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Welcome to the University of Virginia, and welcome to the University of Virginia
Peer Advising Link! ULink is a U.Va. Student Council initiative and has received
additional guidance from the Provosts Ofce, which is working to strengthen
U.Va.s advising system. The goal of the program is the creation of a system
through which students can obtain helpful information and access the insights
and experiences of upperclassmen so that young students feel academically
prepared while enrolled at the University.
ULinks role is to pair First Years (thats you!) with academic peer advisors. We
had an incredibly competitive advisor application process, and only picked the
best of the best to advise yall (welcome to the South, Northerners!).
Furthermore, we had many more First Year applications to receive peer advisors
than we could accommodate; consequently we had to randomly choose you
lucky few to be the rst group of First Years to be advised through the ULink
program. To that end, we ask that you use ULink as the resource it is: an
organization dedicated to helping you navigate the academic landscape of the
University,and as a resource for you to consult when opinions and guidance are
needed. We are here for you, every step of the way!
What follows is your Advisee Handbookdont lose it! It contains crucial
information youll need to navigate your First Year. We highly encourage you to
look over it and familiarize yourself with the resources available to you at the
University. This primer is not the only think ULink offers you. We have advisors
for every major offered at U.Va., all of whom are a great resource. All of them
have been trained, and above all are friendly and passionate. Please do not
ever hesitate to reach out to them for help or advice. We look forward to a great
year ahead!

Sincerely yours,
The ULink Executive Board
University Peer Advising Link
Table of Contents

General Information 3
The ULink Executive Board 4
Advisee Goals and Responsibilities 5
What ULink Can (and Cant) do for You 6
Majors and Minors 7
ULink Directory 9
Administrative Contacts 16
Academic Glossary 17
Further Guidance 20
ULink Calendar 21
General Information

Mission Statement

ULinks purpose is to provide a peer mentorship network for First Year
students at the University of Virginia. ULink seeks to guide First Year advisees
through new academic experiences by pairing them with upperclassmen
advisors. It is important to pass on knowledge gained from the rsthand
experiences upperclassmen have had in their academic and extracurricular
lives at U.Va. to incoming students and the University Community as a whole.


ULink aims to augment the advising system and fulll Pillar One of the
Universitys Cornerstone Plan for total advising. ULink intends to provide First
Year students with a peer advisor to assist them with their academic goals. In
particular, ULink advisors provide:
Advice on course registration
Help identifying degree and graduation requirements
Guidance in using online resources (SIS, Collab, ARC)
Help with faculty interaction regarding classes and consultation
Connections to advising and academic resources
Assistance with Concentration Exploration


ULink is an academic peer-advising program run through U.Va.s Student
Council with guidance from the Provosts Ofce. ULink aims to match First
Years with upperclassman peer advisors to discuss class and major choices,
academic resources, and students academic paths at the University. Students
meet with their academic advisor throughout their First Year, especially at
important junctions such as course selection.

For organizations and student groups that already have advising programs,
ULink may serve as an optional supplement, or complement, for the student.
The program does not replace these specialized advising programs and will
operate with and develop partnerships with such programs. Furthermore,
ULink is not intended to be or become a replacement for faculty advising,
merely a supplement that incoming First Years may unofcially consult when
developing their academic goals.
The ULink Executive Board

Co-Chairs Daniel Rosenfeld dbr9ex
Jason Carrier jfc3mg

The co-chairs of Ulink have ultimate responsibility for ULinks actions. They are
responsible for setting its strategic vision, managing its budget, selecting vice-chairs,
school coordinators, and advisors.

Vice Chair of Administration Shelbey Keegan sak5ee

The Vice Chair of Administration coordinates the internal affairs and communication
of Ulink and manages events that foster unity within the organization. After the
advisors have been selected in April of each year, this vice-chair creates and
distributes an application for advisors to join the Administration Committee. The size
of this committee is at the discretion of the vie-chair, but it is recommended to be
between three and eight advisors. The vice-chair and the Committee is responsible
for planning Advisor Training Days, numerous events, and an end-of-year gathering.

