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VegfestUK | 3

Welcome to
one of Europes
biggest vegan events
Massive welcome tothis
years VegfestUKLondon
event whichpromises tobe
full of amazing food, products,
speakers, performers and
Special features
VegfestUK London consists
of around 200 stalls packed
with quality plant-based
products, many of which are
available at special one-of
discounts! Adding to that are
14 top caterers serving a wide range of delicious global plant-based
cuisines, ensuring that every visitor is well fed whilst enjoying
many other interesting features of the show.
Our special features this year include a voucher for a free gif for
every visitor with advance tickets! Therere also speed-dating
sessions, stars quizzes, comedy hours and live music on both
days, a bodybuilding session on Sunday, the VegfestUK awards
ceremony onSaturday, a LifeWell Hubdedicated tonatural healing
and therapies, a cinema, together with dozens of talks, cookery
demos and workshops, kids cookery classes and entertainment
whichincludes Last ManStanding and Disco upstairs. These come
on top of meet the expert sessions and book signings with an
interesting collection of special guests, from celebrated athletes,
comedians and presenters, to highly accomplished musicians,
nutritionists and chefs.
The Vegan Society guestsof honour
2014 marks the Vegan Societys 70th birthday, and at VegfestUK
London well be giving them our full support. Over the past 70
years, the Society has promoted veganism far and wide and
made the vegan lifestyle accessible to the public through their
trademarks, education materials and merchandise. At our London
show, the Society will organise collections on exit, as well as
hosting a number of interesting talks and demos, and displaying
plenty of useful info and attractive merchandise at their stall
downstairs. Please give generously to
this wonderful organisation who has
done somuchfor veganism.
The show would never stand a chance of happening without
help from a number of incredible people from our small but
diligent team, to our incredibly loyal sponsors, our lively, vibrant
stallholders and special guests, plus our superb PR team who
constantly deliver results, our infectiously enthusiastic volunteers,
our highly supportive and informative venue hosts, our efcient
contractors, our dedicated security team, our smashing designand
print team, our webmasters, and many others that we might have
Saturdayand Sunday
September 27th 28th 2014
@OlympiaWest (W14 8UX)
Open from 11am-7pm (Sat) and 11am-6pm (Sun)
Advance tickets: 10(adults), 6(concessions)
Tickets on the gate: 12(adults), 8(concessions)
Kids under 16free
Advance ticketsavailable on
till August 23rd, and
till September 15th, at
Free gif for everyvisitor with advance tickets
(while stockslast)
Get a voucher on entry, then claimyour free gif
at stall F26 on the groundoor see oor plan
on page 38
VegfestUK | 5
Show sponsors
Manufacturer and distributor of the fnest and
purest organic raw foods, including their award-
winning range of raw, organic kale chips the frst
tobe certifed organic by the Soil Association.
Equniox Kombucha
Ofering a fresh new way of enjoying the benefts
of Kombucha Tea with their unique range of
4 delicious favours - Original, Raspberry &
Elderfower, Wild Berry and Ginger, whichare both
fruity and deliciously fzzy.
The Vegan Society
Educational charity celebrating their 70th
Veganniversary in what everyone hopes will
be another year of phenomenal growth in the
number of people discovering ethical, animal-free
Frys Vegetarian UK
Distributors of some of the worlds best veganmeat
products from South Africa, loyal supporters of
VegfestUKfor many years.
A Well Fed World
USA-based hunger relief and animal campaigning
organisation that strives to resolve human
malnutrition and animal abuse by promoting
Bute Island Foods
Proud makers of their Sheese brand of vegan
cheese and the Vegandeli range of vegan mock
Great Food UK
Producers of delicious vegan bites that prove you
can be braver with favour. Theyre baked not
fried and include Punchy Sweet PotatoPakoraand
Sweet Pumpkin&Chilli Bites.
JSNNatural Care
The UKs leading natural family brand, ofering
natural care to families for 3 generations. All
products are veganfriendly and BUAVcertifed.
London-based studio who design and
manufacture vegan-friendly homewares and gifs,
witha distinctly Britishedge.
Nakd Wholefoods
Nationally renowned for their delicious high-raw
vegan snack bars, including Smoosh, Crunch,
Oatie and Trekbars.
Out of Hand
Dedicated top-class eco-friendly design & print
teamfor VegfestUKfor many a year.
VBites Foods
One of the best producers of veganproducts inthe
UK, best known for their innovative and delicios
veganmeats and cheeses.
USA-based organisation which empowers vegan
activists worldwide by funding and supporting
efective outreachactivities.
Producer of 100% natural, soya and palm oil free
vegan cheeses. Winner of 2012 Free FromAwards
and Fair Foundation Trophy among other awards.
The UKs frst hemp company, withaward-winning
bodycare and certifed organic food range.
Supporter of many UK vegan festivals over the
Big thanks to our sponsors
VegfestUK | 7
VegfestUK News
VegfestUKBrighton March 28th 29th
2015@Brighton Centre
Our Brighton show is moving to the modern and sleek Brighton
Centre on March 28th 29th next year. This show is going to be
bigger than ever before, with over 160 stalls and a Food Village,
plus new features such as UK Vegan Comedy Festival, Party
Political Conference (Election Special), Global Food Sustainability
Conference, LifeWell Hub, on top of speed-dating sessions, plus
dozens of talks, cookery demos, kids cookery classes, flms,
performances and massage area. For more info, go to pages 50- 52,
or visit
VegfestUKBristol May23rd24th 2015
@Amphitheatre (TBC)
Meanwhile, VegfestUK are back on the scenic Bristol Harbourside
on May 23rd 24th next year (dates TBC). With original resident
DJ Alfredo in Amnesia in Ibiza heading up a cool lineup of DJs,
musicians and sound systems TBA, 3 marquees and outdoor
pitches adding up to 160 stalls, plus stacks of information from
talks, cookery demos, flms, alongside comedy hours and extended
kids activities, make sure to put these dates in your diary for this
unique outdoor festival! The show website will be live for bookings
fromSeptember 1st at infoonpage 53.
VegfestUKAwards2014 voting closes
September 15th midnight
Remember to vote for your favourite heroes and heroines in this
years VegfestUKawards. The awards come in14diferent categories,
and voting runs till September 15that midnight. The awards will be
presented at VegfestUK London by comedian Andrew ONeill, on
Saturday September 27th at 5pm at the Performance Stage. Cast
your vote at
Welcome to the Vegfest Express new
24 hour live websitesfor vegan and
vegetarian news
VegfestUK are thrilled to announce the launch of our new 24 hour
websites with live feeds fromaround the world carrying the latest
news and views for anything vegan and vegetarian. We have
created 2 websites, one exclusively for vegan news and the other
for abroader vegetarianinput. You canview these websites for free
at any time, and they will include not only latest news but blogs,
competitions, recipes, support, advice and events. The websites
will be live in early September 2014, with plans for an ebulletin
subscriptiontobe announced inNovember.
8 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 9
Meet the Vegan Society team our guests
of honour for VegfestUK London 2014
The Vegan Societyare guestsof honour
at thisyearsevent astheycelebrate
their 70th Veganniversary. Here are 5
membersof the hardworking Vegan
Laura Croudace
As Fundraising Ofcer, Laura has the pleasure of working with
people who want to support The Vegan Society. Whether thats
through running a race, arranging fabulous vegan bake sales,
leaving a legacy, or businesses wanting to partner through our
website, Laura is all ears send your ideas to fundraising@ A self-professed colour addict, Laura is famous
around the ofce for matching her clothing withher mug.
Alex Douglas
Alex is the Volunteer
Development Co-ordinator at
The Vegan Society. Every time
you see her, shes likely to sport
a diferent Vegan Society tote
bag her favourite colour being
pink, of course. Aside from
her duties as a tote bag model,
Alex supports The Vegan
Societys growing network of
volunteers throughout the UK
and overseas. Having been
volunteering with the society
herself for several years, Alex
really knows her stuf, and is
especially passionate about
inspiring the next generation
to get involved. Email
toget started.
Spencer Harris
In his role as Sales Co-ordinator,
Spencer uses all of his 6 2 inches
in height to reach your favourite
books down fromthe top shelves
at Vegan Society HQ. A range
of merchandise is available to
buy from The Vegan Societys
online shop (
shop), and from their stall at this
weekends VegfestUK event.
Spencers responsibilities at The
Vegan Society include promoting
membership and selling awesome veganthings, but he doesnt stop
there. He is also resident painter and decorator, shelf-putter-upper,
builder, plumber, and carpenter.
Alix Meek
Alix is known to colleagues as
Alix withani (not to be confused
with Alex with an e). As Business
Development Assistant at The
Vegan Society, her main duties
are jumping up and down with
joy every time a new company
registers a product with the
Vegan Trademark, and nursing
her foot better afer jumping too
vigorously. Tomake her day, email
with your trademark enquiry.
Alixs favourite thing to drink in the whole world is water, but she
knows that doesnt domuchfor the funveganimage. Sosometimes
she drinks it witha curly straw.
New to the team in 2014, Jess
is the Supporter Services
and Event Co-ordinator at
The Vegan Society. On top
of managing events, Jess
also responds to around 200
enquiries each week by email
and over the phone. Her
friendly voice is probably the
frst one youll hear if you call
the ofce, and her inbox is
also the mystery place where
all of The Vegan Societys
generic info@vegansociety.
com emails go. So, if youd
like to become a member of
The Vegan Society, or if you have a question not answered on The
VeganSocietys website, give Jess a shout!
Interview with Jasmijn de Boo the
Vegan Society 70th anniversary
Jasmijn de Boo is the CEO
of The Vegan Society, the
oldest and largest vegan
society in the world. Born
in the Netherlands, she
moved to the UK in 2004.
She has been studying for
and working in the animal
protection movement for
over 20 years.
Whatsbeen happening at The Vegan
This year, we launched our new charity branding and new website.
Weve been promoting our Vegan Trademark, which helps bring
vegan products into the mainstream our trademark team can
hardly keep up with the ongoing stream of new applications.
Weve also been collaborating with the BDA, the Association of UK
Dietitians, whonow ofcially recognise healthy vegandiets.
How didthe rebranding come about?
From market research, we identifed an urgent need to address
how the society presents itself to the world. A strong brand is
vital if we are going to turn negative myths around and support
the growth of veganism. The rebranding has gained us a larger
supporter base, helped us to raise funds, and inspired many more
people to consider giving veganisma try, which means that more
non-human animals beneft fromnot being exploited; this remains
our vision. Through a careful transformation, weve revitalised
our image and messages so that we can continue to be seen as an
organisation with credibility and infuence: a forward-thinking,
dynamic charity actively engaged withsocial change.
What dierence hasit made?
There has been a furry of interest in veganism recently, and the
media and PR coverage that The Vegan Society has had over the
last 18months has increased tenfold. We made alasting impression
with the biggest vegan pavilion ever at the Natural and Organic
Products Europe show in April, and our Love Vegan campaign
has generally had a huge positive impact, encouraging more and
more people to try going vegan. Membership to The VeganSociety
continues torise, withfgures now exceeding 4,000.
What next?
This year is our 70th anniversary. With strong roots to guide us,
shaped by our founding members, former staf, and committed
volunteers, we hope to celebrate this huge milestone with
individuals, organisations, and companies whopromote veganism,
and bring veganism to new audiences. We are ready for what
lies ahead, to work in partnership and infuence policies, food
practices, and better access to vegan products. It is only through
your donations and support that our work is possible. Visit the
teamat The Vegan Societys stall to fnd out more about becoming
a member.
The VegfestUKorganisersadd, Everyone at
VegfestUKfullysupportsthe Vegan Society.
We love the new branding. We love the new
campaigns. Andwe love the new direction
the Vegan Societyisheading in. Were thrilled
andhonouredto be able to playa small part
in helping the Societycelebrate its70th
anniversary. Andwe look forwardto continuing
to work with the Societycloselyin future.
The Vegan Societyare guestsof
honour at VegfestUKLondon
2014. Hereshow youcan help
Become a member
10 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 11
Televisionpresenter, actress, dancer
and acrobat/aerialist, best knownfor
her work on the CBeebies television
channel. As well as appearing
on pre-school TV, Sarah-Jane is a
supporter of Bristol City F.C. and
writes a regular column in the
AshtonGate Stadiummatchday programme Well Red. Sarah-Jane
is a vegan, and does charity workfor the Dogs Trust.
Wendy is a legendary animal rights
campaigner. She was the host of the
long-running TV show Pet Rescue,,
and Channel 4s prime-time show
Absolutely Animals, a hard-hitting
investigative format which was
flmed worldwide. Wendys other TV
successes include the BBC1 Saturday night series Your Kids Are In
Charge, whichshe presented along withher sister, Anthea.
Amanda Hamilton
Amanda Hamilton is one of the
UKs best-known and respected
nutritionists. A regular nutrition
expert on TV and radio, her latest
book about the benefts of juicing
and fasting, Eat, Fast, Slim, has
become a best-seller and is sold is
more than20countries.
Christine Bailey
Well known TV Nutritionist, Chef
and expert in superfoods. Trained
with the Institute of Functional
Medicine, Christine is a degree
qualifed nutritionist and author
of over 10 recipe and health books
including the best selling Juice Diet
Book, The Raw Food Diet Book and
her new bookEat toGet Younger.
Brendan Brazier
A former professional Ironman
triathlete and two-time Canadian
50km Ultra Marathon Champion,
Brendan Brazier is now a successful
performance nutrition consultant,
the best-selling author of the Thrive
book series, and formulator of the
award-winning Vegaline of plant-
based nutritional products.
Patrik Baboumian
Patrik is a veganstrongmanand was
voted Vegan Athlete of the Year in
2013. Patrik had a great year in 2013,
winning the European powerlifing
title inthe opencategory and setting
two world records in the 125-140kg
category. He also set a record for
fronthold and keglif, and won the
Germanloglif championships.
Neil Robinson
Neil played for Everton and
Swansea City in the 70s 80s and
is the worlds 1st to play professional
football on a vegan diet. Neil is still
very passionate about promoting
his vegan lifestyle and hes visiting
10 UK vegan festivals this year with
his talks and smoothie demos.
Fiona Oakes
A lifelong vegan, sportsperson,
frefghter and animal welfare/
rights campaigner and carer, Fiona
currently combines caring for
rescued animals at her Sanctuary
in Essex with
the duties of a retained frefghter
and the commitments of an elite
Marathon runner. Fiona won both
the North Pole and Antarctic Ice
marathons in course records and
also ran a marathon on EVERY
continent to break a total of THREE
Vegan Smythe
Vegan Smythe writes and performs
Earthling-friendly music and
comedy to energise the vegan
message. His YouTube videos have
had nearly 200,000 views and hes
been described by online fans as
hilarious.. brilliant.. quirky.. and a
crucial soundtrack to life on Earth!
His music has been featured on
blogs, podcasts and radio programs
John Robb
John is the award-winning indie
music mainstay, frontman of punk
rock band Goldblade (goldblade.
com), music author of best selling
books including the Stone Roses
And The Resurrection Of British
Pop and and Punk Rock - An Oral
History. Johns also the boss of
one of the UKs top 5 music culture
website, and
Andrew ONeill
Andrew ONeill is a stand-up
comedian, a metalhead, an amateur
occultist and a musician. Hes pretty
much been a show of since birth!
Hes a vegan, as you can tell by the
fact that he has a lithe, sinewy body.
Hes a heterosexual transvestite, as
you cantell by the fact that he wears
female clothes and fancys girls. Hes
not a goth.
Pasquale Amico
Pasquale is the head chef of organic
Italian veggie restaurant Amico Bio
inLondon, whichhe opened in2010
with his two cousins. His aim is to
bring the best of Italian vegetarian
cuisine toLondon, using the freshest
organic produce, cooked with a
rustic style inthe simplest way.
Special Guests
Massive welcome to our special guests, including:
Book signings
Get books signed by your favourite authors
onthe frst foor see page 39for location
2:00 Vanessa Almeida
3:00 Kate Magic
4:00 Saskia Fraser
5:00 KarenRanzi

