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June 27, 2014 | By WakingTimes | 10 Replies

DNA Damage June 27, 2014 | By WakingTimes | 10 Replies Waking Times Lisa Bloomquist, Collective-Evolution

Lisa Bloomquist, Collective-Evolution

It’s Worse Than You Know

In a May, 2014 letter to the U.S. Senate, Doctor Jay S. Cohen said of fluoroquinolones, “In my 40+ years in pharmacovigilance, FQs (fluoroquinolones) surpass Vioxx and Thalidomide in the degree of permanent harm done.” Let that sink in for a bit.

Fluoroquinolones cipro/ciprofloxacin, levaquin/levofloxacin, avelox/moxifloxacin and floxin/ofloxacin drugs that are seen as simple antibiotics (though they do severe cellular harm and are more appropriate for use as chemotherapy drugs), that are prescribed more than 20 million times per year in the U.S. alone are doing more harm than Vioxx a drug that led to more than 140,000 American heart attacks, and Thalidomide a drug that has caused birth-defects and deaths of thousands of children world-wide.

Vioxx has been removed from the market, and the use of Thalidomide is severely restricted. Fluoroquinolones, on the other hand, are prescribed with abandon, despite the fact that hundreds of studies have shown that they do severe cellular damage and thousands of patients have filed reports with the FDA noting that a variety of severe health problems have been experienced after taking a fluoroquinolone.

Transgenerational Side-Effects

I have argued that fluoroquinolones have transgenerational ill effects and that children are suffering because of the epigenetic effects of fluoroquinolones (HERE and HERE). I have never hoped to be wrong about anything more than my assertions that fluoroquinolones are related to autism, but the possibility exists – because we really don’t know what the transgenerational effects of microbiome destruction and depletion of mitochondrial DNA are and fluoroquinolones do, indeed, both obliterate the microbiome and deplete the only non-redundant form of DNA that we have mitochondrial DNA. (1)

Direct Damage Done by Fluoroquinolones

There are certainly plenty of direct victims of fluoroquinolones, even if indirect/transgenerational effects are not considered. As Doctor Cohen noted, the degree of permanent harm done by them is horrifying. Fluoroquinolones destroy musculoskeletal tissue (tendons, cartilage, bone, muscle, etc.) throughout the body (2), damage the nervous systems (central, peripheral and autonomic), and more. Fluoroquinolone toxicity syndrome mimics autoimmune diseases (including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Sjögren’s syndrome, etc.), fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome / M.E., autonomic nervous system diseases (like POTS), leaky gut syndrome and even psychiatric disorders like bipolar disorder and severe depression.

If someone with some resources would do a proper epidemiological study that takes the tolerance thresholds for fluoroquinolones (people typically don’t react to their first dose – they only react once their threshold for mitochondrial damage is crossed) and delayed reactions (the “vicious cycle” of mitochondrial damage and oxidative stress makes it so that damage is accelerated as time goes on and thus delayed severe reactions are common) into account, perhaps the connection would be made between fluoroquinolones drugs that not only deplete mitochondrial DNA but also destroy the microbiome and lead to adverse gene expression – and the chronic “mysterious” diseases that have been on the rise since the introduction of cipro on the market by Bayer in 1983. (Of course, fluoroquinolones are not the only cause of these diseases fluoroquinolones are just one category of pharmaceuticals that damage mitochondria and lead to oxidative stress. Other pharmaceuticals do the same. But the harm done by fluoroquinolones specifically and pharmaceuticals generally, and the role that they play in these diseases, is horribly under-recognized.)

When the Cellular Damage Done is Realized

Once people realize that a pharmaceutical, a popular antibiotic no less, has done damage to their mitochondrial DNA, and has led to harm in them and their children, I hope that all of the top executives at Bayer (makers of cipro and avelox) and Johnson & Johnson (makers of levaquin) are put on trial. Causing people to be chronically ill is bad enough but people seem to let pharmaceutical companies off the hook when they do it. Damaging our DNA DNA that has been adapted and perfected over billions of years is trial-worthy.