Vice Chair of Advising Kate Kingsbury kak8nf

The Vice Chair of Advising is in charge of the School Coordinators jointly with the Vice
Chair of Education. This vice-chair is in charge of setting up advisor/advisee pairs with
the School Coordinators, and making sure that all advisor/advisee relationships are
fruitful, and that both parties are taking full advantage of the ULink program.

Vice Chair of Education Alex Gregorio atg5ad

The Vice Chair of Education is in charge of the School Coordinators jointly with the
Vice Chair of Advising. The Vice Chair of Education ensures that all advisors know the
graduation requirements of each school and major.

Vice Chair of Finance Eric Muenkel etm3ch

The Vice Chair for Finance is in charge of constructing and maintaing the nancial
budget of ULink.

Vice Chair of Outreach Ricky Anjorin aca2yd

The Vice Chair of Outreach is the bridge between ULink and the University
Community at large. This vice chair is in control of all public relations and marketing
and will be responsible for informing First Years of the program and upperclassman
within the organization of any and all updates.
Advisee Goals and Responsibilities

Our goal is to provide every ULink advisee with an informed advisor in the advisees
academic eld of interest who will provide the advisee needed advice in a timely
manner. If you, as an advisee, feel that a change in advisor is needed to accomplish
this goal, you can submit an Advisor Change Form, which can be found in the ULink
ofce and on the ULink website. You may also contact the Vice Chair of Advising to
discuss your reason(s) for requesting an advisor change.

ULink prides itself on providing excellent human resources, and if a ULink advisor has
failed to address your questions or concerns, maintained a bad attitude about
advising, or committed what you believe to be a serious offense, you can also lodge a
formal complaint with the ULink Executive Board about your advisor. The form to
lodge a formal complaint can also be found both on the ULink website and in the
ULink ofce.

Advisee Responsibilities

Given the demand for a ULink advisor, we were not able to accommodate all
requests this year. As a result, we are asking that you fulll some basic
responsibilities as part of this program:

Meet with your advisor at least twice a semester: once before the add/
drop deadline and once before course registration
Make sure you set up meeting times and dates early!
Contact your advisor for help
While advisors will try and keep in touch with you about any concerns
that may pop up, it is your responsibility to alert your advisor about an
issue or a concern you are having about your academics
Give due notice to your advisor of any problems
Just as advisors are expected to respond back to you in a timely
manner, you are also expected to give advisors a heads up about an
issue. Emailing your advisor asking for his or her help Sunday night for
something that must be decided in less than 24 hours may not be the
wisest option
Fill out mid-year and nal evaluations
We want to gather feedback on how the program is working and how
we can improve it for future students. Please ll out the surveys you will
be provided!

What ULink Can (and Cannot) Do for You

ULink can

Assist with the course selection process
Help with the effective use of all the Universitys electronic resources (e.g. SIS)
Provide guidance on building strong faculty relationships
Point you to student organizations aligned with your academic interest
Offer general insight into academic navigation during your rst year at U.Va.
Explain graduation and major requirements ,as well as how to manage them
Direct you towards appropriate professional, career- or opportunity-oriented
resources, such as UCS, the CUE, and many more
Provide opportunities to meet the Class of 2018 as well as upperclassmen
Be a source of advice and support throughout the year
Host networking events to introduce you to members of the U.Va. Community
Guide you to the answers to any academic questions you might have

ULink cannot

Replace faculty advising
Replace University Resources

Faculty advisors are intimately familiar and have many years of experience with
academics at the University, and while a student may be easier to talk to about some
questions and issues, your faculty advisor is your go-to advocate within the University
system. Similarly, even though ULink can help connect you with professional
resources, like CAPS and the Writing Center, these resources themselves should be
your primary source of aid, not ULink.

ULink is one of many resources that you will nd across Grounds that can assist you in
your academic, personal, and career planning. However, the advice you receive from
your ULink advisor is informational only. Before making important academic
decisions, you need to contact your assigned faculty advisor and/or the appropriate
Associate Dean in your school.

