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Senior Research

MUC 4910 U02 Spring 2012

Location: WPAC 169
Time: Tuesdays 6:00 7:30 PM and private meetings

Instructor: Jacob David Sudol
Office/Hours: WPAC 169B Mondays 3 - 5 PM or by appointment


Course Description

This course will focus on developing and/or finishing your final Senior Research project for the BM
or BA in Music Technology. We will meet in a group to discuss our projects, progress, and present
our work as well as one-on-one. Your work will culminate in both a Midterm and Final
Presentation/paper to the rest of your advisory committee and me.

Teacher Assumptions

I assume that you are competent in a board field of computer music and music technology and are
familiar with many of the significant technologies, aesthetics, and critical traditions. I expect that
you are willing to engage in serious discussion with your colleagues and pursue significant
professional-quality research. The results of your work in this course should be of the caliber of
something that would be presented in a national or international conference or journal.

Grading and Policies


As I will focus on developing your critical engagement with the subject material, you are expected to
actively engage in both group and private discussions. In determining you participation grade I will
consider both the quality and quantity of your participation.


As stated above, each of you are required to produce professional-quality research over the course
of the semester. I will evaluate and guide your progress mostly through private meetings. In
addition, you will present your research to your committee during the Midterm and Finals period. A
5- 10 page paper, depending on the project, accompanying your presentation will also be during
these presentations.

Final Grade Calculation

I will tally all the assignments participation scores to calculate the final grade. Below I indicate how
much each of these individual components counts toward your final grade:

Participation: 10%
Research Assignment 90%

Grading Policy

The following is a breakdown of how letter grades will be determined. (In the final calculations,
grades will be rounded to the nearest integer.)

97% - 100% = A+
93% - 97% = A
90% - 92% = A-
87% - 89% = B+
84% - 87% = B
80% - 83% = B-
77% - 79% = C+
74% - 76% = C
70% - 73% = C-
67% - 79% = D+
64% - 76% = D
60% - 73% = D-
0% - 59% = F

Attendance and Tardiness:

You are required to come to group and private meetings unless I grant you an exception at least one
day in advance. The only exceptions to this are when you can provide legitimate excuse (here and
below) is either a severe medical emergency or sickness (in which case I need a doctors note) or a
genuine family emergency. I reserve the right to define what significant, severe, and genuine
mean in terms of the circumstances.

Every time you miss a class or meeting without an excuse I will deduct 10 % from your final grade. I
dont tolerate tardiness either. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late without a legitimate excuse
you will receive the same grade reductions as if you were to miss the class. If you between 1 and 15
minutes late I will deduct 5% from your final grade.

Cheating, Plagiarism, and Academic Integrity

Cheating and plagiarism are not just serious offenses they are legal crimes. I will not tolerate any
cheating or plagiarism in my class. Following the FIU Code of Academic Integrity (see both offenses are grounds
for expulsion from the University. If you cheat or plagiarize in any of your work for this class, I will
follow through with the all the appropriate disciplinary actions.

(Last Update January 7, 2011)

(Note the following schedule is tentative and subject to change. Updates will be sent by e-mail.)

Week 1: Introductions, discussion of research plans, scheduling
Week 2: Private and group meetings
Week 3: Private and group meetings
Week 4: Private and group meetings
Week 5: Private and group meetings
Week 6: Private and group meetings
Week 7: Private and group meetings
Week 8: Private and group meetings + Midterm presentations (TBD)
Week 9: Private and group meetings
Week 10: Private and group meetings
Week 11: Private and group meetings
Week 12: Private and group meetings
Week 13: Private and group meetings
Week 14: Private meeting an final presentations dry-run
Final Class (Time to be determined)
Final presentations during Electro-Bonanza