When the top Bayer and J&J executives and scientists are confronted about the damage that their drugs did, they will likely say that they didn’t know – they had no idea that their “antibiotics” (they’re chemo drugs) were so harmful.

This is what should be said to them in return -

“What did you think was going to happen? What did you think would happen in a person’s body when the DNA of the bacteria in their microbiome was unraveled? (3)

What did you think would happen when their mitochondrial DNA was depleted? Did it not occur to you that mitochondria are ancient bacterium and that when you interfere with the replication process for bacterial DNA, you do the same thing to mitochondrial DNA? (4)

What did you think would happen when your drugs depleted magnesium and iron from a patient’s cells? (5

What did you think would happen when you killed all of the good bacteria in a patient’s gut? What did you think would happen when your drugs triggered a massive amount of oxidative stress to be inflicted in your patient’s body? (7 8 9)

What did you think would happen when you depleted all of their antioxidants? (10)

What did you think would happen when your drugs caused chromosomal aberrations in immune system cells? (11)

What did you think would happen when you gave chemo drugs to your patients who have a simple infection, not cancer? (12)

Did you think that it wouldn’t damage them? Or did you know that fluoroquinolones would do severe cellular damage, but you just didn’t care? Did you mistake a tolerance threshold for mitochondrial damage (13) for safety? Or did you know that these were the perfect drugs chemo drugs disguised as antibiotics that induce chronic, multi-symptom illness and that with these drugs you could make customers for life?”

Willful Ignorance

At best, the top executives and scientists at Bayer and Johnson & Johnson didn’t think. They didn’t consider the fact that fluoroquinolones are topoisomerase inhibitors and that they work by dismantling and adducting to DNA as opposed to disrupting cell walls like innocuous antibiotics such as penicillin or cephalosporins. If one is to give them far more credit than they deserve, maybe there is the possibility that they didn’t make the connections. Maybe they didn’t notice that many of the chronic diseases of modernity that fluoroquinolone toxicity mimics fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. have gone up along with the use of fluoroquinolones (and other mitochondria damaging drugs). Maybe they let denial of mitochondrial damage, delayed reactions and tolerance thresholds protect their precious egos and shareholders. But neither denial nor willful ignorance are legitimate excuses. They never have been, and they never will be. The top executives and scientists at Bayer and J&J, along with those at the FDA, should have known how dangerous and damaging fluoroquinolones are.

The Connections

The connection is not difficult to make. Pharmaceuticals damage mitochondria (they’re vulnerable little organelles that also happen to be quite important). Damaged mitochondria produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) which is also known as oxidative stress. ROS / oxidative stress is associated with (by “associated with” I mean causes, but shhhh, you can’t say that while being scientific) every single chronic disease there is including, but not limited to; Alzheimer’s (14) , Parkinson’s (15), chronic fatigue syndrome / M.E. (16), fibromyalgia (17), Gulf War Syndrome (18), autism (19), many psychiatric diseases (20), etc. Of course, the details of how pharmaceuticals damage mitochondria and how oxidative stress leads to those diseases is incredibly complicated, but the top scientists and executives at Bayer and J&J, and the “regulators” at the FDA, should be smart enough to read the source documents listed below and to know that the drugs that they produce/approve are dangerous.

After all, it was stated in 1992 that:

“the interaction (of fluoroquinolones) with DNA is still of great concern because of the possible long-term genotoxicity of quinolone compounds, which are increasingly adopted as first-choice antibiotics for the treatment of many infections, and because it addresses the real mechanism of action of this class of molecules.” (5)

Paying attention to how pharmaceuticals interact with DNA is probably a good idea.

Many pharmaceuticals damage mitochondria. Not all of them interrupt the production of enzymes that are vital for the replication and transcription of DNA though. Fluoroquiolones do. They also form poisonous metabolites (thanks carboxylic acid molecule!) (21) and leach all of the magnesium (22) and iron out of cells. It’s not exactly fun to go through. Fluoroquinolones are damaging people on a cellular level severely and because of delayed reactions, tolerance thresholds and ignorance of everyone in the medical system, victims have no idea what hit them.