List of Majors and Minors in the College of Arts and Sciences

If a course of study is only available as a minor it will be italicized.
*If a program is by application only, it will be marked with an asterisk.

African American & African Studies
American Studies *
Art History
Art, Studio
Asian Pacic American Studies
Cognitive Science
Comparative Literature
Computer Science
East Asian Languages and Literature
East Asian Studies
Echols Scholars Program *
Environmental Sciences
Environmental Thought and Practice *
Global Culture and Commerce *
Global Development Studies *
Global Public Health
Global Studies: Security and Justice
Global Studies: Environment and
Global Studies in Education
Human Biology *
Interdisciplinary Major Program *
Latin American Studies
Media Studies
Medieval Studies
Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages
and Cultures
Neuroscience *
Political and Social Thought *
Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law *
Religious Studies
Slavic Languages and Literature
Jewish Studies
Teaching English to Speakers of Other
Women Gender and Sexuality
List of Majors in the School of Engineering/Applied Sciences

There is an overall SEAS application that assists in sorting students into majors based
on their interests and qualications.

Computer Science
Engineering Science

List of Majors Available to Incoming First Years in the Curry
School of Education

Kinesiology (B.S. Education)

List of Majors Available in the Nursing School

Nursing (B.S. N., Bachelor of Science in Nursing)

ULink Advisor Directory

The College of Arts and Sciences

Advisors are organized by the major in which they are skilled to give advice.
* Individuals with more than one competence area are indicated by an asterisk.
Individuals that advise in non-major areas (for example pre-public policy or pre-
commerce) are indicated by italics.

American Studies Jasmine Lee * jtl3gm
Anthropology Charlotte Grace Dawson * cgd4bs
Art History Charlotte Grace Dawson * cgd4bs
Astronomy Mike Breger * mdb3ve
Biology Alexa Van Besien ajv2gz
Biology Brittany Heck * bnh2vg
Biology Caroline Clark cac8rz
Biology Elijah DeBoe * ejd2nj
Biology Emerson Aviles * esa2by
Biology Jordan Bentz * jeb2eb
Biology Matthew Druckenbrod mgd3fh
Biology Pooja Gandhi * pag7qb
Chemistry Brittany Heck * bnh2vg
Chemistry Jennifer Ahn * jga8re
Chemistry Madeleine Stone mcs4nu
Chemistry (Biochemistry) Rebecca Kolkmeyer rlk3ec
Chinese Daniel C. Justus * dcj3bz
Classics Dani Bernstein * dab4xc
Cognitive Science Katya Davydova * yad7xy
Computer Science Aaron Paul * asp3hd
Computer Science Lydia Lichlyter * lml3qf
Computer Science Niti Paudyal np8bx
Computer Science Robert Mina * ram2aq
East Asian Studies Shelbey Keegan * sak5ee
Economics Alec Martin * asm2zm
Economics Andre Sanabia * aes4ac
Economics Aryn Frazier * aaf3md
Economics Chloe von Lignau cmv5rd
Economics Jane Richards * jir6ww
Economics Kate Travis * kjt5kv
Economics Marc Blatt * mib4rr
Economics Ryan Vosburgh Rnv2mk
Economics Steffen Vater * sv3px
Economics Steven Marzagalli * stm2ga
English Katelyn Hebel * krh6zf
English Samantha Huynh * snh2yz
Environmental Science Vanessa Ehrenpreis * vme2js
Environmental Sciences Kate Travis * kjt5kv
Environmental Sciences Megan McDaniels mem9he
Environmental Thought & Practice Vanessa Ehrenpreis * vme2js
French Caroline Chamberlain * cmc8ew
French Lindley Smith * lks7tc
French Sarah Higgins * skh3eg
German Steffen Vater * sv3px
Global Development Studies Sarach Higgins * skh3eg
Global Public Health Eisha Jain ej7xu
Global Studies: Security and
Justice and History
Nick Masters * nwm9wc
History Dani Bernstein * dab4xc
History Jane Richards * jir6ww
History Mike Breger * mdb3ve
History Nick Masters * nwm9wc
Human Biology Julia Wenger jnw7tp
Human Biology Ryan Waligora rw8er
Italian Studies Zazhary Vogt * zjv3ed
Latin American Studies Paula Lewis * pgl6db
Linguistics Gillian Gardiner Gag4sb
Mathematics Aaron Paul * asp3hd
Mathematics Devind Kullar * dsk3ff
Media Studies Sloan Christopher sec8wc
Music Emerson Aviles * esa2by
Neuroscience Danielle Hafer dmh6xj
Neuroscience Gray Evans jge2fc
Neuroscience Sarah Cottrell-Cumber sec2nf
Philosophy Daniel Judge * dtj5en
Physics Jim Clarke joc3bd
Physics Robert Mina * ram2aq
Politics Aryn Frazier * aaf3md
Politics Joanna Morgan jmm3nq
Politics Lindley Smith * lks7tc
Politics Steven Marzagalli * stm2ga
Politics (Foreign Affairs) Jasmine Lee * jtl3gm
Politics (Foreign Affairs) Shelbey Keegan * sak5ee
Politics (Foreign Affairs) Carlos Pereira * cgp7nc
Politics (Government) Casey Ellbert * cce9hk
Politics Honors Kait Pararas ktp3rb
PPL Carlos Pereira * cgp7nc
PPL Daniel C. Justus * dcj3bz
PPL Daniel Judge * dtj5en
PPL Lydia Lichlyter * lml3qf
Pre-Commerce Braden Casady bcc2af