1:00 Tony Samara
2:00 BrendanBrazier
3:00 Amanda Hamilton
4:00 Mimi Kirk
Plus, Victoria Moran (author of Main Street
Vegan) will be signing her books on both
days at stall 23.
Meet the Experts sessions
A chance tomeet these special guests
1-to-1 on the frst foor see page 39 for
1:00 Neil Robinson
2:00 Kate Magic
3:00 Chris WilliamsonMP
4:00 PatrikBaboumian
5:00 Tanya Alekseeva
1:00 Skip the Naked HealthDetective
2:00 Amanda Hamilton
3:00 Fiona Oakes
4:00 Kerry McCarthy MP
5.00 Kyle Vialli
12 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 13
Thai street food withatwist. Nice and spicy, and
just right for aday time snackor meal. Their pad
thais have wowed many discerning taste buds
at our previous shows.
A range of favors fromthe global African/Caribbeanexperience of
spices and herbs. A variety of veganitems onthe menu will include:
the Veggibab (instead of kebab) wraps, Veggie patties, salad bufets,
and other maincultural dishes.
Fresh Rootz
BBCgood food show winners and producers of
a delicious blend of world foods brought back
fromtheir experiences travelling and catering
around the world.
Gillie Food
Sublime oriental stir-fries and curries along
with some tasty vegan soy jerky from this
lovely Chinese outft.
Global Fusion
The Cassavas vegan bakery, with no animal
products or nuts, little salt and sugar, and alarge
range of glutenand sugar free delights.
Seriously good sushi wraps along with
smoothies and milkshakes all from the
Glorious Gloria a vintage Renault Estafette. All
freshly prepared and 100% vegan.
Authentic Caribbean in a range of delicious Vegetarian and Vegan
dishes based ontraditional Jamaicanrecipes.
Nectar Foods
Delicious raw and cooked vegan and
vegetarian foods; their savories and cakes are
prepared ina cleanand loving environment.
Pomegranate Lebanese Cuisine
Some superb Middle Eastern oferings including their sensational
baklava and other treats - highly recommended
PopCycle (Saturdayonly):
Hand made fruity ice lollies and Fairtrade
drinks and refreshments, served by tricycle.
Pure on Raw
Appetising, great tasting, truly enlightening,
balanced and vitalising raw food that is packed
withnatural nutrients and superbfavours.
Vegan street food caterer creating globaly
inspired plant based food, all prepared with
St Best Caribbean Caterers
Ital food from these fantastic Caribbean
caterers. Expect all the classics but withavegan
slant of course.
The Honest Carrot
Ofering something new for Vegetarians,
Vegans, those who avoid Gluten, or simply
people who enjoy really good food, with
fantastic Vegetables, fabulous taste, vibrant
colours and attractive shapes.
The HungryGecko
Gourmet Asian vegan street food served from
a 23f retro trailer Barbarella which travels to
food events and festivals around the country.
The Sunshine Kitchen
Meat FREE, Gluten FREE, Buy 1 Get 1 FREE...
Fromyummy burgers toIndiansnacks, theyve
got your taste buds covered.
3-Omega-6 DairyFree
Flax Milk
Richcreamy delicious 3-Omega-6Dairy-free
Flax Drink fromGood Karma Foods EU is a
new healthy dairy alternative and the only
one to ofer you all the benefts of fax seed oil the highest
plant-based source of healthy Omega 3.
Wonderfully wholesome quality, portable
drinking water, packed in environmentally
sustainable and fundamentally renewable
paper cartons.
Highly refreshing coconut juices from the
highest quality and best tasting coconuts
outside Thailand.
Equinox Kombucha
Kombucha Tea with a unique range of 4
delicious favours, Original, Raspberry &
Elderfower, Wild Berry and Ginger, which
are bothfruity and deliciously fzzy.
Quality hemp milk from this top frm. Just
one glass giving you 50% of your daily
recommended intake of Omega 3. Its low in
saturated fat, easy to digest and cholesterol
Koko DairyFree
Producers of supreme coconut milk in 3
diferent favours - original, strawberry
and chocolate. All fortifed with calcium,
vitamin D and B12 too. Available in 250ml
packs as well as large cartons.
Mini Coee Shop
Variety of hot drinks from professional
Astoria cofee machine installed inthe back
of Mini Cooper.
Coconut water and dairy-free milks made of
almond, barley, buckwheat, millet, tigernut,
hazelnut and quinoa.
Organic brewery producing handmade
natural beers for over 30 years. Certifed
Organic by the Soil Associationand certifed
veganby the VeganSociety.
Raw Press(Sundayonly)
New state-of-the-art London cold-pressed
juice bar ready to slake your thirst from
Summer 2014 at a Wolf & Badger boutique
near you.
Rebel Kitchen
Dairy-free mylk drinks for children in
Choco, Banana and Orange Choc varieties,
made fromcoconut milk, spring water, raw
cacao, and date nectar.
Soul Juices
Freshly made Juices &Smoothies fromtheir
mobile juice, smoothie &refreshment bar.
New vegetable drinks company with a range of nutritious
healthy vegetable smoothies. The convenient way to re-
discover your roots!
The ElectricLemon
Brand new and solar powered mobile
drinks business, bringing freshly mixed
home made cordials, chilled by power from
the sun, straight to the heart of the UKs
festival scene.
The Shack Revolution
Serving up a wonderfully British range
of seasonal juices and cocktails using
ingredients from the family fruit farm and
other local farmers.
A selection of topcaterersserving some trulyamazing food
All 100% vegan
A selection of ne vegan drinksfromthe following stalls
All 100% vegan
14 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 15
Bute Island Foods
Gillie Food Ltd
Bute Island Foods
Raw Chocolates
Conscious Chocolates
Pana Chocolate
Other Chocolates
Beechs Fine Chocolates
Considerit Chocolate
MooFree Ltd
Plamil Foods
The Chocolatier
vegoGood Food UG
Creative Nature
FunFoods 4 All Ltd
Nakd Wholefoods
NomFoods (Saturday
Organic Food Bar (from
The Primal Kitchen
Cakes &Bakeries
Essential Vegan
Kizzys Cookies
(Sunday only)
Ms Cupcake
Paradise Unbakery
Rubys of London
The Heavenly Cake
Trinas Delicacies
(Saturday only)
VDelicious (Sunday only)
Ananda Foods
Goody Good Stuf
Lakeside Ethical Treats
Udos Choice
Windmill Organics
Raw superfoods
Chia UK
Conscious Food
Creative Nature
Forever Living
inSpiral Visionary
Lifefood CzechRepublic
Of the EarthSuperfoods
Raw Ecstasy (Saturday
Science Kitchen
The Really Healthy
Bodycare, Cosmetics &
Holistix Herbal Products
Incognito Insect
Living Naturally
Natural Options
Houseware &Kitchenware
Chafumix (UK)
Dr HadwenTrust
Harpers Bizarre
Hillside Animal
The Fox Project
(Saturday only)
Womenfor Conservation
Clothing, Bags and Footwear
Animal Aid
Big Place by the Sea
Greenlife Italia SRL
Hunt Sabs
Mayhew Animal Home
Sea Shepherd UK
The BlackFish
The VeganSociety
VeganRunners UK
Wills VeganShoes
Subscriptions &Vouchers
Abel &Cole
The Rabbit Hole Vegan
Hair Parlour
Animal Aid
(Saturday only)
Friends Gazette
International New York
Movement for
Compassionate Living
New Internationalist
The Supreme Master
Ching Hai Int. Assoc.
The VeganSociety
VeganLife Magazine
Vegetarianfor Life
Food & Shopping
A wide range of productsandinformation available with free
samplesat manystalls all products100% vegan
Go Vegan with Viva at Vegfest Sign
up to Viva! 30 Day Vegan Pledge Now!
Do you wish to eat healthily and start loving your greens and
pulses, but stuck on exciting culinary ideas or lasting ways to
sustain a lifestyle change? The brand new Viva! 30 Day Vegan
Pledge is perfect for you!
Set up earlier this year to follow up the hugely successful
Veganuary campaign, the Viva! 30 Day Pledge gives you all the
tools and information that you need to successfully transition
to a wondrously healthy 100% plant-based diet and stay on it for
30 days. Better still, once you sign up to this scheme, you get free
tickets to VegfestUK London, where you can sample a full range
of delicious global vegan cuisines and absorb potentially life-
changing informationfrommany active veganrole models.
Amongst the Viva! highlights at VegfestUK London is a prominent
exhibition area on the frst foor for Viva! (see foor plan on page 39
for location), where you can sign up to the Viva! pledge and peruse
Viva!s well-researched literature on plant-based lifestyles as well
as their full range of cool merchandise. Four of the Viva! teamwill
be giving the following highly informative talks to help you go and
stay vegan:
Tosignup for Viva!s 30Day Veganpledge, visit
Tofnd out more about Viva!, visit email
Why you dont need Dairy - Sat 2pmNutrition talks
room, by Viva! founder and director Juliet Gellatley
The Dark Side of Dairy - Sat 5pm Campaigns talks
room, by Juliet Gellatley
Live Demonstrations of Recipes from the Viva!
Cookbook Sun 12pm Cookery Demos room, by
Viva! food and cookery coordinator Jane Easton
30 Day Vegan Workshop: Improve your Life in Just
One Month! - Sat 3pm& Sun 2pmWorkshops room,
by Viva! deputy director Justin Kerswell together
withJane Easton
Is Soya a Superfood or a Health Risk? - Sun 3pm
Nutrition talks room, by Viva! nutritionist and health
campaigner VeronikaPowell
16 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 17
Special Oers
(Just Drinking Water)
1 per cartonor 6cartons
for 5

Badgers DairyFree
Around 25% to30% ofall

Bebs Ecolgicos S.L.
FREE waterproof carrier
bag withyour Orethic
6-pads pack! FREE
Feminine liquid washwith
your 3-packOrethic pads pack!

10% discount and
free badge withevery

Conscious Chocolates
3 bars for 5.00. Buy 2 bars
and get 1 free

Conscious Food
Bundle ofers onnew low
GI sugar Palmyra Jaggery
Considerit Chocolate
Free mini chocolate trufe
bar withall purchases
over 20.00

Creative Nature
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE ontheir
Equinox Kombucha
Free sample tasting plus
50% discount onall
Explore Asian
2 for 5.00

Foods for Life - Change
Your Plate Campaign
Buy 1 get 1 free onall 1hr
consultations withleading
UKNutritionist Yvonne
Forever Living
Any order over 150
includes a free weight
management kit worth

Mix and match2 GOOD

GoodyGood Stuf
1/2 Price GIANTmulti-bags
only 5

10% ofGreenfrog Soap
Holistix Herbal Products
10% oforders over 25

Incognito Insect
Up to30% ofall
incognito products
inSpiral Visionary
Buy 3 get 1 free
International New York
Discounted digital
subscriptions plus a free
gif withyour purchase
Koko DairyFree
KokoDairy Free milk
alternative packs only 1

3 for 2 onall products

League Against Cruel
Half price memberships

Lifefood Czech Republic
Discount onall items plus
special ofers onmultiple
Living Naturally
Free gif withevery
London Vegan Societies
Wina free veganmeal for
All products only 2 each
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makesports GmbH -
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Bring your owncup - 25p
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at VegfestUKLondon
18 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 19
Featuring a varietyof top-notch entertainersandperformers.
On the rst oor.
SponsoredbyEquinox Kombucha
Performance Stage
Carol Mae Whittick
Carol Mae Whittick is a singer/songwriter and pianist currently
living in London. Drawing inspiration from the evolution and
events in her life, the songs and music she creates are expressed in
a marriage of twoof her favourite genres Soul for its depthand Jazz
for its abandon. Carol is now beginning a new phase of promotion
and performance for her current project which is led by the single
Attraction asignature CMW song withsuccinct lyrics, mesmerising
groove and an unforgettable hook. It is about the discovery of the
Law Of Attractioninher life.
Veggievision Speed
Dating Sessions
Gay - Saturday 12pm
Straight - Sunday 12pm
Karin from VeggieVision will
host 2 speed dating sessions at
VegfestUK London - a gay session
on Saturday at 12pm and a straight
session on Sunday at 12pm. Karin set up her own speed dating site
veggievisiondating.comtoconnect like-minded souls inthe veggie
world and has hosted speed dating at VegfestUKevents for 2 years
running. Her superbly organised sessions are always very well
attended, light hearted and full of fun, humour and much more! If
this is your cup of tea, please register inadvance by emailing info@
veggievision.tvtoparticipate stating your name, age, what session,
if you have a website or Facebook page or send a photo for ID on
the day.
Alasdair Beckett-
Alasdair Beckett-King is an award-
winning standup comedian. He
won the New Acts of the Year Show
(formerly Hackney Empire) in 2014,
and has performed comedy on BBC
radioand at the Glastonbury festival.
Harriet Kemsley
Award-winning newcomer Harriet
Kemsley has featured on BBC3s
Comedy Marathon, BBC Radio 1s
Comedy Lounge and Alex Zanes
Funny Rotten Scoundrels for
London Live. Shes been described
as A quirky very funny new stand-
up (Time Out) and listed by Rhod Gilbert as One of the top ten
comics tosee (Mail onSunday).
Saturday and Sunday at 2pm
A light-hearted and humorous quiz
which dissects many FAQs about
going and staying vegan. Panel
includes a number of high-profle
special guests, including Goldblade
frontman John Robb, strongman
Patrik Baboumian, TV star Wendy Turner Webster, author Mimi
Kirk, Australian musician Vegan Smythe plus more TBC. Quizzes
hosted by