People are Sick Pharma Companies Should be Held Responsible for Their Role

People are sick. They are chronically ill and are suffering. Neither doctors nor anyone in the pharmaceutical industry have any idea how to put them back together again. Doctors have no idea how to help those suffering from Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome or any other chronic “mysterious” disease. They don’t even know how to administer the correct tests to give them an accurate diagnosis. So they blame the patients for their diet or lifestyle or pain. But the patients are not to blame. The drugs are to blame.

The people who make, sell, and fail to regulate these drugs are to blame. They should be held accountable.

A Brilliant TED Talk About Willful Blindness -

Numbered sources:

14. Free Radical Biology and Medicine, Oxidative Stress Hypothesis in Alzheimer’s Disease

16. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Chronic fatigue syndrome and mitochondrial dysfunction

21. Expert opinion on Drug Metabolism & Toxicology, Metabolic activation of carboxylic acids.

More Information: Information about Fluoroquinolones and Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome can be found on the author’s web sites, and

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this article, subscribe to receive more just like it. Comments (10) Trackback URL | Comments RSS

Comments (10)


it. Comments (10) Trackback URL | Comments RSS Feed 1. Dianne Mixon says: June 28, 2014

I believe that I am chronically ill from taking these drugs. Unfortunately, I was living in a small town and was suffering from gall bladder disease. The doctors just kept pumping me full of Leviquin instead of listening to me….the patient who had lived in this body for 50 years at the time. I was a teacher of young children and because the gall bladder incident was allowed to keep making me sick, they would just put me on more Leviquin, until I refused to take it any longer. It made my stomach hurt, more than it hurt before and gave me worse diarrhea. I went to 3 or 4 different doctors, but always the same result. I KNEW my gall bladder was the culprit, which kept me ill, with not only that, but my immune system could not fight off other illnesses that I should have had immunity from since I taught these young children for many years and would not get sick that often because I had become immune to them, UNTIL these doctors would not treat my gall bladder issue by removing it. I had every symptom of the illness and my cousin, who is a veterinarian and said that’s it, you have every symptom, but these idiots would not remove it until after my 3rd HIDA scan where my bile duct was blocked, not by stones, but by sludge, as they found when they FINALLY took it out. By this time, I was very, very ill. They made me have a colonoscopy that almost killed me before the surgery, which was for profit only! There’s a lot more between what I feel is a very strong link to these medicines and being diagnosed with an auto-immune illness. I have had to retire from my job, that I loved, and live on very little money. I am extremely angry with medicine in general and have been doing a lot of research on holistic medicine and diet. Big pharma could care less about people and only want to rake in huge profits. I have 3 fine doctors that are at UT-Hermann in the Houston medical center. None of the damage that has been done can be reversed, so I’m alive, but my life as I knew it, is DEAD! Thank you for posting this article. Once again, it has shown me what I already knew, that the medicine was worse than the cure, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. I am so glad

to have seen this and am getting me a lawyer. I am sick of big pharma and the destruction of all their

“miracle” drugs. Most doctors don’t really know that much about medicine…

drug rep dropped off as I was sitting waiting in a waiting room while they wasted the doctor’s time.

just the last drug the


wasted the doctor’s time. just the last drug the Reply o Lisa Bloomquist says: August 1,

Hi Diane,

Thank you very much for sharing what happened to you! I’m very sorry for all of the pain and suffering that you have experienced!

More information about the toxicity of fluoroquinolones (cipro, levaquin, avelox and floxin) can be found on It’s my site. I wrote all the posts on it and the post that we’re commenting on. I hope that you find the information in them to be useful! Here is my most recent post damage-mitochondria-fda-adds-warning/ The FDA KNOWS about the damage that these drugs do. OF COURSE THEY KNOW! They’re the ones that put out the 43 page warning labels. God forbid they DO anything about it.

I hope that you find a good lawyer who will take your case. A law firm called Baron & Budd is currently taking cases if you want to join a class action. It may be worth calling them.

I’m sorry that you learned about the evilness and incompetence of those in the medical field by getting poisoned. I hope that you improve!

