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Indias Green Footprint

Sustainable Real Estates Growing Momentum in India

2 On Point Indias Green Footprint
Green Schemes
Are the Order of the Day
Green buildings are buildings that use fewer resources and have a lesser negative impact
on the environment compared to conventional buildings. They use less water, optimise
energy effciency, conserve natural resources and generate less waste without compromising
the utility and comfort of occupiers. A green building is designed in such a manner that its
resource effciency is attained not only during its operation and maintenance but also during
other stages of its lifecycle (i.e. - construction, redevelopment, and even demolition).
Indias green building footprint has grown considerably over the past six years. Initiatives
undertaken by occupiers and developers, as well as those by state and central governments,
have driven this progress. Floor area in green buildings grew by over 50% in 2009 despite an
overall sluggish macro-economic environment.
Figure 1: LEED Certifed Green Building Footprint in India*
Source: Indian Green Building Council (IGBC)
* Includes offce, residential, retail, hotel, educational, hospital and airports.
2004 2008 2009 2012E





3 On Point Indias Green Footprint
Table 1: Major LEED India Certifed Green Real Estate Projects in India
Building Type City Project Built Up Area (sq ft) LEED Rating
Airport Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International Airport 1,259,378 Silver
Exhibition Bangalore IMTMAs Banglore International Center 1,481,040 Certifed
Hospital Mumbai Kohinoor Hospital 227,432 Platinum
Hotel Bangalore ITC Royal Gardenia 737,294 Platinum
Bagmane World Technology Center 782,651 Gold
Xylem 525,000 Gold
Olympia Technology Park 1,800,000 Gold
RMZ Millenia Business Park 1,717,635 Gold
Gurgaon ITC Green Centre 170,000 Platinum
Hyderabad CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre 20,000 Platinum
Technopolis 775,000 Gold
Infnity Benchmark 560,535 Platinum
K. Raheja Corp. C 30 BKC 120,000 Gold
24X7 Park 1,800,000 Gold
Mindspace Airoli, Building No 8 237,498 Gold
Hiranandani BG Building 95,000 Platinum
Kalpataru Square 326,937 Platinum
R&D Lab Hyderabad VIMTA Life Sciences Campus, Genome Valley 39,673 Gold
Source: Indian Green Building Council (IGBC)
Green Building Rating Systems in India
India currently has two major rating systems: LEED India, run
by the Indian Green Building Council; and Green Rating for
Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA), a system developed by
The Energy and Reasearch Institute (TERI) and the Ministry of
Table 3: Major GRIHA Rated Green Real Estate Projects in India
Building Type City Project Built Up Area (sq ft)
Educational Institute Kanpur Centre for Environmental Sciences and Engineering- IIT Kanpur 43,947
Offce Pune Suzlon One Earth 816,172
Source: TERI- Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA)
Table 2: Major Projects Registered for LEED Certifcation
City Building Type Project Built Up Area (sq ft)
Commercial Building-IT Park Building No. 12, Madhapur 2,050,000
Retail & Commercial RMZ Esplanade 2,350,000
IT & ITeS SEZ Hill County SEZ - Stage I 1,980,000
Kolkata IT Special Economic Zone (IT SEZ) SP Infocity 1,468,632
Commercial Raheja Solaris 1,000,000
Raheja Platinum 1,300,000
Info City 2,581,000
Commercial Building-IT Park Building No.9, Herdilia 1,050,000
IT & ITeS SEZ Marathon Nexzone-Sanvo 3,000,000
Residential Tower Mahindra Splendour 1,400,000
NOIDA IT, SEZ Unitech Infopark SEZ 2,568,000
New and Renewable Energy. The GRIHA rating system is slowly
strengthening its presence alongside the more popular LEED India.
Currently there are only two GRIHA rated completed projects and
about 40 are under evaluation.
4 On Point Indias Green Footprint
Key Corporate Occupiers Setting the Pace
Wipro, Microsoft, Cognizant, ABN AMRO and
TCS, along with other international and domestic
corporate occupiers, have either developed, or are
developing, energy effcient offce spaces or large-
scale campuses:
LEED certifcation norms are being
implemented to manage Wipros building
infrastructure as part of Wipros EcoEye charter
(their ecological sustainability program).
Microsoft has decided to adopt green building
techniques during renovation or construction of
new buildings in India.
Other occupiers such as Infosys, Computer
Associates and Oracle are also planning to
develop green offce spaces to leverage the
fnancial and environmental benefts that they
Other sectors such as manufacturing, education,
hospital and hotels are also demanding green
spaces. Examples include:
Motorola and Modine Thermal Systems
factories are operating out of LEED certifed
green buildings.
