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For centuries, this gender of mankind has only known a four letter word (L-O-V-
E); selfless, caring and a bouquet of smiles- never a disappointment to self or to
others yet the most underprivileged, ill- deserved and exploited.
Our young little girls- how innocent their dreams are, how hopeful their eyes are
and how pure their emotions are and yet we live in a world where we value
obsolete ideals over education, power over humanity and greed over kindness.
According to the recent statistics, Indian girls are losing out on education. With
only 55.9% being enrolled in pre- primary school, the dream of complete female
literacy is still a far cry from reality.
The cause of female illiteracy has its roots deep within our archaic societal ideals,
which favors the male child and is of the belief that it is only them who are
worthy of education and other privileges.
But not anymore, one can now see the enlightenment, the challenging of the old
morality and a beginning of a change in the attitudes of people. Girls are now
being given opportunities to go to schools and follow their dreams, and why not
for there are many reasons as to why really we should focus on girl child
As the famous African proverb goes,
If you educate a boy, you educate an individual but if you educate a girl, you
educate an entire nation.
1. The reason that women might have the possibility of a more contented
and a healthier life should be sufficient for sponsoring girl child education.
2. An educated woman is aware of the ill effects of marrying at a young age,
early pregnancy and abortion and is thus likely to marry late and have a
healthy lifestyle.
3. An educated woman is also a well informed citizen of the country. She is
aware of her rights and participates effectively in societal and political
4. Education imparts necessary skills, knowledge and an attitude to work
effectively, productively and become independent. Statistics show that a
year extra investment in girl child education leads to a 15% increase in
earning potential as compared to 11% of men.

Pumpkin Seeds one of the freshest child charities in the UK focuses on
providing girl child education in India. Their calls for action include many fold
steps and processes, they engage with parents and guardians to create awareness
on the advantages of educating their girl child. They partner up with both
government- recognized schools and experienced professionals to bring quality
education for those children who need it most.

A young charity in London, it aims to achieve its goals through the
following initiatives:

1. Equal opportunity for children through best in class education.
2. Access to resources to ensure education is sustainable right through the
learning years.
3. Evolution into a self-sustaining model that is easily replicable and can scale
up to cover a large number of children.