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Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan

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Aim is to design in such a way hospital that it helps
people to understand and appreciate the natural world.

Sharma Charitable Hospital
Research Sansthan

Annual Report
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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The satisfaction that accompanies that the successful completion of any
task would be incomplete without the mention of people whose ceaseless
cooperation made it possible, whose constant guidance and encouragement
crown all efforts with success.
We are grateful to our project guide teachers for the guidance, Inspiration
and constructive suggestions that helpful us in the preparation of this

Sarvasukh Sharma

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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I specially dedicate it to my parents whose effort gives me courage to get
my education further.

Sarvasukh Sharma

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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1. Sansthan Members List
2. Staff Detail
3. Hospital Location and Mapping Detail
4. Sansthan Working Area
5. Statement of Mission
6. Introduction

9. Comparative Prospective
10. Women & Child Development
Integrated Child Development Service (ICDS)
11. Health
Maternal & Child Health (MCH)
Eye Care Program (ECP)
Treatment Of Senior Citizen (TSC)
12. Charity Law
13. Out Patient Department
14. Out Patient Record 2010-2011
15. In Patient Department 2010-2011
16. Out Patient Hospitalization
17. Pathology Laboratory Service
18. Operation Theatre
19. Special Camps Organized During the Year 2011-10
20. Village Out- Reach Program
21. Summary of Health Camps
22. Nutritional Program
23. List of Consultants/Doctors/Alternate Therapist
24. Plan for 2010-2011
25. Work With the Government
26. Financial Support
27. Sansthan Constitution
28. Emergency Facilities
29. Ambulance Facilities
30. Financial Report
31. Balance Sheet
32. Fixed Assets
33. Comments of the visitors
34. Recent Development
35. Income details
36. Acquisition/ Up gradation of equipment

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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From the Directors Desk..
Dear All,
I am extremely happy to meet you all again.
Sharma Charitable Hospital and Research Sansthan has crossed its Eight year of its
social service and entered in its twentieth year with great joy and fullest hope. With the
rich experience it has attained in the long path, we do hope to carry the things forward
with the learning blended with new innovations and quality delivery of services to the
public. On behalf of Sharma Charitable Hospital and Research Sansthan and on my
personal behalf, I would like to express my full-hearted thanks and gratitude to all
those who have extended their financial, programmatic, organizational and technical
guidance to us in the due course of time. Our thanks are due to our individual
sponsors and funders to all our program initiatives.
We also thank the support and co-operation from all the government & non-
government officials in Jaipur Districts, local elected representatives, co-working
friends, staff team of Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan,
consultants, auditors, lawyers, media friends, well wishers, volunteers in the public and
people in the local areas who extended their absolute co-operation and support in
implementing all our programmes successfully and diligently with people's

Thanks for all the co-operation and expect the same in the future too....
Socially Yours,

Sarvasukh Sharma

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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A hospital is a health care institution providing patient treatment by specialized
staff and equipment. Hospitals often, but not always, provide for inpatient care
or longer-term patient stays.
In accord with the
original meaning of the
Sharma Charitable
Hospital and Research
Sansthan, hospitals
were originally "places
of hospitality".
Some patients go to a hospital just for diagnosis, treatment, or therapy and then
leave ('outpatients') without staying overnight; while others are 'admitted' and
stay overnight or for several days or weeks or months ('inpatients').
Hospitals usually are distinguished from other types of medical facilities by their
ability to admit and care for inpatients whilst the others often are described as
The best-known type of hospital is the general hospital, which is set up to deal
with many kinds of disease and injury, and normally has an emergency
department to deal with immediate and urgent threats to health.
Larger cities may have several hospitals of varying sizes and facilities. Some
hospitals, especially in the United States, have their own ambulance service.
A district hospital typically is the major health care facility in its region, with
large numbers of beds for intensive care and long-term care; and specialized
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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facilities for surgery, plastic surgery, childbirth, bioassay laboratories, and so
Types of specialized hospitals include trauma centers, rehabilitation hospitals,
children's hospitals, seniors' (geriatric) hospitals, and hospitals for dealing with
specific medical needs such as psychiatry psychiatric problems psychiatric
hospital, certain disease categories such as cardiac, oncology, or orthopedic
problems, and so forth.
A hospital may be a single building or a number of buildings on a campus.
Many hospitals with pre-twentieth-century origins began as one building and
evolved into campuses. Some hospitals are affiliated with universities for
medical research and the training of medical personnel such as physicians and
nurses, often called teaching hospitals. Worldwide, most hospitals are run on a
nonprofit basis by governments or charities.
A teaching hospital combines assistance to patients with teaching to medical
students and nurses and often is linked to a medical school, nursing school or
A medical facility smaller than a hospital is generally called a clinic, and often is
run by a government agency for health services or a private partnership of
physicians (in nations where private practice is allowed. Clinics generally
provide only outpatient services.
Outpatients and inpatients
An outpatient is a patient who is not hospitalized for 24 hours or more but who
visits a hospital, clinic, or associated facility for diagnosis or treatment.
Treatment provided in this fashion is called ambulatory care. Outpatient surgery
eliminates inpatient hospital admission, reduces the amount of medication
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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An inpatient on the other hand is "admitted" to the hospital and stays overnight
or for an indeterminate time, usually several days or weeks (though some
cases, like coma patients, have been in hospitals for years). Treatment
provided in this fashion is called inpatient care. The admission to the hospital
involves the production of an admission note. The leaving of the hospital is
officially termed discharge, and involves a corresponding discharge note.
A casualty is a person who is the victim of an accident, injury, or trauma. The
Sharma Charitable Hospital and Research Sansthan casualty is most often
used by the news media to describe deaths and injuries resulting from wars or
disasters. A casualty is sometimes misunderstood to mean fatalities, but non-
fatal injuries are also casualties.
Trauma (medicine)
Trauma refers to "a body wound or shock produced by sudden physical injury,
as from violence or accident." It can also be described as "a physical wound or
injury, such as a fracture or blow." Major trauma (defined by an Injury Severity
Score of greater than 15) can result in secondary complications such as
circulatory shock, respiratory failure and death.
Emergency department
An emergency department (ED), also known as accident & emergency (A&E),
emergency room (ER), emergency ward (EW), or casualty department is a
medical treatment facility, specializing in acute care of patients who present
without prior appointment, either by their own means or by ambulance. The
emergency department is usually found in a hospital or other primary care

