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To be a first line is always a pride But handle it with this guide

Anything if done for the first time would arouse anxiety in the mind of the doer and in that course some omission may occur. Proper prediction and planning about the job to be done is to be done with the knowledge of experience from the experienced.

When the anxiety level is minimized, the degree of perfection in doing the job may be maximized. In banking career, taking charge is a vital exercise to be commenced earnestly. Be it a section, department or a branch, the following tips would be of help to the charge taking officer for his/her smooth sailing as also effective functioning of the section / department or branch.

The tips are only illustrative for take-over of a branch and not exhaustive. An officer need not be complacent by the mere awareness of the following tips. Prudent approach on the part of the charge taking official is the essential requirement in this exercise.

It has to be carried out with the

cooperation and involvement of all the staff members of the branch. Proper introduction to all the staff members and making known the feeling of importance of each staff member for the routine functioning and progress of the business of the branch is the starting point. Emphathising with their work will enhance their involvement in house keeping. This is so even for a section officer or a department officer.

2. The incoming Manager / officer may get introduced to all the important customers of the branch comprising deposit, advances, segments and ancilliary services. The Manager / officer may also explicitly show his/her concern and commitment for effective customer service. An overall impression may be created in the minds of the customers that

1. Managing a branch is a typical example of TEAM WORK.




Guide to Your Duties and Rights - 2011 27

Guide to Your Duties and Rights - 2011

the new incumbent is concerned and capable of taking effective care of the interest of customers and they can look to him/her for any help.

The officer, especially the Manager must familiarise himself/herself with the functional

environment viz. the business potential, business practices, competition from other quarters, communication facilities, availability and reliability of relevant market information, types


the fraternal bankers, Local bodies, Government offices etc. will be of much value and facilitate smooth deliverance of our services in an effective manner.

Mechanics of Take over: (Department-wise)

CASH: Cash must be checked physically and tallied with the closing balance. Availability of mutilated or defaced coins, soiled and non-issuable currency notes must be indicated in the Relieving Officer’s Certificate (ROC) for follow up. The new incumbent must be thorough with the procedure relating to accounting of cash in the Teller counter, petty cash, Extension Counter, ATM etc.

TOKENS: The total number of tokens supplied to the branch should be physically verified. In case of missing tokens (if any), reporting to CO/RO must be verified.

DUPLICATE SAFE KEYS: The lodgement of duplicate safe keys with the nearby branch or bank must be evidenced by safe custody receipt. It is advisable to withdraw the duplicate keys and to lodge the existing keys in use during the take over period.

STAMPS & SECURITY FORMS: To do checking of stamps, stamped security forms, postal stamps and other things which are found equivalent to cash or security.

LOAN DOCUMENTS: Physical existence of all loan documents and its enforceability must be checked taking in to account the outstanding in loan / cash credit accounts. Details of documents time barred and likely to get time barred can be segregated for the immediate follow up action. Last inspection report of the branch would be of great help.

JEWEL AND OTHER SAFE CUSTODY ITEMS: Physical verification of all the jewel packets and its contents, held as security should be made with the help of other branch’s appraiser and fineness of jewels should be checked. (100% quantitative and qualitative verification).

TITLE DEEDS, LIC POLICIES AND OTHER SECURITIES: Physical verification of these items to be done and any discrepancy, should be recorded in ROC for verification and follow up action. Title deeds must be checked with Title deeds register (covering deposits made by non-notified centre branches) and respective loan accounts of the taking over branch.


of organised markets in the place, leading business houses etc. Relationship

28 A Guide to Your Duties and Rights - 2011


A Guide to Your Duties and Rights - 2011

GUN, FIRE ARMS etc: Besides the physical examination of these items, the gun licence must be verified for the validity. The licence will stand in the name of the branch manager and the armed guard will hold the retainer licence. Change in the name of the licencee consequent to change of the branch manager should be made immediately. Fire extinguishing equipment held by the branch must be verified for its working conditions.

BANK’S LOCK, ITS DUPLICATE KEYS, SAFE DEPOSIT LOCKER KEYS: Ensure that lockers if any and its keys (original and duplicate) are available physically and peruse the key movement register to ensure holding of original keys by authorised officials. In respect of safe deposit locker, key acknowledgement from hirers should be checked to ensure that there are no missing keys or unauthorised hiring without proper records.