Peter Antoniou
Peter Antoniou is the Psychic Comedian (or Comedium) fondling
frontal lobes and tickling funny bones. Using his unique skills, he
is able to reach inside your mind and reveal things no one could
know about you. Like the love child of Uri Geller and Ross Geller
(from Friends), Peter has amazed clients such as Kerrang!, Ernst
and Young, and Disney, and regularly tours his sell-out theatre
show across Europe.
Andrew ONeill
See page 10for description
Join us for the 2014 VegfestUK
Awards ceremony with awards
presented by comedian Andrew
ONeill! Awards celebrate the crme
de la crme of vegetarian and vegan
living and come in 14 diferent categories. You can cast your vote
before September 15that
Vegan Smythe
See page 10for description
Mitchell andVincent
David Mitchell and GrahamVincent
are an acoustic duo based in Dorset
and Somerset who play lively
traditional music from the British
Isles on Fiddle and Guitar. Much
of their set is instrumental but this is mixed in with a few broadly
traditional songs.
Chris Stokes is one of the few vegan
comedians in the UK. His playful
and erudite stand-up has seen him
crop up on Daves One Night Stand
and intermittently on BBC Radios
4 and 5Live. As well as supporting the likes of Milton Jones, Pete
Firman and Stewart Francis on several UK tours, Chris debut
solo show was awarded the Best Show award at Daves Leicester
Comedy Festival 2012. Photo credit: AndyHollingworth
Joey Brannigan is a Comedian,
Poet & Writer (and Vegan!). Afer
performing twice with us in 2012,
Joey is making his return and
bringing with him a variety of
stories, poems and letters (he loves
winding people up!). Joey has
opened for Simon Evans, as well as being part of the I amHappy
tour which culminated in a sold out show at Leicesters Y Theatre.
A short clip fromthis made it to the fnals of Daves Comedy Shorts
Carl Donnelly
Carl started performing stand-up
in 2005 and quickly established
himself as one of the UKs most
exciting young comedians. His
conversational, silly sense of
humour saw him win a host
of awards (Chortle Best Newcomer 2007, Leicester Mercury
Comedianof the Year 2007 among others) and become a regular at
all of the fnest comedy clubs inthe UKand Ireland.
Vegan Bodybuilding Competition
The event will be a single dumbbell
shoulder press (15Kg males, 7Kg
females). The contest will be how many
continuous repetitions acontestant can
achieve. Partial reps & push pressing
will not be allowed & the judges may
end any event if they feel a safety issue
arises (either to the contestant or the
The judges decisionis fnal. Entry is free &all entrants will receive a
prize. The event will be photographed &by entering the contest you
agree to allow photographs of yourself to be used (on the internet
or other mediums) by VeganBodybuilding &other sponsors.
11.00 Carol Mae Whittick- music
12.00 VeggieVisionSpeed Dating - gay
1.00 Alasdair Beckett-King and Harriet
Kemsley - comedy
2.00 Stars quiz
3.00 Peter Antoniou psychic comedy
4.00 Andrew ONeill - comedy
5.00 VegfestUKawards ceremony
6.00 VeganSmythe - music
11.00 Mitchell &Vincent - music
12.00 VeggieVisionSpeed Dating - straight
1.00 Chris Stokes &Joey Brannigan- comedy
2.00 Stars quiz
3.00 Carl Donnelly - comedy
4.00 VeganBodybuilding competition
5.00 VeganSmythe - music
20 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 21
Kids Cookery Classes
On the GroundFloor, with our resident pirate Captain JamesTea Cook on handwith
some great ideasfor kids- all 100% plant based. Sarah Jane Honeywell guestsboth
daysasthe Captainsmate. SponsoredbyMagpie
Come along tothe kids space tosee times onthe day!
TinCanAlley How many tins of fruit and vegetables canyou
knockofinone go?
Mini World Cup Shootout Canyou score a 5 a day rainbow?
Rainbow Ina Bucket Bag your 5 a day inthe Rainbow Buckets!
Pancake Tossing Lessons
Learnthe perfect toss
Capt. James Tea Cook
Make yourself a Banana
&Chocolate Pancake.
(supported by Plamil
Chocolate, 3 Omega Dairy
Free Flax Drink, Koco
Coconut Milk, Banabay
Rainbow Hands The ultimate fridge art, every home should
have one Give a plate a highfve! A reminder toeat a rainbow
every day, 5 a day!
Magic Bananas Discover electricity inBananas. Whoneeds a
defbrillator whenyou have bananas?
VegfestUKRainbow 5 a Day Smoothie Bike Cycle yourself
a BananaBerry Smoothie
withthe Vegfest 5 a Day
Rainbow Smoothie Bike
essential fats, antioxidants,
vitamins, minerals and energy
(Supported by 3 Omega Dairy
Free Flax Drink, KocoCoconut
Milk, Banabay Bananas )
Rainbow Salt Play Dough-
Make a rainbow shape, face or
fridge magnet withvegetable
coloured play dough
VegfestUKTreasure Trail Pirates need proteinjust like every
body Find your favourite sources of proteinat VegfestUKand
markthemout of 3 whats your favourite? A veggie sausage?
A veggieburger? Hemp Protein? Anenergy bar? Roasted
nuts and seeds? A nut butter? A
schnitzel? FaconBacon? Dairy
Free Cheese? FishFree Tuna?
Tofu? Small prize for all entrants
(supported by Nakd and Natural
Balance Foods)
Kids Fitness Workout - Singing and
Dancing withCaptainJames Tea
Cookand CBeebies SarahJane
Signthe petitiontoaskthe NHS to
change the eatwell plate totake
ofthe Coca-Cola and add more
Foods for Life Nutritionwebsite
Last Man Standing
Only the toughest and most agile amongst you will survive the
challenge of Last One Standing. The weakwill be swept up, dumped
on their back-side and defeated by the Bar of Doom as it rises and
falls, turns faster and slower, goes backwards and forwards. Will
you be the last one standing?
Disco Dome
Disco Dome is the most exclusive party venue on the planet and it
comes direct to VegFest London. You and your friends can bounce
to the beats on Disco Domes infatable dance foor as the built-in
sound and light systems pump the latest tunes throughthe greatest
ever discoparty dome.
For further infoabout Andrews Leisure, visit
Kids Entertainment
AndrewsLeisure iskindlybringing their Last Man Standing and
Disco Dome to VegfestUKLondon thisyear. Taking place on the
rst oor.
22 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 23
On the rst oor, with some ingeniouschefsdemonstrating
their delightful creationsto light upyour plant-baseddiets
SponsoredbyVegusto UK
Cookery Demos
Nishma Shah - Indian
Sweet Treats
Nishma is the vegan chef behind
Shambhus, the London-based
family-run vegan catering company.
One secret of Shambhus success is
how Nishma draws inspiration from
culinary styles from around the
world. At this years London Vegfest,
Nishma will demonstrate how to
make vegan versions of traditional
festive Indiansweet treats.
Vanessa Almeida
- Chocolate
Vanessa will teachyou how tomake
an easy, rich and heavenly good
Chocolate Cheesecake. Using tofu
as a main ingredient she will teach
you how this ingredient can be
versatile, delicious and healthy. This
sophisticated dessert will impress
your family and friends.
Christine Bailey-
Supercharge with Raw
andVegan Delights
Want to energise your body naturally
and enjoy delicious, mouth-watering
food? Christine will show you
how to optimise your health with
nourishing ingredients and recipes.
Whether you are looking for some
healthy salads, performance-boosting
snacks or a healthy indulgent
dessert this is the cookery demo
not to miss! Demo sponsored by
Froothie Delicious
Vegan Dessertsand
Soupsin no Time
Froothies adventure started with a small Australian company
promoting and supplying healthy fruits to vegan cafes and juice
bars in Melbourne encouraging themto promote healthier drinks
called Froothie - playing on the Smoothie name. Froothie now
supports The Vegan Society via a fundraising Partnership, and to
celebrate this Froothie will be doing an exciting demonstration
at the show. Froothie will teach you how to whip up delicious
vegan desserts and soups in minutes, smoothies in seconds.
Stephanie Jes Raw
Chinese Take-away
Grab a taste of raw and kickstart your
own wellness journey by watching Raw
Foodie Stephanie prepare some of her
signature plates from her tantalising
Chinese bufet supper. Stephanie will
share with you her tips on how she lost
9 stones and cured herself of chronic
disease. She will also be launching a
competition to win a FREE place at her
Dr LindaJoyRose -
Cake with Raspberry
This decadent guilt-free indulgent dessert can be prepared in 10
minutes but will probably be gone in less time than that! Learn
about the Raw Fusion philosophy and how to enhance the bio-
availability of your foods. Explore sensible sweeteners, superfoods,
alternate protein sources and the power of chia with a wellness
expert, chef and author.
ine Carlin Keepit
ine will demonstrate one of the
tasty dishes found in her new book
Keep It Vegan, which demystifes
veganism, with 100 delicious yet
simple recipes that use standard
supermarket ingredients. Her creative ideas will tempt long-time
vegans and newcomers alike - even meat-eaters and dairy fans
wont feel theyre missing out. Chapters include Breakfast, Brunch
& More, Midday Meals & Simple Suppers, Something Special and
Sweet Treats. Dishes include Toasted Breakfast Burritos, Smoky
MoroccanStew, Fudgy Banana Brownies and more!
Jane Easton - Recipes
FromThe Viva!
Viva!s food and cookery coordinator
Jane Easton will demonstrate the
following recipes:
QuickCreamof Watercress Soup
a fragrant soup thickened with protein-rich creamy white
Sauteed Squash with Olive Tapenade & Cannellini Beans a
simple to make yet sophisticated side dish that can be easily
extended intoa maincourse.
Chocolate Brownies moist and delicious.
Amanda Hamilton -
Juice andBlendYour
Wayto Health!
In this hugely informative session,
Amanda will show how to turn an
ordinary juice intothe ultimate body
tonic, clear up confusionaround the sugar debate and intermittent
fasting and will demonstrate family-friendly smoothies that keep
her ownkids happy and healthy.
Pasquale Amico
- Aubergines
With Basil, Rice
Milk Mozzarella,
Pasquale Amico returns for the
London leg of Vegfest 2014, afer
a successful stint at the Brighton
date earlier this year. Pasquale will be preparing Aubergines with
basil, rice milk mozzarella, tomatoes and crispy rocket, a perfect
example of his work and determinationto explore the stylings and
relationship betweenfavour and health.
Toni Fiore -
For nearly a decade Toni Fiore has
been creating fast, easy & delicious
recipes for millions of American TV
and online viewers. Tonis cooking demo begins with breakfast, by
transforming a blockof tofu intoa delicious Shaved Tofu Scramble.
Next, shell create aSweet Confetti QuinoaSalad for any time of day.
These recipes are simple, budget-friendly, protein-rich & Gluten-
Stephen Ward- Last
Daysof the Raj
Steve was born in Calcutta, India
during the last days of the Raj. His
parents decided to return to the UK,
the land of their ancestors. But as with all British and Anglo-Indian
residents of the sub-continent they adapted some native Indian
recipes and brought themhalf-way across the world. Now Stephen
will share these secrets with VegfestUK visitors, by demonstrating
one or more of the following dishes; falouries (bhajias), stufed
paratas or dawl (lentils).
- DairyFree Cheese
West London Deli-boy, Scottish
Hotelier, New Forest Executive
consultant chef Tony Bishop-Weston
presents quick vegan dairy free
cheese shortcuts for cheesecake,
cheeseboards , pizza, welshrarebit , raclette and fondue.
12.00 Nishma Shah- IndianSweet Treats
1.00 Vanessa Almeida - Chocolate
2.00 Christine Bailey - Supercharge withRaw
and VeganDelights
3.00 Froothie Delicious VeganDesserts and
Soups innoTime
4.00 Stephanie Jefs Raw Chinese Take-
5.00 Dr LindaJoy Rose - Flourless Chocolate
Cake withRaspberry Coulis
6.00 ine Carlin- Keep It Vegan
12.00 Jane Easton- Recipes fromthe Viva!
1.00 Amanda Hamilton- Juice and blend
your way tohealth!
2.00 Pasquale Amico- Aubergines withBasil,
Rce MilkMozzarella, Tomatoes and
Crispy Rocket
3.00 Toni Fiore - Deliciously Easy Protein
4.00 StephenWard - Last Days of the Raj
5.00 Tony Bishop-Weston- Dairy Free Cheese
24 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 25
symptoms as severe as total physical debilitation by uncovering
a liberating insight into the nature of wellbeing, which when
revealed can give rise to liberating states of self-healing, health
and happiness. The knowledge Richi has to share with us gained
fromhis own personal transformation fromphysically debilitating
chronic illness is nothing short of life-changing!
Stella Phillips- The
Tao of Foodand
Stellas holistic, spiritual approach
focuses on nourishing the whole
person by clearing emotional &
nutritional imbalances. With a history
of childhood illness, Stellas journey to
health has been turbulent and full of
discovery. Youll beneft from Stellas
diverse knowledge and experience, leaving with a unifed clarity
intothe art of nutritional, lifestyle, whole-life balance.
Cultural Mechanics
andthe Art of
William explores how culture and
values shape our view of the world
and each other, and explains why
food choices in particular seemsuch
an emotionally charged topic. Hell
also examine how these cultural
values can be used to create positive
infuence and ultimately shif the
accepted norms which cultural
behaviours are built upon.
Gail Evans- Detoxing
Your Emotions
Gail will introduce the principles
behind her renowned, efective
21 day DIY Body Detox program,
which teaches the skills to transition
successfully towards wholefoods and
a juicing cleanse, by incorporating
delicious and balanced Raw and
Cooked Vegan meals into your daily
Heather Gardner
- The WildWayto
Health, Balance, and
Join Heather for this deeply
informative, empowering look at
how we can utilise native plants and
tonic herbs to nourish and balance
us on a plant-based diet. Heather
shares her extensive knowledge and
experience to reveal how you can
use herbs and wild edibles to stay
healthy and strong in our changing
times, enabling us to deal with stress, adrenal fatigue, and protect
against radiation exposure - a very real challenge were faced with
Kyle Vialli - Why
Vegetarian DietsFail
andWhat We Can Do
About it!
Join vitality coach and forthcoming
author of What in the World am I
Supposed to Eat? Kyle Vialli and
discover 5 of the primary reasons
why healthy vegetarian diets fail.
Kyle has guided over a thousand raw,
vegan and vegetarian clients across
Europe and Australia, and has seen
frst-hand the variety of well-intentioned nutritional mistakes that
stop vegetarians (or meat-eaters for that matter) thriving.
Jamie Combs- The HolisticRevolution
andOur Role in it!
Enjoy arare opportunity tohear directly fromJamie Combs, creator
of Nakd Wholefoods and one of the Natural Living Communitys
most successful and infuential entrepreneurs.
Youll discover a simple, powerful approach for transforming
passionintopositive, practical change.
Exploring Personal, Communal, andGlobal Wellbeing. The LifeWell Hub
featuresa diverse line-upof inspirational andempowering wellnessspeakers.
LifeWell Hub
Aiden Fry- Another
Aiden presents the compassionate and
holistic vision of The Venus Project,
introducing some of its exciting solutions
for creating a harmonious, abundant
world, including moving toward a
global Resource-Based Economy. The Venus Project ofers a
comprehensive plan for social reclamation in which humans,
technology and nature coexist in a long-term, sustainable state of
dynamic equilibrium.
Ellie Bedford- Raw &
Simple Super-drinks
for the WHOLEFamily
Imagine starting your day with a
delicious mint chocolate elixir or a
zesty blueberry smoothie. Or relaxing
at bedtime with a calming tea to help
you sleep soundly and wake feeling
refreshed. Ellie covers the basics
on putting together these amazing
drinks - experience a live demo and enjoy a taster of a family-
friendly chocolate elixir!
*Assisted by Donna-Marie Watsonof Mothering Life.
DavidSaville - How to
Channel Your Passion
to Live Your Dreams
How to use your current
circumstances to create your dreams;
That motivation can be your worst
enemy (and why you dont need it);
What fear really is and how its the
key to your deepest desires; The
one simple truth that can change
everything! This isnt about theory / fantasy. Find out how to start
taking real world steps ona journey where nothing will ever be the
same again!
Nienke R. Moolenaar
- HappyHealthy
Conditions caused by hormonal
imbalance can never be solved
by treating individual symptoms.
Nienkes approach is holistic its
main focus is to bring harmony to
the endocrine system and fnd a
balance by eating the right combination of foods. But without self-
care practices and simple lifestyle changes, the issues cannot be
healed. Nienke inspires womentodevelop the ability tolistentothe
unique language their body speaks and to fnd the courage to face
emotional blockages linked tothe physical manifestation.
Tanya Alekseeva -
Alkalising with Raw
FoodsAlone isNot
Many researchers believe that
diseases simply struggle to develop,
grow or survive in a slightly alkaline, oxygen rich environment.
But boosting and balancing your bodys pH levels isnt all about the
food you eat. When you begin to cleanse your soul by changing
the music you listen to, images you look at, colours you wear,
conversations you have and thoughts you develop, your health
improves dramatically.
Richi - Heal and
Thrive Now. (Keynote)
Learn how Richi overcame a lifetime
of debilitating ill health. How he
bafed doctors while traversing
12:00 AidenFry Another World is Possible
1:00 Ellie Bedford Raw &Simple Super-
drinks For The WHOLE Family
2:00 David Saville How ToChannel Your
PassionToLive Your Dreams
3:00 Nienke R. Moolenaar Happy Healthy
4:00 Tanya Alekseeva Alkalising WithRaw
Foods Alone is Not Enough
5:00 Richi Heal and Thrive Now
12:00 Stella Phillips - The Taoof Food and
1:00 WilliamBedford - Cultural Mechanics
and the Art of Infuence
2:00 Gail Evans - Detoxing Your Emotions
3:00 Heather Gardner - The Wild Way to
Health, Balance and Resilience
4:00 Kyle Vialli - Why VegetarianDiets Fail
and What We CanDoAbout it!
5:00 Jamie Combs - The Holistic Revolution
and Our Role InIt
26 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 27
Aradhana Kaur -
MoodFoods- Nourish
Your MoodsWith Raw
Raw food chef and teacher Aradhana
Kaur introduces ways to use
raw food resources when youre
looking for comfort food or eating
to procrastinate. Shell demonstrate
superfood recipes including a
Soothing Comfort Smoothie and Procrastination Mash, which
support us inbecoming more calm, easy-going and connected.
Jessica Laura - IsRaw,
Vegan Skincare Anti-
Anti-Ageing is a concept that is
frequently bandied about in relation
to skincare and beauty products... But
are raw, organic skincare products
actually going to make you look any
Deborah Durrant -
Learn to make amazingly elegant,
decadent raw food and wow your
friends and family in just under an
hour fromDeborah (Deliciously Raw).
Back from spending a few months
with Matthew Kenney in California,
her courses were shortlisted for the
Best Short Cookery Course inthe UKand Ireland by the Looking to
CookCookery School Awards.
GrahamJevon - Lightforce Food
Learn the value of medicinal foods
and the diference between Raw
food, Living food and Lightforce
food. Reverse ageing, look younger,
feel better, activate your hormones
& truly detoxify the mind, body and
emotions with the most exquisite
delights of the plant kingdom. Learn
whats really sustainable and attainan
in-depth understanding of the body
and its infnite wisdom.
Natalie Heath - Raw
FoodMade Sexy!
Natalie reveals the secret to
super tantalising, luxurious and
fun raw food creation, showing
that you dont need to consume
boring salads and green juices
every day to up your nutritional
intake and boost your energy
Neil Robinson &TimBarford(Yaoh) -
HempSmoothie Demo
Join Yaoh manager Tim Barford
with ex-Everton and Swansea City
footballer Neil Robinson, who played
top-fight professional football on
a veggie and later vegan diet in the
70s and 80s. Tims been vegan for
30 years and is a big fan of hemp and
smoothies. He and Neil put the two
together intoa lively, humorous demo
of their favourite smoothies.
Fab Giovanetti &Denisa Ratulea
Evolution of the Raw FoodCommunity
Fab and Denisa focus on the importance of collaboration in the
raw food community and the importance it has on the fnal result
of people receiving value as being the backbone of ones success.
Fab shares the top 3 business practices that raw food experts have
beenusing to gather a raw-some tribe.
As a prime example of collaboration
and knowledge, Denisa reveals the
most important steps of dealing with
physical pain and the most important
changes you can make today to
prevent or improve back pain and
On the First Floor, with some dedicatedraw expertsshowcasing the best of a
raw vegan diet.
Living Raw Zone
Stephanie Jes-
Juicing for Health,
Stephanie shares her truly inspiring,
engaging juicy journey from
unhealthy vegetarianto high-raw high
plant-based living. Stephanie lost 9
stones and cured herself fromchronic
disease by a juice detox. Shell share tips for getting started with
juicing and getting it right, how to avoid the pitfalls of yo-yo juicing,
how touse juicing as astepping stone towards more spiritual living,
and how toincorporate juicing intoeveryday living.
Kate Magic- Raw MagicPhilosophy
Kate discusses the Raw Magic philosophy. What are the best raw
foods to include and which to avoid. How to transition easily
and achieve your goals efortlessly,
without stress and yo-yo-ing. Some of
the common bad habits people slip
into and ways to avoid them. How to
avoid defciencies ona raw diet.
Saskia Fraser - Warm
andComforting Raw
FoodFor Winter
Many struggle with eating raw food
in winter, when its cold and rainy
outside, and wish they could be
healthy and full of positive energy
through the winter months. Saskia
shows you how its deliciously
possible to eat more raw food in
winter, inspiring you to be brilliantly
well throughthe coming months.
Pat Reeves- Living
FoodsandRaw Power
Pat explores a truly empowering
nutritional practice to overcome
health challenges, both emotional
and physical, heal injuries faster,
provides abundant energy, is anti-
aging and extremely cost-efective!
Raw living foods ofer high amounts
of nutrients which are vitalising,
enhancing oxygen and vibrancy, making us more intuitive and
knowledgeable inaccessing our inner healing system.
Karen Ranzi - Eating HealthyWith Raw
Vegan Recipes
Feeling like you know theres a better
way to live and eat, but lacking the
tools to make it happen? Its time to
clean the blood, rejuvenate the body
and clear your mind by learning
simple tips on how to make better
choices and prepare easy, nutritious
meals. Karen will prepare a delicious
Pina Colada Green Smoothie and send you her ebook Fun Raw
Food Finger Foods.
Gina Shaw - IsA High-Fruit Diet BadFor
Your Health?
Ginas been on a high-fruit diet for
over 16 years and theres been plenty
of talk about fruit causing all kinds of
diseases and ill-health. Ginadiscusses
the experiences of herself and her
clients of eating a high-fruit diet in
England and the benefts and issues
that she and her clients have faced, thenconcludes its benefts and
12.00 Stephanie Jefs - Juicing for Health,
Wellness and Vibrant Living
1.00 Kate Magic - Raw Magic Philosophy
2.00 Saskia Fraser - Warmand Comforting
Raw Food for Winter
3.00 Pat Reeves - Living Foods and Raw
4.00 KarenRanzi - Eating Healthy withRaw
5.00 Gina Shaw - Is a High-Fruit Diet Bad for
your Health?
6.00 Aradhana Kaur - Mood Foods - Nourish
your Moods withRaw Foods
12.00 Jessica Laura - Is Raw, VeganSkincare
1.00 DeborahDurrant - Entertaining
2.00 GrahamJevon- Lightforce Food
3.00 Natalie Heath- Raw Food Made Sexy!
4.00 Neil Robinson&TimBarford (Yaoh) -
Hemp Smoothie Demo
5.00 FabGiovanetti &Denisa Ratulea
Evolutionof the Raw Food Community
28 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 29
On the rst oor, with some superb expertsproviding top
nutritional tipsfor plant-basedlifestyles
SponsoredbyFrysVegetarian UK
Talks Nutrition
Yvonne Bishop-Weston - What our
Children Needto Eat
Yvonne Bishop-Weston, Nutritional Therapist BSc. Dip IONmBANT,
will talk about what children need in and out of their diets to help
themgrow healthy bodies and develop enquiring minds.
Christine Bailey-
Fatsthat Heal, Fats
that Kill
Christine will dispel the common
myths around fats, explaining the
TRUTH surrounding fats and how
low-fat and fat-free foods are one
of the main causes of many of
todays health problems - as well as
giving the low-down on what fats
you should be eating, which ones you should avoid and why. Talk
sponsored by Udos Choice.
Juliet Gellatley-
Whyyoudont Need
Is it natural and even safe to
consume milkafer weaning? Juliet
explores the many health issues
and new researchshowing why dairy is linked tocancers including
breast, prostate and bowel; which foods are known to fght against
cancers; how natural growth hormones in milk afect us and what
are the dangers of milk protein and saturated fats? Also, if we dont
consume dairy where should we get calcium?
Joel Gazdar - Raw
Wellbeing: Key
Essential Aspectsto
Joel will talk about the contextual
pillars of wellbeing ofenoverlooked
by nutritionbooks and raw food teachings toensure that transition
to thriving is expansive, long-lasting and holistic. wildfoodcafe.
Mellissa Morgan - How
to Replace Animal
Productsin your Cakes
Struggling to veganise your favourite baking recipes? Mellissa will
take you throughthe world of veganbaking substitutions and youll
learn why you dont need animal products in any recipe. Bring
your recipes along to the session and Mellissa will give you vegan-
friendly substitution suggestions on the spot! Shell also give out
substitution ideas for classic recipes based on suggestions made
onthe Ms. Cupcake Twitter and Facebooksites.
Dr Evelien Van
Amerongen - Holistic
Detoxication on all
5Levelsof your Body
Removing toxins from the cells,
organs and tissues safely and
efectively is paramount to lasting
health and to the treatment of any
physical, mental or emotional
illness. In this talk by Dr. Evelien
Van Amerongen, youll learn about
the 5 level approach to healing the
physical body.
- WhyVegans/
Higher Oxygen &Good
Learn how hundreds of chronic diseases can be explained from
habitually breathing above the healthy normdue to consumption
of animal products, processed food and generally overeating. The