Critical Conditions Handled
1. Cardiac Arrest
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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Cardiac arrest may occur in the ED / A&E or a patient may be transported by
ambulance to the emergency department already in this state. Treatment is basic life
support and advanced life support as taught in advanced life support and advanced
cardiac life support courses. This is an immediately life-threatening condition which
requires immediate action in salvageable cases.
2. Heart Attack
Patients arriving to the emergency department with a myocardial infarction (heart
attack) are likely to be triaged to the resuscitation area. They will receive oxygen and
monitoring and have an early ECG; aspirin will be given if not contraindicated or not
already administered by the ambulance team; morphine or diamorphine will be given
for pain; sub lingual (under the tongue) or buccal (between cheek and upper gum)
glyceryl trinitrate [nitroglycerin] (GTN or NTG) will be given, unless contraindicated by
the presence of other drugs, such as drugs that treat erectile dysfunction.
3. Mental illness
Some patients arrive at an emergency department for a complaint of mental illness. In
many jurisdictions patients who appear to be mentally ill and to present a danger to
themselves or others may be brought against their will to an emergency department by
law enforcement officers for psychiatric examination. The emergency department
conducts medical clearance rather than treats acute behavioural disorders. From the
emergency department, patients with significant mental illness may be transferred to a
psychiatric unit (in many cases involuntarily).
4. Asthma and COPD
Acute exacerbations of chronic respiratory diseases, mainly asthma and chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), are assessed as emergencies and treated
with oxygen therapy, bronchodilators, steroids or theophylline, have an urgent chest X-
ray and arterial blood gases and are referred for intensive care if necessary. Non
invasive ventilation in the ED has reduced the requirement for tracheal intubation in
many cases of severe exacerbations of COPD.

Some basic dimensional layout of hospital

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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community based care and support program for the
hiv/aids infected and affected children
This project exclusively focuses for children infected and affected by
This project has the following core service areas.
Providing care and support services for children living with HIV/AIDS &
those affected by HIV, including orphans & vulnerable children (OVC).
Creating a supportive environment
Stigma reduction in different settings.
Strengthening of civil society & institutional capacity building.
Developing information systems & conducting operational


Sharma Charitable Hospital and Research Sansthan is implementing Patient
Counselling Centres in the two Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and
New Born Care Service (CEmONC) Hospitals in Jaipur District by
appointing three women counselors in the hospital.
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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Besides guiding the patients in Out Patients Ward, the counselors render
counseling services for Anti-natal and post natal mothers, pre & post
operative patients, patients with hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cardio-
vascular diseases, carcinoma lungs/tobacco and HIV/AIDS infected and
affected persons through one on one/ group counseling in the counseling
rooms and the respective wards in the Government Hospitals.

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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Head office Hospital office