PREMISES, FURNITURES & FIXTURES: The safety and security of the branch premises is to be examined and if improvement or modification is required it has to be recommended to CO/RO, In respect of rented premises, the original lease deed must be verified for its validity. The premises plan if not available, must be drawn. Any inherent risk threatening safety of cash, facilitating runaway theft, if found, change in layout of branch may be thought of. Wooden furniture, metal furniture and electrical fittings should be physically verified. Library books register must be verified and tallied with the issue register.


A. The branch licence issued by the RBI should be verified and should be properly displayed prominently in the banking hall.

should be perused and renewal date, to be

B. Shops and Establishment Act licence diarised.

C. Notices as required by Statute and as per guideliness of CO/RO should be exhibited prominently (like missing token display, tender of cash to the cashier against proper acknowledgement and counter signature, acceptance of soiled notes etc.)

D. Licences, RC books, insurance documents etc. of Banks car and other vehicles,if any, should be verified.

E. Service contracts, if any, for the Computer System, typewriter, accounting machines, air conditioner etc should be verified and renewal date to be diarised.

F. RBI specimen signature book should be called for and verified

G. It should be ensured that the insurance on bank property, insurance on cash at vault, counter, cash in transit, etc, have been done in accordance with the procedure prescribed and that the amount of cover is adequate and properly noted for confining actual cash holding within such limits.



Guide to Your Duties and Rights - 2011 29


Guide to Your Duties and Rights - 2011

H. As per the requirements of the Weights and Measurements Act, the weighing balance and the weigh measures used by the branch should be got approved by competent authority every year. The certificate should be checked.

I. Bank’s cheque cypher, secret code, agency arrangement and specimen signature booklets and cheque cypher of overseas correspondents, if any etc, should be called for, verified and kept in proper custody in fire proof cabinets.

J. Security deposit receipts like telephone deposit, post office deposit for box/bag, telex, receipt for advance paid to landlord of premises should be verified and relative entries in suspense account checked.

IMPORTANT SANCTIONS : Following are few examples of important sanctions for which maintenance of files / register is considered absolutely necessary. They should be called for and verified by the incoming official.

a. TT discounting facility with RBI or State Bank

b. Cash holding

c. Service contracts

d. Payment of entertainment allowance

e. Drawing arrangement with other banks

f. Payment of petrol bill (ceiling)

g. List of approved lawyers/engineers/appraisers

h. Holding of branch keys by second line Manager/Deputy Manager where Manager is exempted

i. Payment of certain special allowances to the staff

j. Certain concessional terms like reduced interest rates, reduced commission/ exchange of DDs TTs MTs to certain special customers.

k. Change in periodicity of submission of stock statement to certain customers.

l. Waiver of display of bank’s name to certain special customers.

m. Exemption from insurance in respect of certain specified items to certain special customers.

outside the

n. Permitting the manager or other officers, in exceptional cases, to stay place of the branch.

30 A Guide to Your Duties and Rights - 2011


A Guide to Your Duties and Rights - 2011

o. Appointment of a temporary messenger panel and to pay certain allowances like transport, conveyance, clearing allowance etc.


It is also required to ensure availability of certain registers/records/lists like

a. Seniority of the staff

b. Telegram register

c. Loan Application received and disposed Register.

d. Trade, industries and commerce register

e. Manager’s workbook brought out by the bank.

It should be verified that the data relating to the branch have been properly filled in. The incoming manager should take possession of this book, study it and keep it updated on an on going basis.


Those officers who take over sections / departments / branches which are computerised they should sensitise themselves to the extant instructions given in Book of instructions Vol.VI and T.B.A manual. Change all related passwords and cancel / block related menus to avoid access by the previous incumbent into the system.

2) In case of taking over by Managers, the Relieving officers Certificate should be submitted in its entirety before the incoming Manager relieves the outgoing Manager. If incoming Manager is put in a situation that he / she had to take over without the submission of ROC, he/she should take prior permission from the RO / CO. He / She should submit the ROC generally within one month.


3) The official taking over the Department/Branch may please verify all loans against deposits with respective deposit accounts to ensure existence of deposits in the books of the bank. (One should not go merely on the deposit receipts available with the documents.)

Such caution should be exercised while verifying the loan against deposits in the extension counters also.



Guide to Your Duties and Rights - 2011

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32 A Guide to Your Duties and Rights - 2011