more you over-breathe, the more disturbed your body chemistry
and the more severe your body imbalance!
Skipthe NakedHealth
Detective - How To Detox
Your Life
What is life when we get down to its
fundamental essence? Its energy. We either
have it or we dont and feel numb. It can be
positive and constructive, or negative and
destructive. Are you someone that could
beneft by learning how to tap into more energy? Physically,
Mentally, Emotionally &Spiritually. If so, come and watchSkip! Hell
inspire you and amaze you. Around the world they called himThe
Miracle Man- come and youll see why.
Brendan Brazier -
Vegan SportsNutrition:
How to Boost Athletic
Performance on a Plant-
Based on Brendans proven method, learn how to successfully
transition to a plant-based diet that will signifcantly boost athletic
performance. How to avoid the common pitfalls and ensure all
nutritional needs are met.
Pete Ryan andAlex
Mitchell - Nutrition
&Exercise For Size,
Strength &Health
Amateur vegan bodybuilder Alex Mitchell
&nutritionist Pete Ryanwill give you the skinny onadding strength
& size to your body while maintaining maximum health. Alex &
Pete will cover dietary choices, their benefts & pitfalls; training
options, and methods tomaximise results.
Veronika Powell - The
SafetyOf Soya - IsSoya
A SuperfoodOr Health
Its hard to decide what to believe about soya some praise it as a
super-bean, others warnagainst it. Find out what the latest scientifc
researchand experts onthe topic say!
Stephen Walsh - Good
Health Without
Animal Products
Typical vegetarian and vegan diets
ofer important advantages for health,
particularly less saturated fat and
cholesterol and lower risk of obesity.
However, the right choices on a plant-
based diet are critical to getting the
maximumbeneft. This talk provides
clear guidelines for maximising the
Sulic- What Is
Naturopathic Nutritionstresses
the use of whole, organic
foods as medicine - an integral
concept of healing in many
indigenous societies. Today, we
see that a return to chemical-
free foods, along with other dietary measures, is an efective
answer to many health complaints and common conditions, as
well as anti-ageing and making the most of your natural beauty.
12.00 Yvonne Bishop-Weston- What our
ChildrenNeed toEat
1.00 Christine Bailey - Fats that Heal, Fats that
2.00 Juliet Gellatley - Why you dont Need
3.00 Joel Gazdar - Raw Food &Wild Wellbeing:
Key Essential Aspects toThriving
4.00 Mellissa Morgan- How toreplace animal
products inyour cakes and bakes
5.00 Dr EvelienvanAmerongen- Holistic
DetoxifcationonAll 5 Levels of your
6.00 Konstantinos Kapelas - Why Vegans/
vegetarians have higher oxygen&good
12.00 Skip the Naked HealthDetective - How To
Detox Your Life
1.00 BrendanBrazier - VeganSports Nutrition:
How toBoost Athletic Performance ona
Plant-Based Diet
2.00 Pete Ryanand Alex Mitchell - Nutrition&
Exercise for Size, Strength&Health
3.00 Veronika Powell - The Safety of Soya - Is
soya a superfood or healthrisk?
4.00 StephenWalsh- Good Healthwithout
Animal Products
5.00 Marianna Sulic - What is Naturopathic
30 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 31
On the First Floor, with some reallycool plant-eatersshedding
light on plant-basedlifestyles
SponsoredbyBute IslandFoods
Talks Lifestyle
Neil Robinson - Plant
Exclusive Health &
Neil Robinson, the frst vegan
professional footballer (ex-Everton
FC), along with his brother John
(BA Hons Sports Studies; BA Hons
Food, Nutrition & Health), speaks
about a vegan lifestyle which can
be augmented by an aerobic ftness & high-rep weight training
conditioning programme for the beneft of everyone - with
emphasis onover 50s.
Brendan Brazier - StressReduction
Through Plant-BasedWholefoods
Europeans and North Americans are chronically overstressed
and hence experiencing poor-
quality sleep and general fatigue,
and developing sickness and
disease inrecord numbers. While its
commonpractice tomerely treat the
symptoms, learnhow to address the
underlining cause and signifcantly
reduce overall stress, without losing
Victoria Moran -
Eating Green, Living
Green, andLoving
Life in the Real World
Theres a feasible, practical and
exciting formula for getting the glow,
making peace with food and weight,
and living long without growing old.
Its a matter of nourishing your body with fresh, colourful plant
foods, loving yourself, honoring other beings, and detoxing your
body and mind. How? By going V-E-G-A-N!
Patrik Baboumian -
PlantsAre Green
With scientifc facts and personal
experience, Patrik illustrates
why a plant-based lifestyle is one
important building blockonour way
to designing a better future for us as
individuals, the society, our species
and the whole planet.
John Robb - Vegan or
Vague-n youDecide
the Politicsof
Veganism is on the edge of the
mainstream. How can we help get it
there? Fresh back froma trip to New
York, JohnRobbsees the movement
infast forward.
Twitter @johnrobb77
Alex Bourke - Eating
Out Vegan In London
The new Vegetarian Paris
guidebook is 224 pages with several
new vegan restaurants, social
groups, vegan festivals, and two
vegan shops. London is still the
best European city to be vegan, with
over 20veganrestaurants, cafes and
market stalls. London resident Alex
Bourke presents the best places to
eat, sleep and shop vegan in Paris
and London.
Corrina Gordon-
Barnes How to
Market your Vegan
Corrina reveals a step-by-step
process thats helped practitioners
build thriving, proftable businesses.
Be inspired by this heart-centred
approach to marketing that lets you share the benefts of what you
do, while earning a healthy living doing what you love. Youll also
learnhow tofll your classes, workshops and client roster, plus how
toset your prices and attract paying clients.
Jasmijn de Boo andSamantha Calvert
RipenedbyHuman Determination:
SeventyYearsof The Vegan Society
Cantime ever be ripe for any reform
unless it is ripened by human
determination? Donald Watson,
VeganSociety founder, 1944.
To mark The Vegan Societys 70th
anniversary in November this
year, Researcher in Residence SamCalvert will be discussing how
the Society has grown from just 25 members at its founding in
November 1944 into an international movement today. The Vegan
Societys CEO, Jasmijn de Boo, will bring the story up to date by
describing the Societys current workand its plans for the future.
Mimi Kirk Raw,
Inside Out
Learn to stretch out the middle years,
and keep vital and energetic instead of
getting old as we age. Were led to believe
that every illness / disease we may get over ffy is age-related. Can
we regenerate our body at any age? How to stay healthy, look and
feel younger than our years? How to reverse the damage we might
have done to our bodies? Are we doomed because our family
genes arent good?
Fiona Oakes-
Running for Animals
Fiona talks about her world record
challenge and her recent adventures
in the Sahara Desert where she
completed the Marathon des Sables
for the 2nd time. Looking forward,
Fiona has a place on the elite start
of the Great North Run and will be of to Nepal in November to run
up Everest. Then in February her biggest challenge yet the Triple
7 Quest SEVEN marathons on SEVEN Continents in just SEVEN
Christine Vardaros-
Vegan Diet for Active
Vegan cyclist Christine Vardaros
shares her sporting adventures on
a vegan diet and all shes discovered
so you too can easily get the most
out of your body. Shell also spend
some time dispelling the myths
surrounding a plant-based diet
and arm you with a few tricks of
the trade to prepare for your own
personal athletic adventures.
Amanda Woodvine
- Nutrition for Older
According toanational survey, older
people living in institutions ofen
lack certain vitamins and minerals.
Worryingly, nutrient defciencies
afect around four in ten older adults, which can lead to a vicious
cycle of infection. Amandaexplains whichnutrients totake special
care over inand out of acare setting, easy ways toget them, and will
answer questions specifc tocatering for older vegetarians / vegans.
Steve Danks-
CannabisCures, Fact
or Fiction
Steve covers the latest topics about
Medicinal Cannabis, from plant
to medicine! A terminal cancer
survivor, hell discuss why Cannabis
works as a medicine for humans
and most vertebrates on this planet through our indigenous
cell regulatory system, the similarities between Cannabis and a
Mothers Breast Milk, and how we can heal ourselves within 3-6
12.00 Neil Robinson- Plant Exclusive Health&
1.00 BrendanBrazier - Stress Reduction
throughPlant-Based Wholefoods
2.00 Victoria Moran- Eating Green, Living
Green, and Loving Life inthe Real World
3.00 PatrikBaboumian- Plants are Green
4.00 JohnRobb- Veganor Vague-nyou Decide
the Politics of Compassion
5.00 Alex Bourke - Eating out VeganinLondon
and Paris
6.00 Corrina Gordon-Barnes How toMarket
your VeganBusiness
12.00 Jasmijnde Booand Samantha Calvert
- Ripened by HumanDetermination:
Seventy Years of The VeganSociety
1.00 Mimi Kirk- Raw, Timeless Beauty from
Inside Out
2.00 Fiona Oakes - Running for Animals
3.00 Christine Vardaros - VeganDiet for Active
4.00 Amanda Woodvine - Nutritionfor Older
Vegetarians and Vegans
5.00 Steve Danks - Cannabis Cures, Fact or
32 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 33
On the rst oor, with some superb activistsshedding light on
some leading campaigns
Talks Campaigns
Sea Shepherd- If The
OceansDie, We Die
Sea Shepherd uses innovative direct-action
tactics to investigate, document, and take
action when necessary to expose and
confront illegal activities on the high seas. By
safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately balanced ocean
ecosystems, Sea Shepherd works toensure their survival for future
Vanessa Hudson - Animal Rights
Politicsin 2014
The UKs Animal Welfare Party is one of
15 parties for animals formed globally
in the last 20 years. Earlier this year, 7 of
the European parties came together and
campaigned for the 2014 EU elections as
the Euro Animal 7, to return dedicated
representatives for animals toParliament
for the frst time ever. Although AWP didnt manage to win a seat,
theirrDutchand Germancounterparts, PvdDand Tierschutz Partei,
were successful and now unprecedentedly represent animals
in Parliament. AWP leader Vanessa Hudson discusses what the
victory above means for animal rights and what opportunities lie
ahead for AWP.
ChrisWilliamson -
Veganswill Inherit the
BEING vegan is about more than diet
for Chris Williamson. Its integral to the
beliefs he holds, campaigns he supports
and person he is. Hes campaigned on a
wide range of issues from banning fox
hunting to ending the food poverty scandal. His diet gives himthe
energy and vigour to live the life he leads. Thats why he believes
vegans will inherit the Earth.
Victoria Eisermann &Pola
Pospieszalska Dog Meat Trade
Victoria and Pola fromthe K-9 Angels charity will talk about their
rescue work for stray dogs in Romania and also discuss the facts
and myths about dog meat.
KimStallwood- Animal
By combining historical and
philosophical thinking with personal
experience, Kimlooks back on his life to
discover why animals are important to
him, and what living as a vegan animal
rights advocate means. Hell share a larger story about animal
activism, and call for compassion, truth, nonviolence, and justice
for all species.
Juliet Gellatley-
The Dark Side Of
Cows produce milk to feed their
babies just like humans. It fows
for the best part of a year and then
stops. More milk requires more
babies. Thats the reality of dairy farming the visible, obvious
side of the industry. But there is another, cruel, muchdarker side to
dairy whichfew see and evenfewer know about.
Mansbridge -
What Price for
Philip looks at some of the current crises facing key species
globally and the relationship between commercial enterprise and
these issues. Debating the intrinsic worth of an animal rather than
its commercial worth, hell discuss how the perspective of value
changes betweenstakeholders and nationalities, and how charities
like Care for the Wild overcome these challenges, change attitudes
and fght against commercial exploitation of animals and how you
canmake real, positive change tothe issues.
Charlee Bennett - Working
For Our Oceans
Our oceans are being plundered at an
uncontrollable rate. With illegal fshing
practices rife, if we carry on as we are, we
can expect empty oceans by 2048, and
something must be done. Charlee discusses the Black Fishs
exciting new programme that aims to double the number of
Fisheries Enforcement Ofcers inthe EU inthe next 2 years.
DominicDyer -
The Badger Army
Dominic discusses his work in global
wildlife protection with particular
focus onthe badger cull campaign: How
badgers have been demonised for the
spread of TB in cattle; The failure of pilot badger culls on scientifc,
economic and humanness grounds; The growing problem of
badger persecution; How tighter cattle controls better TB testing
and vaccination of badgers and cattle is a long-term solution
reducing bovine TB.
Ben Martin Animal
AidsGreat Vegan
This November, Animal Aid is again
running its extremely popular Great
Vegan Challenge, which lets you try
veganismfor a whole monthwithall the
help, support and info you need. Ben looks at what the Challenge
ofers budding vegans, and how the experience of running the
challenge canbe applied tolocal veganoutreach.
Challenging The Food
AndFarming Lobby
Food manufacturers, supermarkets
and the farming industry are powerful
lobbyists and exert considerable
infuence over Government policy. How to ensure the vegan
agenda also gets a hearing? Kerry McCarthy MP discusses how
current policy is shaped by food and farming interests.
Caroline Allen - Why
Industrial Animal
Farming IsBadFor
Animals, People And
The Environment
Industrial animal farming has fast become the accepted way in
whichthe vast majority of meat, eggs and dairy are produced. What
are the true costs of this cheap food revolution for consumers,
the environment and animals? And what can we do against the
massive power of our globalised food industry?
Nitin Mehta - European
17th CenturyOnwards
AndThe Hindu/Jain
Mahatma Gandhi came to London in 1888 to study law. He
converted to vegetarianism afer reading Henry Salts, Plea for
Vegetarianism. What Gandhi perhaps didnt realise was: the ideas
of Vegetarianism and Ahimsa that he picked up in London had
their origins in India! Nitin traces the Indian roots of the European
12.00 Sea Shepherd - If the Oceans Die, We Die
1.00 Vanessa Hudson- Animal Rights Politics
2.00 Chris Williamson- Vegans will Inherit the
3.00 Victoria Eisermannand Pola
Pospieszalska Dog Meat Trade in
4.00 KimStallwood - Animal Witness
5.00 Juliet Gellatley - The DarkSide of Dairy
6.00 Philip Mansbridge - What Price for
12.00 Charlee Bennett - Working For Our
1.00 Dominic Dyer - The Badger Army
2.00 BenMartin - Animal Aids Great Vegan
3.00 Kerry McCarthy - Challenging the Food
and Farming Lobby
4.00 Caroline Allen - Why Industrial Animal
Farming is Bad for Animals, People and
the Environment
5.00 NitinMehta - EuropeanVegetarians from
the 17thCentury onwards and the Hindu/
34 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 35
DayRadley- How To
Be A Vegan Chef
Do you dreamof being a vegan chef?
Day will show you how your dream
can become a reality. With her advice
and inside know-how, you too can
become a successful vegan chef in no
time. Based on her own experience of
going frompassionate foodie to head
chef and then personal chef in just 4
years, she can tell you the cheats and
secrets of the industry.
Lisa Cherry
Beaumont - Authentic
Life Coaching
Lisa will guide you through some
challenging questions thatll help
you create a solution to whatever life
dilemma you face. Shell make sure that youre writing stuf down
and not just daydreaming. She actively encourages daydreams but
only whenyoure writing themdown! The Universe rewards action,
and youll come away witha set of very do-able actionsteps.
ChrissyLeyland- TryThe Vegan
Thinking about going vegan? Tried being vegan but met some
challenges? Are you a new vegan? Chrissy will outline 10 simple
steps for your vegan journey including what to buy, where to eat
and how todeal withfamilies and friends. She will put you intouch
withlocal groups and online groups for ongoing support.
TeenVGN - Meet
Other Compassionate
Teenagers and young adults! Come to this
workshop and meet other compassionate
youngsters, make new friends, grab some
free chocolate and other refreshments
and take a break from just wandering around with your parents!
TeenVGN want to hear YOUR views about life as a VGN teen and
know how we cancampaigntomake everyday life easier.
Ruth Hawe - Writing
Activism: The Power
Of Wriiting And
Imagination As
Eective Advocacy
The written word is the most potent change maker in this co-
created world of our Imagine Nation. Way more impactful than
old paradigmagendas, fction is particularly powerful as it permits
freedom to our ideals and insights. Through examples from her
novel Holy Cow, Ruth Hawe invites you to release your own
cherished ideals inthis interactive workshop.
Katie Creuynni -
Connecting With Life
Force Energies
Exercise to connect with life energies
within us and around us. Feeling,
enhancing and working with earth,
sunand fowing life source energies.
TonySamara - Seven WaysTo
ReceptivityAndThe Grace Of Potential
Whether youre interested intransforming your ownhealthor want
to learn the latest in mind-body medicine to help your patients,
Tony will help you create a lifestyle that supports your deepest
intentions tobecoming more vibrant, healthy, and alive - at any age.
You will gain practical tools and understanding to make the most
conscious healing choices.
On the rst oor, with some engaging speakershosting a
varietyof workshops
Ananda Townend- VeganismAndThe
Evolution Of Consciousness
There are many ways to enhance our lives. But what is the true
purpose of our lives? Where are we headed? Dowe recognise life as
ajourney? Choosing amoral standpoint, e.g. abstaining fromeating
animal products, helps, but is this enough to
advance us in our evolution? Do our choices
change our lives and dothey help us grow and
understand our position? Join Ananda for an
introduction to personal growth and how, by
evolving our consciousness, we shape and
alter the world around us.
Yvonne Bishop-Weston -
WhyWe NeedTo Optimise
Leading nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston
(BSc.Dip ION.mBANT.) will explain why we
need to optimise childrens diets, what they
need to eat for their physical and mental development and how
to practically make this part of daily life. Yvonne will also expose
the typical pitfalls and manufacturers tricks to mislead you into
thinking you are getting a healthy wholefood when its really just a
Jill Swyers- Essential
The nutritional value of sprouts
cannot be over-stressed. They are
collectively packed full of vitamins,
minerals, chlorophyll, fbre etc.! They
provide energy and healthy food
choices in abundance. But best of all, sprouts are readily available
to you with a minimum of planning and no need for exhaustive
searches for must-have exotic foods. Learn how to add Living
Raw Sprouts toyour regular diet and spice up your juicing routine.
Jane Easton &Justin
Kerswell (Viva!) - 30DayVegan:
Improve Your Life In Just One Month
Viva! have recently launched their incredibly successful and totally
free 30Day Vegan programme to help people switch to a healthier,
happier and kinder diet. This will be an informative and fun talk/
workshop with Viva!s food and cookery co-ordinator Jane Easton
and campaigns manager JustinKerswell.
Jojo Huxster - A Vegan Abroad
Travelling the world as a vegan can
be a daunting prospect. Friend and
supporter of The Vegan Society,, aka Jojo, will
discuss everything from how to
avoid arriving at your destination
hangry (hungry and angry) and light-
headed, to tips on how to seek out
vegan specialities and avoid the
surprisingly un-vegan options in a
culturally sensitive way.
12.00 Ananda Townend - Veganismand the
Evolutionof Consciousness
1.00 Yvonne Bishop-Weston- Why We Need
ToOptimise Childrens Diets
2.00 Jill Swyers - Essential Sprouting
3.00 Jane Easton&JustinKerswell (Viva!) - 30
Day Vegan: Improve Your Life InJust
One Month
4.00 JojoHuxster - A VeganAbroad
5.00 Day Radley - How ToBe A VeganChef
6.00 Lisa Cherry Beaumont - Authentic Life
12.00 Chrissy Leyland - Try the Vegan
1.00 TeenVGN- Meet other Compassionate
2.00 Jane Easton&JustinKerswell (Viva!) - 30
Day Vegan: Improve your Life inJust
One Month
3.00 RuthHawe - Writing Activism: the Power
of Writing and Imaginationas Efective
4.00 Katie Creuynni - Connecting withLife
Force Energies
5.00 Tony Samara - SevenWays To
Receptivity And The Grace Of Potential
36 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 37
Some trulyinspiring short lmson show throughout the weekend, on the
GroundFloor. See oor planshere for the location of our cinema.
SponsoredbyGreat FoodUK
This short video by EVOLVE! outlines
the rationale behind following a vegan
lifestyle justice for animals, justice
for global food production, better
health, putting a stop to violence and
environmental destruction amongst
other incentives.
This EVOLVE! flm production shows
that, by eating a variety of plant-based
foods, its easy to get all the nutrients
we require, with the added bonus that
plant-based foods contain no saturated
animal fat, no cholesterol and none of the acidifying efects of
animal-derived foods.
What We Can Do To End
This EVOLVE! video explains that
meat-eating societies are the main
cause of world hunger because they
feed a disproportionate percentage of
the worlds crops to the 60 billion land
animals annually killed by the meat,
dairy and egg industries worldwide, and tens of billions of marine
animals... instead of the 7 billionpeople onthe planet.
Shooting of Migratory
Birdsin Malta (League
against Cruel Sports
In April 2014 a team from the League
Against Cruel Sports, made up of
campaigners and investigators, made
their way to Malta along with Wildlife
Expert and League Vice President Bill
Oddie. Every spring a massacre takes
place inMaltaas thousands of migratory
birds stop ofonthe island torest during
their migration. During spring hunting
(shooting, but termed hunting locally),
any birds that make their way to Malta
are faced by thousands of hunters with the sinister motto if it fies,
it dies. This flmseeks toexpose the persecutionof migratory birds
that the League teamwitnessed frst hand.
Snowdon Vegan
2014 (Vegan
A short flm on this years Snowdon Vegan Party which features:
Vegan Cake eating world record on Snowdon summit, over 100
vegans walking up Snowdon to raise money for the Vegan Organic
Network, Energy ball making, Preston based band Mbius Loop
taking us to the edge, DJ Carl, The Sea Shepherd Pirates, Snowdon
Full MoonVeganParty 2015.
Making The Connection
Vegan Society)
This half hour flmineight parts explores
alifestyle that includes delicious, healthy
food while tackling many of the ethical
and global challenges of today. The flm
features adietician, anMP, chefs, farmers,
an elite athlete, environmental groups
and world-renowned poet. It explains
how becoming vegan is good for your
health, good for the environment, good
for all animals and can help feed a
growing world population.
The Dutch WeedBurger
If humanfood consumptioncontinues onthe current scale, in2050
well need 3 earths to feed us all. More and more scientists agree
on the need for a more plant-based diet. Lisette Kreischer - Dutch
vegan foodie - and documentary maker Mark Kulsdomintend to
tackle this challenge and have set their eyes onseaweed as food of
the future. Together they head toNew Yorktoimmerse themselves
in the worlds fnest vegan culture in search of the perfect seaweed
Mashup- PartySpreads
Join The Vegan Mashup for a new
roundup of elegant vegan appetizers
and irresistible fnger foods that are
ready to party! Toni Fiore creates
luscious Cashew Mascarpone with Smoked Sundried Tomato
Pesto. Terry Hope Romero folds up light and crispy Mediterranean
spinach cheesy flo triangles. Guest chef and chocolatier Fran
Costigan rolls exquisite dairy-free Chocolate Trufes! Miyoko
Schinner serves up creamy Pea &Mint Bruschetta.
The Ghostsin our
This flm illuminates the lives of
individual animals living within and
rescued from the machine of our
modern world. Through the heart
and photographic lens of acclaimed
photographer Jo-Anne McArthur, we
become intimately familiar with a cast
of non-human animals. The flmfollows
Jo-Anne over the course of a year as
she photographs several animal stories
in parts of Canada, the U.S. and in Europe. Each story is a window
into global animal industries: Food, Fashion, Entertainment and
WhatsFor Dinner?
A short documentary that
examines the rapidly increasing
consumption of animal-based
foods in China that has mirrored
the countrys swif economic
growth in recent years. This
flm examines whether people
in the developing world eat as much meat, eggs, and dairy as
people in industrialised countries without destroying the planet.
The flmlooks into Chinas rapidly changing food and agricultural
landscape and reveals some of its consequences for public health,
sustainability, the environment, climate change, and animal
Cowspiracy: the
A groundbreaking feature-length
environmental documentary following
an intrepid flmmaker as he uncovers
the most destructive industry facing
the planet today and investigates
why the worlds leading environmental
organizations are too afraid to talk about
it. As eye-opening as Blackfsh and as
inspiring as An Inconvenient Truth, this
shocking yet humorous documentary
reveals the absolutely devastating environmental
impact large-scale factory farming has onour planet.
Films(on SaturdayandSunday)
11:10 EVOLVE flms:
Why Vegan?
Plant-based Nutritionvs Animal-based
What we candotoEnd World Hunger
11:30 Shooting of Migratory Birds inMalta
11:45 SnowdonVeganParty Weekend 2014
12:00 Making the Connection
12:40 The DutchWeed Burger
13:15 Delicious TVVeganMashup - Party
Spreads Episode
14:00 The Ghosts inour Machine
15:45 Whats for Dinner?
16:30 Cowspiracy: the Sustainability Secret
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Floor Plans
First Floor
Floor Plans
40 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 41
Stalls Stalls
Abel &Cole Ltd - E8
08452626262 or 02089443780
16Waterside Way
Wimbledon, SW17 0HB