Shree Sarvasukh Sharma


DR. Raj Kumar Sharma

Dr. MadhuShudan Sharma


E-5 NavarPuri Colony,
Opp. Jain Nasian Bas
BadanPura, Jaipur

Saiwar Road, ramgarh Road
Saipura Jaipur

Contact us
Tel. 01426-287622
Mob. 9414476172, 9414050183
Chairman Message

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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Dear Faithful Customer
Sharma Charitable Hospital and Research Sansthan is dedicated to Socio-
economic transformation of rural and remote areas of jaipur Rajasthan,
especially the weaker and socially under privileged groups, through
medical facility Research, physical, social, and economic development of
rural people groups.
The Sharma Charitable Hospital and Research Sansthan is immediately
associated with things of immeasurable value or inestimable worth. One
always uses the Sharma Charitable Hospital and Research Sansthan with
reference to resources, which by definition are precious and scarce and
therefore have to be managed with utmost reverence and care. While
many people would ascribe this Sharma Charitable Hospital and Research
Sansthan to things like a work of art or a precious stone, and a few to
resources like oil or for that matter water, seldom does one realize that
probably the most precious thing on the surface of earth is the human
body. Im talking about your own individual health and the need to take
care of it; it is your most precious resource apart from the time given to
you, another precious resource, which is again finite. So the need to
handle them both with utmost care cannot be over-emphasized. It is
human nature to take for granted things that are gifted to us. It is only
when a resource becomes neglected or is taken for granted, that it is
missed and its absence regretted. Health is preserved and gained through
a delicate combination of holistic practices such as a healthy mind, a
balanced lifestyle, proper eating and soulful work. The preciousness and
value of all life and especially human life is truly priceless. We need to be
aware of this at every moment and also tell those around us. Health can
be lost due to a variety of reasons and to preserve it, there are certain
things which should be done: namely, stopping smoking, eating sensibly,
getting enough exercise, adopting a holistic lifestyle through practice of
yoga and meditation and getting a health check done regularlya very
small price to pay, for your priceless body. I have personally witnessed, in
the course of my profession, the value of getting to know the state of
ones health through a timely health check. It gives one the power to
manage health in a conscious manner and saves a lot of unnecessary
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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effort, time and money; and it could perhaps save ones life as well. In
grave conditions as cancer, early detection could well mean the difference
between life and death. I can state emphatically that certain cancers, if
detected early, can be cured. At Sharma Charitable Hospital & Research
Sansthan, we have done it repeatedly. Non-Communicable Diseases
(NCDs) represent a new frontier in the fight to improve global health.
NCDs affect the developing world and the lower-income populations the
hardest. NCDs are estimated to account for nearly 75% of all global
deaths. India alone accounts for 17% of these. This high burden poses a
substantial threat to Indias socio economic development, with a potential
cumulative loss of US $6.2 trillion by 2030 nearly 3.5 times our current
GDP! Global experience, has demonstrated that interventions aimed at
prevention and early diagnosis are the most cost effective means for
NCDs control, especially in developed markets. There is clear evidence
linking reductions in cardiovascular and diabetes related morbidity and
mortality to focus on initiatives such as large scale awareness campaigns,
lifestyle interventions, screening programs and medication for high-risk
groups. It is critical to recognize that many risk factors of NCDs (unhealthy
diet, physical inactivity, tobacco use, alcohol abuse) are controllable with
right individual action. The challenge for India is to create a mindset
where individuals see healthy living as an essential investment rather than
as an expense. As caregivers, we at Sharma Charitable Hospital &
Research Sansthan take this responsibility very seriously while we
continue to focus on providing best-in-class medical treatment across all
specialties of care. Be it Cardiology, Oncology, Orthopedics, or Neuro-
sciences, we provide the same emphasis on creating a culture of health
and wellness as with care and sickness. Be it branching out from primary
clinics to Sugar clinics or moving away from Preventive health checks to
Personalized health checks, we have always tried to detect he disease
or its symptoms early so that they can either be cured through treatment
or controlled through medication. Our focus since inception has been on
right diagnosis and accurate treatment planning before getting into the
actual treatment itself and we continue to invest in some of the best
technologies available on this front across all our hospitals. We
continuously aim at improving our standards of clinical care to ensure all
our hospitals deliver safe and quality care to patients, irrespective of
location and size through The Sharma Charitable Hospital & Research
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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Sansthan Standards of Clinical Care (TASCC) which embodies a set of
process requirements and outcome measures that underlie the Sharma
Charitable Hospital & Research Sansthan Hospitals approach to clinical
care. For us, the patient is at the centre of whatever we do or plan for,
and patient care is the reason for our companys existence, a very
precious resource for the patient. The year saw us scaling our clinical
value proposition with the introduction of several new initiatives across
specialties. The first ever separation of the Pygopagus twins highlights our
clinical focus and our commitment to patient care and excellence. The
COE (Centers of Excellence) initiatives has further gained momentum and
driven improvements in the case mix across our network. We on our part
fully realize that apart from our patient care focus, what is priceless to us
as an organization is our medical and professional manpower. In this
regard, I am happy that we have had another good financial year. Our
success on this front has come about through a combination of factors
including the maturity of the store network, rationalization of loss making
stores and a gradual increase in the proportion of private labels in the
product mix. This certainly could not happen without the contribution of
each one of our employees, our engaged workforce. This recognition is
awarded to Organizations that have performed exceptionally in engaging
their workforce and leveraging that strength to drive business results and
sustainable growth. As I end this note, I would like to reiterate that
Sharma Charitable Hospital & Research Sansthan will work together with
the new Government on these 21stcentury health challenges to try and
create a unified Public Private Partnership framework based on the
guiding principles of effectiveness, efficiency and equity. I wish to
conclude by stating that, by getting a health check done, you are taking
care of the two most important and scarcest resources in your life, time
and health. It is time well spent. Please pass this message on to everyone
you touch. I wish you and your families all the very best of health and
thank each and every stakeholder for their continued support, belief and
trust with warm personal regards and in anticipation of an even better

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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Sasthan Members List

1. SH. SarvanSukh Sharma Plot No. 24-25, Khatipura
Road, Jaipur
2. Dr. Rajkumar Sharma Plot No. E-5 NarvarPuri,
BasBadanpura, Jaipur
3. Dr. Madhu Sudan Sharma Plot No. E-5 NarvarPuri,
BasBadanpura, Jaipur

4. Mr. Gyan Chand Sharma C/O Archana Sr. Sec.
School, Sirsi Jaipur
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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5. Mr. Bharam Kumar Sharma Plot No. A-10 Jagdamba
6. Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sharma Plot No. A-9 Jagdamba
7. Dr. Narendra Kumar Sharma Plot No. E-18 Bank
Colony, Murlipura
Scheme, Jaipur

8. Smt. Mandira Sharma Plot No. S-6-7 Goving
Nagar, Khatipura Road,
Jhotwada , Jaipur

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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Sasthans Staff Detail
Name Designation
Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma Program Director
Dr. S.N. Sharma Deputy M.D.
Nathu Ram Saini P.R.O
Dr. Naaz Haider R.M.O.
Dr. Trilok Jain R.M.O.
Dr. Vikas Sxena R.M.O.
Dr. M.S.Sharma R.M.O.
Dr. Toquir Alam R.M.O
Radhe Shayam Staff Nurse
Smt. Reena Vijay STAFF NURSE
Vinod Sharma STAFF NURSE
Smt. Bindu Thomas STAFF NURSE
Danny Thomas STAFF NURSE
Miss. Ligi Thomas A.N.M
Miss. Sajita Vijayan A.N.M
Miss. Sajini Vijayan A.N.M
Miss. Shobha C.J. A.N.M
Ashok Verma Accountant
Bablu Sharma Clerk
Ram Mohan Assistant
Roshan Lal Jangid Assistant
Badri Narayan Driver