Pre-Commerce (Finance) Devind Kullar * dsk3ff
Pre-Med Emerson Aviles esa2by
Pre-Med Gillian Gardiner gag4sb
Pre-Public Policy Casey Ellbert * cce9hk
Psychology Caroline Chamberlain * cmc8ew
Psychology Elijah DeBoe * ejd2nj
Psychology Jennifer Ahn * jga8re
Psychology Katya Davydova * yad7xy
Psychology Pooja Gandhi * pag7qb
Psychology Samantha Huynh * snh2yz
Religious Studies Katelyn Hebel * krh6zf
Sociology Mediha Salkic ms6zd
Spanish Jordan Bentz * jeb2eb
Spanish Marc Blatt * mib4rr
Spanish Paula Lewis * pgl6db
Spanish Zazhary Vogt * zjv3ed
Statistics Alec Martin * asm2zm
Women, Gender, & Sexuality Andre Sanabia * aes4ac
The Curry School of Education

Advisors in the Curry School are able to direct students to resources in any track, be in
pre-PT or pre-med. All of these advisors (in addition to your assigned advisor) are
resources for you should you need help!

Allison Dastugue ald2sf
Ana Morais avm5fk
Ashley McDowell acm4wu
Ashley Moreeld alm9xk
Barbara "Lucy" Peterson blp8cp
Breanna Dufour bld6vd
Caroline Ward cew2nq
Catherine Woznak cew5gn
Dhyeya dab4et
Elizabeth Davis ecd5fd
Emily Dicus egd3jb
Greta Weidner maw9gw
Kate Meredith kem5cc
Keila Strick kks6mz
Margaret Brown meb5ht
Megan Brosnan mpb2kb
Otto Leung ol4bd
Pathik Patel pgp4zf
Sarah Stallman sas8av
Shannon O'Toole seo7hj
Stacy Ham smh2en
Taurionah Wilkins tmw3hh
Tom Jones tej5cq
Vincent Croce vnc3hh
The Nursing School

Advisors in the Nursing School are able to direct students to resources in any type of
nursing, be in trauma or critical care. All of these advisors (in addition to your
assigned advisor) are resources for you should you need help!

Abby Carrier aa5cr
Ashley Self aes6yf
Amanda Gatti agg7yj
Camille Davidson crd3sz
Chelsea Hull cah5dd
Joy Mancini jmm2pf
Meghan Trice mlt4rd
Nicole Burkhardt nnb8aq
Tae Yoon Seo ts5bc
Taylor Flatt taf2ga
The School of Engineering and Applied Science

Advisors are organized by the major in which they are skilled to give advice. Some
engineers may also maintain a separate major in the College; if you are interested in
double majoring, ask them to direct you to someone who is!

