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Harrison High School Class Syllabus

Grade United States History
Course Syllabus 2014-2015
Instructor: Mr. Jason Harding, Room 503
harding!hsd".org # $1%&5$%&$"1'
(his study o) United History *i++ ,ro-ide com,rehensi-e co-erage o) .merican History )rom /i-i+ 0ar
Reconstruction to the ,resent. It *i++ 1e a 1+ending o) socia+ and ,o+itica+ history and geogra,hy to
,ro-ide students *ith a 1road -ie* o) .merica2s ,ast and ,resent. . mu+ticu+tura+ ,ers,ecti-e *i++ 1e
used and the s3i++s o) inter,reting charts, ,rimary sources, ,o+itica+ cartoons, and other historica+
documents *i++ 1e de-e+o,ed.
Grading Policy
(o ensure students can com,ete at a co++ege and career ready +e-e+, e-erything 1e+o* a / *i++ 1e
considered )ai+ing 4 5%6 or 1e+o*. (he grades *i++ 1e 1ro3en do*n into the )o++o*ing categories:
District Assessments !0"
/7M#8ina+ 306
Home#or$ 10"
/ore Su1ect .reas: 93 ,er *ee3 minimum:
;+ecti-es: 91 ,er *ee3 minimum:
%eacher Discretion &0"
Ru1ric 7ased .cti-ity
/+assroom .ssessments
8itness (ests
>ther 0riting .cti-ities
Unit#/ha,ter tests
?@istrict ;Aams are designed to measure student mastery o) content 3no*+edge and s3i++s.
??Grades *i++ not 1e gi-en )or attendance or e))ort. <artici,ation grades may 1e gi-en i) there is a ru1ric
that has 1een created to s,eci)y the reBuired academic ha1its and can not eAceed more than a Buarter o)
your teacher discretion category.
???Student can on+y 1e ,ena+iCed in one category )or one assignment. 8or eAam,+e, i) a student does not
turn in a home*or3 assignment, this can on+y 1e deducted )rom the home*or3 ,ercentageD -ersus )rom
1oth home*or3 and teacher discretion category.
'eighting Policy
Eear&+ong /ourses: Semester 1: 506
Semester ": 506
Semester&+ong /ourses: Fuarter 1: 506
Fuarter ": 506
Classroom Character %raits and the Disci(linary System )*ncrease the Peace+
Harrison High Schoo+ is )ounded on the schoo+2s core character traits: sho* res,ect, ta3e care o) 1usiness,
and chec3 yourse+). (hese character traits ,ro-ide students *ith the o,,ortunity )or se+)&im,ro-ement,
indi-idua+ gro*th, and character de-e+o,ment. (hese character traits de)ine our ru+es and 1eha-iora+
eA,ectations. /onsistent+y +i-ing these character traits is eA,ected o) a++ students )or their 1ene)it and the
1ene)it o) the entire schoo+ community. Students are encouraged to su,,ort their ,eers in adhering to the
character traits. Schoo+ authorities ha-e the right and res,onsi1i+ity to manage student conduct and create
an order+y and sa)e +earning en-ironment. Harrison High Schoo+ core character traits )a++ into three
(.GIHG /.R; >8 7USIH;SS
SH>0IHG R;S<;/(
/onseBuences )or minor in)ractions:
1. (eacher inter-ention: -er1a+ *arning, con)iscation, +oss o) ,ri-i+eges, con)erence, etc.
". <hone ca++ home
3. (eacher#student#admin con)erence
I. Re)erra+?
?Se-ere disru,tion *i++ resu+t in immediate and more serious conseBuence 9o))ice -isit and#or re)erra+:
,athroom Passes
Students recei-e t*o 1athroom ,asses each Buarter. Students may not 1e in the ha++ *ithout a teacher ,ass
or c+inic ,ass. (hey may use them or gi-e them 1ac3 to the teacher at the end o) the Buarter )or some ty,e
o) re*ard determined 1y the c+ass. .)ter the student has used the t*o ,asses, ho*e-er, that is it. I) a
student c+ear+y a1uses the ,o+icy, ,ri-i+eges *i++ 1e +ost. I) a student is gone +onger than 5 minutes on a
,ass, it is considered s3i,,ing. >1-ious+y, as *ith e-erything, common sense is needed and emergencies
are the eAce,tion. @uring the )irst and +ast 15 minutes o) c+ass, students *i++ not 1e a++o*ed to uti+iCe their
1athroom ,asses. (his is a critica+ time in c+ass *hen +earning o1ecti-es are 1eing ro++ed out and +earning
is 1eing assessed.
-lectronic De.ices
(hese are not a++o*ed to 1e out during c+ass time. I) they are out the student *i++ turn it o-er to the
teacher. I) a student re)uses to turn o-er their e+ectronic de-ice, the assistant ,rinci,a+s *i++ 1e emai+ed
and they *i++ )o++o* u, *ith the student.
.t Harrison High Schoo+, tardies are not to+erated. In the e-ent that a student is +ate, they *i++ not ha-e the
,ri-i+ege to attend that c+ass ,eriod. (hese ty,es o) interru,tions can diminish the +earning en-ironment.
Rather, the student *i++ 1e sent to a detention room *here the student *i++ *or3 on home*or3. (his *i++
count as a tardy un+ess the student does not arri-e to the room and then it *i++ 1e considered an uneAcused
a1sence. (*o tardies *i++ eBua+ one uneAcused a1sence. (*o tardies in the same day or three tardies in the
same *ee3 *i++ resu+t in ISS.