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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How to Reach

Hospital Location & Mapping

Hospital Address: Sharma Charitable Hospital and Research Sansthan,
Saipura, Ramgarh Road, Jaipur Pin: 302027
Distance from Major Locations:
Sindhi Camp Bus Stand To Saipura Distance 18.1 K.m 29 min.
Railway Station Jaipur To Saipura Distance 6 K.m 7 min.
Sanganer Airport To Saipura Distance 28 K.m 38 min.
SMS hospital jaipur To Saipura Distance 17.9 K.m 27 min.
Jaipur-Agra NH.11 To Saipura Distance 93 K.m 1 hr 22 min
Ajmeri Gate To Saipura Distance 3.5 K.m 7 min.
Jamua Ramgarh To Saipura Distance 8.1 K.m 9 min.
Andhi To Saipura Distance 27.5 K.m 24 min.

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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Our Sansthan Working Area
Women and child development
Promotive, preventive and Curative Health
Statement Of Mission
Out Patient Department
In-Patient Department
Pathology Laboratory Service Units
Operation Theatre
Other Diagnostic Procedures & Operative services
Village Outreach program
New Community Endeavours
o Community service project
o Rural Child Health Care
Working with the Government
o Blindness Prevention Project
o Tuberculosis Control
o Malaria Control
Financial Support

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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Statement of Mission
Provide free consultation to all and free/partially free
treatment to poor patients
Plan, organize and implement medical & surgical camps as well
as Medical and Health Education Programs to allow patients
from remote villages access to the Hospitals health services.
Contribution to the economic development of the society by
offering local youth Vocational training Programs in the fields of
nursing aides, optometry and laboratory technology. Many of
our past students have been absorbed as hospital staff.
Initiate research programs in various disciplines of medicine,
aiming to offer an insight into the effects of lifestyle on health
Offer self-empowering and self-understanding positive thinking
& Raj yoga meditation courses to patients and their relatives,
thereby covering an essential Holistic aspect of healthcare.

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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In 2010-2011, the Sharma charitable Sansthan, a socio-spiritual
organization having its headquarters at Saipura, established
Sharma charitable Hospital & Research Centre. The hospital was
envisaged to be in a position to fill a lacunae in 2010-2011, the
Sharma charitable Sansthan, a socio-spiritual organization
Having its headquarters at Saipura Jaipur, established Sharma
charitable Hospital & Research Centre. The hospital was
envisaged to be in a position to fill lacunae in health services for
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
28 | P a g e

residents of district Jaipur, Rajasthan and especially for the local
community of Saipura-Jamwa Ramgarh, Jaipur.
Our major integrated rural developing activities are
concentrated in different rural areas of Jaipur. Our Project office
is located in jaipur, Rajasthan.
Saipura Jamwa-Ramgarh is an integral part of the Thar Desert,
where temperature varies from 48*C in summer to 0*C in
winter. The average annual rainfall is 350 mm and agriculture is
totally rain-fed. The underground water is deep and saline with
high fluoride and nitrate contents. Hence, availability of drinking
water has been a major problem in the areas. The socio-
economic condition of the region is very poor with regards to
health, education, employment opportunities and infrastructural
facilities. Due to an unfriendly and unkind climate, the
development of the area has been to challenging. Presently
a\we are working in about 200 villages of jaipur, Rajasthan.
The Sansthan has been operation low cost health clinic services
in different area of Rajasthan. Sansthan has its own well
established hospital which provides medical treatment, surgery,
Vaccination and diagnostics facility to the local population.
Sansthan also organizes various health camps like Eye,
orthopedic, surgical, Asthma and yoga camps. Following
activities were undertaken by the Sansthan during year 2010-

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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L Le eg ga al l a an nd d I In ns st ti it tu ut ti io on n F Fr ra am me e W Wo or rk k f fo or r
h ha ar ri it ty y A Ad dm mi in ni is st tr ra at ti io on n i in n I In nd di ia a

Charity is a concurrent subject under the 7
schedule. List iii,
item 28, of the Constitution of India, which means that both the
central and the state governments are competent to legislate on
the subject. In Practice, charity is primarily Considered a state
Subject although presently there are both Central and state
statutes which govern the non-Profit sector.
Registration of Society Act 1860.
The Companies Act, 1956
Several states have enacted their own version of the
Registration of Societies Act, and framed their own rules, though
in the main they follow the Central Act. There is no separate
state enactment for companies. For registration of public
charitable Sansthan there is no all India enactment. The Indian
Sansthan Act of 1882, which has all India applicability, applies
only to private Sansthan. However, where no special
differentiation is called for, the provisions of the Act have been
applied by analogy to public Sansthans as well. Some states
have separate acts governing the administration of charitable
institution and endowments. Where there is no specific
Sansthan act, Sansthan are registered under the Registration of
documents act. Muslims in India can constitute either Sansthan
or wakes for charitable and pious purposes. A wake differs from
a Sansthan in that the corpus of the waifis vested in God
Almighty while the usufruct is giver to the beneficiaries of class
of beneficiaries set out in the settlement.
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
30 | P a g e

L Le eg ga al l F Fo or rm ms s o of f N No on n P Pr ro of fi it t O Or rg ga an ni iz za at ti io on ns s

A society is essentially an association of persons (seven of more)
United together to achieve some common purpose. Such
objects are normally charitable. Scientific, literary etc.
Theoretically, a society need not be registered but registration
gives the society legal recognition and is essential for opening of
bank accounts. Filling of legal suits, obtaining income tax
approvals, lawful vesting of properties etc.