Matthew Van de Graaf mwv5np
Aerospace Engineering Adam Wulchin agw5pe
Biomedical Engineering Colton Ladbury cjl2gh
Biomedical Engineering Jingyuan Zhang jz4yd
Biomedical Engineering Meghan O'Melia mjo3vp
Chemical Engineering Lauren Reichert llr3cz
Civil & Environmental Engineering Emily Beacham eeb3ky
Civil Engineering Lyndy Burnett leb2hc
Civil Engineering Sarah Nerette sen3gt
Computer Engineering Mihir Srivastava ms6ja
Electrical Engineering Rangjun Liu rl2rd
Engineering Katie Donovan ked2db
Systems Engineering Alexis Stewart ams2dj
Systems Engineering Hoyle Wang hw4js
Systems Engineering Katie Aichholz cea7dz
Executive and Administrative Contacts

ULink Executive Board and School Coordinators

Administrative Contacts

The following are the names and contact information of University faculty closely involved with
the founding and managing of ULink. Should you have a complaint, comment, or concern
regarding the Executive Board of ULink, and dont feel comfortable voicing it to a contact listed
above, please contact an administrator. Furthermore, if you have any questions about advising,
contact your faculty advisor. You can nd them by logging into SIS and looking under Faculty
Advisor. They are your ofcial liaison with the University and are an excellent resource to use.

Co-Chair Jason Carrier jfc3mg
Co-Chair Daniel Rosenfeld dbr9ex
VC Outreach Ricky Anjorin aca2yd
VC Education Alex Gregorio atg5ad
VC Administration Shelbey Keegan sak5ee
VC Advising Kate Kingsbury kak8nf
VC Finance Eric Muenkel etm3ch
CLAS Coordinator Meredith Arnold msa4je
CLAS Coordinator Kyle Johnson kkj4dt
Curry Coordinator Akwasi Asante aa8ex
NURS Coordinator Julia Truelove julia
SEAS Mentorship President Lara Janse van Vuuren laj5yy
Vice Provost Archie Holmes ah7sj
CLAS- Dean Rachel Most rm5f
CURRY- Professor David Edwards ae7c
NURS- Emily Drake eje
SEAS Dean George Cahen glc
Ofce of the Dean of Students
Association Deans
Academic Glossary

Add/drop Deadline
The last day to add or drop classes in the semester,
usually occurs in the rst 3 weeks.
Alderman One of the libraries on grounds, CLAS library
The Academic Resource Center is a website containing a
large quantity of information about the academic system
at UVa, as well as help with understanding different
requirements. During course selection, it is manned at
certain hours with a live person to answer questions.
Arts Grounds
Refers to the section of Grounds that includes the
Architecture School, the Chaplin Theater, and drama/art
buildings. Adjacent to Rugby Rd.
A program developed by College Council, the Major
Advising Program is a resource for students to consult
when declaring a major.
Batten The Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
Blueprint Leadership
A program designed and organized by the Dean of
Students aimed to provide interested First and Second
Year students with a strong leadership knowledge base
Counseling and Psychological Services, if you need help,
or just to talk to someone, or any of their academic
resources (like the Academic Workshop), contact CAPS
for help.
Clark A library on central grounds, the ENGR Library
One of the libraries on central grounds, all purpose
library. Popular for group studying (people studying in
the library are often members of "Club Clem")
Comm School
The Undergraduate School of Business, NOT a
communications major
Course Action Form
A form from the registrar to take some action on a
course that cannot be done on SIS. This is often used for
things like enrolling in a full class.
Credit overload request
A form used to take more than the maximum number of
credits allowed by your school.
Center for Undergraduate Excellence, a place to look
into research opportunities as well as scholarships and
Serves in a capacity related to the well-being and
assistance of the student body
Dean of the Day Hours
From 2:30 to 4:00 each day, a dean will have ofce hours
for questions.
Department A single eld of study, like history or politics.
First Writing
A requirement of the CLAS that students take an ENWR
class, if they do not exempt out.
First Year Seminar
A program where First Years can get together and
discuss how to make the most of their time at the
A subsidiary body of UJC dedicated to hearing
complaints of/from First Years involving incidents at or in
First Year Residence Areas.
Honor System
The adjudicatory body for Honor violations (lying,
cheating, and stealing)
Major Declaration Form
A) A form used by the registrar to record what major
you are declaring and B) A form often created and used
by individual departments or programs to register with
them for your major
Monroe Hall
Home of the Registrar and the Association Deans for the
N.K. Bookstore
A store on the Corner where you can pick up reading
packets for certain classes. It is in the alley to the left of
the Starbucks
ODOS Ofce of the Dean of Students, runs student activities
A workspace and meeting place on the Corner next to
the Women's Center dedicated to collaboration and
interdisciplinary thought.
Program Usually interdisciplinary, like Political and Social Thought.
Provost Serves in a capacity related to the running of U.Va.
The ofce responsible for changes in academic
scheduling and classes
Second Writing
A requirement of the CLAS that students take certain
classes designated as fullling the SWR, OR by lling out
a form for a class that has required at least 20 pages of
The adjudicatory body for University of Virginia
Standards of Conduct violations

