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When it comes to communication, we put a lot of emphasis on speech and written communication but we often fail to

realize that body language is one of the most important means of communication which tells more about us than the way we
speak or write emails. Body language can send stronger signals than words or written text.
- Before I continue on with my topic, a very good morning to n !oh and my fellow classmates. "oday, I#m going to talk
abt body language. $irst of all, body language refers to the nonverbal physical behaviours that we use to communicate in our
daily life. %ccording to experts, these nonverbal signals make up a huge part of daily communication. $rom our facial
expressions to our body movements, the things we don't say can still convey volumes of information. %ccording to various
researchers, body language is thought to account for up to &'( of all communication. In today#s topic, I#m going talk about
its importance, some examples and some body gestures that we should be mindful of.
- "hey say actions speak louder than words and sometimes we can communicate things even without the aid of a single
word. We can shrug our shoulders and, without a word, we#ve )ust said, *I don#t know.+ We can raise our eyebrows and
we#ve )ust said, *,xcuse me- .id I hear you right-+ We can turn our hands over palms up in front of us to say, *I don#t
know what else to say. "hat#s all I#ve got. I#ve got no idea. /r I#ve got none left.+
- 0ext, it plays a big role in mannerism. 1ost people have a habit of looking somewhere else when someone is talking to
them. "his is a very bad habit as it indicates that you are not interested in what the other person is saying and is considered as
arrogant behaviour.
- $urthermore, paying attention to someone#s body language can help us discern when someone is not telling us the whole
truth or nothin# but the truth. 2ome people have these skills to determine a liar, especially police officers, detectives, and even
housewives. 3ere are a few signs that someone might be lying. /ften a person who is not telling the truth or all of the truth
will not want to make eye contact for fear the eyes are the windows to their lying souls. 3owever, there are also other signs
of lying. % person who isn#t telling the whole truth may stammer or change their pitch as if to try and sway your attention
away from their lie or in order to stall so they may have time to think up a valid answer or plausible explanation.
- %nother important function of body language is to express our feelings about what we are discussing. Body language can
help us to determine how someone feels about what they are saying. $or example, soon kiat, are you hungry-
- Body language is also important, as it may be the determining factor in a )ob interview. % )ob interview is a very important
step to be accomplished by any applicant. "he key to success to be hired for the vacant )ob does not only depend on the
documents you passed. 4our employer would also give high regards for the way you move and act. "hus, it is essential for
any applicant to observe his body language when being interviewed. If the applicant#s body language conveys that he is at
ease with the sub)ect matter and conveys confidence, he has a higher probability of getting the )ob, especially in this tough
)ob market.
"o avoid 5
2tudies show that &'( of our communication is achieved nonverbally and that it is far more accurate than are the words we
use. "herefore, it is imperative that we learn to use and discern body language more effectively in order to become an
effective communicator. $or many more reasons body language and communication skills in general will help each of us
immeasurably in our professional and personal life.