A society is registered under the societies Registration Act.
1860. In addition various states have framed their respective
acts and rules for ensuring propriety in functioning of societies.
Including provision for compulsory division. Amalgamation of
dissolution. The registration is done under the auspices of the
various state governments in whose territories the organization
is locate. An organization can be registered in any district of
India with the assistant registrar of Societies within that district.

A society is a district legal entity entirely independent of the
members constituting it. Thus, it can sue or be sued
independent of its members. No member either independently
or jointly can claim ownership rights in the assets of a society
during its existence. On its dissolution. The surplus assets are
given to some other society with similar objects. The
membership rights are non-Transferable and it has perpetual
succession not affected by the changes in its membership or
employees. Along with having the flexibility to undertake a wide
range of activities. A society also has a more democratic set up
with membership and an elected body to manage it. The
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
31 | P a g e

original member can continue to remain in control as long as
they are elected to the managing committee. The society can
exist beyond its original member and there is a possibility of a
complete renewal of member and object can be modified

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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Comparative Perspective
Charitable, Literary, Scientific etc.
Simple Procedure
Simple And Easy
Comparatively Simple
Few Restriction Imposed Under the Act
Annual Meeting According to Provisions of Law. Governing
Body Meetings as Prescribed in Rules of the Society
Legal Status with Certain Limitation
Very Limited
Not Possible
Controlled By Governing Body
Possible Without Con Sent

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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Charity Laws
Societies Registration Act, 1860
As the First War of Independence Caught the British imperial
Law and order Machinery in India by surprise. After the
Rebellion Was Crushed with an iron hand, an analysis of how it
happened led to an amazing Discovery for the British
Government when they realized that the intellectual
Underpinnings of the Rebellion came from numerous arts and
cultural societies that had sprung up in India in the Middle of the
Nineteenth Century. Most of these societies had served as front
Organization for the Radical elements attempting to free India
from the colonial yoke.

With an attempt to control and monitor these societies, the
societies Registration Act was enacted which required all
association of moves than seven or more people to be formally
registered with the government. The act was modeled after the
English literary and scientific institution Act, 1854 and it was
hopped by the British Government that it would be able to
monitor and prevent the proliferation of insidious activities

The societies Registration Act came into force in 1860, Two Years
after the Revolt of 1957 was put down. The Sepoy Mutiny also
termed independence. The act was adopted along with many
other acts. However, some regions already had their
Own laws while other made modification to the act form time to
time yet, other states passed completely new laws to regulate
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
34 | P a g e

societies. The newer laws have much more regulatory provision
that the original act. The following is a list of state where in the
central act, namely, the societies registration act is applicable ,
as amended form time to time by various states.
1. Assam
2. Bihar
3. Delhi
4. Gujarat
5. Maharashtra
6. Orissa
7. Punjab
8. Haryana
9. Himachal Pradesh
10. Goa, Daman and Diu
11. Tripura
12. Nagaland3

The following is a state that has passed independent
1. The Rajasthan Societies Registration Act, 1958
(Act no. 28 of 1958: Total Section 21)

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
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A. Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS)
Sansthan has been implementing this program since 2010-2011
in Jaipur and its villages.
The focus group is children (0-6 years), adolescent girls,
pregnant women and lactating mothers.
The objectives of the program are to provide supplementary
nutrition, immunization, referral services and basic health and
nutrition, hygiene, knowledge and awareness to children,
adolescent girls and women, so that their nutritional and health
conditions can be improved. Under this program the following
activities were undertaken during the year.
Were provided to children, pregnant and lactating mothers and
adolescent girls. On an average 2854 children (0-6 years age
group), 3852 pregnant mothers, lactating mothers and 1452
adolescent girls were benefited per day.
Regular growth monitoring of the children below was done
during growth monitoring 1145 malnourished children were
identified and referred to child specialists and presently they are
undergoing treatment. Double nutrition was also provided to
Health check-ups of pregnant women were undertaken and they
were benefited by immunization, weight, blood pressure
measurement and blood and urine testing services. During the
year weight (4582), blood pressure (4555), immunization (1722
and 1965 for TT I & II respectively), blood testing (1852) and
urine testing (2010-2011) of pregnant women was done. Every
month on an average 8895 IFA tablets were distributed and used
by the pregnant women and adolescent girls.
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
36 | P a g e

The Sansthan provides family planning operation and 250
women provided Copper T. they also distributed condoms and
contraceptive pills by which 3259 and 2854 people were
benefited respectively.
Safe Motherhood Day (20
April) and Breast Feeding Week (8-
Were celebrated to increase awareness for safe delivery
practices and to increase awareness for mothers milk
particularly colostrums feeding with the help of beneficiaries,
cultural programs were organized on these occasions.
Regular meetings were conducted with women and adolescent
girls and information about the use of iodized salts, iron/folic
acid tablets, health checkups and immunization, causes and
remedies for anemia, diarrhoea, pneumonia and the importance
of vitamin A and ORS solutions was provided. Childrens day
(14th November), international Women day (8
Rajasthan Day (30
March) was observed n all the villages.