Undergraduate Resource Network, useful for nding
research opportunities on grounds
The Vice-President for Student Affairs works to help
student behavior, involvement, climate, and oversee
Residence Life as well as Health and Wellness
Writing Center
A resource in Bryan Hall devoted to assisting
undergraduates with their writing
Further Guidance

If youve come to this part of the guide, you probably have a question, and you dont know
how to get an answer! Never fear! You did the rst thing right, which was to come to this

What to do if

Your advisor wont respond to your e-mails or texts?
If your advisor hasnt been responding to e-mails or texts (and its been a while, not just 30
seconds), try contacting your school coordinators (listed on page 16). They can get in
touch with your advisor, or move you to a new advisor

You have strong feelings about your advisor? You love them, or you hate them, or you just
plain want to switch.
If you feel so strongly about your advisor that you feel you want a new one, contact Kate
Kingsbury ( and she will meet with you to work out a solution.

You have a complaint about your advisor?
If you want to complain about your advisor, be sure to e-mail Kate Kingsbury
( and she will meet with you to work out a solution.

You love ULink so much that you want to apply to be an advisor next year?
Great question. Only someone as talented as you would ask it, I can tell. Its hard to
become accepted as a ULink advisor as a second year (we prefer upperclassmen who
have more knowledge and experience), but it cant hurt to apply. Applications will go live
in the Spring 2015 semester. If you want more information, try to meet with a member of
the executive board to get more information.

You want to meet with an advisor who isnt yours?
Good idea! You should do it. Weve included a directory of advisors for this very reason.
Feel free to reach out to any advisor to get their opinion, or to schedule a meeting with
them. Advisors can work together to help out any prospective double or interdisciplinary

ULink Calendar

College of Arts and Sciences:
Sept. 9: Last day to ADD courses
Sept. 10: Last day to DROP courses (without penalty)
Oct. 21: Last day to WITHDRAW courses
Nov. 11: Spring enrollment begins

The School of Nursing:
Sept. 9: Last day to ADD courses
Sept. 10: Last day to DROP courses (without penalty)
Oct. 21: Last day to WITHDRAW courses
Nov. 11: Spring enrollment begins

The Curry School of Education:
Sept. 9: Last day to ADD courses
Sept. 10: Last day to DROP courses (without penalty)
Oct. 21: Last day to WITHDRAW courses
Nov. 11: Spring enrollment begins

The School of Engineering and Applied Science:
Sept. 9: Last day to ADD courses
Oct. 15: Last day to DROP courses (without penalty)
Oct. 21: Last day to WITHDRAW courses
Nov. 11: Spring enrollment begins

Sept 7. Advisor/advisee rst meeting (on or before this date)
Nov. 9: Advisor/advisee second meeting (on or before this date)

Exam Schedule:
Dec. 5: Courses end
Dec. 8 through Dec. 16: Exams
No exams Dec. 11 or Dec. 14