Aduna- D9
Lafone House
11/13 Leathermarket St
London, SE1 3HN

AnandaFoods - A10
0114 2890569
Cowley Lane
Holmesfeld, Derbyshire, S187SD

Andrews Leisure - upstairs
Churchill Farm
NorthNewton, Somerset, TA7 0BN

Animal Aid A3, A5
01732 364546
The Old Chapel, Bradford Street,
Tonbridge, Kent TN91AW

Animal Equality- B4
BM Box 2732
London, WC1N3XX

Animal Welfare Party 30
POBox 70238
London, E2 2DF

AQUAPAX (Just Drinking Water)
- D22

Badgers DairyFree - F21
16Ravenscrof Rd

BangWok- CAT1A
Bebs Ecolgicos S.L. - D3
C/JuanXXIII, 26
04600Almera (Spain)
VAT# ESB044 303 85

Beechs Fine Chocolates - E14
Beechs Fine Chocolate, Fletcher
Road, Preston, PR1 5AD

bigplacebythesea- E4
01752 516632
39The Mead,
Plympton, PlymouthPL7 4ht

BodyMe - E18
Unit 12, RockHill Estate, Wellsway,
Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 1PF.

BohoHemp- C10
50Norcott road
London, N167EL

Brownins - CAT7
0121 515 5246
Unit 28
151 Middlemore Rd
West Brom, B21 0BN

BUAV - D15
16A Crane Grove
London, N7 8NN

Bute Island Foods G1, G2, G3
The Old Creamery
Rothesay, Isle of Bute, PA209JH

Cacao Crudo - F23

Care for the Wild - F22
01403 249832
Care for the Wild International
72 BrightonRoad
HorshamWest Sussex
RH13 5BU
Cats Protection - A21
01462 458899
Suite 7, Alexander HIuse,
Wilbury Way, Hitchin, Herts.

