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Junos Pulse Gateway MAG2600 Quick Start

Junos Pulse Gateway MAG2600 Quick Start


Use the instructions in this quick start to help you connect the Junos Pulse Gateway MAG2600 to your network.

MAG2600 Front Panel

3 1 2 4 5




Console port


Ethernet ports 0 & 1


USB port




Power button

MAG2600 Back Panel





Power supply retention clip

Connecting and Configuring the MAG2600

Perform the following tasks to connect and set up th e MAG2600. To dete rmine the status of the device, observe the LEDs on the front panel.

Task 1: Connect the Power Cable to the MAG2600

To connect the MAG2600 to the power supply:

1. Plug the DC connector end of the power cable into the power connector located on the side of the MAG2600.

2. To secure the power cable, slide it through the cable retention clip.

3. Plug the AC adapter end of the power cable into an AC power outlet.

CAUTION: We recommend using a surge protector for the power connection.

Note the following indicators on the front panel:

POWER LEDs: Solid green when device is receiving power.

ACTIVITY LED: Blinks yellow when hard drive is being accessed.

ALARM LED: Solid red when a major hardware problem has occurred. Blinks red when the fan has stopped.

IMPORTANT: Allow the MAG2600 3-5 minutes to boot up after you power it on.

Task 2: Connect the Management Device

The MAG2600 has the following port assignments:

Port Number






Connect the management device to the MAG2600:

Connect an Ethernet cable with RJ-45 connectors from Port 0 (internal port) on the MAG2600 to a Gigabit switch port set to auto-negotiation.

Connect an RS-232 serial cable to the port labeled CONSOLE on the MAG2600. This cable connects to the serial port on the management device.

If you are using Enterprise Guest Access, connect Port 1(external port) to the guest network. For information about Enterprise Guest Access for the MAG2600, see the UAC Guest Access License Guide.

information about Enterprise Guest Access for the MAG2600, see the UAC Guest Access License Guide .
information about Enterprise Guest Access for the MAG2600, see the UAC Guest Access License Guide .

530-036743 Rev 01

Task 3: Configure the Basic Settings

When you boot an unconfigured MAG2600, you must first enter basic network and machine information through the serial console to make it accessible to the network. Then, you can continue configuring the MAG2600 through the administrator Web console.

1. Configure a console terminal or terminal emulation utility running on a computer, such as HyperTerminal, to use the following serial connection parameters:

9600 bits per second

8-bit No Parity (8N1)

1 Stop Bit

No flow control

2. If you have not already done so, connect the terminal or laptop to the serial cable that is plugged in to the MAG2600’s console port. Then press Enter repeatedly until you are prompted by the initialization script.

3. Enter y to proceed, and then enter y again to accept the license terms (or enter r to read the license first).

4. At the prompts in the serial console, enter the machine information:

IP address of the internal port (you configure the external port through the administrator Web console after initial configuration)

Network mask

Default gateway address

Primary DNS server address

Secondary DNS server address (optional)

Default DNS domain name (for example,

WINS server name or address (optional)

Administrator username

Administrator password

Common machine name (for example, )

Organization name (for example, Acme Gizmo, Inc.)

NOTE: The MAG2600 uses the common machine and organization names to create a self-signed digital certificate for use during product evaluation and initial setup.

We strongly recommend that you import a signed digital certificate from a trusted certificate authority (CA) before you deploy the MAG2600 for production use.

Task 4: Access the MAG2600 Interface

1. Launch a Web browser from the management device.

2. Enter a Web address for the MAG2600 followed by “ /admin” to access the administrator sign-in page. The Web address is in the format https://a.b.c.d/admin , where a.b.c.d is the machine IP address you entered in step 4 of “Task 3: Configure the Basic Settings”.

3. When prompted with the security alert to proceed without a signed certificate, click Yes. When the administrator sign-in page appears, you have successfully connected your MAG2600 to the network.

4. On the sign-in page, enter the administrator username and password you created in step 4 of “Task 3: Configure the Basic Settings”. Then click Sign In. The administrator Web console opens to the Overview page.

Task 5: License and Configure the MAG2600

After you install the MAG2600 and perform basic setup, you are ready to license the MAG2600, verify accessibility, and complete the configuration process.

To license your MAG2600 and create a test user to verify accessibility, see the Juniper Networks Unified Access Control Administration Guide.

To test initial set-up and continue configuring your MAG2600, see the Juniper Networks Unified Access Control Administration Guide.

For detailed software configuration information, see the software documentation available at

Powering Off the MAG2600

To perform a graceful shutdown of the op erating system on the MAG2600, press and release the Power button. The MAG2600 gracefully shuts down the operating system and powers off.

To force a shutdown of the MAG2600, press and hold the Power button for 4 seconds.

Contacting Juniper Networks

For technical support, see