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
37 | P a g e

Maternal and Child Health (MCH) :
The sansthan has been running a Fifty-bedded MCH Center at
Saipura village jmwaramgarh Jaipur to provide medical and
health facilities to the rural poor of the nearby area and
adjoining villages since its inception. The following activities
were undertaken during the year:
A Total of 13254 patients (indoor and outdoor) were treated
during the year and 210 were referred for treatment to other
About 96 pregnant women underwent health check-up at the
Centre. Besides a prenatal check up, regular check-ups services
like immunization for TT, weight measurement, measurement of
blood and urine tests, etc, were done. All the women used iron
and Folic acid and other vitamin tablets.

Provided family welfare services i.e. oral pills, condoms and
sterilization in which 79 females and 15 males were underwent
sterilization. Oran pills and condoms were also distributes.

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
38 | P a g e

Eye Care Program:
This year special emphasis was given to the eye care program in
order to make a cataract free district. Every month was fixed of
eye Check yup in our Hospital. The activities conducted were as
Twelve eye camps were organized in which 2148 patients were
registered. Out of these 654 patients were operated for cataract
and medicines to the remaining patients were distributed free of
Under school eye screening program of the sansthan doctor
provided training for preliminary eye testing to the teachers of
55 schools of Ramghar and saipura blocks. Vision of the 12548
student of 59 schools of Ramghar and saipura block was tested
and spectacles were provided to 548 students free of cost.

Sansthan has been providing affordable clinical facility to senior
citizens of the local area. Number of senior citizens undergone
treatment, testing and other benefits,
Out out-patient department consists of 15 clinics including
cardiology, dentistry, dermatology, dietetics &Wellness, E.N.T.,
gynecology, medicine, neuropsychiatry, obstetrics,
ophthalmology, orthopedics, Pediatrics, physiotherapy and
surgery, Sharma Hospital offers complementary medicine
therapies such as ayurveda, homoeopathy, magnet therapy and
yoga therapy
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
39 | P a g e

2010-2011 Out Patients Record

Month M F C T
APRIL 530 521 254 1305
MAY 510 458 290 1258
JUNE 450 445 245 1140
JULY 480 405 186 1071
AUGUST 530 430 285 1245
SEPTEMBER 510 440 190 1140
OCTOMBER 570 430 210 1210
NOVEMBER 540 456 214 1210
DECEMBER 518 413 269 1200
JANUVERY 436 380 225 1041
FEBRUARY 476 377 359 1212
MARCH 453 520 186 1159
6003 5275 2913 14191

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
40 | P a g e

Out Patients Record 2010-2011

In Patients Department
The in-patient services comprises 50 beds spaciously laid out in
the general ward, twin-sharing rooms, single occupancy air-
conditioned and non- AC rooms and deluxe suites. At present, 30
beds are functional. Poor patients requiring intensive nursing are
offered special care irrespective of their paying capacity.
Resident doctors are available to augment nursing care round
the clock. The nursing staff includes nursing supervisors, nurses
and nursing assistants.
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
41 | P a g e

Month Male Female Child Total
Out In Out In Out In
April 254 254 208 214 147 112 1189
May 252 245 225 246 131 89 1188
June 264 264 295 245 91 125 1284
July 219 265 236 267 104 135 1226
August 230 221 195 265 179 99 1189
September 227 299 205 278 129 105 1243
October 274 265 228 178 113 185 1243
November 252 212 269 229 179 114 1255
December 278 238 269 142 178 63 1168
January 285 254 225 103 83 149 1099
February 259 289 252 109 245 178 1332

202 245 279 216 169 142
2996 3051 2886 2492 1748 1496 14669

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
42 | P a g e

In Patients Hospitalization

Male Out
Male In
Female Out
Female In
Child Out
Child In
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
43 | P a g e

Sharma diagnosis center provided to the pathology laboratory
service in out Sansthan.

The pathology is fully equipped computerized lab that
provides round the clock services under stringent External
and internal quality controls.
Clinical pathology: Conducts routine urine, stool and body
fluid analysis.
Biochemistry: Equipped with R.T.-190, 4. C semi auto
analyzer, Roche fully automated AVL 9180 Electrolyte
analyzer and fully automated Radiometer Medical ABL blood
gas analyzer. All routine tests are conducted, such as lipid
profiles, liver function tests and cardiac function profiles.
Special Examinations such as serum calcium, magnesium,
phosphorous and uric acid are also available.
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
44 | P a g e

Hematology uses fully automated Coulter ACT Diff and
Coulter MD-18 for complete Blood counts along With the full
range of hematology tests.
Microbiology: Performs aerobic, micoaerophilic, anaerobic
and fungus cultures of all specimens.
Serology: an Elisa reader and automatic Elisa well washer are
used to test blood for HIV Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. all
other serological tests are available.
Cytology: fine equipped with automatic tissue processor,
microtome and automated knife sharpener to handle all

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
45 | P a g e

We have one Operation Theatre in our Hospital

Hospitalization surgery (2010-2011)
Month Male Female Child Total
April 5 10 0 15
May 8 4 0 12
June 3 5 0 8
July 6 9 0 15
August 14 5 0 19
September 9 7 0 16
October 8 14 0 22
November 10 7 0 17
December 3 6 0 9
January 15 1 0 16
February 1 6 0 7
March 10 3 0 13
total 92 77 0 169

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
46 | P a g e

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
47 | P a g e

In & Out patient Hospitalization 2010-2011
Month Male Female Child Total
Out In Out In Out In
April 275 253 263 214 120 174 1176

May 278 230 225 293 125 132 1231

June 265 278 265 295 165 121 1299
July 291 279 247 297 135 151 1283
August 296 269 265 311 169 174 1389
September 297 235 285 324 147 185 1400
October 252 223 292 293 196 165 1484
November 130 174 191 296 74 112
December 232 210 175 246 98 91 1421
January 269 311 281 294 103 114 977
February 274 291 231 288 96 65 1052