ChiaUK- C22
0114 327 0485
Unit 2, Sheaf Gardens Industrial
Estate, Duchess Road
Shefeld, S2 4BB

ChiaralascuraVegan Clothing - C8
Via Pescara 11 07026Olbia OTItaly

ChufaMix (UK) - E16
+44 (0) 203372 4838

CNM - C12
01342 410505
Unit 1, Bulrushes Farm, Coombe Hill
Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex

CocoaFeliz B20, C19

Cocoface - F16
Unit 1, 69a Southgate Road
London, N1 3JS

Conscious Chocolates Ltd - E12
Unit C, Charlwood Business Centre,
Charlwood Road, East Grinstead,
East Sussex RH192HH

Conscious Food - F25
Unit 3BClaphamNorthArts Centre
26-32 Voltaire Road
London, SW4 6DH

Considerit Chocolate - C18
153 Primrose Ave
Rosyth, Fife
KY11 2TZ

Creative Nature - A31
36Central Avenue
West Molesey
Surrey, KT82QZ
Delicious TV 25
Dr Hadwen Trust A17 (SAT)
01462 436819
Suite 8, Portmill House, Portmill
Lane, Hitchin, Herts, SG5 1DJ
Dr. LJs Natural Wellness Academy
- 49
(813) 962-4901
3853 Northdale Blvd. Suite 145,
Tampa, FL33624

DRCEnterprises - G9
St Michaels Cottage
St Michaels Road
Verwood, Dorset, BH316JA

Essential Vegan - B9
12 Princes Road

Explore Asian - F24
0844 774 5888
Chemindes Couleuvres 8B
1295 Tannay, Switzerland

Fleecehaven - F24

Equinox Kombucha- F13
01422 292364
Unit 2A, Orchard Business Park,
Scout Road, Mytholmroyd,
HebdenBridge, HX7 5HZ

Foods for Life - Change Your Plate
Campaign - G1A
1 Harley Street LondonW1
96HighSt, CroydonCR01ND
Queensmead, Beaulieu, SO42 7YE

Forever Living - E17
0203 0510135
20Grange Gardens
Norwood, LondonSE25 6DL

Fresh Rootz - G27
18Waverley Road
Warwickshire CV31 2DF

Friends Gazette - 14
100A Ashley Gardens, London

Frys Distribution A2, B1
23 Brunel Way,
SegensworthEast Industrial Estate,
Fareham, Hants PO15 5SD
Fun Foods 4 All Ltd - D13
FunFoods 4 All Ltd, POBOX 5239
Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV11 9GG

Gillie Food Ltd - F29
0161 4782750
24 Harmer Close, NewtonHeath,
Manchester M402AT

Global Fusion - CAT9

GOOD Hemp- G23
4 City Limits
Danehill, Lower Earley
Berkshire, RG64UP

GoodyGood Stuf- B13

Great Food UK- E7
Unit 1, Europa Business Park,
Maidstone Road, Kingston, Milton
Keynes MK100BD

Greenfrog Soap- 8
01273 738452
22 StonehamRoad, HOVE, BN3 5HJ

Greenlife Italiasrl - C13
Piazza Padre Pio, 7, Italy
Greenpeace - C16
0207865 8100
Greenpeace, Canonbury Villas,
London, N1 2PN

HappyMaki - CAT2A
100Pitmore Road,
Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO504LW

Harpers Bizarre - E21
c/oCentre 88
Saner Street
Hull, East Yorkshire, HU3 2TR

HempWorks CharityUK- 3
1 Pedwardine Cottages
Bucknell, Shropshire, SY7 0DW
Hempish - B8
Stonelea, BackRd. Catbrook
Nr Chepstow

Hillside Animal Sanctuary- D19
01603 736200
Hill Top Farm, Hall Lane
Frettenham, Norwich, NR12 7LT

Holistix Herbal Products - 46
P.O.Box 102
Crediton, Devon, EX17 9AJ

Hugletts Wood Farm Animal
Sanctuary 15, 16
01435 831028

Hummingbirds 37, 38
Flat 20, 23 Grosvenor Place
Bath, BA1 6BA

Hunt Sabs - B18
0845 4500727
BM HSA, London, WC1N3XX
incognito insect repellent - B14
0207792 8687
Unit 10Baseline studios, Whitchurch
road, LondonW11 4AT

Ingredients4Health - A26
Beerseweg 34a
5431 LCCuijk, The Netherlands
inSpiral VisionaryProducts - E3
4BTriumphTrading Estate
TarifRoad, London, N17 0EB

International New YorkTimes - F15

JSN B2, C1
0845 072 5825
Kinetic Enterprises Ltd
258Belize Road

JPTurner 19, 20

JTCOmniBlend UK B12, C11

K-9Angels - C17
Level 1, Brockbourne House, 77
Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells

Kizzys Cookies A20(SUN)
36Coval Road, London, SW14 7RL

Koko DairyFree D12, D14
01564 731980
First Grade International, Coconut
House, 15 AstonCourt, George
Road, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire,
B61 3AL

Lakeside Ethical Treats 7
01527 458395
Lavera- A23
ConchietonBusiness Centre
Kirkcudbright, DG64TA

League Against Cruel Sports - C15
01483 524 250
New Sparling House
Holloway Hill, Godalming, GU7 1QZ

Lemberona- D7
01832 270196
14 ClifonDrive
Oundle, Peterborough, PE84EP

Lifefood Czech Republic A22,
A24, B19, B21
Podnikatelsk 566
Praha 9, 19011, CzechRepublic

LifeWell 17, 18
01702 337616
223 Southbourne Grove
WestclifOnSea, Essex, SS00AN

Living Naturally- A7
POBOX 65722, London, N21 9AW

London Vegan MeetupLounge
London Vegan School - D4
0844 8842699
POBox 70366, LondonSE1 4FT

London Vegan Societies - 48
07789322 920
Flat 2, 17 Barry Road,
LondonSE22 0HX

Lovesnifys - C14
59New End, LondonNW31HY

Lovewildorganics - G6
36Forest Lane
Chigwell, Essex IG75AE
Lush Cosmetics - A19
44 SouthMoltonStreet,
London, W1K5RT
Magpie D2, E1
0207095 9399
Cubic Unit 1
ZKPark, 23 Commerce Way

Main Street Vegan Academyand
Super HealthyChildren - 50
makesports GmbH D17 (SUN)
Kurstrasse 2
61231 Bad Nauheim, Germany
Michaels Caribbean Storehouse
46Lowhill Crescent
West Midlands, WV109JA

Mini Cofee ShopLtd (CAT8)
245 Romoford Road, E7 9HL

MirabiliaOrganic Olive Leaf
Tea- A15
0207221 0187
71 Ilbert Street, LondonW104QH

Moo Free Ltd - G8
0845 094 6498
Unit 59-61 Milford Road
Reading, RG1 8LG

42 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 43
Stalls Stalls
Movement for Compassionate
Living - 1
105 Cyfyng Road,
Ystalyfera, Swansea, SA92BT

Mr Nice Pie A20(SUN)
Workshop 5, sandfelds young
business centre. Port talbot. Sa127pt

Ms. Cupcake Ltd - A9
408Coldharbour Lane
London, SW98LF
Nakd Wholefoods - G25
0845 862 5340
Unit 8Wornal Business Park,
MenmarshRoad, Worminghall,
Bucks, HP189PH

Natural Options - A25
23 St Gabriels Court
BasildonSS13 3NY

Nectar Foods E26, E28
466GreenStreet, E13 9DB

New Internationalist - E23
01865 811430
55 Rectory Road, Oxford, OX4 1BW

Nom Foods Limited E20(SAT)
Unit 9,
Boundary Business Park,
Garsington, Oxford, OX44 9EJ

Of The Earth Superfoods - B10
108- 112 Camley Street
London, N1C4PF

Ombar - A6
01223 884540
Mood Foods Ltd Unit 2, Grange
Business Park, BabrahamRoad,
FulbournCB21 5HR

OptiBac Probiotics - E22
15 Towergate Business Park
Andover, Hampshire, SP103BB
OrganiCulture - G5
100St. Alphonsus Road
LondonSW4 7BN

Orzo Cofee - G4
OrzoCofee, POBox 1755 ,

PanaChocolate - E24
491 ChurchSt, Richmond VIC3121
Paradise Unbakery- D20
NorthLondon, Edgware

PatrikBaboumian - 32
+492584 465 39

Pitfeld Brewery- CAT5
01277 890580
Unit 2a, Newhouse Farm, Little
Laver Road, Moreton,
Essex. CM5 0JE

Plamil Foods Ltd - C9
Plamil House
Bowles Well Gardens
Folkestone, Kent CT196PQ

Pomegranate Lebanese Cuisine
- CAT4
07411 978483
132 ChiswickHighRoad
London, W4 1PU

PopCycle CAT10(SAT)
85 Fairwood Road
West Cross, Swansea SA3 5JP
Population Matters - 24
0208123 9116
135 - 137 StationRoad
LondonE4 6AG

Premium SnackCompany- F14
POBox 554, Hull, HU99JS

Pudology(LucyWager Foods
Ltd) - C6
Cape of Good Hope Labs
OfPatmos Lane
Knutsford, Cheshire, WA169SJ
Pulsin Ltd - F20
01452 72900
Unit 16Brunel Court
Waterwells Business Park
Gloucester, GL2 2AL

Pure on Raw - CAT14
shefeld, S3 8UH
Raw Ecstasy/ Activated Nuts Ltd
D21 (SAT)
Activated Nuts Ltd
Unit 6, 53-59Falkland Road, EN5 4LG
rawLicious H3, H4, H5
Unit 7 WaterlooPark
WaterlooIndustrial Estate
Bidford onAvon, B504JH
Raw Press E20(SUN)
32 Dover Street
Mayfair, London. W1S 4NE

Rawwwsome - A12
41 Northpoint Sq,
Camden, NW1 9AW

Rebel Kitchen - A14
0203 0111 1052

RSPB - E11
22 TresillianStreet
Plymouth, Devon, PL4 0QW

Rubys of London - B7
Unit 17
AngersteinBusiness Park
HornLane, Greenwich, SE100RT

Ruperts Street - G26

Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy
Land A17 (SUN)
01444 831177
The Old Dairy
Springfeld Farm
Lewes Road
Scaynes Hill
Haywards Heath
West Sussex, RH17 7NG

Science Kitchen F27
Harcourt Hill, Oxford OX3 9AS
SeaShepherd UK- A11
27 Old Gloucester Street
Soul Juices - CAT3
62 Yew Tree Close
Yeovil, Somerset, BA202PD

SproutGrowers Dome - E2
449Judlea Court
Richmond Hill, Ontario

St Best Caribbean Caterers - CAT1
Flat 15 PetworthHouse
Pytchley Road , London, SE22 8DD

Superoots - C20
7 Whippinghamhouse
Merchant street, London, E3 4LT

SuryaBrasil - D5
087 02403318
Brookfeld House
Brookfeld Terrace
BlackrockCo, Dublin

Sushi&Friends Ltd - B16

TeenVGN- A13
01495 616242

Thai Animal Sanctuary- C3
44A Walpole Road, Bromley, Kent.

The BlackFish - 10
62BNorthSide Wandsworth
Common, London, SW182SH

The Chocolatier - B6
ofHedge Lane, Palmers Green

The Electric Lemon - G28

The Fox Project A33 (SAT)
Broadwater Forest Wildlife Hospital
Fairview Lane
Tunbridge Wells
Kent TN3 9LU
The HeavenlyCake Company- C5

The Honest Carrot - CAT6
0207 272 4835
Unit 11, 2a Grenville Road
London, N194EH

The HungryGecko Ltd - CAT0
86St Werburghs Rd
Chorlton, Manchester, M21 0UL

The Mayhew Animal Home - B5
The Mayhew Animal Home
Trenmar Gardens,
London, NW106BJ

The Primal Kitchen - B17
4 Upper Ventnor Cottages
Popes Lane
Cookham, Berkshire SL69AT

The Rabbit Hole - Vegan Organic
Hair Parlour - C4
49A Goldhawkroad,
London, W12 8QP

The ReallyHealthyCompany- A4
1 LarchCourt, Royal OakYard
Bermondsey Street, SE1 3GB

The ShackRevolution - G21
The ShackRevolution
New Cross Farm
EdwynRalph, Bromyard, HR7 4NF

The Sunshine Kitchen - CAT2
124 Dormers Wells Lane
Southall, Middlesex, UB1 3JB

The Supreme Master Ching Hai
International Association E13, E15

The Vegan Society A28, A30,
B25, B27
0121 523 1735
Donald WatsonHouse
21 HyltonSt, Birmingham, B186HJ
TheVeganKind - B3
2 Moore Street, Glasgow, G402AD

THTCClothing - A27
15A Princes Avenue
London, W38LX

Tribest D8, D10
Savant DistributionLtd.
Quarry House,
ClaytonWood Close,
Leeds, Ls166QE

Trinas Delicacies D17 (SAT)
Unit 4
97 NorthStreet, LondonSW4 0HF

Udos Choice - D6
Savant DistributionLtd.
Quarry House,
ClaytonWood Close,
Leeds,, LS166QE

VBites Foods Limited C2, D1
Redwood House, 60Burkitt Road,
Earlstrees Industrial Estate, Corby,
Northamptonshire, NN17 4DT

Vdelicious D21 (SUN)
Vega/ Inside Organics Ltd H1, H2
Unit 7 WaterlooPark
WaterlooIndustrial Estate
Bidford onAvon, B504JH
Vegan Bodybuilding - 6

Vegan Faces - G7
Vegan Life Magazine - B11
01787 224040
Old School
Colchester Road
Wakes Colne

Vegan Runners UK- 12
13 Peers Lane,
Shenley ChurchEnd,
MiltonKeynes MK5 6BG
Vegan Smythe - 23

Vegan TuckBox - A16

Veganicity- D11
01323 872277
27 Cradle Hill Ind Est
East Sussex, BN25 3JE

Veganuary- E10

Vegetarian for Life - F19
0161 4458064
Vegetarianfor Life
83 Ducie Street
Greater Manchester, M1 2JQ

Vegetarian Guides - B23
POBox 2284, LondonW1A 5UH

Vegetarian Living - C7
01202 586848
P.O. Box 6337
Bournemouth, BH1 9EH

VegfestUKfreebies and
programmes F26
0117 3079872
POBox 333, Bristol BS69LB
VeggieVision - 28

vego Good Food UG - A18
vegoGood Food UG
Lychener Str.63
10437 Berlin, Germany
Vegusto UKLtd F18, G19
01273 936010
Unit 1 AshwynBusiness Centre
Marchants Way
Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 8QY

Vervet MonkeyFoundation - 35
0027 834545381
Vervet Monkey Foundation
POBox 415

Viva! - D18, E19
0117 944 1000
Wilder Street, Bristol, BS2 8QH

Wild Futures - E9
Wild Futures,The Monkey
Sanctuary, St Martins, Nr Looe,
Cornwall, PL13 1NZ

Wills Vegan Shoes - B15
0207 7487415
Parkshot House
5 Kew Road
Richmond, London, TW92PR

Windmill Organics - D16
0208547 2775
Windmill Organics LTD
Image House
34a ClifonRoad
KingstonuponThames, KT2 6PH

Women of Conservation - 33
85 Monkwood Road
Rotherham, S62 7JJ

Wood Green, The Animals Charity
D24, D26, D28, E25, E27, E29
0844 2488181
Wood Green, The Animals Charity
Kings BushFarm
Godmanchester, PE292NH