ITC has developed ITC Royal Gardenia, which
is a LEED Platinum rated building.
Lavasa Hotels has developed Hotel Fortune
Select Dasve, which is a LEED Silver rated
Educational Institutes such as Hyderabad
Institute of Technology and Management in
Hyderabad, and Rane Institute for Employee
Development in Chennai are operating out of
LEED certifed green buildings.
Kohinoor Group has developed Kohinoor
Hospital in Mumbai, which is a LEED Platinum
rated building.
Table 4: Notable Occupier-Developed Green Buildings in India
Company LEED Rating Location Project
ABN Amro
Platinum Ahmedabad ABN Amro Bank N.V.
Gold Chennai ABN Amro Bank - Central Enterprises
Cognizant Gold Coimbatore Cognizant Green Campus
Microsoft Gold Hyderabad Microsoft Building 3
TCS Gold Chennai TCS Technopark
Wipro Platinum Gurgaon Wipro Technologies
Gold Hyderabad Wipro Special Economic Zone, Gopannapally,S1 & S2
Kochi Wipro Technologies SDB1
Noida Fast Track Building 1 & 2, Wipro Technologies
Pune Software Development Block 3
Silver Bangalore Wipro Special Economic Zone (EC) Tower S2
Wipro Special Economic Zone (SR) - Tower S3
Chennai Wipro Chennai Development Center- SEZ
5 On Point Indias Green Footprint
Major Developers Commit to a Green Future
Indian Government Doing Its Part to Make Realty Greener
In the small, but growing, demand for green
building space, regional and national developers
in India have responded with an array of new
projects. Construction of new green spaces for
offce buildings, residential units and retail malls
is currently underway in cities throughout the
The beginnings of a mindset shift can be observed
with major players such as national developer K.
Raheja Corp. committing to make all new projects
LEED certifed. Similarly, State Bank of India is
offering a Green Home Loan Scheme with lower
interest rates to support green residential projects.
Some noteworthy steps have been taken by central and state
authorities in India to support the environment and to help minimise
the impact that the real estate industry has upon it.
The Bureau of Indian Standards has developed the Energy
Conservation Building Code (ECBC) which, along with numerous
other new policies by the Government of India, will support
energy effciency.
The Prime Minister of India has released the NAPCC (National
Action Plan on Climate Change), which reinforces the objectives
of sustainable development and will shape Indias future
development policy.
Indias Ministry of Environment and Forestry has undertaken 24
initiatives related to climate change.
The Government of India has proposed to develop all of its new
buildings as energy effcient spaces.
The state governments of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra
and Karnataka are planning to develop their own green
building byelaws.
At the recent Copenhagen Summit (COP 15), India was hailed a
climate change deal-maker, a country that takes global climate
change issues seriously. As a developing nation, India insisted that
carbon commitment pledges remain voluntary, instead of being
subject to international enforcement.
The Ministry of Environment and Forestry is confdent that India can
not only meet its pledge of cutting carbon emissions by 20-25 %
by 2020 over 2005 levels, it can improve upon it. These initiatives
clearly indicate that India is on its way to integrated sustainable
Table 5: Notable Green Projects Under Construction by Major Developers in India
Developer Project name Project Type Location
K Raheja Corp
Private Limited
K Raheja Corp C 30 BKC Offce Mumbai
Commercial Building at Hindustan Mills Offce Mumbai
K Raheja Universal
Pvt. Ltd.
Raheja Solaris Offce Mumbai
Raheja Platinum Offce Mumbai
Raheja Iridium Offce Mumbai
Info City Offce Mumbai
Kalpataru Limited Kalpataru Square Offce Mumbai
Bullow IT Park Offce Mumbai
Developers Limited
Mahindra Chloris Residential Faridabad
Mahindra Splendour Residential Mumbai
Mahindra Royale Residential Pune
Inorbit Malls (India)
Private limited
Alembic Mall Retail Vadodara
Makarpura Mall Retail Vadodara
6 On Point Indias Green Footprint
Case Study - Vimta Labs
Vimta Labs, a leading contract research & testing organisation in India, has been providing support
to clients in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries across the globe since 1984. Although
headquartered in Hyderabad, Vimta Labs has a pan-India reach, with offces and laboratories in 4
states and 8 cities. With a staff of over 750 professionals, including nearly 500 scientists across various
disciplines of life sciences, the organisation offers testing and contract research services in several felds
which include:
Clinical and pre-clinical studies
Clinical reference
Analytical testing
Advanced molecular biology
Environmental studies
The organisation is committed to the principles of sustainable development with safety, health and
environment being the top most priority areas. Vimta has implemented important green initiatives such
as recycling waste water, minimising energy consumption and reducing potable water usage.