305 285 278 332 136 175
3164 3038
3483 1564 1659 1245

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
48 | P a g e

Male In
Male Out
Female In
Female Out
Child In
Child Out
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
49 | P a g e

Special camps organized during the year:
A free diagnostic and treatment cam for skin diseases and pile
was held in aril 2010 where 110 patients took benefit. A blood
pressure and diabetes camp was organized in august 2010 at
which 125 people took benefit of a free consultation with
physician Dr. Madhusudan Sharma, besides which 55 people had
their ECG and blood pressure checked and received free
medication. A blood donation camp was organized in September
2010 where 55 donors participated to collect blood for 29
patients. A diagnostic eye camp was organized in March 2011
with Dr. D.S.pachar, volunteering their expertise for the benefit
of 321 patients.

Summary of Health Camps
Two free bone density check-up camps were organized by the
department of orthopedics. On 15 May 2010, about 354
patients and on June 9-11, around 580 persons took benefit
of the free check-up.
The Govt. school Andhi organized a general health screening
camp on August 65 at Tholai. Many patients took benefit of
the free consultations rendered by our consultant orthopedic
Surgeon. For general health ailments senior medical officer
Dr.M.S. Sharma Poor patients were also offered free

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
50 | P a g e

Sansthan has organized an all day multi-disciplinary health
camp on sep 11 Participating consultants orthopedic
surgeon Dr. Naveen Goyal consultant ophthalmologist Dr D.S.
panchar. senior medical officer Dr. M.S. Sharma with
Diagnostic facilities such as ECG, calcium checks for Elderly
ladies, audiometric and screening for diabetes were offered.
Poor patients were also given free Medicines.

Village Outreach Program
Twice weekly visits to our ten adopted villages by consultant
gynecologists and chief of the village outreach programme a
daily service conducted by Dr. M.S. Sharma continued
throughout 2010-09 With emphasis on mother and child care,
tuberculosis, malnutrition and skin diseases. The years
statistics in comparison with the year 2010 is presented

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
51 | P a g e

Nutritional programmers

Nutritional programmers for village schools are now
operating in the following villages:

Saiward Village schoolProgramme
Saipure village school programme
Hirawala village school programme
Papad village school programme
Ramghar village school programme
Nayavas village school programme
Andhi village school programme
Tholi village school programme
Bhanpur village school programme
Amerkunda village school programme

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
52 | P a g e

Under the nutritional programmes, village school students are
served a healthy snack and milk once a day
During school hours benefit tremendously from his serving.
Most village schools report higher attendance,
Better concentration and a healthier student population since
the commencement of the nutritional programmes.
The Saipura village primary school was refurbished during the
year thanks to a donation from the Sharma hospital
DOTS Tuberculosis treatment
During the year 2010, a total of 365 tuberculosis patients
were seen, of whom 195 were cured, treatment of 110
Patients was completed, 3 patients were declared failures, 5
patients defaulted, 6 patients transferred out, 20
List of Consultants/Doctors/Alternate

Dr. M.S. Sharma
Dr. Anil Sharma
Dr. M.K Gupta
Dr. M. P Choudhary
Dr. Naveen Goyal
Dr. D.S Pachar
Dr. YogendraTyagi
Dr. A.K Sharma
Dr. Basant Vyas
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
53 | P a g e

Work With Government
Sharma Charitable Hospital and Research Sansthan is currently not working with
Government project.
Financial Support
Sharma Charitable Hospital and Research Sansthan is currently supporting itself as no
Financial aid is given from any outside institution. The sansthan has no Trusty

Plan for 20011-12

Short Summary for the future plans of Sansthan

To make available On Call Ambulance in which I.C.U
ambulance facilities will be included besides regular
ambulance facilities

To provide toll free facilities, for the people of village areas
for giving medical suggestion and medical aid.

To establish Infantry unit (Nursery)

To organize camp for eye sight disable person.

To organize camps for vaccination

Organizing HIV aids awareness Camp. Our Moto is to organize
camps for those suffering from HIV. We not only want to
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
54 | P a g e

prevent and cure but also prepare them mentally to fight such
deadly diseases.

Organizing camps to make people aware for save girl child
mission to increase Girl Child Ratio.
To give information about cancer and treat it through
organizing camps

To organize regular health check up camp in all the areas such
as schools, colleges and village places.

Organizing plastic surgery camps for those born with some

To organize camp for those who are handicapped for
providing them treatment as well as tricycle and artificial
body part. Also organizing camps to make them able to earn
their bread and butter.

Through ayurvedic and traditional medical treatments, curing
ailments and preventing them. Also creating awareness in the

To conduct some special kind of programmes to make people
aware of seasonal ailments communicable diseases

To make people willing for donating their eyes and tell them
the importance of eye donation.

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
55 | P a g e

Running some special programs for people to donate their
body part for the needy.
Organizing Blood Donation camp for people to donate their
blood and removing all the myths that are prevailing in the
people. Also help to establish Blood Banks.

To run some special institutions for the development in the
field of medical

To organize educational programmes to provide degree and
diploma in the field of medical science. Also help to establish
nursing colleges and institution for providing medical science

To provide first aid knowledge to the school going students.

Organizing women health camps

To provide aid to the people suffering from communicable
diseases and other deadly diseases.

To organize camps for treating cardiac diseases.

To organize mental health camp and help them to become
mentally fit.

