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Problem Solving with Computers: Syllabus

CIS-1090 Fall 2014

Instructor Professor Debbie Hughes
Office Vail 473
Phone 626-6244

Class Hours Tuesday / Thursday 9:30 10:50

Optional Lab Time: Tuesday 12:30 1:30
Prof Hughes will be in ASAC106 for guidance/extra help

Office Hours Tuesday / Thursday 12:30 1:30
Or by appointment

Course Description
This course teaches students how to solve problems with
computers using elementary computer programming
concepts. Students learn to analyze a problem and then
define the logic required to solve the problem using a
computer. Students complete the software-development
process by designing and implementing the solution using a
programming language. Lab exercises reinforce and
integrate concepts and practice.

Learning Students will gain exposure to multiple aspects of the
Objectives computing field including careers in computing, computing
ethics, fundamentals of programming, and problem solving
techniques. App Inventor 2 and Python will be used as
learning tools throughout the course. Assessment will be
determined through examination of student created artifacts.

The course reading material can be found at:

App Inventor 2: Create your own Android Apps

Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

Labs / Assignments 40%
Quizzes 40%
Final Project / Exam 20%

Grading Scale

97 100 A+ 93 96 A 90 92 A-
87 89 B+ 83 86 B 80 82 B-
77 79 C+ 73 76 C 70 72 C-
67 69 D+ 63 66 D 60 62 D-
Below 60 F

The maximum number of allowable absences is 4. If a student
misses a class, it is the students responsibility for finding out what
material was covered in class as well as any assignments that were
made or tests that were announced. If you are absent more than 4
times you will be given a final grade of F.

Please note, attending a class means being in the classroom and
working the entire time. Being late or leaving early is NOT
acceptable and therefore will count as a missed day.

An important part of this class is participating in the classroom
lectures and creating programs. You are expected to be an
ACTIVE participant in each class. Your grade will be effected
negatively if do not participate.

Classroom Since our class takes place in a computer lab, there may
Computer be the temptation to surf the Internet, use email, or send
Usage messages. Class time is NOT the appropriate time to be
doing this. It is a distraction to you, your classmates and the
instructor, therefore under NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THIS
ALLOWED DURING CLASS TIME. Also, please turn off cell
phones before you enter class.

o All assigned work will be posted to Moodle. Completed work must
be posted to Moodle by the due date / time.

o Late homework will NOT be accepted. You will be given a grade of
0 if work is not posted by due date.

o If your work is not completed by the due date, post what you do
have completed by the due date partial credit may be given
based on the amount completed.

o LSC academic dishonesty policies will be followed

o The instructor reserves the right to make exceptions to any and all
policy points above

Students with
Students with disabilities who request accommodations are
asked to provide a certification letter within the first 2 weeks of
class. Students should contact Mary Etter, Learning Specialist, in
the Office of Academic Support to arrange for the appropriate letter
to be sent.
Tentative Schedule - subject to change during the semester
(See Moodle for detailed week-by-week topics, assignments and readings)

Reading Assignment
Week of Aug 24
(Week 1)

Introduction to AI2 and Event-Driven Programming
Week of August 31
(Week 2)

Build Drawing, Animation, and Game apps
Week of Sept 7
(Week 3)

Build Drawing, Animation, and Game apps
Week of Sept 14
(Week 4)

Build Quizzes and other Informational Apps
Week of Sept 21
(Week 5)

Create New Blocks-- Define Procedures
Week of Sept 28
(Week 6)

Build Apps with User-Generated Data
Week of Oct 5

Fall Break No Classes!!
Week of Oct 12
(Week 7)

Build Apps with User-Generated Data
Week of Oct 19
(Week 8)

Intro to Python
Week of Oct 26
(Week 9)

Week of Nov 2
(Week 10)

Week of Nov 9
(Week 11)

File I/O
Week of Nov 16
(Week 12)

Introduction to Lists
Week of Nov 23

Thanksgiving Week No Classes!!
Week of Nov 31
(Week 13)

Week of Dec 7
(Week 14)

Final Projects
Week of Dec 14
(Final Exam Week)
Final Exam/Projects