In January 2010, Vimta Labs achieved LEED Gold certifcation through the Indian Green Building
Council (IGBC) for a pre-clinical laboratory, which is located within their 11 acre, 210,000 sq ft life
sciences campus in Shameerpet, Hyderabad.
Given Vimta Labs commitment to environmental protection, the concepts of sustainable design suitable
for its building type and location were taken into consideration from the pre-construction planning stage
itself. As the building was going to be a clinical testing facility, there were numerous challenges in
implementing green building techniques, including limited fexibility in design and budget. The proposed
design for the project was also going to increase the energy load of the building. To avert this, Vimta,
with the assistance of Jones Lang LaSalle, put in place measures to save energy and water, and reduce
waste in the building.
Vimta Labs Headquarters, Hyderabad, India
7 On Point Indias Green Footprint
Measures Undertaken to Make Vimta Labs Greener
Sustainable Sites
Buses were provided as mass transport for the employees as the alternative to public transport.
Plug points were provided as alternate refueling options for vehicles.
Heat island effect was minimized by reduction of paved areas. 60% of the site was covered by green belt.
Canopy trees were planted in the parking area to reduce the heat radiation from the paved area.
Saving Potable Water
Potable water usage has been reduced by almost 40% in the building due to high effciency plumbing
Waste water treated in the sewerage treatment plant is used for irrigation purposes.
Rain water harvesting was also implemented in the site which provided water for irrigation and
fushing purposes.
Saving Energy
Energy effcient interior lighting, energy effcient HVAC and chillers, and solar water heaters were used
to reduce energy consumption.
A triple glazing process was used on the building to reduce the heat intake considerably.
Solar refective paints were used on the roof to reduce heat island effect in the building.
Effective Resource Utilization
Best practices in solid waste management were used for waste segregation. 95% of the construction
waste was diverted from the site effciently.
There was increased use of recycled and refurbished materials in the building.
50% of the materials were sourced from within 500 miles from the project site to support the local
economy and minimize transportation costs.
Enhanced Indoor Air Quality
Walls were provided with air gaps to control indoor climate.
censors were used to monitor and enhance the indoor air quality.
Low VOC paints and MERV -17 flters used to improve indoor air quality.
Ventilation rates were increased by 30%.
Green Achievements at Vimta Labs
Energy savings 22.5 %
Potable Water conservation 40 %
Resource Reuse 6%
Materials with recycle content 12%
Source: Jones Lang LaSalle-Energy & Sustainability Services
Interior Lighting
HVAC System
High Effciency
Triple Glazing
Solat Water Heating
SRI Paint Insulation
Energy Saving Parameters at Vimta Labs
8 On Point Indias Green Footprint
Energy & Sustainability Services
Building sustainable solutions
Developed and developing economies are confronting the dual challenge of a growing demand for
diminishing resources combined with the need to reduce environmental impact.
Sustainability has increasingly become a crucial factor in the assessment of real estate options.
There is a growing awareness from property owners and occupiers that sustainability is a key factor
in evaluating asset potential or reporting on asset performance.
Jones Lang LaSalle stays ahead of global trends to ensure that our clients are in a position to
embrace and beneft from change in the Green domain
Jones Lang LaSalles Energy & Sustainability Services provides practical advice backed up by a
range of sustainability services. This enables our clients to make sound commercial decisions that
support their sustainability objectives.
Our clients beneft from our access to regional and global best practices in sustainability as well as
our hands-on experience with day-to-day building management topped with operational and cultural
challenges that face todays real estate decision makers.
Driving your successful outcomes
Jones Lang LaSalle offers a range of services for new, existing, or refurbishment projects to
optimize expenditure and maximize the results of sustainability initiatives.
Irrespective of a buildings lifecycle, each element can be improved by applying skills derived from
the ongoing management of many premium properties across Asia Pacifc.
Our approach is based on the experience gained within our Property and Asset Management and
Integrated Facilities Management teams that currently manage close to 100 million sq ft in India in
the commercial, retail, and industrial space across the region.
Our services can be applied at various points of a buildings lifecycle. Our expertise can be
leveraged to work in harmony with existing design and construction teams to provide specialist
insight into features that impact fnal sustainability outcomes. These services include the following:
Design and construction consulting
Commissioning assistance
Sustainability and energy management
Energy and water audits, assessments, and improvement plans
Asset acquisition profling and repositioning advice
Capital expenditure review
Repairs and maintenance review

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