There are support groups available. The Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Group on facebook is great. So is

Best regards,


is great. So is Best regards, Lisa Reply 2. real says: June 28, 2014 at

2. real says:

Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience, it puts a reality into the people who are not “awake & aware”. THANK YOU

who are not “awake & aware”. THANK YOU Reply 3. Lynne Heal says: June 29, 2014

3. Lynne Heal says:

Thinks all MS drugs all need to be scrutinized as many are dangerous. One has even had furniture polish added to it

Reply 4. JvdM says: June 30, 2014 at 4:22 am Don’t be fooled, they knew what

4. JvdM says:

Don’t be fooled, they knew what they were doing. It’s all part of the depopulation plan (read about agenda 21). So are vaccines. Bill Gates even did a speech in which he said something like: there should be less people in the world, but even if we do a really good job with our….vaccines…., we wouldn’t be able to reduce the population by more than (I believe) 15-20%… Go look for the clip on youtube. For the same reason the food companies make GMO’s and don’t want to label their shit. They claim their products are safe, but they have no independant evidence to show for it. And if opponents produce such proof, they are bought off, blackmailed, ridiculed or silenced. It isn’t a coincidence that most scientists who spoke against gmo’s suddenly died in a terrible accident. The companies I’m talking about are Monsanto, Dow, Pioneer, BASF, Bayer, Mercx, just to name a few. They are chemical companies that produce genetically modified foods, go figure. Many of them changed their names after world war 2, but they were part of IG Farben, the company that produced Zyklon B. Monsanto produced Agent Orange that still causes miscarriages, birthdefects and infertility in Vietnam today. In India farmers are in the habit of letting their cattle graze on the field after the harvest is done, but once many farmers turned to using genetially modified seeds, after they believed all of Monsanto’o false claims, they all die after grazing. And they can’t use their crops for new seeds, because they’re made steril by Monsanto (or Pioneer). Now the farmers are left with nothing and commit suicide by the thousands. Closer to home: pig farmers noticed their pigs became sterile after eating the genetically modified animal food (mainly soy and corn) Do we really want to eat the foods those companies produce? Why doesn’t the government, FDA or EFSA (Europe) protect us from such evil? I’ll tell you why. Beause they have a revolving door policy: one year a senator/ manager or whatever is working for this company, the next they’re working for that company or even the government or are funded by them, or even blackmailed. And for some judges, who have to rule on lawsuits against Monsanto goes the same. Genetically modified foods change our DNA directly or through the meat we eat from animals that were fed genetically modified crops. And they cause many chronic diseases. I turned to organics and avoid chemicals in my food as much as possible: aroma’s, pesticides, hormones, preservatives, bleach -actually all kinds of chemical additives. And don’t forget your soaps, detergents etc.: especially parabens and petrolium (or do you say petrol oil?) are very harmful, but there are many, many more toxins in there too. I have done that for 2 years now and it cured my diabetes (type2), my stomach and gut problems, allergies and the infections that kept coming back. I watch people around me get the flu and colds, but not me! If you hear this for the first time, you are probaly shocked and find it hard to believe, but do yourself and your loved ones a big favor and look it up on the internet…

ones a big favor and look it up on the internet… Reply 5. dan says: July

5. dan says:

There is no negligence here, this is willful intent. The paperclip scientists want to destroy us and our future offspring. This is on a massive scale and antibiotics is just one of the many components to destroy humanity. Only their bloodlines will survive, this is their plan.


humanity. Only their bloodlines will survive, this is their plan. Reply o mothman777 says: July 2,

mothman777 says:

Paperclip scientists ? ? ? ? Who the hell is paying you to come out with rubbish like that ??? Mossad ????

to come out with rubbish like that ??? Mossad ???? Reply  troll patroll says: July

troll patroll says:


troll patroll says: July 2, 2014 at 7:37 pm TROLL Reply  mothman777 says: July 3,

mothman777 says:

Who are you directing your comment against?


at 4:42 pm Who are you directing your comment against? 6. Tami Lucas says: Reply September

The Fluoroquinolone Wall of Pain facebook page