Yaoh - A1
0117 9239053
POBox 333
Bristol, BS991NF

Young Indian Vegetarians
44 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 45
Stallholder Descriptions
Beechs has been making
luxury chocolates in
Preston since 1920. All our chocolates are
gluten free and made only with natural
ingredients. Many of our products are
suitable for Vegans and carry the Vegan
Society logo on the pack. Delicious Fruit
Creams, Chocolate Brazils. Cofee Creams
and more.
Biona, Amisa
Biona, Amisa & Raw
Health are the ethical
organic food brands of
Windmill Organics. They
believe in great tasting,
thoughtfully prepared
food to complement
an ethical lifestyle. And
because they believe in
100% traceability, they
know their ingredients are
of the highest quality. Visit
their stand for some vegan
BodyMe source natures
fnest superfoods from
around the world, all
certifed organic and
free from additives - the
way nature intended. Their goal is to
help people to live natural and live life by
providing organic nutrient-rich superfood
products for life onthe go.
Bute Island
Bute Island Foods are back
with their Sheese brand
of vegan cheese. Melty
Red Cheddar and Mild Cheddar Sheese
styles are perfect for melting onto pizza,
pasta and toast! Also available is the new
VeganDeli range of 7 delicious, 100% vegan
mockmeats and sausages.
Cacao Crudo
Cacao Crudo is the
frst Italian company
to produce raw, vegan,
organic and gourmet
chocolate. This project
was born to combine Italian passion for
high-quality food with the production of
raw chocolate. They care very much about
healthy food that alsotastes great.
Care For The
Care for the Wild is
dedicated tothe protection
of wildlife in the UK and
around the world. Their vision is to live in
a world where caring for wildlife is a global
priority. Their mission is to rescue, protect
and defend wildlife. Jointhemtoday!
Small vegan fairtrade
clothing business based
in Italy, run by a chubby
vegan couple and a
super athletic vegan dog.
They print vegan statements and ironic
messages onFairWearFoundationcertifed
T-shirts and totes, using eco-friendly
phthalates free inks and quality fabrics like
organic cotton, bambooand tencel.
Chia UK
Chia is rapidly gaining
popularity as a nutritious,
versatile and natural
wholefood and is uniquely
benefcial through its
provision of Omega 3 EFA, antioxidants,
dietary fbre, protein, vitamins and
minerals. Chia can help energise you,
reduce fatigue, lower blood pressure, ease
painful joints, improve cognitive function
and strip unwanted fat.
Conscious Chocolates
are award-winning, raw,
handmade, hand-wrapped, trufe-like
chocolate bars. This innovative range is
created from ethically sourced, premium
quality, organic, raw and wild ingredients
and is vegan, vegetarian and organically
certifed. All of Conscious chocolates are
free from dairy, soya, gluten and refned
Based in the valleys of
Hebden Bridge, West
Yorkshire, Equinox
Kombucha is ofering a fresh new way of
enjoying the benefts of Kombucha Tea
with their unique range of 4 delicious
favours, Original, Raspberry &Elderfower,
Wild Berry and Ginger, which are both
fruity and deliciously fzzy.
Vegetarian UK
Vegan Society approved,
family business,
distributing some of the worlds best
vegan meat products from South Africa.
Recommended as a BEST BUY by the
Ethical Consumer, Frys are also Halal,
Shuddha and Kosher. Proud winner of
VegfestUK2011 and 2013 Best Veggie Meat
Product awards.
Great FoodUK
Great Food is a range of
delicious vegan bites that
prove you can be braver
with favour. Theyre
baked not fried and the range includes
Punchy Sweet Potato Pakora and Sweet
Pumpkin & Chilli Bites. Just what all
Flavourtarians have beenwaiting for!
New household products
range, developed by a
family business based
in Brighton, using the
soapnuts saponin and their natural
antibacterial agents, lemon, neroli and
geraniumessential oils. Cleaning will never
be the same! All products are free fromall
nasty chemicals and animal cruelty, and
gentle onsensitive skin.
They make permissible
indulgent cakes because everyone should
be able to eat cake! No animals are hurt
for the baking of their cakes. They are egg,
dairy, soya, nut and palmoil free. Spelt four
(OR glutenfree four blend), coconut oil and
love. Alsodiabetic friendly optionavailable.
The U.K.s frst Medical
Cannabis charity. A group
of people who have used
Medical Cannabis to cure their terminal
illness or achieve remission. Cancer,
Epilepsy, MS, Glaucoma, Crohns this
charity freely share their vital Medical
Cannabis knowledge, ofering support and
advice topatients inneed.
JSN Natural Care are
the leading natural family
brand in the UK. Theyve
been around since 1959,
ofering natural care to families for three
generations. Products are vegetarian and
vegan friendly, and the whole range is
Lavera ofers award-
winning natural organic
skincare and cosmetics
without synthetic
ingredients, parafn or parabens, with
most products certifed veganby the Vegan
Society. They have 10 ranges of body, skin
and hair care products developed using
natural organic plant extracts and oils, thus
caring for all skinand hair types.
League Against
Cruel Sports
The League is a registered
charity that worktoexpose
and end the cruelty inficted on animals
in the name of sport. They campaign on
hunting, shooting, fghting dogs, racing
animals and more. Visit them to fnd out
how you canjointheir campaigns and help
animals now.
Producer of 100% organic
raw vegan gluten-free snacks foods. Since
2007 Lifefood manufactures its products
under very strict self-imposed rules and
philosophy. The product range consists
of raw crispbreads, energy bars, snacks,
chocolate, confectionery and superfoods.
Lifefood production facility is vegan
Living Naturally Soapnut
shells are the only organic
detergent that grows on
trees! It simply doesnt get greener thanthis!
Very simply, soapnuts are the dried shells
or husks from the soapberry tree. Living
Naturally soapnut shells are organic, vegan,
hypoallergenic, chemical and cruelty free
and 100% biodegradable.
London based studio who
design and manufacture
homewares and gifs, all
with a distinctly British
edge. Just like their namesake bird, theyre
inveterate hoarders and love to have their
collections displayed around them. Vegan
owned, their love of nature extends totheir
methods of manufacture. All products are
Michaels Caribbean Storehouse
reproduces the authentic taste of the
Caribbeaninarange of delicious Vegetarian
and Vegan dishes based on traditional
Jamaicanrecipes. Natural herbs and spices
create mouth-watering marinades and
superb sauces in their animal and dairy-
free dishes professionally prepared and
delivered just for you.
Nkd bars are made from
fruits & nuts lovingly
smooshed together to
make a delicious healthy snack. 100%
vegan and contain no added sugars or
syrups. Visit themand try their NEW range
of Nkd Crunch bars and yummy TREK
protein fapjacks made with gluten free
Of the Earth
Of The Earth Superfoods
are dedicated to make
nutrient-dense food to
be accessible to everyone and ft into
any lifestyle. Their ready to use blends,
breakfast pots and healthy on-the-go
snacks nourish your body from top to
toe. No GMO, no preservatives just 100%
Superfood Fuel! They doorganic, healthy &
PremiumSnackCompany thinkdiferently
about snacks. Potato chips and chocolate
bars are out! They bring new ideas and
tastes to lunches, parties and peckish
moments. Their range of snacks have
come about throughyears of development,
hours of tasting and delivering great
favours, natural ingredients and exciting
eating experience.
In the study of the perfect
{gluten & dairy free}
dessert, Pudology have
created beautifully indulgent, delicious
puddings without using dairy / gluten /
eggs, because they believe no one should
miss out just because they dont eat dairy!
All Pudology desserts are suitable for
vegans and registered with the Vegan
Pulsin make award-
winning functional,
healthy and tasty
snacks using 100% natural wholefood
ingredients, in their gluten-free factory
in Gloucestershire. Packed full of natural
ingredients and organic goodness, Pulsin
products are free from nasties, high in
protein and low GI, making them perfect
for the whole family.
Manufacturer and
distributor of the fnest
and purest organic raw
foods, including the award-winning range
of raw and organic kale chips the frst to
be certifed organic by the Soil Association.
rawLicious also supply plant-based
nutrition and sports supplements by Vega
and Enerhealth.
46 | VegfestUK
Stallholder Descriptions
Really Healthys stall
will feature its carefully
selected range of highest
quality products including Klamath Algae,
and Power 3, their greenfood combination.
Try their yummy-smelling, paraben-
free, all organic range of face and body
creams, balms and oils. Remember toclock
Zeolite for detoxing heavy metals and
environmental toxins.
Take control of your
health with the Sprout
Growers Dome. If you
need digestive enzymes, antioxidants,
proteins, multi-vitamins or minerals, then
sprout mung beans or lentils and eat raw
for maximum beneft. Ready in 36-48
hours-all you need is water-can be used for
all sorts of seeds as well.
Sushi&Friends is a unique
concept of world-class
sushi products ofered
through Sushi Take Away
and Catering Business. Their product range
includes all kinds of sushis and organic
salads, soups and beverages. All their
products are packed in 100% recyclables
boxes designed to meet the criteria of
sustainable development.
For just 10 / month, TVK will send you a
surprise box of exciting vegan products,
which contains a mix of household, food,
drink and personal care items. Each box
includes a lovely free recipe card. In the
third month of your subscription, theyll
send you a free TVKringbinder.
The Vegan
This November, The Vegan
Society will have been the
worldwide authority on
veganismfor 70 years. Established in 1944,
they work with existing, new and potential
vegans, as well as caterers, healthcare
professionals, educators and the media.
With over 14,000 products and services
registered with their Vegan Trademark
scheme, the Trademark department have
worked with more businesses than any
other vegancertifcationbody.
Ofering the highest-
quality, vegan-friendly,
wholesome meat, cheese
and fsh alternatives.
Members of the British
Retail Consortium , Kosher Approved by
Manchester Beth Din, Halal Approved by
the EHDA and also Vegan and Vegetarian
Society approved. Rated the UKs most
ethical food supplier and won many
awards inthe last sevenyears.
VDelicious bakes exquisite
vegan cupcakes, cookies
and layer cakes that are
dairy- and egg-free, but absolutely full of
favour and the fnest natural ingredients.
Created by a small team of handpicked
bakers, who are passionate about creating
dairy-free baked goods, everything that
comes out of VDelicious kitchens looks
and tastes heavenly.
Vegan Runners
A UK-wide club registered
with England Athletics
giving members benefts
of afliation including discounts for events
and kit. Wearing VeganRunners kit we help
raise awareness and bring together like-
minded people. They encourage members
to meet for training, enter events and form
Vegatarian For
VfL is a UK charity
dedicated to improving
the quality of life for older
vegetarians/vegans. Visit them for free
publications on nutrition, cooking on a
budget, catering and more. They ofer
grants to assist withfnancial hardship, and
an online directory of care facilities that
cater ethically for older vegetarians.
vego Good
The VEGO-Whole
Hazelnut Chocolate Bar
is one of the BIGGEST and BEST Tasting
Chocolate Bar in the world! It is made
of fnest Italian Chocolate and whole
Hazelnuts. The VEGO Chocolate Bar is
Vegusto are committed to
ensuring the well-being of
their customers, ensuring
that their meat and dairy
alternatives are made from only the
highest quality ingredients. For example,
their choice of coconut oil instead of palm
oil not only encompasses numerous
health benefts, but also guarantees sound
environmental practices and sustainability.
Starting in 1924, Wood
Green, The Animals
Charity has grown to
become one of the leading
animal welfare organisations in the UK.
They fnd loving homes for cats, dogs,
rabbits, chickens, mice, ferrets and more!
Visit their stand to fnd out what they do
and how you canhelp.
The UKs original hemp
frm, with selection of
hemp foods and bodycare
available on their stall, all
at a fantastic Buy One Get
One Free special ofer for the day. Products
include hemp protein powder, dehulled
hemp seed, hemp oil and their award-
winning hemp bodycare range.
VegfestUK | 51
VegfestUK Brighton 2015 Preview
Watch out for VegfestUK
Brighton 2015 biggest
VegfestUK show ever!
March 28th 29th @Brighton Centre (BN1 2GR)
VegfestUK Brighton is getting much bigger next year and moving
to the modernand sleek BrightonCentre right next to the beautiful
Brightonseaside onMarch28th29th2015.
This eagerly anticipated show is expected to attract around 10,000
visitors over 2 days. It will consist of over 160 stalls with dedicated
areas for product sampling, a Food Village which consists of 12
handpicked caterers and 3 all day licensed bars, plus a Hemp
Expo, UK Vegan Comedy Festival (the frst of its kind in the UK), a
Global Food Sustainability Conference, aParty Political Conference
(General Elections special), LifeWell Hub on top of Speed Dating
sessions, dozens of talks, cookery demos, kids cookery classes
and entertainment, flms, performances, massage area and more!
Moreover, Animal Aid will be guests of honour at the show with a
large stall and collections and leafets onexit.
The organisers added, We have had lots of great memories
working at our old venue the Hove Centre for the past 5 years, and
we cant thankthe venue stafenoughfor helping sort out countless
nitty-gritty details and helping us establish our event to be one of
Europes most anticipated veggie events.
Meanwhile, were absolutely delighted to move our Brighton
event to the Brighton Centre, which is arguably the best venue
for exhibitions in the area and almost tailor-made for shows like
ours. Were looking forward to working with the lovely teamat the
Brighton Centre, and thrilling every one of our visitors next year
witha number of brand-new features.
Tofnd out more about the show, or apply for stall and sponsorship
applications, visit
Tickets to the event are 5 in advance and 8 on the gate for adults
and free for kids under 16. Advance tickets will go on sale from
November 1st (World Vegan Day) on the show website, with BUY
ONE GETONE FREE ofers available for a limited period.
Big warmwelcome toour special guests for 2015
Animal Aid
52 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 53
Special features at
VegfestUK Brighton 2015
PartyPolitical Conference - Saturday
With the Elections coming up in May 2015,
VegfestUK Brighton at the end of March takes
the opportunity to examine more closely
some of the platforms on which the major
political parties are fghting this election.
Specifcally well be looking at Animal
Welfare Food Supply and Healthy Living.
Representatives from diferent parties will
be putting forward their views in these areas.
Therell be opportunities for questions, debate
and interactions with a number of MPs, party
representatives and local politicians invited as
guests. A vote in the form of a show of hands
will be taken at the end of each debate. The
Party Political Conference will be fun, lively,
informative, light-hearted and hopefully
clarify a few myths and mysteries for people
concerned about these issues. For further
details visit
LifeWell Hub Saturdayand
The LifeWell Hub at VegfestUK
Brighton 2015 is going to be
expanded with a number of talks
on holistic health, alternative
cancer therapies and how to give
your body and soul a bit of tender loving care. These potentially life-changing talks take place
in a large room with a capacity of up to 200 people. Talks include some awesome headline
names full 2015 lineup TBA but previous guests have included self-healing teacher Richi, raw
food authors and experts Tanya Maher (ne Alekseeva) and Kyle Vialli, and founder of Natural
Balance Foods Jamie Combs amongst other interesting speakers. For all the latest updates, visit
Global Food
Conference - Sunday
This is the frst vegan global food sustainability
conference ever held in the UK, and a
number of guests (TBC) have been invited.
Following a similar line to the previous days
sustainability conference, the event will be
divided into 3 sessions, looking at Local,
National and Global food sustainability
issues. The conference will aim to look
especially at solutions and focus on practical
and genuinely efective attempts to improve
food sustainability for everybody on the
planet. A combination of dynamic speakers,
flms, presentations and performances as
well as debate and questions will make up the
sessions. Each session will attempt to fnish on
positive note., with positive practical solutions
that everybody can take away with them. A
collection for Vegfam (a charity which feeds
the hungry without exploiting animals) will be
taken throughout the day. For full details go to
Bristol 2015 preview
VegfestUK Bristol 2015
May 23rd 24th (TBC) @
Amphitheare (BS1 5LL)
Opening hours: Sat 11am-
10pm, Sun 11am-9pm
VegfestUKwill be returning toBristol in2015 provisional dates are
May 23rd 24th, at the same venue. There will be an extra marquee
for stalls, and one of the 3 marquees will consist of extra seating
areas for visitors to enjoy the food. There will also be top DJs
and a number of quality sound systems to entertain our visitors
during the evenings, plus a largely extended kids area. The show
website will be live for stall and sponsorship
applications fromSeptember 1st 2014.
Alfredo (Amnesia, Ibiza)
As we go to print with the programme, were overwhelmingly
thrilled to announce that Alfredo will be DJ-ing on the Saturday at
Bristol with a set in the Amphitheatre, followed by an afer-hours
party with Club Yeyo and DJ Chris Cross. The original resident
DJ in Amnesia in Ibiza, Alfredo is credited with introducing Paul
Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, Johnny Walker and Nicky Holloway
toHouse music. These 3 went ontocreate the frst UKHouse Music
scene in 1986 with the creation of Shoomand Alfredo is the man
thats set us all free to dance. Were genuinely overwhelmed to
have one of the true Godfathers of house music play at our event.
Were also thrilled to announce that reggae artists Ian Silk will be
performing live onSunday May 24th, withmore acts TBC.
Bristol 2014 review
The last Bank Holiday weekend in May saw the return of one of
Europes biggest veggie festival VegfestUK at Bristol Amphitheatre,
visited by 13,000 people. The constant downpour on Friday and
Saturday was not enoughtodampenthe spirits of many, with1,500
and 4,100 visitors respectively
braving the damp to support this
12thyear event.
As in previous years, this event
includes a full veggie food fayre
during the daytime, and headline
music in the evenings. Highlights
inthe evenings are:
Disco frenzy on opening Friday night featuring Boney M (with
Maizie Williams), Gwen Dickeys Rose Royce, Abba Gold, plus
DJs Just a Couple of Mums and Bristol Samba Band
High-octane punk afairs on Saturday evening with Peter Hook
and the Light playing a Joy Division / New Order set, alongside
Ruts D.C. and Goldblade
Traditional VegfestUK reggae sunsplash and sundance on
Sunday evening with reggae and dub maestros Zion Train and
BlackRoots, plus Soul Juices DJs
The daytime part of the festival consisted of a huge variety of
amazing food, plus interesting kids activities, comedy hours,
talks, cookery demos, short flms and workshops. Moreover,
local campaign group Viva! were gusets of honour at the show as
they are celebrating their 20th birthday in 2014. Viva! had a large
marquee near the Main Stage with lots of attractive merchandise
and useful infoondiet and lifestyle, plus collections onthe gate led
by Wonderpig.
58 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 59
rawLiciousisa manufacturer and
distributor of the nest andpurest
organicraw foods, including the award-
winning range of raw andorganickale
chips the rst to be certiedorganic
bythe Soil Association. rawLicious
believe that healthynutrition should
be tasty, enjoyable andfun. Theyare
passionate about food, fromsourcing
the nest ingredientsto creating
mouth-watering, deliciousrecipes
that will optimise your dailynutrition
without sacricing taste.
rawLicious Raw Kale Chips are anincredibly delicious and crunchy
RAW snackmade fromDehydrated Organic Kale. InApril they were
voted the Best New Food Product at the Natural &Organic Europe
Awards held at Oympia, London. They are super healthy, crispy
and highly nutritious chips, naturally seasoned with the freshest
organic ingredients, these amazing superfood snacks are both
nutrient packed and highly addictive! Handmade by rawLicious in
the UK, these Kale Chips are dehyrdrated under 40Cto ensure that
all of the vital nutrients, goodness and favours remainintact.
Alsoattracting lots of acclaimare rawLicious RAW crackers - asuper
high quality and incredibly tasty RAW Organic snack. Delicious
and versatile, the Crackers are dehydrated at low temperature to
keep all the goodness, nutrients and favour intact. Wonderful as
a bread alternative, with salads, RAW cheese, your favorite spread,
RAW butter or on their own as a super nutritious, energy boosting
snack, Raw Crackers are an ultra convenient addition to any meal,
or instant onthe gonutrition!
Another supreme rawLicious product is their Ultimate RAW
Protein - a phenomenal 85% Pure RAW plant-based protein,
produced from chemical & pesticide free RAW sprouted whole
grain brown rice. This protein is made using a unique, Organic
compliant, natural enzyme and low temperature processing
method, without any chemicals or acid hydrolysis. Supplying a
perfectly balanced amino acid profle, including all essential and
non-essential amino acids, rawLicious Ultimate RAW Protein is
also naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, tocopherols,
tocotrienols, and many other essential nutrients
rawLicious are committed to ongoing research and will be
constantly launching carefully selected new lines. All products are
free fromsls and parabens, are non-GMO, free fromnasty chemicals
and additives and not tested onanimals.
Additional ranges(available at
VegfestUKLondon 2014):
Vega - plant-basednutrition andsports
supplements(exclusive supplier)
Enerhealth - vegan friendly, nutritional
Visit themat standsH3 - H5
(rawLicious), H1 - H2 (Vega only).
RawLiciousproduct range:
Vega product range:
Follow rawLiciouson Twitter:
62 | VegfestUK VegfestUK | 63
Equinox Kombucha
Equinox Kombucha isoering a fresh
new wayof enjoying the benetsof
Kombucha Tea with their unique
range of 4 deliciousavours, Original,
Raspberry&Elderower, WildBerry
andGinger, which are both fruityand
If youre not familiar with Kombucha
tea it isa fermentedtea that hasbeen
known aroundAsia for over 2000
years, it isknown for itsnumerous
health propertiesandisbecoming
increasinglypopular in the Western
Basedin the valleysof Hebden Bridge,
West Yorkshire, Equinox Kombucha
are absolutelypassionate about the
little wonder that isKombucha and
trulybelieve in itsinnite potential of
improving peopleswellbeing.
Because theycare about our planet
anditspeople, theyalwayschoose
Twitter @EquinoxKombucha
VegfestUK | 65
Bute Island Foods
Bute Island Foods are the distinguished makers of Sheese - an
award-winning brand of 100% vegancheese that will leave not only
vegans, but dairy lovers salivating for more with every bite. They
produce 9 delicious favours of Vegan hard Sheese, including
Smoked, Strong and MediumCheddar Styles, Mozzarella, Cheshire
and tasty Blue Style.
The award-winning Creamy Sheese comes in 6 mouth-watering
favours: Garlic & Herb, Chives, Cheddar Style Spread, Original,
Sweet Chilli style and Spring Onion&BlackPepper.
Their most recent invention is a Melty range of Sheese - Red
Cheddar and Mild Cheddar styles, perfect for melting onto pizza,
pasta and of course Sheese toasties! Red Cheddar style has a
wonderful, mediumstrength, cheesy tang, coupled with the eye
appeal of that attractive red colour. Strong Cheddar & Smoked
Cheddar styles will be added to the range this spring with more to
follow very soon.
Their entirely vegan range is Kosher certifed, gluten free and
lactose-free. And their Sheese as nominated for last years
VegfestUK awards in the Best Dairy Free Product category. So
whether for a lifestyle choice, because youre sufering from milk
allergies - or just love animals - smile and say Sheese!
Bute Island have recently entered the vegan meat market with a
bang checkout the new VeganDeli range of 7 delicious continental
mock meats and sausages that are 100% Vegan. These healthy,
animal-free alternatives will totally wow your taste buds and give
your favourite dishes a more authentic taste! All of the Vegan Deli
range canbe enjoyed cold and is ideal for making your sandwiches
more exciting, or used in cooking to pep up your stews and pasta
sauces withMortadela and spicy Chorizosausages.
For more information on these products please contact Guy or
VegfestUK | 67
Frys Vegetarian UK
Frys are truly an inspiration to mankind. Based in South Africa,
they produce some of the worlds best vegan meat products that
are irresistible not only to veggies, vegans and meat reducers, but
even the most hardcore carnivores who afer every bite are lef
bemused as towhy they didnt give veganfoods a chance before.
Not to be missed is their sublime chicken burger, a frm favourite
in the nation and particularly the VegfestUK ofce. It won the
VegfestUK 2011 award in the Best Vegan Meat category. Its texture
and favour are so incredibly similar to the real thing, that its
tempting to think that were actually biting into real chicken. And
it truly puts their meat-based chickencounterparts toshame both
interms of taste and ethics.
Also topping many vegan meat charts are their innumerable
varieties of meat-free steaks, pies, sausages, rolls, schnitzels,
nuggets, and many other sumptuous creations. Their Pepper and
Steak Pie in particular has won over numerous discerning taste
buds and scooped last years VegfestUK award in the Best veggie
meat product category.
Thanks to the phenomenal work of Pat and Lisa Drummy from
Frys Distribution UK, Frys products are now widely available
across our nation. They can be found in Ocado and numerous
independent health shops as well as Holland and Barrett stores.
Frys UK distribution now reaches the 3663 chain, which means
that virtually no one has to miss out, not even the kids in schools
or those working in hospitals, prisons and universities. Just go and
demand that your workplace stocks these amazing gems!
The support that we have received from these guys cannot be
understated. Since our shows began 11 years ago, Frys UK have
given us extremely loyal and generous backing, even during the
not so good times. Our shows would never have taken of the way
they have now without Frys behind us. Soall our heartfelt gratitude
must gotothis tremendous brand and alsotoPat and Lisa.
VegfestUK | 69
VBites Foods
Formerly Redwood Wholefoods, VBites is owned by skiing
champion Heather Mills, and are the producers of some of the
best veganmeats and cheeses inthe UKtoday, that truly deserve a
string of Olympic gold medals.
One of their most incredible products is the Super Melting Cheezly
Mozzarella which looks and feels just like the real thing and
actually melts just like real cheese, which means it can be used as
a superb ingredient inits ownright ina multitude of dishes suchas
pizza, lasagne and cheeseburgers.
Withtheir almost unparalleled range of sausages, burgers, together
with salmons and cakes, theres never a dull moment in a vegan
kitchen with VBites to hand - particularly when it comes to festive
occasions with whole vegan roasts available. And thats not all, as
well as over 40 meat and cheese products, the company have
now ventured into the specialist
oils market (including fax,
hemp, omega seed, and coconut
oils), & have their own range of
dairy-free pizzas and desserts
available too, as well as fudge
and chocolate and a host of other
products. Their products are now
widely available in health food
shops across the UK, and their
chicken style pieces are available
VBites also have a very well-established eatery at the countrys
veggie capital Brighton, with a full-blown menu packed with
mouth-watering vegan dishes. The restaurant has welcomed not
only veggies and vegans, but a substantial amount of meat-eaters
curious about what plant-based foods are like, whore ofen blown
away by how amazing meat-free options cantaste.
Big thanks to VBites for their support of our London bash - they
sponsored our frst show back in 2003 and have been massive
supporters ever since.
VegfestUK | 71
Magpie are a London based studio who design and manufacture
homewares and gifs, all withadistinctly Britishedge. Just like their
namesake bird, the Magpie, they are inveterate hoarders and love
tohave their collections displayed around them.
Vegan owned, their love of nature extends to their methods of
manufacture. All their products are vegan-friendly; they do not
manufacture using any animal products, whether thats leather
or bone china. For them, it is incredibly important to know that no
animal has sufered or beenkilled toproduce one of their products.
Sotheir ceramics are all made fromPorcelainwhichuses amixture
of 3 clays, kaolin, quartz, and feldspar. They do not use Bone China
which is made from50% animal bone, burnt and then ground up
and mixed withthe clay.
All their bags and purses are made from animal friendly cotton,
pleather and polypropylene. All their cards and notebooks are
made from100% recycled paper. Their products are all listed and
carry the VeganSociety logo.
They also donate 15% of every
sale to their favoured charity
The Cats protection. Because
of their contributions, tens of
thousands of cats have been
fed, cared for and hopefully re-
homed withloving families.
Twitter @magpieline
VegfestUK | 73
Nakd Wholefoods produce some of the worlds most irresistible
snack bars. Their products are 100% vegan, at least 95% raw, and
free of gluten, wheat and added sugar, with a nice combination
of healthy fats providing ample fuel to busy individuals and
sportspeople throughout the day. They have 4 diferent varieties
in their repertoire: smoosh bars, favoured raisins, oatie bars, and
The smoosh bars consist of 100% raw natural ingredients such as
nuts, dates and fruits smooshed together, with no added sugar,
syrup or other artifcials. These bars come in 9 diferent favours:
Cocoa Mint, Cocoa Orange, Cocoa Delight, Cafe Mocha, Rhubarb
& Custard, Cashew Cookie, Ginger Bread, Pecan Pie and Berry
Delights. These snack bars won last years VegfestUK award in the
Best Raw Product category.
A recent addition is the new Crunch
bar range - which contain a delicious
combination of fruit, nuts and
protein crunchies, all smooshed
together into a handbag friendly
bar. With 5.5 grams (18%) of added
protein, each bar has a wonderfully
crunchy texture, slowly releasing
energy for a lasting boost, making
the bars perfect for every tummy-
rumbling occasion, whether its at
breakfast, mid-morning, during the
afernoon, or pre- and post-exercise.
Vegusto specialise in Swiss 100% plant
based gourmet: suppliers of All Natural,
Multi-award winning vegan cheeses and
meat-free alternatives. Free from Dairy,
Cholesterol, Phosphate, Palm Oil, Sugar,
Soya, and GMO. Are suitable for vegans
and vegetarians, Kosher &Halal friendly.
Vegustos products have won numerous
awards which include joint winner of the
Store Cupboard category at the Free From
Food Awards 2014, Great Taste Gold Star Award 2013, PETA Vegan
Food Awards 2013:Winner of best Dairy-Free Cheese & Winner of
Best Vegan Burger, and the overall 2012
Free From Awards winning the FAIR
FoundationTrophy, toname a few.
Vegusto have 40+ meat free Vegan
Society approved products from
sausages, burgers, sandwich slices,
Pepper steaks, Smoked Luncheon rolls,
to Sunday roasts and dips amongst
others, giving you a meat free product
for every occasion.
Vegusto products are becoming available at your local healthstore
and canbe bought online at:
Vegusto Nakd Wholefoods
VegfestUK | 75
JSN Natural Care
are the leading natural
family brand in the UK.
Theyve been around
since 1959, ofering
natural care to families
for three generations.
Products include pure and natural products for skin, body, hair
and oral health for the whole family - giving consumers efective,
environmentally-friendly alternatives tomass-produced, synthetic
chemical products.
All products are vegetarian and vegan friendly, and the whole
range is BUAV certifed. Their range is made following the JSN
Code of Honour
- select safe, wholesome, natural ingredients
- rigorously test every formula toensure safety and efcacy
- never test onanimals
- constantly innovate and improve
Twitter @jason_natural
Great Food is a range of totally
delicious vegan bites. They set out
to be braver with favour and with
their incredible range, you can be too!
Made from irresistible combinations
of vegetables, Great Food bites are
suitable for vegans, vegetarians,
fexitarians, halal, kosher... in fact
theyre so tasty and satisfying that
theyre simply for all Flavourtarians!
Increating these exciting new ways to
enjoy vegetables, theyve developed
a unique baking system, so theres no need for frying. The result
is healthier, more favoursome and withmaximumsatisfying bite.
Heres a taste of the favour brave Great Food range:
Snack Packs of Sweet Potato Pakora, Spinach & Pine Nut Bites
and Mediterranean Falafel. All are accompanied by individual
dipping pots of houmous.
Great Food Bites include Original Mediterranean Falafel,
Aromatic Moroccan Falafel, Punchy Sweet Potato Pakora,
Aromatic Spinach & Pine Nut Bites, Delicate Tuscan Vegetable
Bites, Chunky Broad Bean & Quinoa Bites, Spicy Indian Onion
Bhajis, Sweet Pumpkin &Chilli Bites and Mexican Sweetcorn &
Great Food Burgers include Aromatic MoroccanVeg Cakes and
Sweet Pumpkin&Chilli Veg Cakes.
And theyve also concocted Smoky Harissa Houmous,
Mediterranean, Lemon & Coriander and reduced fat
MediterraneanStyle houmous.
Great Food would love to
see you at stand E7 and help
you discover your inner
Twitter @greatfood_uk
Great Food UK JSN
VegfestUK | 77
Yaoh is the UKs original hemp company, starting life back in 2002.
Its product range includes an award-winning bodycare range of
suncream, lip balms, shampoos, liquid soaps among others which
have scooped the prestigious Ethical Consumer Magazine Best Buy
Awards no less than a staggering 4 times, placing Yaoh well and
above a host of other greenand eco-friendly brands.
Yaohalsoproduces a range of certifed organic food products, from
dehulled hemp seeds, to protein powder and hemp oils. These are
not only absolutely delicious but nutritious, providing the body
with plenty of essential omega-3 and a complete profle of amino
acids, the building blocks of the much-sought-afer protein. All
Yaohproducts are veganand cruelty-free.
Yaohs enormous passionforall things ethical has seenit supporting
numerous vegan events up and down the country, including our
previous Vegan Fayres and VegfestUK shows, and many others.
And long will this continue Yaoh are sponsoring and supporting
many veganevents in2014.
Out of Hand is a Bristol-based design and print team that are
responsible for hundreds of thousands of posters, fyers, brochures
and programmes for various vegan fayres (including our own) in
the South West and beyond. Boasting a top-quality design team,
they get your designjobdone invirtually notime, and their fnished
products never fail tocapture your imagination.
Recently expanding to include a top-notch eco-friendly printing
service, Out of Hand is embracing wholeheartedly 21st century eco-
living without compromising the quality of their prints. Theyve
supported VegfestUK shows in ways you can never imagine, so a
big thanks fromall our hearts tothe OoH team.
If you have specifc print and design jobs in mind, do give OoH a
shout, and get some really competitive quotes for their top-quality
service! Perfect for the 21st century ethical business.
Out of Hand Yaoh
78 | VegfestUK
Gratitudes to all our
Media Partners
All about Vegan Food
Global website focused on spreading
veganism and how easy it is to cook, eat,
live and travel as avegan. It features recipes,
restaurants and products around the world,
interviews and articles. Alsohome of VeganPackage Swap, the frst
international vegan swap project thats connecting thousands of
vegans whomonthly swap packages full of vegangoodies.

