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Assesses listening and reading skills and knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.
Lasts 110 minutes: 50 minutes for Listening; 60 minutes for Reading and Language
Available in English, French, German and Spanish. Test questions and instructions are in the
same language as the test.
Divided into two sections Listening; Reading and Language Knowledge.
You are presented with a range of different tasks and question types. Tasks are based on the
kinds of skills and activities needed in the workplace, for example:

o taking down telephone messages
o understanding notices
o understanding longer texts
o correcting errors in a text.
Result is provided by the organisation delivering the test.

BULATS test results are presented in a clear and easy-to-understand test report form which
can be produced for individuals or groups.
The test report form shows:
an overall score
a score for each language skill Reading and Listening, Speaking and Writing.
Results are provided immediately and can be printed on BULATS test report paper in English,
French, German or Spanish.
There is no pass mark BULATS scores are on a scale of 1100.

BULATS score Level description ALTE level CEFR level
90100 Upper advanced 5 C2
7589 Advanced 4 C1
6074 Upper intermediate 3 B2
4059 Intermediate 2 B1
2039 Elementary 1 A2
019 Beginner 0 A1