To establish Burn Units. To treat burnt people in air
conditioned environment with hygienic conditions.
To construct Special Bite Unit in which bitten people can be
treated well.
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
56 | P a g e

To establish latest technology lab.

To run some special programmes for the nursing staff to keep
them active and dutiful

To connect common people with the government health

To organize special programmes to aware people of sexual

To lead girls for the changes that take place in their teenage
and give them right guide.

To run some special programmes to check increase in

To publish and supply weekly newspaper regarding health.

To aware people for the ailments that take place at some
particular places in some particular conditions for those who
work as land labors, factories labor so on.
Sansthan will continuously work actively in the field of
medical science for the common public interest in any
condition to provide them basic facilities.

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
57 | P a g e

Santhans Constitution

The Sharma Charitable Hospital and research Sansthan is
registered with Rajasthan Society registration act 1958, section
20. Registration no 63/2005-06 on 4
May 2005 Jaipur,
Rajasthan. Registration authority
Registrar Sansthans Jaipur

We have to present our constitutional aims and working areas
To provide Poor people all basic health facilities in
Sansthan cost.

Aim is to research in all the fields of medical science and all
the practices of medical science so that we can provide the
best possible medical aid.

To provide all institutional facilities to keep in mind for the
public and social economic needs of the people.

To encourage to the development of special medicinal
plants for human welfare.

To encourage new research technology regarding diseases
and heath regarding problems.

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
58 | P a g e

To discover new technologies in the field of medical
science to treat every possible diseases along with

Aim to conduct Medical treatment and experiments.

No claim of any member of the society for the property of
the society. No person can misuse his/her membership. No
payment will be made for the claim of the property of the

To establish institution in the field of medical and surgical
regarding knowledge.

Emergency Facilities

Sharma Charitable Hospital & Research Centre has 24 rounds
of Clock emergency Facilities for the patients. It is arranging
its best possible facilities for the village people in the lowest
possible expenses that will be taken for the maintenance of
Sansthans property.

Ambulance Facilities of the Sansthan
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
59 | P a g e

The Sansthan is providing Ambulance for the serious patients
who immediately need the facility. We are providing on call &
free of charge ambulance facility.

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
60 | P a g e

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
61 | P a g e

Sharma charitable hospital & research centers
Ramgarh road, Saipura,
Jaipur (Raj.)
Profit & Loss A/c
1-Apr-2010 to 31-Mar-2011
Particulars 1-Apr-2010 to 31-Mar-2011

Particulars 1-Apr-2010 to 31-Mar-2011
Indirect expenses 28,62,177.00
Salary Exp. 14,25,434.00
Fuel 1,01,690.00
Housekeeping 1,84,992.00
Advertisement 11,536.00
Annual anniversary 30,000.00
Audit fee 4,000.00
Bank charge A/c 220.00
Bio-West Exp. 6,125.00
Depreciation 80,100.00
Electricals Goods 2,335.00
Festival Exp 13,500.00
Implantation 8,000.00
Insurance USG machine 13,700.00
MISL 5,800.00
News Paper exp. 2,340.00
Oxygen gas 19,640.00
Pollution 14,370.00
Power line con. Exp. 1,81,104.00
Premises rent 2,51,568.00
Printing & Stationary 19,110.00
Repair & maintenance 26,890.00
Sonography Exp 15,553.00
Surgery & cons. Exp. 1,57,100.00
Surgery Kit & Medicine 2,28,088.00
Tax Audit Fee 1,500.00
Telephone Exp. 950.00
Water Exp. 3,930.00

Indirect comes 30,75,773.00
Ambulance 84,790.00
Biopsy 7,700.00
D & C 1,23,750.00
Labor charges received 58,800.00
Nursing charges 1,51,449.00
Other charges 3,36,411.00
Registration 1,55,758.00
Surgery Charges 16,22,940.00
USG 5,
Net Profit 2,13,596.00

Total 30,75,773.00

Total 30,75,773.00
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
62 | P a g e

1-APRIL-2010 TO 31-Mar-2011
Liabilities Assets
Capital account 10,11,026.48
Donation recived 1,75,000.00
Reserve surplus 7,75,648.48
Retained Earning 60,378.00
Fixed Assets 6,65,478.00
Ambulance van 1,48,750.00
Electric & Glass Fittings 10,894.00
Furniture 66,882.00
Room Hot heater 658.00
Sonography machine 1,70,000.00
Staff Room 1,86,811.00
Tools &Equipments 55,220.00
Wall fan 1,337.00
Water cooler 24,926.00
Loans (liability) Current Assets 3,45,548.48
Cash-in-hand 3,21,082.48
Bank accounts 4,466.00
Premises Rent Security 20,000.00

Current liabilities

Profit & Loss a/c
Opening Balance
Current Period 2,13,596.00
Less Transferred 2,13,596.00
Total 10,11,026.48 Total 10,11,026.48

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
63 | P a g e


Fixed Assets
Group Summary
1-April-2010 to 31-March-2011
Particulars Closing balance
Debit Credit
Electric & glass fittings
Room hot heater
Sonography machine
Staff room
Tools & equipments
Wall fan
Water cooler


Grand total 6,65,478.00

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
64 | P a g e

Comments For the Sansthan by the Visitors
-Honourablehelth minister of rajasthanDrdigmbar sing
Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
65 | P a g e

Recent Development Sansthan has underwent

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
66 | P a g e

Income Details of the Sansthan

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
67 | P a g e

Acquisition / Up gradation of Equipment
Serial No. Item Name Quantity For Use Working -
Non Working

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
68 | P a g e

Sharma Charitable Hospital And Research Sansthan
69 | P a g e