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Project: Development of Palm Deira Client: NAKHEEL

Main Contractor: ZSML MEP Contractor: BBAE

All the HVAC Installation system shall be as per the documents and latest revision.
The pipe installation of insulation shall be as per the specifications and drawings
Some of the salient features of the pipe installation and supports details as follows.

$%& SCOPE O! #O'K
To define the method of installing Aeroflex performed Closed Cell !lastomeric "ubber insulation #ipe sections and
Sheets on Chilled $ater #ipes.
%efore commencement of any installation activity the following procedures are re&uired to be carried out.
'.( All materials used must have an approved material submittal.
'.' All wor)s shall be installed as per approved construction drawings.
'.* All wor)s shall be installed as per specification Section (+,-* and recommendation of manufacturer.
'.* All wor)s shall be installed in a neat and tidy fashion.
*%$ Preparation #or+ ,- BBAE
%efore the commencement of any piping installation the following wor)s are to be carried out.
*.(.( Chec) piping to be installed as indicated on approved construction drawings.
*.(.' Chec) materials to be used have an approved material submittal.
*.(.* Chec) .IA/01. #ipe Support inserts are installed at support points.
*.(.* Chec) wor) area is clean and safe.
*%( n.tallation Proce/0re
*.'.( Indoor and return air path 2 #ipe si3es up to and including +, will be insulated with (4mm thic)
Aeroflex insulation 5+mm 6 and above will be insulated with +,mm thic) Aeroflex insulation.
*.'.' Inside the shafts 7"isers8 6 All #ipe si3es will be insulated with +,mm thic) Aeroflex insulation
and Alu2glass Tape 7Aluminium foil on 9lass fabric facing8 will be wrapped around the
insulation. 7up to -,mm insulation will be in shape of tubes and above -,mm si3e sheets shall be
*.'.* Inside the #lant rooms 6 Insulation will be done same as done *.'.' and will be protected
*.'.: Insulation will be adhered to pipe with Aeroflex glue and insulation ;oints will be provided with
#VC blac) tape.
*.'.+ At pipe support area .IA/01. pipe support section of same thic)ness of insulation will be
*.'.5 #ipe to be insulated will be cleaned.
*.'.< Aeroflex glue will be applied with an even spread on complete surface of insulation sheet.
*.'.- 0nce the glue on the sheet=tube gets dry apply glue on the pipe and let it dry then stic) the sheet
on one end and slowly press the sheet on the pipe from one end to the other so as to ensure that
the insulation stic)s on the pipe completely avoiding air bubbles between the insulation and pipe.
*.'.4 >ittings such as valves flanges etc will be insulated with Aeroflex sheet covered around the
fittings in a neat appearance.
*.'.(, #ipe ;oints will be insulated and will be sealed by #VC tape.
*.'.(( Inspection re&uest will be given for consultant?s approval of CH$ #ipe Insulation installation.
The material shall be of approved /anufacturer as per the material submittal.
:.( S)illed technicians in sufficient numbers shall carry out the installation.

+.( A constant supervision by the foreman and supervisor shall be carried out in order to control the wor) and
the wor)manship.
+.' !xperienced supervisors shall be appointed to carry out the wor) smoothly and to have the full control of
the labour.
5.( !nsure wor) area is clean and tidy.
5.' !nsure the wor) Area is well ventilated.
5.* All employees shall adopt safe wor)ing practices.
5.: Safety e&uipment 7example Hard Hats Safety Shoes Coveralls 9loves 9oggles when necessary etc.8 to
be worn at all times.
<.( A safety officer shall ensure that the labour has a good wor)ing environment a ha3ard free environment.
<.' The environmental changes and the climatic extremes shall be recorded and necessary steps shall be ta)en
by the site safety in order to prevent any incident due to climatic extremes.

Prepare/ ,-: K% Lin:anna 'evie;e/ ,-: Mr% Caner Tona+ Approve/ ,-: Caner Tona+

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