Vegan-owned marketing and design
agency with over 9 years of expertise in
the vegan, vegetarian, ethical and organic
trade - specialising in PR, marketing advice,
printed design, magazine design and
websites. They can get your products into the hands of celebrities,
onto television and radio, and into national newspapers and
FoodFestival Finder
The UK and Irelands largest and most
comprehensive website for all food and
drink events, including everything from
festivals and farmers markets, to wine fairs
and pop-up restaurants. Alsofeaturing a food blog flled withup-to-
the-minute news, reviews and competitions, this is aone-stop-shop
for all your foodie needs.
Foodsfor Life
Brainchild of vegan cookbook author Tony
Bishop-Weston, whose recent collection
of healthy plant-based recipes sold out
in record time. Currently featured in
Sainsburys marketing material, Tony and his wife Yvonne, aHarley
Street nutritionist and regular TVguest and panellist, may not quite
be the Poshand Becks of the Veggie world but theyre not far of.
Fresh Vegan
Fresh Vegan Magazine started with its
debut launch edition on December 1st. This
online Vegan food magazine uncovers the
little known, or seldomheard of, veganfood
gems in the UK and Europe, including cafes, restaurants, street
food, private chefs and recipes. Currently quarterly, Fresh Vegan is
going bi-monthly fromthe summer of 2014.
The UKs premier online guide to a healthy
and happy lifestyle, featuring the very best
products and services fromacross the UK,
including Yoga, Ayurveda and alternative
therapies. give you an
informed selectiontohelp you and your family enjoy afull, healthy
and happy life.
MyGreen Directory
Award winning online directory and
information source dedicated to helping
you sustain your world, with 1000s of
environment focused companies listed,
news fromcharities and conservation groups, events and festivals
toattend, and evensome ofers and competitions too.
Raw Londoner
Raw Londoner is designed to make it
easy to explore the awesome raw people,
places, events, and everything else raw that
London has to ofer. Get updates from the
Raw Londoner blog, fnd Londons fabulous Raw Restaurants, Raw
Events, and where to stock up with organic food at your local Raw

Vegetarian Living
Vegetarian Living celebrates the food thats
in season, with some of the best chefs
and food writers in the UK today. They
provide their readers with an inspiring
array of recipes and features every month,
underpinned by a passion for embracing a more sustainable and
eco-friendly way of life.
Founded by Karin Ridgers, VeggieVision
is an online TV station full of inspirational
videos on the veggie lifestyle, ranging
from cookery videos to interviews with
celebrities. VeggieVision now includes a dating website for veggies
too! They are now approved by the VegetarianSociety.