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How To Solve IDM ( Internet Download Manager ) Fake Key Serial Number Problem

Posted by sqlhackers Thursday, 23 May 2013

Internet Download Manager is a one of the best download manager in the world. But Sometime we see
an error box with this massage

"Internet Download Manager has been registered with a fake serial number or serial number has been
blocked. IDM is now exiting.......".
Its mean we can not use this software again ! lolz its not true that we can not use it :P we will use it
again and again..ok lets start the hacking....

1st Method of Solving this problem:
Step 1. First all you need to delete idm from your computer which can be done by following steps.

Go to Start>>Run
Type Regedit
Delete Folder "Internet Download Manager"

Step 2. Exit IDM from the taskbar.
Step 3. Go to directory C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\
Step 4. Open the "hosts" file in the "notepad".
Step 5. On the last line enter127.0.0.1

6. When finished, do not forget to save (Ctrl+S). Open IDM, (go to start menu, internet download
7. IDM registration tab will b open just put any below key , to better fill the serial number first.
To be content with the serial number is (choose one):

Note: You must insured that Idm install in "C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manger" folder instead
of Window Temp folder.

2nd Method of Solving this Problem:

Step 1.First of all uninstall the IDM completely from your computer then clean the registry with any
registry cleaner(C Cleaner).

Step 2.Restart your computer and install copy of cracked IDM and you will never have to worry about
the Registration

Note: never update idm in future.

If you have any problem then write in comments...
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{ babu ganga } at: 7 September 2013 03:14 said...
till its not working

{ Vikash kumar Gautam } at: 9 October 2013 21:17 said...
i can't use idm

{ NaveeN Kumar } at: 22 October 2013 05:51 said...
its not working da..............

{ Prabh Singh } at: 30 October 2013 20:51 said...
if ur still unable to register IDM with these steps
1. uninstall idm & dont reboot.
2. press windows+R & type regedit.exe
3. goto "HKCU/Software/Download Manager" (delete file download manager) also goto
"HKLU/Software/Internet Download Manager"(delete it)
4. reboot your PC
5. after reboot goto C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager (delete it)
6. Now download latest version from IDM and install it.
7. Download Patch here :
8. after download paste this patch at C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager.
9. open this IDM patch generate serial with any fake unused email & name. Press apply patch.
10. Congratulations & no need to modify any hosts file.

{ imran khan } at: 14 November 2013 20:40 said...
Nice Post Bro. I Really Need It.

{ Sharif Uddin } at: 19 November 2013 08:54 said...
it's Working Bro.. :)

{ A. S. M. SADIQUL ISLAM } at: 19 November 2013 14:13 said...
Soft 14.5 k to solve this.

{ SIVATEJA } at: 28 November 2013 20:11 said...
unable to download this patch file...

{ Saqib Siddique } at: 29 November 2013 04:07 said...
its working now its nice proceger

{ rehan khan } at: 7 December 2013 21:36 said...
its working thanks a lot @@@:)

{ roy riskana } at: 8 December 2013 23:23 said...
It's working .Thanks Bro

{ roy riskana } at: 8 December 2013 23:36 said...
it's work.Thanks a lot

{ catherine rare } at: 18 December 2013 20:35 said...
still Not working.i cant download. its connecting in smartbro.

{ Raaz girz } at: 2 January 2014 00:20 said...
it works thanks

{ srk khan } at: 18 January 2014 06:07 said...
idm not open.
Idm has been registered with a fake serial number or the serial number has been blocked. idm is
exiting...( this error show on screen )
plz help.