide in further improving their pro+ects and activities with concern in how
to manage
disaster related cases"

City of Manila
Arroceros St.Mehan Garden, Manila
0ity of 2anila . This study is significant for the 0ity of 2anila #ecause the findings will
help in the
development planning regarding the management of such disasters" Thus the improvement
of the proper
management pertaining to disasters would provide the citi&ens ade=uate awareness and
Scope and imitations
The scope of the study deals with disaster management in compliance with
Barangay 177 Zone
16, District II of 2anila" The respondents of this study is primarily the citi&ens of the said
This study was conducted for further analysis and evaluation on the prevention
and reductions
of floods and fire incidents in Barangay 177 Zone 16, district II" This would serve as the
primary #asis of
the researchers to attain information from the respondents 7nowledge a#out disaster
management and
response programs"